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Date Posted:11/05/2009 01:08:51Copy HTML

Went up to North Shore Open Space Park (Collins and approx 86th St), on Saturday and again today. I parked in the lot on Ocean Terrace by the beach and walked up (could walk from my scooter in just my suit).

There is a large Brazilian population in the area and it shows on the beach. While not crowded, I found that the proportion (not total number) of thonged and topless women to be the greatest I have seen in a long time. Behind the park, on Saturday, I noticed one set of four topless women and one set of three. This was out of a total of 11 women on this section of the beach.

I was able to spend the day there in a baggie both days and no one said a negative word that I could hear. Walked by three lifeguard stations on my way to and from my scooter.

Today two thonged women vacationing from New York set up fairly near me and kept telling me how sexy the baggie looked. I told them that their thongs looked real sexy too (quite an honest remark!).

I am going to check out that stretch of beach again!
modelnude4u #1

Re:North Beach (Miami Beach)

Date Posted:11/05/2009 01:17:54Copy HTML

 The hotel I always stay at when we're in the area is right next to the part, at Collins and 87th.  The park keeps it a bit quieter than some areas, but it is a great spot!
sol_y_mar #2

Re:North Beach (Miami Beach)

Date Posted:11/06/2009 08:32:43Copy HTML

 I go to that beach quite a bit and haven't seen many people in thongs. I must be going at the wrong times
lindros #3

Re:North Beach (Miami Beach)

Date Posted:04/01/2013 01:58:27Copy HTML

I was around 55th street for a couple days right behind the Castle Beach Club and Russian & Turkish Baths. I didn't have any issues wearing a g-string there. In fact, after taking a couple long walks to the north & south each day the percentage of female thongers was surprisingly high, just as high as when I walked South Beach. I only saw a couple topless women in this area so South Beach was better for that.
Gstringing #4

Re:North Beach (Miami Beach)

Date Posted:05/22/2013 05:37:33Copy HTML

Ill be walking surfside and bal harbour beaches in July, too bad cant walk directly to haulover from there.  Mainly north of 88th/A1A.  Still of course in a Roma g-string.  Change of pace from my usual spot in south beach, but im sure there will be plenty of sights.
lindros #5

Re:North Beach (Miami Beach)

Date Posted:05/22/2013 07:52:32Copy HTML

Great, let us know how that goes. The North Miami beach area gets few reviews.
sailor250 #6

Re:North Beach (Miami Beach)

Date Posted:05/23/2013 01:25:03Copy HTML

Hey you could walk over the Haulover Inlet bridge in a thong.  The Bal Harbor Police would be mad- not because of your ass- but because the traffic would be slowed to a stop and their 30 mph speed trap wouldn't catch any speeders.
ctmonline #7

Re:North Beach (Miami Beach)

Date Posted:03/02/2015 09:17:30Copy HTML

 My wife and I will staying at a Castle Beach Club condo (55th street) on July 4th week, glad to read the previous posts that seem very positive, we'll both be wearing g-strings and she'll be topless of course....should we camp out directly in front of the condo or walk north or south a little ways?Thanks.
lindros #8

Re:North Beach (Miami Beach)

Date Posted:03/02/2015 11:51:02Copy HTML

Stayed in Castle Beach club a couple times before. If you want to be around other people walk about 25-100 yards north. There will be others wearing thongs there for sure in July as there is a high percentage of latina women who hang out there. Topless no problem in that area as well. If you want to be alone walk about 1/2 mile or more to the north and it'll be desolate. I wouldn't recommend directly behind the condo/pool area because that's where the main beach access is located, so there will be a lot of foot traffic back & forth to the pool. So that's why I recommend just a bit to the north. Heading south gets closer to the lifeguard tower where I typically observe fewer thongs. I also discussed this section of Miami Beach in the other thread on the Russian baths:


If you stay there a whole week after July 4th, then you should take one day and go up to the beach on 67th street behind the Deauville Hotel. Good thong ratio up there, you'll see what I mean if you spend the whole day there.
ctmonline #9

