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JM_Runs #201

Re:Neighbors and Thongs

Date Posted:09/20/2018 07:27:23Copy HTML

mack_back >> You said "Only because people keep quiet not shouting smart negative comments, don't mean they accept thong wearing male." You obviously did not read the bit where I said they regularly stop to chat.

I always try to be friendly to my neighbours, if I am dressed or just in a thong. I think I have a generally friendly demeanor. This is something you can work on cultivating. Happyness is a choice, that comes from inside.

Just now I was just outside getting the mail. One of the girls from down the street bicycled passed and said hello. If people were uptight about me wearing a thong they would probably have told me by now, and probably would not be as friendly. If they were worried they would have told their kids not to talk to me.

Unlike you I don't go looking for signs of disapproval. Even if one or two did disapprove I would probably just shrug, because I am not looking for affirmation.
I am sure they chuckle once in a while. If it is because they are amused by me that's OK. People should smile a few times a day.

A neighbor who lives three houses away often invites me to dinner with his wife, kid and mother in law.  I don't wear a thong at their house but do wear very short shorts.

I was wearing very short shorts on last night's bike ride and later in the bar we went to down town. Got quite a few complements, danced with some cute young women and kissed by one. Not bad for my age on a Wednesday night. There are lots of guys on the ride. Once in a while one will crack a joke about my short shorts, but normally in a good humored way. I am sure a few guys on the ride dislike my shorts. Probably the same ones that were a bit jealous that the cute women were joking and dancing with me and not them.

The path to acceptance is being friendly and nice, without being smarmy. To accept yourself first, before asking others to accept you. Then be mentally bullet proof, so even if someone cracks a joke or says something pointed you take it in stride, smile, and continue the conversation.

pikeman #202

Re:Neighbors and Thongs

Date Posted:09/20/2018 10:30:06Copy HTML

I was washing windows in the front of the house and expected I would be alone given the early time of day. I was wearing a very narrow-backed rio and it was hot and sweaty. Fortunately the job required a hose and I was keeping wet to stay cool. All of a sudden there is a lady walking her dog, and slowing down to see what I'm doing. The bucket and squeegee was a give-away and I gave her a pleasant hello. She stopped and complimented my efforts. So I thought, "what the hell" and stepped out and introduced myself. She looked me up and down and said I was dressed for the job with a nice smile. I agreed and she moved on. Whew! I saw her again a couple of days later and was wearing shorts this time and she went home with some iris tubers I was digging up. A nice neighbor gets a reward for being cool.
32189 #203

Re:Neighbors and Thongs

Date Posted:09/23/2018 02:47:07Copy HTML

I live in a huge apartment complex. I wear my thong to check the mail, take out the trash, or do laundry. I wear my thong at the pool and jacuzzi as well. I have not had any problems. I am cordial and say hello to some. Some people I get into a conversation with. Most just pass by as usual which happens whether I am wearing regular clothes or a thong. I cannot know what they are thinking when they say nothing at all but it is not enough for someone to call me out or even make a face. So far so good.
mrhb2008 #204

Re:Neighbors and Thongs

Date Posted:04/01/2019 11:55:21Copy HTML

A little back story first. I've been wearing thongs & G strings since around 2001. Started in Redondo where I used to live. We moved into to our house here in the 'burbs in '08. Our neighbors to the east are a retired couple which the husband is partially disabled from a stroke. We get along well enough with them, watching each others houses when one of us is out of town etc. Cut to yesterday. I was out washing the vehicles in a Jovana 4D and I hear Steve say "Hows it going sweet cheeks?" I just smiled and said I was good and asked how it was going with him. In the 10 years we've been living here they have never made a comment re: my thongs. I guess he's been saving that up for awhile!
Sweet_Cheeks #205

Re:Neighbors and Thongs

Date Posted:04/06/2019 12:51:47Copy HTML

I'd consider that a compliment!! ;)
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