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Date Posted:03/06/2004 09:25:50Copy HTML

Anyone have any experience wearing thongs at hotel pools in New Orleans?  Any Bed and Breakfasts in the area?
yogabutt #1

Re:New Orleans

Date Posted:10/09/2003 09:25:01Copy HTML

I was at a small downtown hotel in New Orleans, the weather was nice and sunny, so I asked the concierge desk if they allowed thongs at the pool. The answer was yes.So I just casually arranged the lounge chair on the deck, stripped down, and had 2 hours of relaxing sun. I used the pool and hot tub with no apparent reaction from the 4 or 5 people there.
gold_string #2

Re:New Orleans

Date Posted:01/06/2004 10:15:50Copy HTML

Thongs are perfectly OK to wear at JW Marriott Downtown New Orleans according to hotel Mgmt. I went almost unnoticed during the holiday while there on vacation for new years. Outdoor pool on 8 floor. 
thepoolboyisnaked #3

Re:New Orleans

Date Posted:03/09/2004 10:42:14Copy HTML

try the dive inn, i think you'll like it!
gold_string #4

Re:New Orleans

Date Posted:06/23/2004 10:28:22Copy HTML

My experience is at the JW Marriott downtown is extremely thong friendly. The pool is outdoors and on the 8th floor.
tomnyc5000 #5

Re:New Orleans

Date Posted:06/22/2005 04:55:52Copy HTML

I was in New Orleans a few years ago for Labor Day Weekend, Southern Decadence and saw a couple men wearing thongs in the street. At the time I was with "non-thonging" friends and couldn't get away to wear a thong in the street. I would love to be able to go back and give it a try, though I have heard that New Orleans has become more conservative and wonder if thonging in the street and bars is ok there now. Has anybody had any experience there during Labor Day or anyother time of year?
sailor250 #6

Re:New Orleans

Date Posted:12/03/2006 02:04:18Copy HTML

Has anyone had any Post Katrina experiences in New Orleans?
sailor250 #7

Re:New Orleans

Date Posted:02/21/2007 08:32:07Copy HTML

JM_Runs #8

Re:New Orleans

Date Posted:02/21/2007 10:46:22Copy HTML

I've been to Decadence and Mardi Gras before Katrina. I find it hard to believe that the Quarter has changed that much...maybe just smaller crowds. Still the free spirits and good times to be had by all.
Speedster78 #9

Re:New Orleans

Date Posted:03/24/2013 03:31:40Copy HTML

 Anyone know any good places to go thonging in New Orleans? Headed there in Mid-April and hoping the weather will be good enough.
Low_Strap #10

Re:New Orleans

Date Posted:04/05/2013 05:52:27Copy HTML

 As far as finding a beach, your best bet is to drive to the Gulfport area. Its an hour and a half away.  It seems I've read a story somewhere on here about someone who wore a thong a the hotel pool where they were staying, with no problems.  Things are pretty loose around here regarding things like guys in thongs.  I'm not familiar with current laws or other technicalities, but a person in thong may get little more than a second glance by most people.  Its just not unusual to see things that are... unusual.  In fact, yesterday I was pulling out of a grocery store parking lot and there was a guy walking in wearing an ankle-to-wrist tie-dyed unitard.  
But, for hotel recommendations, hopefully someone else will chime in because I've not stayed in any hotels here. And if you want to go to Gulfport, there are topics for that area that'll explain were to go.  
Speedster78 #11

Re:New Orleans

Date Posted:04/11/2013 01:59:41Copy HTML

 Thanks low_strap.  Great pics by the way. I inquired with my hotel and they said that although they don't have specific policies, they are a family hotel and prefer guests not wear thongs at the pool. I saw a restaurant called the County Club with a clothing optional pool out back that I may try. Heading into town on Saturday.
Low_Strap #12

Re:New Orleans

Date Posted:05/02/2014 06:07:30Copy HTML

 For the past year I've been trying out places along Lake Pontchartrain.  Its been pretty easy to find secluded areas to thong.  However, latley I've been hitting places where the occasional person will walk by.  Not necessarily out in the open, but not hidden away either.  Having thonged on beaches before, and being mostly over the initial nervousness, I've felt the urge to push myself a little more.   And also because Lake Pontch is in my city and I can get to the shore in 20 minutes. So I feel the greater the number of places along the shore I can open up to thonging, the more convenient it is.  I'm also interested in pushing myself out in front of the public more.. I don't know why.  I want to absorb peoples reactions, good and bad.   I just want the experience.  Don't misunderstand though: the primary reason I wear a thong is because it looks and feels great.  Period.  Its just that the social ramifications go with the territory and we have to deal with it.
But I digress.  The reason I'm posting this is to inform anyone on the board who lives here, or is planning to visit, where on the Lake they can go.  I'll try and post geocorridinates or directions in a subsequent post.   If I forget, and you want them, PM me.

