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Date Posted:03/03/2005 07:49:22Copy HTML

I felt it was time New Zealand and in particular Auckland started moving down the G-String/Thong road. The laws of NZ allow both G-strings and topless bathing, and while the public accept this there are still very few participants.

For the past 6 months most Tuesdays myself and my friend visit Waiwera Hot pools north of Auckland. I have worn my entire collection of swimwear over those months and have never had a negative comment. This includes sheer micros, slingshots and suspender (The only comment I have had from management was in the cafe in a sheer micro was " It doesn't hide much does it.")

My boyfriend has just started to join myself and my friend in a thong, after working on this tan.Im looking forward to see others at Waiwera, but in all honesty I wont hold my breath.
DianneSmith #1

Re:New Zealand

Date Posted:02/15/2005 06:33:07Copy HTML

I felt it was time New Zealand and in particular Auckland started moving down the GString/Thong road.

The laws of NZ allow both Gstrings and topless bathing, and while the bublic accept this there are still very few participants.

For the past 6 months most Tuesdays myself and my friend visit Waiwera Hot pools north of Auckland.

I have worn my entire collection of swimwear over those months and have never had a negative comment.  This includes sheer micros, slingshots and suspender (The only comment I have had from management was in the cafe in a sheer micro was " It dosent hide much does it")  My boyfreind has just started to join myself and my friendg in a thong, after working on this tan.

Im looking forward to see others at Waiwera, but in all honosty I wont hold my breath.

easy-goes #2

Re:New Zealand

Date Posted:02/20/2005 07:34:47Copy HTML

I can't let your posting go unacknowledged. It is a long way to go from Wellington to Auckland but sometimes we  happen to venture that far into the tropics and your posting is a welcome invitation to congregate there should we be up that far. Thank you for your posting. Any particular pool?
debbiewalker #3

Re:New Zealand

Date Posted:02/28/2005 02:18:36Copy HTML

Good afternoon Dianne

I found your email inspiring if not a little frightning.  Is one thing to thong in public but its another to use a pool complex with hungreds of people , water slides ect.

Having said that I went to Waiwara last night with my boyfreind and we had the best time ever   one Micro bikini from www.teazeclothing.com  in Takapuna, And a few rums.  The best part was when the attendendants eyes popped out of his head when he asked us to remove our earrings before we could use the water slides . I flashed my npple ring at him and asked if that needed also needed removing.  (I wish I had by pussy pierced) 

IPS I found it very brave to use your real name, so I decided to follow.

debbiewalker #4

Re:New Zealand

Date Posted:03/01/2005 09:05:09Copy HTML

I dont know if we are starting something here but had a real blast last night

Three girls and one guy in thongs in a public pool.   When you start getting you numbers up you can hunt in a pack.  Nothing was to much last night .  I hope the teenage boys that walked up behind us at the waterslides enjoyed the view .  I was impressed and some what surprised when Dianne changed into an Invisable from "Sublime".Now that was a view worth seeing.  But the highlight of the evening was getting naked in the movie pool with 20-30 other people around. The dim lighting made if dificult for others to aware of what they were missing.   We are going to try and make it a regular thing for first tuesday in each month.  So I have a month to get some more exotic thongs.  We would love it if others would join us.

Ex_Member #5

Re:New Zealand

Date Posted:03/03/2005 11:08:33Copy HTML

This sounds wonderful. Too bad I'm in the U.S.
nicthong #6

Re:New Zealand

Date Posted:03/06/2005 11:46:26Copy HTML

This does sound like a very laid-back place and ideal for thongs. It's just a shame there aren't more places like this, more cultures with an 'open' attitude towards thongs, and more people with the confidence to wear thongs where they're entitled to!

Would love to join you, if only it wouldn't take so long to commute!

debbiewalker #7

Re:New Zealand

Date Posted:03/08/2005 06:39:46Copy HTML

Thanks for your support

Has another night there last night, spent most of the evening bottomless, but kept my top on, boyfriend had aball trying to hold his breath and.....

Decided to risk it all and find out what the official position from management is.  and the answer was real simple.  We dont mind how small. If you are brave enough to wear it, injoy it.  ( Ithink he might change his mind if I wore a String one piece from Doubletake microwear)  Im not brave enough yet but we will see......



