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Date Posted:04/29/2005 06:20:04Copy HTML

Okay, so what are your thoughts on nipple piercings for men? For women? I don't have one, but have thought about it. I like most women's nipples pierced, but not always. Something sedate, not too in your face.
Ex_Member #1

Re:Nipple piercing

Date Posted:04/29/2005 06:45:01Copy HTML

I'm a big fan of them on women, or at least one, but then again, I think body jewelry in general is attractive as long as it is not ovverdone.  On men, I know I would not get one.

Re:Nipple piercing

Date Posted:04/29/2005 09:41:19Copy HTML

I recently had both nipples pierced and love it.Had both ears done at the same time.
corona10 #3

Re:Nipple piercing

Date Posted:04/30/2005 10:23:07Copy HTML

I agree with the rest of you, nipple piercings look great on women. It can look great on men too and I have the right one pierced myself. It looks supercool and adds sensitivity. Wouldnt be without it
Jazz Skirt #4

Re:Nipple piercing

Date Posted:05/04/2005 11:48:06Copy HTML

I'm a male, 64.  I'm too chicken to have anything pierced, but since my nipples have been a very sensitive (and therefore erotic) area of my body, I have sought and found non-piercing nipple jewelry.  It is almost as bold and sexy to wear these dangling bobbles as it is to wear a g-string!  Nipple jewelry really says a lot about the exhibitionist nature of the wearer, but requires nipples that poke out quite a bit.  I've found this activity to add a whole new area of pleasure to my life!
Thong Kong #5

Re:Nipple piercing

Date Posted:05/04/2005 01:51:08Copy HTML

I'd consider getting a nipple piercing if I were in better shape. Maybe by the end of the sumer I'll be ready. I've already got a 1/4" "Grommet" piercing on my left earlobe together with a ring piercing on the same lobe.

But I'd never get a PA. The thought makes me cringe. I do respect men who are brave enough to do it, though.

Nipple and belly button piercing on a woman is HOT HOT HOT. Especially since I highly prefer small breasted women who can get away with sheer tops and no bra. My girlfriend's nipples peek through sheer or very thin tops all the time. Too bad she hates piercings of any kind, and doesn't even have her ears pierced.

But for "down there" I like those non-piercing clips with the dangling jewelry. *. P
prinzal #6

Re:Nipple piercing

Date Posted:05/09/2005 10:29:45Copy HTML

I'll vote for pierced nipples on men.
Why not?
Both mine are pierced, and have been for years,
and I love them.
What could be sexier on a man or a woman?
elp_gr #7

Re:Nipple piercing

Date Posted:05/10/2005 06:15:47Copy HTML

I think they're far better looking on a woman... But then again, I think women look far better than men in the first place.
roberto_tores #8

Re:Nipple piercing

Date Posted:07/22/2005 10:01:50Copy HTML

I would like to get my Nipples pierced (barbell). Is it common for men to get nipple pierced or does it sends the wrong signals? (I am male, stright). Untill now I have only seen them in women. Thanks
gulfscuba #9

Re:Nipple piercing

Date Posted:07/22/2005 10:55:29Copy HTML

Here in Florida I see it all the time. I have thought about it as well but thye are small and I think it would be hard to do..
corona10 #10

Re:Nipple piercing

Date Posted:07/23/2005 11:40:37Copy HTML

Well, I have my right nipple pierced with an 8 ga ring and I don't find it the least feminine. On the contrary I find it a bit macho, something that says that here's a guy that can bear pain. I'm still deciding on getting the left done, but I am pretty certain it will happen some day.

Btw, on guys it is not the nipple as such that is pierced rather than the dark area around it. You can try http://www.tribalectic.com for loads of pictures. Hope this helps and good luck

roberto_tores #11

Re:Nipple piercing

Date Posted:07/24/2005 07:43:30Copy HTML

justhomdotcom #12

Re:Nipple piercing

Date Posted:07/26/2005 06:38:23Copy HTML

Careful where you go to get it done though, i've got both my nipples pierced (straight by the way - so i don't see it as a gay thing) one has a barbell the other is a ring.