Slim2Magnolia #13

Re:New Orleans

Date Posted:05/04/2014 02:04:42Copy HTML

Low Strap - Headed out to Gulfport today. Get a lil sun. How about you?
Low_Strap #14

Re:New Orleans

Date Posted:05/05/2014 02:06:22Copy HTML

Following up..
The place I was laying out the other day when I posted the above was here:     30.029734,-90.118591   
It was nice being out there but the shore line (and that whole area) is pretty trashy and unkept and unkempt.  I've been to that spot before when the no-see-um's were unbearable.  Had a nice dry wind out of the north so they weren't a problem the other day.

I've also been here several times:    30.022152,-90.126903
however there's been some construction going on over there lately.  This is a good place to launch a windsurfer (which I'm getting into) or even a beach cat.  As soon as I get a decent rig together for my board I'm gonna try windsurf thonging from here.  

Right here is one of the secluded area's I found, not much people traffic:    30.033401,-90.058048
The problem there is you have to walk into the water down the breakwater steps to go around the fence.  They've recently posted "no trespassing" signs around the fence, so I regard their wishes.  It sucks though, because you can see the adjacent beach right there, which used to be really popular.  At some point in the past something litigious happened (I think someone drowned) and they closed the whole area.  

There's a few other places I've had my eye on, but have not yet attempted. 
Somewhere along the water's edge here:    30.030394,-90.079152
Or here:     30.02734,-90.084929
At these area's I would either lay on a blanket in the grass or on the concrete steps.  Its kind of difficult to see from the satellite images but a lot of the shore is composed of concrete steps (erosion control).  They are, perhaps, just wide enough for me to lay on and be kind of comfortable, but you cant exactly stretch out on them.  I take a yoga mat to lay under my towel if I'm going to be on one of those.  Whenever I hit one of these spots I'll probably spread out on the grass.  

Also right here looks good:       30.019915,-90.130441
This is next to the windsurfing spot, but you would be in clear view of several condo's and a popular walk/bike path.  This is also in Jefferson Parish, Metairie, and I've not dug into the municipal policies on thongs, but I'd be willing to bet there as lax as New Orleans.  Can check municode.com at some point.  

As for New Orleans, I'm quite certain that, as long you're not a vendor wearing a thong, you're okay wearing a thong.  I've not asked a cop directly, but from what I can glean from municode.com, thongs are not against the law.   Also, its New Orleans Christ's sakes.  I know girls who have gotten off with a warning when a cop saw them flash their boobs.  But, that was in the French Quarter.  Up at Lakeview it could be different since its a residential area, but I doubt it.  
Low_Strap #15

Re:New Orleans

Date Posted:05/05/2014 01:02:09Copy HTML

 hey Slim2magnolia,  got finals this week, so I'm not venturing too far from home.  Next week, though, I may be able to shoot off on one of the weekdays...
steveeagle #16

Re:New Orleans

Date Posted:08/24/2015 08:41:49Copy HTML

 Does anybody know whether it is permitted to swim in a thong at the Riverside Hilton in New Orleans?
sailor250 #17

Re:New Orleans

Date Posted:11/14/2015 07:48:44Copy HTML

 Anyone heard of the "Country Club" in  the middle of New Orleans?  Anyway it started as a bar then they opened the pool behind the building and the pool was clothing optional.  I heard it started as a gay establishment but then everyone showed up and it was mixed sex and packed with people.  When I heard of it I thought- wow that could be like Atlantic Shores Resort!Well after several years they had some unfortunate things happen.  This girl went there got naked and high then passed out.  Somehow she thought she was raped and somehow got security footage that showed she was raped by two different  naked guys that day in the locker room.  This hit the press and the place was practically shut down by the licensing authorities.  So now it's not a clothing optional pool, but it's still open as a pool and bar.  I don't know if this made the crowd more predominantly gay and don't know if the dress code is super strict.  Might be the perfect venue for thongs and G strings! Or baggies!  Don't know if topless is OK for the ladies?
TangadeLuna #18

Re:New Orleans

Date Posted:01/31/2016 01:17:48Copy HTML

 I just moved to New Orleans. I know most of the hotelsand bed and breakfasts are fine with thongs and some have clothing optional pools (my gf and I stayed at the Green House Inn which does).  I would love to try to get a group of likeminded sunbathers together to go to city park, the lake, pool parties, or even beach trips when it gets warmer. Anyone know some good places?

JRLB58 #19

Re:New Orleans

Date Posted:03/17/2019 07:26:01Copy HTML

Heading there for vacation at the end of the month. Any gay bar where it’s ok to dance in thongs?
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