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Date Posted:06/03/2017 08:20:55Copy HTML

I've been using a chat called Discord for a while and it works great! I think that it will contribute to our community.

- You can see history even if you have been offline. So you can easily catch up in current discussions etc. (Registration req for this feature)
- You can use your web browser or you can use their awesome app for Iphone/Android/Windows/MacOs. 
- We can create multiple channels for different discussion and media. 
- You see who are are online and who are offline. 
- Send private messages 
- You can even join with voice chat if you want.

I've created a Thongboard server on discord. To join just press the invitation link below:

kiyoothong #1

Re:New and improved thongboard chat (Discord)

Date Posted:07/04/2017 04:18:42Copy HTML

 Hey, so who's using this chatroom? Is it more popular than Chatstep now?
packiest #2

Re:New and improved thongboard chat (Discord)

Date Posted:07/05/2017 07:56:42Copy HTML

 I'm on it now. Looks like it's been a week since there's been any conversation. Looks like the last conversation was an odd one...
JSJax #3

Re:New and improved thongboard chat (Discord)

Date Posted:07/05/2017 10:25:16Copy HTML

I've enjoyed my time on Chatstep but I will not be spending any time on Discord, entirely due to the fact that conversations are logged for anyone to see.  I'm sure there's plenty of people that make connections between thongs and, well, let's say "other activities", but there's also plenty of people who don't.  Folks need to realize, logging on to a chatroom for the first time and finding nothing but off-topic and/or morally questionable content in the logs is off-putting.  At best, you're scaring away people that are interested in chatting on-topic and at worst you're drawing some very negative attention to not only the chatroom, but this board as well; I'm aware that there's no official connection between the two but it's an easy enough connection to make.

I'm not playing Morality Police here.  I get it - conversation flows much more freely in realtime chat (especially considering it isn't moderated as the boards here are) and things are going to go off-topic.  But please, for the sake of everyone, consider what you're putting out for the whole world to see.  If you're going to delve into subjects that people might find questionable, use the PM function or check out Chatstep, where nothing is logged.  And (frankly) if you're not using a thong chatroom to chat about thongs, I'm sure there's plenty of other places to indulge your real interests.
thongmom #4

Re:New and improved thongboard chat (Discord)

Date Posted:07/06/2017 07:01:57Copy HTML

Someone sent me a PM asking about a conversation that had occurred on this chat room. I've never used it, but apparently someone has with my username. There's no login required.

I haven't used the Chatstep room either.
Bojangles64 #5

Re:New and improved thongboard chat (Discord)

Date Posted:07/06/2017 12:28:55Copy HTML

 They have discord bots that let a moderator erase the entire history. I forgot the name of it but I know it exists because I see it in other discord groups.
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