Ex_Member #8

Re:New Zealand

Date Posted:03/22/2005 03:27:50Copy HTML

After reading this message about Waiwera New Zealand I think some of the readers out side of New Zealand may have gotten a slightly incorrect view about our openess towards such things like thongs etc. Whilst I am sure that most people can wear a thong to a place like Waiwera without any problems or untoward comments from others thong wearing at the beach is actually reasonably rare in Auckand at least. New Zealanders aren't the most open type of people in the world unlike their conterparts across the sea in Australia. Kiwis are less likely to bare their skin in public be that topless or in thongs or even nude for that matter than the Aussies.There are only a couple of beaches around Auckland that you would normally find a topless female in a thong or a guy in a thong and it can never be guaranteed. If there is the a female she would normally be surrounded by a number of men gawking probably because its so rare its a bit of a buzz for them.

Either way. Hope you enjoyed yourself at Waiwera Debbie. Its a lovely place and for those that don't know its a geothermal hot spring, water fun park.

oceanswimmer777 #9

Re:New Zealand

Date Posted:07/29/2005 04:13:38Copy HTML

I am back to Middle Earth in early Aug 05.  I have yet to wear my Dore micros or thongs to anyplace in NZ.  In Hamilton were I last lived I would wear my Dore low cut bikini to Masters Swim practice during evenings with never a comment.  I would enjoy meeting other thongers, stiringers, or Xtreme wears for a soak. I'll be living in Auckland or Norh Shore and am open to enjoy the sights of NZ with other likeminded mates.  No sexual intentions.  I would like to meet up and explore all of what NZ has to offer.  Female and Males mates invited.
adfba #10

Re:New Zealand

Date Posted:01/03/2006 12:19:07Copy HTML

Hi Dianne,

Pleased to hear you are you wearing Thongs at Waiwera pools. Are you still wearing at Waiwera?  My wife and I regularly wear thongs /G strings at Palm Springs Hot Pools in Parakai. These are considerably cheaper to visit than Waiwera, and the managers have a very relaxed attitude to thong wearers.  They also have a Nude night every second Sat of the month (Feb --Nov)  We go every Mon night and some times on Thurs day night as well,  as well as afternoon visits as we both work shift work, maybe we might see you there on night during during the year.



adfba #11

Re:New Zealand

Date Posted:02/13/2006 03:34:44Copy HTML

Hi there,

My wife and I have just spent a fantastic day on the beach at the end of the Tawharanui ARC park north of Auckland.

several other couples were there either topless or in thongs. we will be back there over summer.

Anyone else Around the Auckland region looking for a spot to thong without the hoards, this a good spot.

I will post more thong friendly beaches as we discover them.

Ex_Member #12

Re:New Zealand

Date Posted:02/20/2006 03:12:55Copy HTML

Was down at Long Bay last week in my V-String.

If you walk around the rocks or over the hill at the end of the main beach you come to a small secluded beach which normally has either a couple of topless women or the odd man in a g-string. The next beach further around is the nude beach which is sometimes worth visiting if you are interested in nude bathing.

Also Minihaha Beach which is a very small beach in between Takapuna and Milford always has topless thong wearers and men in thongs as well. Although I haven't been there for some years now so I am not sure if it is still like that.


nzgstringboy #13

Re:New Zealand

Date Posted:08/09/2006 09:52:57Copy HTML

Great to hear about these places, please keep referring  locations.

I'm a guy who very much likes wearing a thong but feel far too self concious wearing one on a normal beach, (even though I'm told that I look quite good in one).

Late last summer I went to Papamoa beach which is a nudist beach in Tauranga. There were many people comfortably sun bathing without clothes, I  was probably over dressed in my thong but it definitely felt like a comfortable enviroment to be wearing one.

the directions are:

From Tauranga, on the east coast of the North Island, follow signs towards Mount Maunganui, turn right just over the railway line at the roundabout, into Girven Road. Near the sea, turn right into Maranui
Road at sign to Papamoa. Go 2 km past the Bay Park Raceway and park on the grass by the Papamoa Beach sign. Track 50m over the sand dunes to the beach. This beach is very easy access for those who do not want to, or are unable to, walk far to enjoy a good ocean beach. - The Free Beach Group


kiwi_thonger27 #14

Re:New Zealand

Date Posted:10/10/2006 04:45:48Copy HTML

Hi Debbie, my girlfriend and I would love to check out those public pools in Auckland wearing only our thongs. Her`s from wicked weasel, mine just from a local swimwear shop in christchurch which sell mens thongs. wohoo.

