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JM_Runs #101

Re:Nipple piercing

Date Posted:11/02/2012 08:49:45Copy HTML

  Just pierced my nipple stings just a bit but nothin to bad.  Trying to decide if I should do the other one or wait and see what the wife thinks of it.  She was not too keen on the first piercing i got and asked to take it out.   I did and that was 5 years ago but the hole remains and I still can pull it in once a a while for a surprise. Pics posted.  Should I wait for the second or go for it?  By the time she sees the first nip it will be four days in. But should be fresh enough to remove if she totally hates it to not leave a permanent hole.  
sailor250 #102

Re:Nipple piercing

Date Posted:10/18/2015 01:37:59Copy HTML

 Here's a funny one- the Shannon twins ( always looking good in thongs) were on their way to get their nipples pierced when they had a drunk driving crash and got injured!  Girls you're supposed to wait until you get there to get wasted for the occasion! http://www.thesuperficial.com/kristina-shannon-dui-karissa-crash-nipple-rings-10-2015
JM_Runs #103

Re:Nipple piercing

Date Posted:11/02/2015 06:39:59Copy HTML

 I got my lift nipple pierced about six weeks ago at 44 years young ; ) My wife has always liked it and wanted me to get it done, so after making her wait rather a long time I decided without telling her to get it done. The clamping part does hurt as does the piercing process but once complete its not too bad. Mine bled a fair bit overnight but cleaned it up and I haven't really had any problems what so ever. My wife loves it and so do I plus it has definitely made it more sensitive...which can't be bad imo...; ) Not sure yet whether I would get the other one done?
JSJax #104

Re:Nipple piercing

Date Posted:11/03/2015 02:07:01Copy HTML

M_M: congratulations!  You're going to love it.  I had my right side done for my 23rd birthday, almost 13 years later it's still my one and only body mod.  It becomes part of who you are; I can't imagine ever taking mine out.

I get a lot of questions about only having one done, I guess people like symmetry.  My initial thought was to do the one and wait a year, that way if I had to take it out I could go pierce the other one without having to wait for the original to heal.  Seemed smart at the time, but after a year I decided I like being asymmetrical.  I doubt I'll get the other one done after so long.

Some free/unsolicited advice: don't slouch on the aftercare!  Male nipple piercings have a high rejection rate.  Antimicrobial soap and salt-water soaks are recommended twice a day for at least four months.
Darkgroove #105

Re:Nipple piercing

Date Posted:11/15/2015 04:13:47Copy HTML

 looking to get my two nipples pierced.  Love that look that add sexyness in thong.
XChip #106

Re:Nipple piercing

Date Posted:11/16/2015 02:24:47Copy HTML

 Go for it!  I had both of mine done, with two piercers so it was simultaneous.  Hurt like hell for about 2 seconds, then OK.  Healing takes awhile--you gotta be scrupulous about the aftercare.
But you're going to love having them pierced, whether it's rings, or studs, or whatever.  I change mine from time to time.   Let us know how it goes!
Darkgroove #107

Re:Nipple piercing

Date Posted:11/16/2015 05:18:12Copy HTML

 for sure I will let you know with some pics.  Love to push the limits of erotism around my love for microswimsuits.
dk31 #108

Re:Nipple piercing

Date Posted:04/05/2016 03:35:26Copy HTML

 Darkgroove ..hope to see some pics soon...Like you having both nipples pierced (together with micro thongs of course) is such a sexy look. For both men and women.
Manthongs #109

Re:Nipple piercing

Date Posted:04/06/2016 12:19:52Copy HTML

 I got both of mine pierced about 2 years ago. It took them a long time to heal because i do a physical job. The worst was when i accidentally dropped a 75lb dumbbell on the right one!!! I'm very glad i have them done. My wife loves them. She likes to tease me all the time. i think they look great. they feel a lot more sensitive than they used too as well.
sailor250 #110

Re:Nipple piercing

Date Posted:01/28/2017 03:08:43Copy HTML

 Looks like nipple piercings are in style for the young ladies!!  Bella Thorne just got a nipple ring.  the Jenner sisters are adored.....
Sheer tops, clingy tops and hopefully a topfree trend will show them off!
Still looking for a swimsuit top with a little button hole for nipple show!  http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-4162638/Bella-Thorne-proudly-shows-new-nipple-piercing.html
Paris Jackson rocking a nipple bar now http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-4166210/Paris-Jackson-s-goes-bra-Los-Angeles.html

pikeman #111

Re:Nipple piercing

Date Posted:02/15/2017 05:48:28Copy HTML

 I think it is as sexy as hell on both men and women. I have a thing about needles though. 
I also have pretty small nipples, although they are always perked-up. I've tried the nipple loops, and they just won't stay on. I've lost my nipple jewelry all the time.Count me as frustrated!
pikeman #112

Re:Nipple piercing

Date Posted:02/15/2017 05:52:05Copy HTML

 I think it is as sexy as hell on both men and women. I have a thing about needles though. 
I also have pretty small nipples, although they are always perked-up. I've tried the nipple loops, and they just won't stay on. I've lost my nipple jewelry all the time.Count me as frustrated!
gentlemannudist #113

Re:Nipple piercing

Date Posted:02/20/2017 10:56:20Copy HTML

 I say go for it pikeman, I had my nipples pierced some 20 years ago & love the feel & the look...for my 60th birthday I'm going for a prince albert...I can't wait to show that :p
undercover20 #114

Re:Nipple piercing

Date Posted:02/20/2017 02:33:40Copy HTML

 I have both of mine done, I like how it looks in a thong 
wallygr40 #115

Re:Nipple piercing

Date Posted:02/21/2017 07:28:16Copy HTML

 I had mine pierced for a lot of years. I had stretched them as big as 2 gauge but mainly wore 4 gauge jewelry most of the time. The jewelry got heavy over time and they eventually rejected.

I would like to get them done again because I loved them but can never seen to make up my mind.

Navel was pierced and stretched to 0 gauge but rejected as well. I think my body is trying to tell me something. :)
sailor250 #116

Re:Nipple piercing

Date Posted:07/30/2017 06:56:52Copy HTML

 Piece about nipple piercing- we guys don't have to worry about breast feeding!! http://www.cosmopolitan.com/sex-love/a10296792/nipple-piercing-healing-infection/
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