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<BIG>The Thong Wearers Message Board </BIG> is the place for people who wear a thong or a g-string at the beach.
The Thong Wearers Message Board The place for people who wear a thong or a g-string at the beach.

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Date Posted:10/14/2018 03:19:12Copy HTML

One of my thonging buddies owns a house in a small town near my home.  He is on the end of a block, and only has one neighbor, who's house overlooks his back yard.  Privacy and trees and a tall fence do not entirely hide his back yard especially the sweet sunny area which is ideal for getting sun.  The old neighbors were fart heads and about 80.  They called the police on him laying out in his thong twice, and while the police said it was okay to thong, they strongly suggested that he not sun his buns when his neighbors were home.  They were always home it seemed, and so he rarely got to thong in his own yard.

These old busy bodies finally moved mid-summer and a new family moved in.  They were the typical modern family -- mother and father, daughter about 15 and a son only slightly younger.  The youngest boy was onlly about 9 and the parents admitted to me later that he was an "accident".  Anyway, the day the moving truck pulled up was sunny, so he pulled on a conservative thong and headed out to get some sun.  He didn't know what their reactions to his thong wearing would be, but decided to test the waters early.  During the course of the day, he layed out and did some light yard work, wearing nothing but a thong that was closer to a G-string than a true thong.  He knew they had all seen him in it, and so far there had been no comments and no police visits, so he decided to take thing up a notch.

He got painting materials out of the garage -- which required him to do some thonging in the front yard and garage area.  Again, the parents saw him but said nothing.  He then moved to the neighbor's back yard and proceeded to paint the fence.  Finally, the parents came outside with the kids to intorduce themselves.  There is no way they could have missed his thong, but they proceeded to go to the fence, introduce themselves and their kids, and talk about different things.  

Eventually the younger boy said something about my friend's thong, and the father told him that some people like wearing smaller swimsuits and there was nothing unusual about a man in a thong doing yard work.  The older son and daughter teased each other about wearing thongs too, but were not critical about my friend's bare ass.  The daughter actually said she thought his swimsuit "fit nice".  Over the course of the summer, the cheeky swimwear the older daughter liked soon changed to smaller and  smaller swimwear and soon she was wearing what we would call a true thong.  The older son switched from board shorts to Speedos, and had progressed to some Rio type half-back swimwear by the end of summer.  He actually had at least one thong which he wore when his sister and her friends were laying out, but otherwise wore his Speedo and Rio suits.

I wonder if the fact my friend had been there the day the new neighbors moved in made any difference on their acceptance of thongs.  He did have a "new" audience, and had the advantage of being able to act like thonging was something he normally, nobody objected to his bare backside.  The older kids were at an impressionable age and stuck with the "thongs are okay" mentality rather than the "thongs are yucky" way of thinking.  I thought it was funny that the mom never commented about my thongs, but the daughter usually acknowleged that I was wearing one with comments like "is that a new swimsuit" or "I like the color of your swimsuit".  She never said anything that could not apply to a different type suit or that had sexual overtones.

NudeNArizona #1

Re:New Neighbors -- An Opportunity to Start Thonging in Your Yard

Date Posted:10/15/2018 02:56:35Copy HTML

Mary, When we purchased our home we were perticularly interested in the private pool which was "mostly" not visible from the neighbors with the exception of the ones who were on the east side "if" they were to go out on the 2nd floor balcony, or if they went to the end of their yard which was higher ground and over looked our pool. So with the slim chance of being seen we really like the idea of having a private pool to enjoy as we liked which is nude. After receiving the keys we decided to paint the house before moving all of our things in, so we got started painting right away, and as to save on cleanup we both painted in the nude and would take a break by cooling off in our pool. So after dropping the girls off at daycare we came back and started painting as we had the day before, only this time after painting for an hour or so we went out to take a swim and after a few minutes my neighbor came walking thru our side gate while I was sitting in waist deep water and my wife laid out on a raft. Needless to say she was a bit shocked, but on the other hand she was the one who intruded on us. So I got out of the pool and walked over and introduced myself to her as she looked around and she noticed we didn't have anything to wrap around us, so we didn't make an effort to look as we were doing anything out of the normal.
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