Re:North Beach (Miami Beach)

Date Posted:03/04/2015 04:36:17Copy HTML

 Lindros....glad I asked, would have thought walking south towards South Beach would have been better, will walk to the north like you suggested. Thanks for the local advice, it's been a while since we stayed near South Beach, just ordered a black mesh g-string for the wife and a matching g-string for myself...:)
lindros #10

Re:North Beach (Miami Beach)

Date Posted:03/05/2015 12:39:38Copy HTML

CTM:  if you walk south far enough (like 1.5 miles) you will eventually run into South Beach where the thong scene is great. However, from 54th street it's not an easy walk to SOBE through the sand (though you can pick up the boardwalk at 45th street). I have done the walk many times before and it's great exercise, but it takes about 45-90 minutes depending on the part of South Beach you settle down at.

My previous reply was predicated that you would prefer to stay reasonably close to the hotel. In that case a very short walk (1/2 to 1 block) north is all that's needed to be in a good thong section. In contrast walking just to the south towards the lifeguard tower on 51st gets you close to a kids park behind the dunes so it tends to be a bit more conservative there. On North Miami Beach I've noticed several pockets where there tends to be a higher concentration of thongs. Those are at 67th, 55th, 48th, and 33rd. Surprisingly I find the thong ratio to be just as high on North Beach as SOBE; however, since SOBE has more people overall there will be a greater number of thongs on SOBE. But the ratio will be similar.

Also, unlike SOBE where you can get an occasional immature drunk make stupid comments about your swimsuit as they walk on past, north beach tends to be more mature in that regard. I've never had anyone laugh or say anything stupid about my g-string on north Miami beach. Can't say the same thing on SOBE. Most are accepting of guys in g-strings on SOBE, but there always seems to be that one person walking by who has to say something smart to their friends (I've got rabbit ears, LOL, they think I'm sleeping but when your ears are close to the sand you hear everything said!).

Let me know how it goes this July, would be interesting in hearing your experience.
sailor250 #11

Re:North Beach (Miami Beach)

Date Posted:03/05/2015 01:59:23Copy HTML

 Recently got to spend some time on Miami Beach in what the locals call "mid beach"- they call 70th st and north "North Beach", and 23rd and south, is South Beach.Anyway stayed at 66th St. at Collins Hotel.  It's recently renovated, pretty plain but reasonably priced and clean.  Parking in the gated lot only $15 a day.  The pool was thong and slingshot friendly and fairly well heated.  Most all guests were from S. America.One night while walking down the street out front I saw an unusual sight at the Deaville Hotel at 67 th.  There were four big charter busses idling at the curb when out the front door a stream of late teen age girls, maybe late highschool or early college years in short shorts and tank tops. All of them were fit and thin.  They were not dressed in uniforms but all wearing sneakers and boarding the busses.  I saw they were all speaking Spanish- they were from Venezuela!  I quickly realized  JACKPOT!  They were all in town for a dance competition!  So the next day at about 1030 I headed to the beach out back of the hotel and WOW!  There were at least 160 girls out there on the beach and in the surf.  I quickly realized that about 60% were wearing real thong bikinis and the rest were bare bottom bikinis that were near thongs!  So I tried to do a TIVF  (thongs in view factor) count and lost track after 100!  OK I've never thought I 'd ever see over 100 thongs from one place.  The TIVF at southbeach is 2 in the morning to sometimes 10, never above 15!  The "thong population" we've talked about was also very high with over 60% in thongs and the rest near thongs you'll never see that ratio!  Spent a couple of hours enjoying the view- though they were young girls they didn't seem to have the expected matronly chaperone, just a couple of guys in their late 20's  ?coaches.  I was wearing a G string and soon my spot many yards to the side of their area became a "selfie station" with the over the shoulder shot including me a zillion times.  They were having a blast in the surf and I saw a large number of burning buns and thong burn lines!  I know a lot of them would be feeling that satisfying burn on their bottoms as they sat on the plane ride back home!
So I think it's time we all "thong outside the box" and check out other parts of Miami Beach outside SouthBeach- there's stuff there you'll never see anywhere else in the USA!
Another day after they were gone I still saw several women and girls in thongs around 66 and 67 st.  There is a public access lot there and many were locals but many S. American tourists.No other guys in thongs, but many guys in bikinis.
lindros #12