First time i got the one done they did it too shallow and basically the front of the nipple split and i could poke the barbell through the front of the nipple, so took it out let it reheal and then got it redone but deeper - best thing to do do avoid pain when they do it is take a deep breath before they pierce and then breath out slowly as the needle is going through - doing that I didn't feel a thing when the re-pierced it.

hempnot #13

Re:Nipple piercing

Date Posted:09/25/2005 12:50:26Copy HTML

i've had my nipples pierced for 8 years now with 10g. barbells. I am straight and everytime i have my shirt off, they always draw attention, and i get great compliments from them. i also have a 8 gage Frenum piercing, which is a lot of fun also.
gayyslaveone #14

Re:Nipple piercing

Date Posted:11/07/2005 07:18:33Copy HTML

Ive got both by tits pierced and wear thick barbells through them. Ive also got my navel pierced with a thick barbell with a dangly bit which is quite big. My tits are very sensitive and quite large. I have never had any negative comments from men or women and only admiration.
sailor250 #15

Re:Nipple piercing

Date Posted:07/04/2006 09:30:02Copy HTML

Want to see some amazing pierced nipples?  Check out the www.malibustrings.com site, look in the 2005 section of the contributors.  Check out Heather on Miami Beach.  The shot of her topless in the aqua thong dangling her feet ( and rings) at poolside with the fading top tanlines----ah that's what thongs are all about!


Notice her rings are about the right size, I've seen some too big and some so small you can't see them.  I know you have to have the right gauge for the nipple size but these are just -right.

heeledmarc #16

Re:Nipple piercing

Date Posted:11/05/2007 03:03:09Copy HTML

I find pierced nipples really cool on men. I'd love to have mine pierced, but have not found yet the courage to enter a shop. Will get to it someday... does anybody have advice on waht to do and what kind of piercing to wear?


tvc150101 #17

Re:Nipple piercing

Date Posted:11/05/2007 12:36:47Copy HTML

heeledmarc, it's not too big a deal; first inform yourself through www.tribalectic.com or similar, then find a reputable piercer. Ask people where theirs were done. France seems to have a lot of piercing parlors but I've never seen another person with pierced nipples there, and I've looked, so your search might be a little bit difficult.
prinzal #18

Re:Nipple piercing

Date Posted:11/06/2007 02:09:47Copy HTML

There is a France Yahoo group, http://fr.groups.yahoo.com/group/fandetetonsperces/
You might want to check it out; although I'm not in France, there seem to be at
least some there who share your interest.
An internet search of piercing, tattoo and bodmod sites might turn up something for
Personally, I prefer the captive bead rings or the circular barbells for my nips.
Good luck.
aznudist #19

Re:Nipple piercing

Date Posted:11/06/2007 03:56:04Copy HTML

I am too chicken to pierce anything, especially a pa.  I would consider a nipple ring if it was removable, clip on style


darklegend #20

Re:Nipple piercing

Date Posted:12/10/2007 02:10:07Copy HTML

when travelling thru airports, will the piercing set off any alarms?
angeredpedestrian #21

Re:Nipple piercing

Date Posted:12/10/2007 04:04:58Copy HTML

Any piercing will set off alarms at airport security if it isn't made out of surgical steel. Probably a good idea to check out what the ring is made out of before buying it if you don't want to have to go through any unneeded embarassment. My brother has his nipples pierced and it set off the alarm at security. he got patted down and everything. We all thought it was pretty funny.....but if you don't want to go through that, surgical steel is the way to go
heeledmarc #22

Re:Nipple piercing

Date Posted:12/19/2007 03:41:37Copy HTML

Good question on airport alarms... How come surgical steel does not set off alarms?
NativeNude #23

Re:Nipple piercing

Date Posted:12/20/2007 09:19:32Copy HTML

Surgical steel is a stainless steel which has very little ferrous content, metals which can be magnetic. So metals like gold, nickel, copper etc will not set off those sensors either. Keep in mind though that any of those metals along with jewelry made of plastics can be seen with those new x ray machines they are using in some airports now. Unless it’s for a short period of time you really only want to use jewelry made of inert materials, such as stainless, gold, etc and some plastics. Metals like regular steel and copper will react with any body fluids in varying amounts which can cause all sorts of problems.
txnudist #24

Re:Nipple piercing

Date Posted:01/01/2008 07:07:35Copy HTML

I am an avid body piercer and have 10. All of which are fairly large gauge. I have never set off the security alarms at airports.
heeledmarc #25

