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Date Posted:06/27/2003 02:46:08Copy HTML

Ran across Swiss Slip as a link on another site. Their thongs are as brief as WW's but the look is different...a little more designer oriented. Swiss Slip's web address is: http://www.a-s-s.ch/. Anyone here have experience with this company?
elp_gr #1

Re:New thong company...

Date Posted:06/27/2003 03:45:33Copy HTML

I just checked it out. This site's source code has some quirks, but it's quite ok. I'm not really sure if its slips and tops are swimwear, however. The "metal", "shine" and "hive" materials could be lycra-based or something, but, unless one of us asks, we won't know for sure. I'll ask them by email tomorrow.
elp_gr #2

Re:New thong company...

Date Posted:06/28/2003 04:01:03Copy HTML

Yep, it's swimwear as well all right. I didn't email them, but if they weren't making those designs as swimwear too, why would they be making beach towels?

MBareAs #3

Re:New thong company...

Date Posted:09/04/2017 01:15:38Copy HTML

 Has anyone ever found an english website for this company. Some really sexy designs here:

outside_time #4

Re:New thong company...

Date Posted:09/06/2017 03:43:57Copy HTML

  a-s-s is not really new, in fact their site claims a 15 year anniversary.  I liked the site better before the tattooed model.  If you're going to show skin, why not show perfect skin?  I know tats are "cool", but I can't commit to a bumper sticker, so not doing that. A little decoration is fine, but...well, not my thing.  Distracts from the designs.  
sailor250 #5

Re:New thong company...

Date Posted:05/12/2018 07:01:37Copy HTML

 Anyone like these new multi strap styles for women?
or this V strap back style?

A 2 inch wide bottom- yeahhhh!
shaft only strapless crocheted suit- well not for everywhere!
cute fringed thong- bottom only TNT!!
never seen this before--your weiner goes in a hot dog and bun- looks like fun!

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