Re:North Beach (Miami Beach)

Date Posted:03/05/2015 04:01:34Copy HTML

Sailor:  Thanks much for the report, and for the clarification of mid-beach and north-beach. What you discovered at the Deauville I've noticed several times in the past as well. That's why I listed 67th street as a great place to thong in earlier posts in this thread.
ctmonline #13

Re:North Beach (Miami Beach)

Date Posted:03/06/2015 04:05:18Copy HTML

 thanks for the info and updates...will be sure to report our experiences.
ctmonline #14

Re:North Beach (Miami Beach)

Date Posted:06/27/2015 01:44:23Copy HTML

our vacation is almost here, we should get to our condo rental on Thursday (July 2nd) and we'll be there for twelve days just north of 53rd Street Park at Castle Beach, sure hope we have plenty of g-string and topless company.
lindros #15

Re:North Beach (Miami Beach)

Date Posted:06/27/2015 11:30:22Copy HTML

Don't forget to try the Russian & Turkish baths on the lowest floor of the Castle Beach club. I've been there about 6+ times so far and have never had any problem wearing a g-string. I've only seen 1 or 2 topless women but they were very very discreet. This is a must try, at least once to get the experience. Best time of day is in the early or mid-afternoon (they open at noon), before it gets too crowded, and is a good alternate plan if thunderstorms prevent going to the beach.
bedada #16

Re:North Beach (Miami Beach)

Date Posted:07/02/2015 03:43:31Copy HTML

 Sailor, what was the name of the dance competition?  My girlfriend and I would like to be in your situation next time they come in town.  We get a kick out of people who take pictures of us as the "background." We walk up and down South Beach and on a good day we see about 100 thongs (including us).  That covers from 1st to 21st. 
sailor250 #17

Re:North Beach (Miami Beach)

Date Posted:07/03/2015 09:53:16Copy HTML

 I don't know I didn't see it, only saw them at the hotel and beach.  For all I know it's venue changes...2015 Miami, 2016 San Juan 2017 Cancun?
lindros #18

Re:North Beach (Miami Beach)

Date Posted:07/07/2015 06:34:17Copy HTML

ctmonline ... let me know how you & wife fared at 54th street.
ctmonline #19

Re:North Beach (Miami Beach)

Date Posted:07/07/2015 06:48:09Copy HTML

 we were out yesterday afternoon in our g-strings, some female thongers and a few strange looks from the mostly latin crowd, will probably go back out tomorrow.
ctmonline #20

Re:North Beach (Miami Beach)

Date Posted:07/09/2015 12:13:39Copy HTML

 we were out again this afternoon for a few hours, both of us wearing our g-strings and the wife went topless today but she had no company...:(
josht #21

Re:North Beach (Miami Beach)

Date Posted:09/28/2015 07:32:10Copy HTML

 I stayed at the Fontainebleau recently. This is not North Beach, I guess, but is certainly not South Beach, so Mid Beach. A hotel this large and famous should be mentioned on the Thong Board. There are many better places to stay in Miami Beach for thonging (see South Beach entries), but I was at the Fontainebleau because of being an accompanying person at a conference. I saw a few thongs on women, but overall the main pool areas did not seem suitable (pun intended) for thonging. However, the Sorrento tower pool is relatively deserted (and no children, unlike the main area and Tresor tower pool), has very nice lounge chairs, and get reasonable sun exposure. The pool is decent for actual swimming as well. I swam and thonged there (purple Skinz M1RU) without incident. The beach in this area (I covered from 45th down to 30th) had a few thongs on women, also a few topless, and I saw one man in a thong (this was on a Monday, partly cloudy, and not very crowded).
lindros #22

Re:North Beach (Miami Beach)

Date Posted:09/29/2015 02:28:52Copy HTML

Thanks much for the trip report. The more hotel reports we can get the better!