Re:Nipple piercing

Date Posted:01/04/2008 01:30:18Copy HTML

Thank you nativenude and txnudist for these feedbacks. I am really looking forward to making the decision. Now my last questions would be two pierced nipples or only one? I hesitate? My opinion is 2's better. What do you think?
NativeNude #26

Re:Nipple piercing

Date Posted:01/05/2008 10:05:37Copy HTML

I like the look of 2.  Should get a PA as well which makes a nice outline thru a thong too!
Popeye1 #27

Re:Nipple piercing

Date Posted:01/05/2008 03:26:55Copy HTML

I'm intrigued by nipple piercing, my question would be about pain (owowowowow!) and it must take a long time to heal. love to hear from those that have done it. Peace, Popeye
txnudist #28

Re:Nipple piercing

Date Posted:01/06/2008 02:46:33Copy HTML

I have both nipples pierced, as does my wife (package deal :)). I think it was the most pain I have ever felt. I took advil for about 3 days to fight through the dull pain. The piercings completely healed in abour 3 months. After the intial piercing and 3 days on advil, no problems.  Yes, I would do it again if needed.
PJ_UK #29

Re:Nipple piercing

Date Posted:02/05/2008 04:38:00Copy HTML

Just considering a nipple piercing... Mid life crisis !!, well not really. I just fancy the idea of trying something totally out of character that only I would know about.Without wanting to rock the boat with any of our gay board users, is there a protocol dictating left or right for straight... Don't want to send out the wrong signals to any females I may wish to get to know a little better !!!!!  (I hope the above paragraph is taken OK, don't want to upset anyone)For a first piercing, is just a simple bar the best or some kind of ring ?.... I could consider having both nipples done but I wonder if that is a bit OVER THE TOP for a man. I have seen both on women and it looks great.Any comments please.. Still considering at the moment. I've not decided yet...pj_uk 
JM_Runs #30

Re:Nipple piercing

Date Posted:02/05/2008 07:18:11Copy HTML

There's a man at the beach I go to a lot who has both nipples pierced, and it seems part of his over-the-top presentation -- middle-aged with ponytail, totally shaved, usually nude behind a windscreen, and very dark overall tan.  Has talked of the woman who's going to pick him up at the end of the day, but I have no idea about his sexual orientation.  Perfectly friendly chap, and he works at a neighborhood grocery very near my home.  I make sure not to acknowledge him there if I'm shopping with my wife, as she'd wonder about the characters I must be associating with on my days off at the beach, even though it's just the very occasional chat about the weather, etc.  I'd say going with just one pierced nipple, whichever one you learn sends the message you're comfortable sending, would be your best bet.  BTW, the closest I've ever come to the place you're headed is with those pinching gold rings you can get at International Male for your ears, and work for nipples, too, I suppose.  They hurt and wouldn't stay on, and I wasn't sure why I was trying it out, anyway, so I never wore them to the beach, only did that with a glans ring on my penis back when I was still into the more extreme stuff.  Good luck, and hope it doesn't hurt too much. 
PJ_UK #31

Re:Nipple piercing

Date Posted:02/05/2008 08:50:45Copy HTML

Thanks for the reply SlidingG,I think you are possibly correct re going  a little over the top with two piercings. It's quite possible that in the end I may not have any done but I just wanted to get an idea on the subjectbefore deciding whether to go ahead or not... I'm not really trying to make any sort of statement, especially a OTT one... I'll see what other comments (if any !) appear before deciding what to do...Thanks again PJ_UK
John Howard #32

Re:Nipple piercing

Date Posted:02/09/2008 11:14:12Copy HTML

G'day PJ,I have my left nipple pierced since 2001,  so used to it that sometimes i forgot why some people ocassionally stare at me when not wearing a thong, like i.e. when having a swim with my kids at our local swimming pool in my speedos.Personally I don't like both nipples pierced, and just followed the cliche of "the left one if you are straight" that applies for piercings on the ears.  But anyway, I could not care less about this stereotype any more, I just wear and do whatever it feels good to me, if people think I might be gay, good and if not, good too.I think that nipple piercing in males is very cool.  It attracts quite a lot of attention of the ladies, especially if you have basic definition on your pectoral muscles. It gets some attention from my waxing beautician;  I've been full-body waxing already 3 times (every 5 weeks), and two out of the three times she asked me questions about my nipple piercing.    I wonder if she might want her hubby to try it too.John Howard
corona10 #33

