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Date Posted:11/15/2007 05:04:05Copy HTML

Wow! It has really thrown me for a loop. What is the inspiration for this design or is it a work in progress? Its Soooooooo Different.....  I find it a bit too bright for the eyes personally. Whats going on?
Maxtlatl #1

Re:New Site Design?

Date Posted:11/16/2007 03:12:37Copy HTML

<div id="quotereply1" class="autobreakrows">

For those who are even able to read this, Aimoo "improved" things with a massive upgrade the other day. I'm sure you've noticed.

I've seen a few posts by JM_Runs to the administrative board complaining about being locked out of being able to manage the board. And he is not the only one who is extremely, extremely annoyed.

Aimoo has really shot themselves in the foot here, and even worse, to a large extent, they are denying that there is even a problem.


sheer1delight #2

Re:New Site Design?

Date Posted:11/16/2007 08:06:47Copy HTML

Help what has happened to our message board


this is terrible



johnbar5251 #3

Re:New Site Design?

Date Posted:11/16/2007 08:17:49Copy HTML

It has all changed - why can't I access the board any more?
shs92645 #4

Re:New Site Design?

Date Posted:11/16/2007 12:04:32Copy HTML

I have emailed Aimoo several times and gotten replies that "please bear with us and we will get it right"...yet each day it seems to get worse.? The postings are not in order and this morning I can't get into some of the regular categories AFTER signing on!? They clearly do not have a clue as to what they are doing.
Ex_Member #5

Re:New Site Design?

Date Posted:11/19/2007 05:16:49Copy HTML

Glad to see others are just as concerned as I have been.  Really miss the site.  Hope their fixes fly.

JM_Runs #6

Re:New Site Design?

Date Posted:11/25/2007 01:45:06Copy HTML

Things are getting back to normal, slowly.  If you think you are fustrated, you should try it on my end.  I am fighting hard for you guys, (and girls).   

I would appreciate some one checking out what parts of the message board you can read, and what parts you can't.  (I can see it all because I am the moderator.)  Make sure you login in first. New login fields are at the top right of the boards main page.

Ex_Member #7

Re:New Site Design?

Date Posted:11/25/2007 02:50:38Copy HTML

What can I read and what can't I?  I can't read any of the Categories except for this one (i.e, Questions and comments about the board), and always get the message "You may not have sufficient privileges to access this page".  I can read the one Topic listed listed under each Category heading.  In other words, 99.9% of the board is still unavailable to me.  Hope this helps in debugging the access issues.  Thanks, JM, for all your efforts on our behalf.  I sure look forward to resuming communication with this great bunch of folks on this board!   SlidingG
sheer1delight #8

Re:New Site Design?

Date Posted:11/25/2007 08:20:24Copy HTML



Like SlidingG all can access is this board. I am similarly unable to enter any of the other categories.

Yes things are improving but very slowly. Iam sure there are loads of others who cannot participate in their favourite mesageboard.

 regards to all


Ex_Member #9

Re:New Site Design?

Date Posted:11/26/2007 01:08:53Copy HTML

All categories are now accessible!  Only the date ordering of Threads with Category remains a problem.
Captain_Jim #10

Re:New Site Design?

Date Posted:11/26/2007 07:25:15Copy HTML

No all categories are not available.
JM_Runs #11

Re:New Site Design?

Date Posted:11/27/2007 04:47:58Copy HTML

Jim were you logged in to aimoo.com when you were testing categores?

Could you try again but first verify that you are logged in to aimoo.com

If you cant get in to the categories, please look for option to register with this board. (Button may be top right near the login / logout options.


JM_Runs #12

Re:New Site Design?

Date Posted:12/01/2007 09:15:09Copy HTML

Reply to johnbar5251 It looks to me like you are logged in and posting.  What problems are you having?  (Other than the messages not being sorted by date.)JM
Ex_Member #13

Re:New Site Design?

Date Posted:12/07/2007 02:14:12Copy HTML

JM:  I note today, for the first time, that the "Thong Wearers Message Board" title is no longer displaying when each page comes up.  Great!  Was always potentially embarrassing if I wanted to pop in from time to time at work!  Hope this is permanent.        
Ex_Member #14

Re:New Site Design?

