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Date Posted:11/30/2015 07:03:21Copy HTML

So I'm a 30 yo' guy. A few years back I got my left nipple pierced. I did it when I was abroad, and the piercer told me to soak my captive bead ring with an ocean spray and to clean it with an antibacterial soap. A month or so later I returned home, and something wasn't right. The piercing started to develop a yellow ball next to it. So I went to a local piercer, and he told me that the ring was too big and not enough flesh was caught. He changed it to a smaller ring, gave me a cream and new cleaning instructions. But four months later, and the piercing wasn't getting anywhere near healing. Each time when I thought it was safe to stop cleaning, the piercing started to sour and develop puss, and I started cleaning again. And every time I had sex with my ex, the piercing got really painful. Do eventually I gave up and removed it. 
A few years later, and I never gave up on the passion to have a nipple piercing. So I went to a new piercer, and since I read the barbell are easier to heal, I decided to go that way. And just in case I had an allergic reaction to the metal used before, I decided to go with titanium. And to avoid uneven nipple sizes, I decided to pierce the other one. All went well, except for the ring - the piercer told me he preferred a ring and not a barbell so the tissue would have where to exit. Unfortunately, this one didn't go good either. After a few weeks I hot hurt and lost my ring. I rushed to the piercer moments before closure, but he didn't have a titanium anymore so he put a slightly larger golden plated ring. And though his cleaning instructions were different, again I couldn't stop cleaning without have puss, and the ring started to migrate badly. So eventually I had to remove that one as well. 
Now I still really want a nipple piercing. If I go for it, it'd definitely be a titanium straight barbell in my left nipple. But after having two failures, I have more concerns. Could I be over cleaning the ring? In the first time I was told to clean the tissues with a q-tip, but could it be that I was removing a brand new developed skin? In the second time I was given en a cream, and was told to move the ring a little to let the cream enter the holes. Sometimes moving the ring was a little difficult. Could it be that I was tearing a brand new skin developed inside the hole? Could it be an improper ring used, or could it just be my body rejecting everything? What do you think? Because I really want to give it a second (or third) chance, maybe for the last time... Thanks!
Swedethong #1

Re:Nipple piercing - a second chance?

Date Posted:11/30/2015 09:23:59Copy HTML

I have both my nips pierced. And my piercer recommended a straight barbell in titanium to make it heal. The ring will move around to much. I did the Sea Salt Soaks every morning and every evening. I used a shot glas filled with sea salt water that I made by my own in the microwave oven. I have got lots of information and help from this site: http://tribalectic.com Have a look here. And don't give up!! Give it a new chance. And remember to not play with the piercing until its totally healed.
sailor250 #2

Re:Nipple piercing - a second chance?

Date Posted:12/03/2015 02:50:11Copy HTML

 There's a wave of fashion in nipple piercing in the last few months- first the Jenner sisters, some other models and now Amber Rose too. https://www.pinterest.com/pin/331929435007169135/ https://www.pinterest.com/pin/440367669785322376/
undercover20 #3

Re:Nipple piercing - a second chance?

Date Posted:12/03/2015 01:20:33Copy HTML

 Amber Rose has had her piercings for a while now. I had both of my nipples pierced in March
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