I've also found the Fontainebleau area to be somewhat more conservative and less than optimal for thong wearing. In the mid- and north- Miami Beach areas I've felt more comfortable wearing thongs at 66th, 55th, 48th, and 33rd streets.
stanpuppy #23

Re:North Beach (Miami Beach)

Date Posted:09/29/2015 02:35:44Copy HTML

 Wife and I have stayed at the Fountainbleau.  I thonged on the beach, but not in any of the pool areas ( I wore a standard bikini).  Wife wore a thong both on the beach and in the pool area. I agree, it is not the best area for thongs (especially if you are looking for lots of company), but they are accepted and you should have no problems in doing so.  FYI...she did not try topless.  I'm sure it would be fine on the beach.  Not so sure about the pools
njthonger #24

Re:North Beach (Miami Beach)

Date Posted:09/29/2015 04:17:23Copy HTML

 What are the latest recommended SOBE hotels?
stanpuppy #25

Re:North Beach (Miami Beach)

Date Posted:09/29/2015 09:23:20Copy HTML

 Wife and I both like The National.  Further south around 15-16th st.   Great beach area where I wore a thong, she wore a G and topless and we had no hassles whatsoever.  She had thonging company (and topless company).  I had no man thong company, but a couple of euro guys in speedos and squarecuts who had no issues with my (muscleskins poser) thongs.
snc704 #26

Re:North Beach (Miami Beach)

Date Posted:11/14/2015 12:28:41Copy HTML

 Stayed at the Hilton Cabana Hotel at 61st St. Nov.8-10. Am glad to report the hotel and beach area was thong friendly.I stayed mainly in their beach area, but also tried the pool in a thong with no negative comments. Two ladies were at the pool in thongs the same time I was. At the beach area, I saw three ladies in thongs. Took a walk north, and saw several more , especially around 66-68 St. area, as sailor250 reported in another post. There were some others walking by in thongs without cover ups. 
snc704 #27

Re:North Beach (Miami Beach)

Date Posted:03/07/2016 06:55:20Copy HTML

 I had a day at Miami Beach yesterday(March 6), and want to thank previous posters for their good information. After parking in a public lot on 46 St., walked north. Found the areas mentioned (48th, 55th and 67th) all having thong wearing ladies. Various ages, from some that appeared to be college age to some 40 and 50 age group. This was encouraging, and hopefully a sign of a good summer coming up. Especially the younger ones offer hope that thonging will not die out, at least in Miami. On the way back, there was another good spot at the 53rd st. lifeguard tower.  I counted six thongs within just a small space in front of the tower. 
Gstringing #28

Re:North Beach (Miami Beach)

Date Posted:06/30/2016 03:39:11Copy HTML

Come July 10th I'll be hanging out in the north beach area for some time if anyone wants to do some sunbathing. I plan on hitting a few other spots like mid beach, Surfside, and haulover. Will not make it to the thongs weekend event, can't stay that long.
snc704 #29

Re:North Beach (Miami Beach)

Date Posted:01/29/2017 01:44:02Copy HTML

 Visited Miami Beach today for several hours. I am glad to report seeing quite a few thongs on women and one other man. This was in the area around 61 - 65 street.
visa0061 #30

Re:North Beach (Miami Beach)

Date Posted:01/30/2017 03:01:11Copy HTML

 Nobody will blink an eye up there either. Topfree is less common but I've seen thongs on women and some men as far north as Sunny Isles. So needless to say, it's fine south of there as well.
sailor250 #31

Re:North Beach (Miami Beach)

Date Posted:02/22/2017 03:01:56Copy HTML

 Recently got to spend some time on Miami Beach at two spots well north of Southbeach.So at 66th St spend a morning in a "baggie string".  That's a baggie with a string around the waist tied.  No problems.  Got a few pictures taken by female tourists.  Quite a few S American girls at the Deauville.  Not as many in thongs as I previously saw, but TIV (thongs in view) was over 12!  Got some attention from a video drone from up the beach- didn't see the operator.  It was all over- buzzing boats and people on the beach. No topless.
Then spent some time at 76th St. in a G string with missile pouch.  Again no problem, a few stares.  A girl asked me to pose for her instagram page. TIV 2-3. Well and TIV 2 in the parking lot too!  One chick walking around on her phone.  Another with her boyfriend in a thong with a short shirt on fooling around for almost a half hour around their Jeep.  No one cared!!  I stared!! No topless.
sockwaguy #32