Problem is we live in Chirstchurch

Would love to think New Zealand is becomming more accepting of thong bikini's, but it doesnt seem to be common for guys. Have never seen any on the beaches here in christchurch. i`m the only one that ever wears them at the gym locker rooms as well.

Anyway I just wanted to say hope everyone here has another fun summer thonging. Any other kiwi's, male or female please feel free to contact me if you want to chat about beaches in New Zealand for thongs or thong underwear or really anything to do with thongs..

JM_Runs #15

Re:New Zealand

Date Posted:01/15/2007 01:50:03Copy HTML

Link to clickable map showing nude beaches of New Zealand >> http://www.nude-beach-guide.com/map/new-zealand-map.htm
kiwi_thonger27 #16

Re:New Zealand

Date Posted:01/16/2007 02:54:09Copy HTML

Hey Thanks for the map. Unfortunately they are all in the North Island, I live in Christchurch, the middle of the South Island. It doesnt matter though cos this summer my gf and I found a great beach to thong and go nude on. We cant get enough of it. Just feels so free and relaxing. We are off to Thailand at the start of March and would love to catch up with any other thong/nude couples out there.
JM_Runs #17

Re:New Zealand

Date Posted:03/05/2007 06:30:03Copy HTML

Went down to Long Bay Regional Park yesterday for a walk. The two beaches around the northern point of the main beach one is called Pohutakawa Bay ( Northern most Beach) and is a nude beach the other is sometimes visited by nude bathers and the odd thonger.  I was sitting there when a couple walked passed on their way to the nude beach. He was wearing shorts and she had walked all the way from the car park in her bikini top and some G-String Hot Pants. It was great to see she had such confidence to wear what she had on and it prompted me to go for a swim.

I was wearing  my office clothes but underneath had a thong from Kookai. I decided to go for a swim. The water is very warm at the moment. There were a young couple, a nude man and a few men walking back from the nude beach that were there. One of the men just stood near where I took my clothes off and waited for me to come out of the water. I guess he wanted to have a look see but no negative comments were made and I had a good time again. Its worth a look if you want to wear your thong and have a good time.


thegrova #18

Re:New Zealand

Date Posted:09/13/2007 05:34:45Copy HTML

Summer is nearly here!  I would love to know which beaches (especially in the Bay of Plenty area) you wear a thong at.

Looking forward to a long hot kiwi summer!

JM_Runs #19

Re:New Zealand

Date Posted:09/20/2007 07:11:40Copy HTML

If you are looking to thong in the BOP area Mt Maungaunui to Whakatane you can pretty much go anywhere along that cost. Baring in mind that its a surfy culture. During the summer there are a few topless thonging ladies (Probably Foreigners) I haven't seen that many men in the main swimming areas especially from the Main Beach to the Tay Street area. I thonged there years ago mid week without any issues but am not sure now.

Best bet would be to go down to the end of Papamoa where the beach transforms into a semi nudist beach if you want to feel totally relaxed.

thegrova #20

Re:New Zealand

Date Posted:09/25/2007 06:36:45Copy HTML

I do know of the Papamoa beach, and have even spotted a nude sunbather or two on the beach between Waihi and Bowentown.  However I have only ever spotted one guy in a thong, and unfortunately it was in a very public area, and was extremely unattractive!  Hopefully there will be a few more thongers on the beach this summer!
rastus #21

Re:New Zealand

Date Posted:09/26/2007 11:19:54Copy HTML

We will be there at the end of November for 4 days.  Any suggestions for a great hotel in the BOP area?  ($2-300 range?)
JM_Runs #22

Re:New Zealand

Date Posted:10/04/2007 11:33:48Copy HTML


If you are talking $200-300 US Dollars then there isn't alot of options in the BOP ( Tauranga or Mt Maunganui) to choose from I don;t  believe. There are a number of hotels that would range from about NZ$160-$250 max I believe.

You mention the BOP area. This is a huge area. The main focus on that area being the city of Tauranga and its close neighbour across the harbour Mt Maunganui. If you want to be close to the beach to go and thong then you want to stay at the Mount  where you can walk across the street to the beach. Tauranga iss about a 15 minute car ride to the beach.