Date Posted:12/07/2007 03:33:27Copy HTML

JM, I just tried sending you a response to your 12/1/07 message to me, but nothing happened when I clicked the Send button, so that may be another problem area that needs addressing.  I'll try posting new or response items to a few threads when I get a chance, as you requested, to insure they keep priority of place, datewise.  Oh, and regarding my response here earlier this morning, the embarrassing title is now appearing again.  Oh well, it was a nice feature, while it lasted, permitting a 'vanilla' screen view when popping in at work occasionally. 
jn9195 #15

Re:New Site Design?

Date Posted:12/09/2007 04:34:26Copy HTML

The only problems I'm seeing are the messages are out of order by date.  I hope they fix this problem soon.  I find it very difficult to stick around when I have to dig through so many messages.Why couldn't AIMOO actually TEST their new software before fully implementing it??  Can't they put the old software back and then continue to test & update this "new, improved" version on a private server with people who volunteer to test and debug the software?I find this new design much less visually appealing than the older version.  I think they did too much at once.
jn9195 #16

Re:New Site Design?

Date Posted:12/09/2007 04:35:47Copy HTML

...and the message formatting is different.  My blank lines, or paragraphs, are lost when I post my replies.   
JM_Runs #17

Re:New Site Design?

Date Posted:12/09/2007 05:18:15Copy HTML

I have the same fustrations as the rest of you, and then some.  My management tools are very limited. It's like trying to skin an eel when it is still alive and fighting.  I agree, not having messges in date order and the extra blank lines caused by the message editor are anoying.

From my point of vew, editors should be What You See is What You Get.  I am anoyed when it is reformated after posting.  Try not to add any un-nessary blank lines when writing posts.

Do try to post into existing threads.  This is for a number of reasions, the first being that right now I cannot move messages.  The scond being it updates the threads last posted date.  Do try not to start new threads, unless despratly necessary.  Thanks

Ex_Member #18

Re:New Site Design?

Date Posted:12/11/2007 02:23:03Copy HTML

JM, sometimes when I reply to a post, the new date is show against whatever topic shows for the category, but sometimes the date shown is the original one of the topic.  As it is, we don't know whether a category has a new posting or just old stuff.
JM_Runs #19

Re:New Site Design?

Date Posted:01/05/2008 11:30:19Copy HTML

I think they finally have the date problems sorted out. I have been very active in attempting to get Aimoo to get the important ones sorted out.  Lots of other issues still remain but since the most important ones have been taken care of,  I am backing off and letting the other board Admins chime in and direct Aimoo's program fixes. 
Now I just hope the board runs fast enough so that it is not just usable but informative and fun to read.
tobias5711 #20

Re:New Site Design?

Date Posted:12/28/2017 10:05:25Copy HTML

 JM, I know this an old thread, but didn't want to start a new one. I was wondering if there is any way to move the Messages and New friends request under the Top Banner area. I often do not scroll down all the way to the end of the page and many times friend request and messages go unnoticed. Not a big thing but I wonder if anyone else feels the same.

Oh and I remember when this website had a beautiful pink background. I mentioned it was a little hard to read and also it was also very noticeable if someone had it up at work. A few weeks later we got the nice light blue background, which I need to thank you again for it.
JM_Runs #21

Re:New Site Design?

Date Posted:12/29/2017 06:38:18Copy HTML

I don't remember the board ever having a pink background, I think it was green, to be consistent with the prior message board. 
The colors we use now are intended to be easy to read and meant to invoke the sea and the sand. 

The layout is not something I can change. Aimoo provides two skins, classic and trendy. The trendy does not work for us, so we use the classic. Aimoo allows us to change fonts, colors, and button bitmaps, and setup up categories, but not the functionality in the design. 

We also have bb script and html turned off to prevent bots inserting advertisements and people from posting using poor font choices. This means post links are not live links, which is a shame, but it does make the board reasonably immune from spam and easy to read.
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