Re:North Beach (Miami Beach)

Date Posted:03/26/2017 01:43:38Copy HTML

Can anyone share an experience at Carillon Wellness Resort? That's a little bit north of the Deauville. They have four pools, one of which is reserved for adults.
I called and asked if they had any issues with men's micro swimwear, and the manager gave a puzzling, muddled answer about nudity not being allowed. When I said I wasn't asking about nudity but was referring to thongs and g-strings, the response remained on the negative side. I'm not going to spend four days at a resort with a silly dress code like that, unless I get some better information. Sometimes it's better not to ask, I suppose.
Any thoughts?

JM_Runs #33

Re:North Beach (Miami Beach)

Date Posted:03/26/2017 05:19:32Copy HTML

 Just do it.
With confidence.
sailor250 #34

Re:North Beach (Miami Beach)

Date Posted:03/26/2017 06:05:44Copy HTML

 I've never been to the place and the website doesn't give me a carefree vibe.  The tripadvisor reviews are universally 60 plus year old women, majority from the Midwest.  I don't think it's going to work out well to wear minimal swimwear there- despite it's Miami Beach location.  The clueless nature of the staff seems like they have never been to SouthBeach 3 miles south of where they work.
sockwaguy #35

Re:North Beach (Miami Beach)

Date Posted:03/26/2017 07:19:47Copy HTML

 I like JM's advice--although I don't take criticism from staff too well, and being "corrected" really undermines my vacation buzz.
And I think Sailor250 has the staff and vibe of this place nailed down; I could run into some irritation at Carillon I really don't want to pay $350/nite for.
What draws me to this resort is the extensive fitness program, gym, and the general health conscious angle. If I knew of another (3.5 - 5 star) place in South, Mid or North Beach with those kinds of amenities, I'd probably re-book my current reservations at Marriot Stanton, Nobu/Eden Roc and the Shelborne.
Thanks for everyone's input!

lindros #36

Re:North Beach (Miami Beach)

Date Posted:03/27/2017 02:31:48Copy HTML

Regarding Carillon Wellness Resort, they went under new management in the past year (formerly Canyon Ranch Hotel). Looking at Tripadvisor reports it appears that 84% of the reviews are those who write in English, whereas the nearby Deauville Hotel (where g-strings & thongs are well accepted) 63% of their reviewers write in English. So it does seem that Carillon will have more American visitors.

That said, it's Miami. Thongs/G-strings are well accepted on the beach behind that hotel for fact. I'd be absolutely shocked if you were told to change by management unless you wanted to wear a shape enhancing thong (i.e., torpedo style). In addition, based on Tripadvisor reviews it seems like they have a spa (separated by gender) with Jacuzzi/sauna where nudity is accepted.

On the other hand, at $350 per night that is really pricey. What time of year do you plan to visit? Looking at Hotels.Com, their prices are in the $300 to $320 per night, so maybe you can save a few bucks booking through them. Or instead why not just stay at the Deauville? Room prices are half the rate of Carillon, thongs/g-strings are well accepted, and they have a hot tub & fitness center:

Edit: if you do choose the Deauville, be sure to get one of the newer rooms that was recently re-modeled.
sockwaguy #37

Re:North Beach (Miami Beach)