I have listed a couple of Hotels below. Both the Mt and Tauranga have a small amount of Bar and Restaurant Life. The Mt is visited in summer by huge amounts of people. November is fine for normal levels of people its just whether the inclemant weather we have in NZ is good enough to get out and sun your buns in.

The Mt main beach isn't a place I have seen lots of thonging women and definately no men. Further south down the beach which goes for a good 20km there is plenty of space for you. Sand is nice white and and the water is clear but its not a tropical water temperature that for sure. Lots of surfers on a good day. These guys aren't thong wearers so choose your spots I would say. Although if you are thonging with a woman should be no problem. Most people keep to themselves I have found. Its just my experience to lessen the options for ridicule. 

Anchorage Apartments  - Mt Maunganui, Grand Vista Luxury Apartments - Mt Maunganui, The Terraces - Mt Maunganui, Hotel on Devonport - Tauranga, Kingsview Resort - Tauranga


Have a good time.


rastus #23

Re:New Zealand

Date Posted:10/07/2007 11:03:37Copy HTML

What is the water temperature?  We are used to 27-30 degrees C.
JM_Runs #24

Re:New Zealand

Date Posted:10/08/2007 12:24:56Copy HTML

Rastus you are in for a big surprise. Average sea temps for NZ historically are between 14deg Celcius to about 21 Max. Depends on which climate cycle we are in. I was there in December last year and I reckon the temp would have been around 17degress celcius. This year may be a little hotter as we have already had a couple of warmer days than last year. Might want to wear your thong over your wetsuit.
speedoman05 #25

Re:New Zealand

Date Posted:01/16/2011 06:27:36Copy HTML

It appears that this thread hasn't been tapped in a while, but I'll give it a try. I'm heading up to New Zealand soon on an unexpected weeklong venture in the Christchurch area. I'll most certainly visit Akaroa and possibly Kaikoura. Are there any thong-friendly places or nude beaches in these areas?
pjmodel2002 #26

Re:New Zealand

Date Posted:01/19/2011 05:14:23Copy HTML

I was not in NZ a few years back, but AU is thong friendly.  At the end of the day, same rules as here.  Actually, nude beaches are pretty common there - just don't offend the old and the young.   Otherwise,  it is the land of the Speedo.
firefly2010 #27

Re:New Zealand

Date Posted:03/27/2011 11:32:30Copy HTML

I wore my gstring at Maurua springs hot pools on the way the christchurch about 6 weeks ago(for the second). No problems at all, I chatted to other people in the outside pool and walked from pool to pool. No other thong there but a english lady in a very skimpy rio back bikini. :)
firefly2010 #28

Re:New Zealand

Date Posted:04/02/2011 09:54:49Copy HTML

I was at Wainui beach in golden bay yesterday catching the last of the summer sun. I wear a thong there with no problems there are always people around but nobody seems to even notice. The interesting thing is that there was a women there with 2 male friends sunning in a thong. when i was there 2 weeks ago there was a women in a pink ww thong. about half the times i have been there have been other thongers around, i think it is because it is quite private and can not really be seen from the road.
nz_thong #29

Re:New Zealand

Date Posted:04/13/2011 10:44:26Copy HTML

I've been living in thongs and loving every moment.   A week at Hahei beach and I wore nothing but gstrings.  Plenty of walks along the local beaches, either in a small pouch or teardrop.  I have spent days on the deck, soaking up the sun and quenching the thirst with some liquid courage, I started walking around the deck and house and Mrs next door spotted me and didn't seem to mind.  I have mowed the lawns and done the gardening in a micro teardrop, only when I was sure the next door neighbours were out/away.

Go away winter, I'm having fun!  Oh well, there's always the hotpools.
firefly2010 #30

Re:New Zealand

Date Posted:08/01/2011 09:02:10Copy HTML

Stopped in at maurua springs again on my way back from christchurch.The outdoor pools again had a relaxed feel in a thong. A women in a black thong bikini when I arrived so i put  my thong on straight away. I was out of the pool under the hot shower when more people arrived. nobody cared about the thongs and chatted away tto me.
rustathong #31

Re:New Zealand

Date Posted:01/18/2012 11:10:05Copy HTML

I am in N.Z at the moment in a town called New Plymouth on holiday.
Found out it had won best town in theworld for its size.