Re:Nipple piercing

Date Posted:03/18/2008 06:17:37Copy HTML

At present I have the left nipple pierced, have had it for 3 years. Have been wanting the other pierced again, but keep postponing it.. i used to wear an 8 gauge ring in the right, had it for 2 years, but took it out because it was crooked and amateurishly done, sadly. Got the left one pierced as I took it out and counted on getting the right done again when it was healed up.. but alas :) But I stronly believe that it looks best on both men and women to have both nipples pierced
pikeman #34

Re:Nipple piercing

Date Posted:03/21/2008 01:52:14Copy HTML

Problem is I've got this problem with needles . . . and my wife and family would have a cow. Already told the kids "NO" to this and getting tattooed, so just can't do it. So I've made myself some rings that I wear on my "equipment". Easily removed, and no bloodshed.
And it's still my little secret.
chris0721 #35

Re:Nipple piercing

Date Posted:04/22/2008 01:32:10Copy HTML

 Would love to have nipples pierced but wife is against it...can't figure that out...maybe some day.
chris0721 #36

Re:Nipple piercing

Date Posted:05/11/2008 03:39:25Copy HTML

I do have a question for all of the pierced nipple folks.  I have been told that piercing your nipples will make them more senative and make the nipple grow out more....True or False
tvc150101 #37

Re:Nipple piercing

Date Posted:05/12/2008 03:59:13Copy HTML

 chris0721, the answer is "it depends".  The piercing, your body and the sensitivity you already have are variables.   Anecdotally maybe 85% of people get more sensitivity, 10% stay the same and 5%  find their nipples -less- sensitive.  As for nipple size, you can increase that by means of snake bite kits or the like, but the best way is to get someone to handle them frequently and as intensely as you can stand :D 
sailor250 #38

Re:Nipple piercing

Date Posted:09/03/2008 03:27:24Copy HTML

Singer Cassie (said to be Diddie's girlfriend) got nipple piercings to draw attention to breast cancer

heeledmarc #39

Re:Nipple piercing

Date Posted:10/13/2008 08:29:57Copy HTML

I came to a conclusion: I will have both nipple pierced. Will update as soon as I have...
ozgstring #40

Re:Nipple piercing

Date Posted:03/06/2009 11:29:19Copy HTML

I had my right one done about late August 08 along with my belly button.  Both have rings through them.  He did the nipple first and it hurt like nothing I have felt before.  I felt the stick going in and then going through and coming out.  Then I felt the ring being put through and it continued hurting.  Then he did the navel and I felt a little pin prick and then a small 'squoosh' as it came out the top.  I didn't feel him put the ring through the navel.  The nipple wasn't a problem really and healed reasonably quickly - about 8 weeks.  No painkillers or anything.  The navel took longer and still has problems every now and then but I hang a little dangle from the ring. 
My pierced nipple is far more sensitive than my non pierced on.  Also sticks out a little bit more and also has the ball joining the ring sitting underneath so it looks cool with a tight t-shirt.  I want to get the left nipple done but the piercer said the second one hurts much more so I really have to psyche myself up for that.
I love my piercings and have three in each ear and the nipple and navel, and will get the other nipple done in time.  Not many guys have their navels pierced but I love mine and now I just need to work off the bit of roll so it looks even better.
Navel Nine #41

Re:Nipple piercing

Date Posted:03/09/2009 09:14:32Copy HTML

 I don't know about a breast/nipple piercing - suppose I'm just missing the courage.
I have had my navel done - initially it was a barbell with a stone in the navel depression.  A ring catches and tangles with other items - similarly the dangle designs.
It did take time to heal - but that's OK - and I've had a lovely design of a clothes zipper rather than a jeweled barbell - there's always that option.