Date Posted:03/27/2017 03:57:49Copy HTML

Lindros, thanks for the input.
I did a 3-day stay at Deauville a couple years ago. The room was easily 4 stars, absolutely beautiful. HOWEVER...
...while the Deauville is predominantly Latin American--and micro-swimwear is a non issue for most of those cultures (in my experience) and for the hotel management--their staff patrolled the premises like a paramilitary platoon searching out persons in violation of their IN-DOOR dress code--even in the underground mall! I had confrontations with several of their "guards," and basically had to plan my day around their idiotic rules about what I could wear or not wear in and out of my room. Since I inline skate, this is a bigger problem than you might realize, as you can't really carry items with you (safely) when you inline.
Many other people will have a delightful time there, and will be generally well-treated, and probably feel like they received great value for their money. I would have felt that way except for the above reasons (there was also construction going on at the time, and I found it hard to sleep--so that didn't help). But for me--you could not pay me enough money to spend another night there after the way I was treated. Perhaps I'm a snob and a bit unforgiving...and uncompromising. Such is life. 
(Re the nightly rate: the $350 figure is an approximate--includes all the fringe things like the resort fee, parking, etc.). 
Thank you again for the feedback; I'll be sure to share what I learn in a few weeks!
JM_Runs #38

Re:North Beach (Miami Beach)

Date Posted:03/27/2017 11:52:48Copy HTML

I don't understand the appeal of staying "at" Miami Beach in pricey hotels that hassle you.  I'm no expert but I did visit there last year, stayed far away from SoBe in a cheap hotel and then just drove my rental car to the lot at 21st and Collins, paid my parking fee, stripped to my thong and walked the beach.  Left all my stuff (and clothes) in the car, carrying only my keys.  Very easy and cost about 1/4 what you guys are talking about.  And it's the same South Beach.  I can't imagine paying $350 a day for Florida, heck you can get an all-inclusive in the Caribbean for that.
tbck1000 #39

Re:North Beach (Miami Beach)

Date Posted:03/28/2017 01:04:11Copy HTML

Right on.  I like to do the same thing.  Love walking down the street to the beach in my thong.
sailor250 #40

Re:North Beach (Miami Beach)

Date Posted:03/28/2017 01:20:39Copy HTML

 I've tried a couple of places around the 60's.  Recently tried the Sherry Frontenac hotel on the beach.  It's a step up from the Collins Hotel across the street and a step down from the Deauville.  ( Collins $100-150, SFH $150-250, Deauville up to about $350 in hi season- which is where you cross the line to south beach prices  $300- $3000 in the winter)Sherry Frontenac is an old hotel, a bit beat up but serviceable and clean.  The pool is big, shaded in the late afternoon, cold in winter, but G string, baggie strings are no big thing.  The beach out front is of course TNT'able.  SFH uses a garage across the street and around the corner. The guests range from European to air crews to a few Latin Americans, few USAmericans.
Regarding staying on MB vs elsewhere?  You have a point if you only want the beach but for me it's the ability to swim in the pool, see the sights including stunning women walking around that you won't find in North Miami or Hollywood.  As you'll see in this and other threads wearing a thong at some pools is overdressed, baggies, baggie strings and slings are my favorites on north or southbeach hotel pools
thonglife #41

Re:North Beach (Miami Beach)

Date Posted:03/28/2017 03:33:45Copy HTML

Last couple trips to Miami Beach, we stayed in apartments I rented on AirBnb. Much more affordable. Our last trip, we had an apartment on the beach with boardwalk access and two pools near 38th St. I thonged at the pool and on the beach daily without issue. 
bmicro #42

Re:North Beach (Miami Beach)

Date Posted:03/30/2017 12:38:42Copy HTML

 Just a cautionary note on AirBnb and Miami Beach. Many of the residents and the City council are up in arms against short term rentals, which are illegal with fines running to $20,000. The issue for the residents, is the tendency for renters to be large groups of young folks that want to party all night in a residential area (no one on this board, of course). The hotels, of course, view the competition as unfair.
In my area, I have observed at least three groups of people showing up from elsewhere (some from Europe) thinking that they had an AirBnb rental but the location had recently been shut down. They had to scramble to find a room in a nearby hotel. I don't know whether they recovered their payment to the AirBnb host. 
There are affordable hotels in South Beach on the west side of Collins and in mid beach. See the many posts on this topic. 

sockwaguy #43

Re:North Beach (Miami Beach)