One of my thong ing days here.
I went for a surf at Fitzroy Beach. Then went upto a puplic outdoors shower outside the board riders club and rinsed off in my wetsuit then stripped off down to my thong & rinsed the rest of that off & myself at the same time. The shower is in plain view of the main walk way with a view of the beach.

Second of my thonging days here. 
I went for a surf at a beach called Back Beach.Had some time to spare so went for a walk. Crossed a small river & walked a little then thonged.
The only people that went by were people walking there there dogs so wasnt to populated. Noticed a guy had walked down from a path & went towards a rock point but then came back alittle then dissapeared. Later i found he was just past a rock just to big to see over. Waters edge wasn't too far away eaither which was good for a dip to cool down. 
Curiousity got the better so put some shorts on & went to have a look what was past the point and found it eas more sand & water but people didnt bother going over the rock point. So walked about 20M set my stuff down & went for a walk to the next point in just my thong. Past 2 other people & nothing said by anyone. collected my stuff & walked back to my previous spot in just my thong which is when I notticed the other guy that had walked by earlier & he was in a thong. Would like to think gave him some confidence to thong in not such a sucluded spot as it looked like he was going to earlier.  

Day 3 of thonging.
Went to Back Beach again. went to same place but only halfway down. Had wife & little one with this time. No surfing today tho.
Went for a swim in the waves not too deep as had little one with.After swim walked back upto spot that we had layed out. Played in sand &water that had pooled around large rocks. Not a word said by anyone again that had walked by.

All in all a good holiday & good thonging. Just remember to sunblock as sunburn happens very fast in N.Z
Only thing that could have made it better would have beenthe wife thonging too. 
nz_thong #32

Re:New Zealand

Date Posted:12/20/2012 03:52:21Copy HTML

Loving the warm weather here.  Living in just a thong or nothing at all.  Washing the car, hanging out the laundry and gardening in just a narrow cut g-string.  Laying on the deck soaking up the sun, just about every day.
The kids and I just spent this morning at a local beach, I wore a fluoro orange narrow g, never bothering to cover up.

kiwi_thonger27 #33

Re:New Zealand

Date Posted:12/20/2012 07:24:42Copy HTML

Where in NZ are you?

I used to thong and go nude at ladies bay (around the point from mission bay) in Auckland but apart from that the beaches are limited for guys to thong in NZ unless you go up the coast to a quiet one.

nz_thong #34

Re:New Zealand

Date Posted:01/01/2013 11:02:31Copy HTML

I'm in Auckland.I've thonged on plenty of beaches, never had an issue.  Just do my own thing and mind my own business.  I've thonged on Kohimarama beach, nobody cares or at least care enough to make an issue of it.
firefly2010 #35

Re:New Zealand

Date Posted:12/29/2013 06:10:04Copy HTML

I was at marahu at a camp ground called "old McDonalds Farm" at the start of the Able Tasman national park a few days ago. Was swimming in the river in a thong with a few people swimming sunning there. Two women came down and swam wearing gstrings while I was still there. The other people at the swimming hole hardly seemed to notice :)
firefly2010 #36

Re:New Zealand

Date Posted:01/11/2014 08:24:48Copy HTML

I was on Totaranui beach yesterday. A long beach that seems to mainly be full of families. I was surprised to find a two couples with the women in thongs when I went for a walk around the rocks to a smaller beach at the North end. Along the main beach there was lots of women in the newly popular Brazilian cut bikini bottoms and a few guys in speedos so it was a pleasant surprise for a family beach :)
tiggerix #37

Re:New Zealand

Date Posted:03/12/2014 10:53:21Copy HTML

Visited north island of New Zealand and found almost no one in thongs or even speedos - seems shorts are the order of the day.  Did see four gay guys, two in conservative speedos and two in shorts.  Aside from that, wherever we went I would be the only one in a speedo type suit (kiniki micro tan thru or small Asian brief).  Plenty of opportunity for nude though, including walking a couple of miles in each direction without any problems.  Still trying to find a thong/string that my OH will be ok with - ho hum.
foswat29 #38