Here in the UK it isn't showing too often.
Lewi D
Navel Nine #42

Re:Nipple piercing

Date Posted:03/29/2009 05:43:25Copy HTML

 Oz-G-String - 
I've had my navel done.  That takes the longest because you are forever twisting your body.  After 7 years I don't realise it's there.  I've had an unusual design of a Zipper there.
I'm too afraid to get the P Albert - might muck up the plumbing which doesn't appeal.  My ears are too obvious for my age - although I'd love to have them done.  It's beginning to be the norm rather than the exceptional at school.
But two Nipple Rings are a good idea - always it's tomorrow - Do you think the ring-with a -ball is better than a bar-bell ?   Why ?
Lewi D
chris0721 #43

Re:Nipple piercing

Date Posted:03/30/2009 02:40:35Copy HTML

Is a navel piercing becoming more common in the UK and/or Australia?  Do you see other guy's that have navel piercing on the beach or pool? 
tanga #44

Re:Nipple piercing

Date Posted:03/30/2009 07:53:25Copy HTML

I like nipple and navel piercings on a woman but think any kind on a man is not a good look.

I don't like tongue piercings on a woman, just looks horrible.

Any piercing further south on a woman I have only seen in pictures and sometimes it can look quite nice I suppose.  On a man, just wrong.
John Howard #45

Re:Nipple piercing

Date Posted:03/31/2009 08:35:28Copy HTML

I've only seen one guy with a navel piercing in Melbourne, at the local swimming pool while swimming with his little kids, a few years ago.
I think ear and  nipple piercing look cool in a guy, also an eyebrow piercing.  Navel piercing, not very sure.
The rest may look intimidating, in both men and women:  nostrils, tongue...
Piercings down south on girls, they look so good...

I think some piercings are cool, a few maybe not.
But as compared to tatooes, personally I think tatooes look very trashy, especially those big ones on girls. 
Wrong, wrong.

John Howard
XChip #46

Re:Nipple piercing

Date Posted:04/11/2009 06:09:53Copy HTML

 I got a p.a. as a 60th birthday present for myself, that's almost 9 years ago.  It's been terrific fun, and has gradually been stretched up to 0 gauge.  I had both my nipples done a year later.  And here's some advice:  yes, the nip piercing hurts, so the thing to do is to get them done simultaneously.  That's called tandem, here in the states:  Two piercers, two needles; the two of them go "one, two, three, pierce" and it's done.  It hurt like the dickens for about two seconds, maybe three.  The PA healed fast; the nips took 3 or 4 months.  They were pierced at 14 gauge and I've stretched them up to 10 gauge, rings with captive beads.  I don't have a big burly chest so this is as far as they're going to go.I am totally happy with this metal, and would be glad to be in touch with anybody who wants to correspond about it.
JM_Runs #47

Re:Nipple piercing

Date Posted:04/11/2009 06:54:45Copy HTML

 I have my tongue pierced. When I got it done the lady doing it suggested I get my nipples done. It progressed from there. I now have both nipples and my nabel and a PA. I think I will stop there. I sometimes where a little chain on my nabel. I like the way they look and the nipples especially are very erotic.

XChip #48

Re:Nipple piercing

Date Posted:04/11/2009 11:24:04Copy HTML

Both my nips are pierced--about 8 years ago--and I'm continuously happy about it.  A big tip, though: if you're going to have them both done, have them done simultaneously--it's called tandem piercing.  Two piercers, two needles, and they say to each other "one, two, three, pierce."  And it hurts like the dickens for about two seconds, and then it's over.  One at a time--yikes, after the first one, the apprehensions about the second would be too much!Mine are now at 10 gauge, 1/2 inch diameter, captive bead rings.  They're the right size for my chest, and I'll wear them wherever, and anybody can look, or gawk, or ask questions, or whatever.  It wasn't this way at first, for either me or my wife, but by now we're both totally blasé about them.  Feel free to write with comments or questions or whatever.
chris0721 #49

Re:Nipple piercing

Date Posted:04/12/2009 02:27:40Copy HTML

alee001...did you get both nipples pierced at the same time or one at a time
JM_Runs #50

Re:Nipple piercing

Date Posted:04/12/2009 08:14:14Copy HTML

Both at same time. I don't want huge rings, just enough to feel them in my nipples. I really like my nable ring and I do wear a little chain or weight on it so it bounces and tugs a bit. I have had only compliments at the beach but sometimes I notice when I am wearing a tee shirt that people can notice the nipple rings if the shirt is tight. I like symmetry I guess. When I went in to do it the chick that was the piercer convinced me that I should do both. I am glad she did.

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