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Date Posted:10/26/2018 07:26:10Copy HTML

 A new style of g-string has been appearing on Chinese ebay offerings.  I called them "rope" g-strings, although the sellers don't, because the waist band and butt string are of rather thick looking twisted cord.  In the $3.00 range.  Thought I would try one, and here is what I got:  VERY comfortable g-string that doesn't even try to irritate butt.  The one that arrived fit but could stand to be a bit tighter around the waist.  Not to worry.  This twisted cord material has a loop at one end and the waist band closure is inside a tube made into the front.  I was able to easily pull it out, shorten the cord, stitch it back, and place it back into the tube.  This was even easy enough for me to do; not real sewing at all.  Fits much more comfortably now.  My size is 34" and this 'string was XL.  Now it's an L.   Pouch is not roomy at all with goods showing a bit around the edges and clearly through the material when it's wet.  Fine with me.  I'll use it for casual swimming but not laps.

1Monte #1

Re:New "Rope" G-strings

Date Posted:10/27/2018 02:50:28Copy HTML

What is the name of them on EBAY so I can do a search? Sounds like a winner!
kutag #2

Re:New "Rope" G-strings

Date Posted:10/27/2018 01:38:44Copy HTML

Looks like you may be talking about some thongs I have had for years. They are called Loincloth thongs and I got mine from Sixlines out of Japan. I've bought a few g strings from them, fast delivery to Australia and no problems.
leo40 #3

Re:New "Rope" G-strings

Date Posted:10/27/2018 02:19:16Copy HTML

There are multiple sellers of my "rope" g-string on ebay under search "mens sumo g-string".  Found the "sumo" name after mine arrived from another seller who didn't use that name.

pikeman #4

Re:New "Rope" G-strings

Date Posted:11/25/2018 03:20:40Copy HTML

Thanks for the recommendation. I've seen these but held off buying any. I'll give them a try. At that price point what's to lose?
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