Re:New Zealand

Date Posted:01/03/2015 10:27:51Copy HTML

 I have thonged/g stringed on Takapuna Beach (southern end) quite irregularly, and there was a girl also who quite unpeturbed chatted to people passing by. This was on a week day - not oa a week end.
animal88 #39

Re:New Zealand

Date Posted:01/07/2015 04:47:00Copy HTML

 I have just got back from a walk from whitianga to cooks beach and back and I am very excited to report I came across a woman in a white thong and green sarong wandering the beach. I tried to catch up to her in my least stalker like fashion to see if we could lay out together. Safety in numbers. But she was to quick for me. But until then I might just have to be the one who goes out first and attracts fellow thongers.
steampowered #40

Re:New Zealand

Date Posted:01/31/2015 12:23:21Copy HTML

I've been on a few beaches around the north shore. Mostly on weekdays when it's quiet. have seen the odd female thong here and there, but never any guys.
j7559j #41

Re:New Zealand

Date Posted:01/31/2016 06:51:51Copy HTML

 Would be interested in thonging at a beach if others were thonging at the beach too. Have done so a couple of times around the Auckland area, but definitly safety in numbers.

nz_thong #42

Re:New Zealand

Date Posted:02/20/2016 07:55:12Copy HTML

Just pick a relaxed beach and go for it.  Usually thongers may appear, women usually adjust their bikinis into a thong also.It just takes one person to make the first step.
underguy1 #43

Re:New Zealand

Date Posted:12/10/2016 08:04:11Copy HTML

 I've seen a few thongers around Napier this summer. Mostly German girls but there is hope for the guys too.
I wore a thong at the Polynesian spa in Rotorua last winter with no problems and have been to several hot pools in Taupo in semi sheer Addicted tangas. The only comments I've had have been complimentary.
nz_thong #44

Re:New Zealand

Date Posted:01/06/2017 07:25:42Copy HTML

Lots of women in cheeky cut bikinis, a few thongs about on the Coromandel.Hoping for more over the next few weeks.Plenty of people checking me out and trying to snap sneaky pictures of me in a gstring.
nz_thong #45

Re:New Zealand

Date Posted:01/08/2018 08:58:33Copy HTML

 Onetangi Beach on Waiheke Island, very thong friendly.
Many women in thong bikinis, some even walking down the road in them.  I was the only guy in a thong though, no negative comments or attitude.Great place.
stypenz #46

Re:New Zealand

Date Posted:09/03/2018 06:44:22Copy HTML

I've (a guy) been swimming regularly in the Wellington Freyberg pool near Oriental Bay several times a week (evening and weekends) in a thong since mid last year. I have to say swimming in a thong is really enjoyable and confidence-building and I wish I had done it sooner! I've worn a: Kiniki swim thong Pikante Seal and Marine Swim thongs Buffedbod slim front thong - 1 inch/3cm waist and back. I wear this in the evening during the weekends with less people around since it covers so little! No problems except for when I wore Cocksox thong, but that's probably understandable. Haven't seen any other guys wearing thongs there but very occasionally there will be a girl wearing one. I've also visited the Poririua swimming pool once and wore my Kiniki swim thong then. So I think the public pools here are thong friendly from my experience.
firefly2010 #47

Re:New Zealand

Date Posted:12/29/2018 06:41:22Copy HTML

Well it certainly is summer here. Been to kaiteriteri beach tody at the top of the south island. Plenty of females in thongs and cheeky cuts. I would not thong on this beach but plenty of quieter beachs further down where its not a problem.

nzthonger #48

Re:New Zealand

Date Posted:03/02/2019 07:50:55Copy HTML

Just went the other week to Orpheus Bay (nudist beach) in West Auckland. Wore my thong underneath my black Speedos. Heard the track down to the beach was closed, so walked around from the next bay around at low tide. It is possible but a bit rocky. Right at the end you do need to jump in the water and swim the rest of the way. When I did that I saw a guy on the beach already. So I swam back and walked back to my car to go find the track. It was fenced but had clearly been walked around many times. I took the risk, because you can been fined for going around and walked down. The guy was still there and I thought I would just get nude. Was good. Was actually really good swimming nude and laying out in the sun fully nude. For some reason I feel more comfortable getting naked instead of just wearing a thong. This was the first time swimming in my thong (Black Joe Snyder Bulge), and it was really nice actually. Pretty much the same as swimming naked. Liberating.
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