Date Posted:03/31/2017 08:57:41Copy HTML

So here's the epilogue to this Carillon swimwear policy fiasco, provided by a hotel representative:
"Hello fromCarillon Miami Wellness Resort. I wanted to let you know that we do not have adress code as far as swimwear is concerned at our pools.The onlydress code in place is that resort attire is required when indoors. We hopethis helps and we hope we will have the pleasure of seeing you soon.Kristell R."
I'm glad to know that they're not living in the dark ages, although it would have been nice if they hadn't misinformed me on the phone in the first place, which led me to make reservations elsewhere.
lindros #44

Re:North Beach (Miami Beach)

Date Posted:04/01/2017 12:17:34Copy HTML

For future reference, the person who responded to the email (Kristell R.) is the manager of the Carillon. So it was the boss lady, not some underling, that says there is no dress code at the pools. However, I have to wonder exactly what no dress code really means and how much they are willing to accept?
sailor250 #45

Re:North Beach (Miami Beach)

Date Posted:04/01/2017 01:58:01Copy HTML

 SWG though you may have missed the facilities for their purpose, don't think for a minute that someone's email was going to make this work for you.  All you'd need is another patron/matron to complain and it's NO THONG FOR YOU.  I've learned that you need to carefully pick your venue or you'll be nothing but irritated.
sailor250 #46

Re:North Beach (Miami Beach)

Date Posted:11/19/2017 03:18:58Copy HTML

 Recently got to Miami on business-- and after business it was time to get off the clock!  Got to spend a few days at Haulover .  Stayed at the Col lins Hotel again.  The north beach out front was mostly deserted - a lot of construction on the buildings and the Deauville Hotel was still shut down- so no groups of chicks in thongs out there.  Got to wear a nearly sheer torpedo a opaque missile G  and a Stringshot one string pouch suit on the beach not many around only a few positive comments no issues out there.One morning it was sunny and I thought I'll stay at the hotel pool.  I'd worn baggies and a shoulder strap before there so I wore a baggie and one shoulder strap so I wouldn't look nude---- hate waistline tan lines!!.  I was the first one out then a couple came out then a family with a couple of young girls speaking Spanish.  No one seemed to pay any attention at all.  So checkout time came up and I put on shorts to walk in thru the lobby to my room and out comes a manager.  She's an attractive  Latina about 40 and said that she wanted me to reconsider my attire at the pool next time, because she didn't want any families to feel uncomfortable.  She said "I know in some countries you can wear that at the pool".  I agreed, and said I didn't think anyone was offended- it appeared no one had complained.  She I think saw me standing up going to the water when she was out in the parking lot .  I don't think a waist strap would have caused any issues but I'll admit that having nude waistline looks like you'd rather be naked-- and I was ready to get to Haulover!!  I'd swam there several times in thong, g string and a "modest" slinghot suit without anyone saying anything.
sailor250 #47

Re:North Beach (Miami Beach)

Date Posted:04/24/2018 10:31:50Copy HTML

 Here's the thread about Miami Beach north of South Beach.
sailor250 #48

Re:North Beach (Miami Beach)

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 Anyone been to the North or Mid Beach Hotels this Spring- I'd like to get back- it's been about 5 months since I stayed up there- been going down to Southbeach .  Anyone else stay at the Collins Hotel this year?  Anyone wear tiny suits at the pool there in 2018?
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Re:North Beach (Miami Beach)

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In 2017 I wore g-strings at the Collins with no problem. One morning I took my suit off laying face down, but about 15 minutes later the maid leader asked me to put on a suit from the balcony overlooking my chair. The gstring wasn't a problem.
I've stayed at the Casablanca across the street before and had no issues wearing a gstring there. Ditto with the Deauville, though I don't like that they close the pool at dusk. Those are the only north beach hotels I've stayed at.
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Re:North Beach (Miami Beach)

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 So Lindros you were completely N at the pool- face up? C in the sun?  I'm asking about new reports because of the little hassle I had in Nov 2017 with a baggie sling there.
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