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Date Posted:05/25/2004 10:27:40Copy HTML

went to wrightsville beach on sunday, omly a couple of ladies in thongs on the southern tip, asked beach patrol and was told they are legal! laid out the rest of the day in my speedo thong undisturbed. what a great day! anybody headin' there soon?
Brooklynthong #1

Re:North Carolina Beaches & Outer Banks NC

Date Posted:05/27/2004 08:09:25Copy HTML

My wife and I will be in Carolina Beach this week and although we both go thonging at the public beaches where we live, we have never attempted it in NC. It's funny that you posted that message, because we were going to give it a try anyway...we're just afraid of being harassed or even given a citation. I'll let you know how things work out.......

thongfreak #2

Re:North Carolina Beaches & Outer Banks NC

Date Posted:06/03/2004 09:40:46Copy HTML

There should be tons of places along the Outer Banks for thongin. I know my family and I have been up there a few times but we've always looked for emtpy sections of the beach specificly to be nude. But there were times during that week when the girls went thongin and topless in a more popularted area. The good, nude areas are Ocracroke and Avon areas.

I guess your best bet is to just drive along the ocean front roadway and scope things out.

1Monte #3

Re:North Carolina Beaches & Outer Banks NC

Date Posted:06/04/2004 06:53:09Copy HTML

I've posted this before--thongs and topless are OK at least as far north as Nag's Head. The Nag's Head police told me they sometimes have to explain the laws to the COMPLAINER, not the topfree or thonger. Enjoy!!

Thongster #4

Re:North Carolina Beaches & Outer Banks NC

Date Posted:06/13/2004 12:07:36Copy HTML

The wife and I just returned from Topsail beach NC. We thong everyday on the north end of the Island with no problems just a few smiles from some people. Had a good time and felt relax the whole time we were there.

hotrod1 #5

Re:North Carolina Beaches & Outer Banks NC

Date Posted:07/13/2004 11:01:44Copy HTML

We are going to be thonging at Hammock's Beach State Park and North Topsail Beach next week July 17th to the 24th.  Is there a preferred location for thonger?  North end, South end?  Some detailed directions please.  Thanks.
thepoolboyisnaked #6

Re:North Carolina Beaches & Outer Banks NC

Date Posted:08/15/2005 11:35:16Copy HTML

what's the latest on hammocks beach? i plan to go soon and am looking for an update. thanks.
thonglife #7

Re:North Carolina Beaches & Outer Banks NC

Date Posted:08/17/2005 10:33:36Copy HTML

I haven't been to Hammocks Beach in 2 years but I would imagine its still ok to thong there. Wrightsville Beach, Kure Beach, Pea Island, Ocracoke Island and Atlantic Beach have all been good this summer. I recommend them all.
ThongLoverOBX #8

Re:North Carolina Beaches & Outer Banks NC

Date Posted:09/01/2005 01:39:15Copy HTML

I was planning to go to Wrightsville Beach this weekend but with the gas shortage it's probably not going to happen. I've never been there before and am looking forward to some great thong body boarding. I hear the waves are great there!
ThongLoverOBX #9

Re:North Carolina Beaches & Outer Banks NC

Date Posted:09/11/2005 11:23:05Copy HTML

Good news! I went to Wrightsville Beach last Thursday and had a great time. The weather was perfect, I even got a little sunburnt. There were a lot of surfers but I was able to find a nice spot for some great thong bodyboarding. I didn't see any other thongers but I had a great time nonetheless.

Ex_Member #10

Re:North Carolina Beaches & Outer Banks NC

Date Posted:09/19/2005 06:18:58Copy HTML

WOW!!! What a day yesterday. Went to MP 30 and spent the entire day in a little Joe Snyder thong with my girlfriend. I even got her to take her top off. I had to explain to her that it is perfectly legal to go top-free on the obx. The storm really cleaned up the sand alot along the area that we walked. Saw probably about a dozen people or so. No reactions from anyone while in my thong, just a few waves and smiles. Didn't see anyone else out that was in a thong, planning on going back on Sat for some more sun.
ThongLoverOBX #11

Re:North Carolina Beaches & Outer Banks NC

Date Posted:09/26/2005 02:51:11Copy HTML

Went back to Wrightsville Beach for the weekend. Weather was great but the beach was packed! Surfers and textiles up and down the strand so not many good places to thong bodyboard. Did find a nice little spot near PA 1. I was really surprised to see how much the hurricane effected the beach.
tan_lines #12

Re:North Carolina Beaches & Outer Banks NC

Date Posted:07/02/2006 11:08:41Copy HTML

I've been to Wrightsville Beach a couple of weekends so far this season and was the only male in a speedo type suit. I didn't see anyone in a thong except for one college age girl walking on the street side of the Wrightsville Beach Holiday Inn. While walking on the beach, I got plenty of looks, smiles and and a few "Hello's," laughs & pointing (and this, just with a suit similar to a lined solar speedo). I can only imagine the looks and comments if I was walking the beach in a thong.
ThongLoverOBX #13

Re:North Carolina Beaches & Outer Banks NC

Date Posted:07/05/2006 01:19:26Copy HTML

Hey tan_lines ... glad you had a great time at the beach. I know what you mean about being the only one out there daring to bare. In fact I've never seen anyone else wearing a thong at any beach I've been to... but I don't let that spoil my fun. I understand that not everyone is as enthusiastic as I am about thong bathing suits so as a gesture of respect I try to pick somewhat isolated areas of the beach to tan or bodyboard.  But, as you know at WB finding a secluded space isn't an easy thing to do. My agenda isn't to "show off" or shock, it's simply to have fun wearing the type of bathing suit I personally prefer. As for people pointing and laughing, who cares about them? There's always going to be people like that wherever you go. I've noticed that people who engage in that type of behavior are simply expressing some type of personal insecurity. They have to make fun of others in order to feel better about themselves. I bet if these people had better feelings about themselves and their bodies they would have fun thonging also! The best thing to do is simply ignore them, but if you are concerned with what others think I would simply drive further north to the Outer Banks. Plenty of secluded beaches and I've noticed that the people seem to be a bit more friendly. Have fun!
ithongit #14

Re:North Carolina Beaches & Outer Banks NC

Date Posted:07/06/2006 10:01:56Copy HTML

In reply to question about  "Topsail Beach, Surf City, or Hammocks Beach"   I assume these are south of Wrightsville beach.  We have only been in this area a few times, and that was over 5 years ago.  From what I can remember, the beach areas south of Wrightsville are smaller, and there is a lot of build-up around them. 

When we visited the area, we did thong, but were all alone and got some strange looks from some of the locals.  Our experience with NC is that from the Virginia State line to Duck, thonging is just fine and topfreedom too.  From Duck to Nags Head, thongs are okay, but not many thongers and no topfree. This is one of the most built-up areas in NC and there are rows and rows of 3 & 4 story tall condos that extend inland in some places for blocks.  From Nags Head to Salvo it's National Park land and thongs and topfree (and even some illegal nudity) are not only tollerated but common.  In the cluster of towns around Salvo, thongs are okay, but topfree is not common. 

From Salvo through Avon, Frisco and all the way to the ferry in Buxton, thongs and topfree are okay, and we have seen both on the lifeguarded beaches in this area and we have worn ours into the stores, gift shops, and even the post office.  Okracoke Island is a thong lovers paradise!  We try to spend several days a year there when we go to the Outer Banks because we can go virtually anywhere in our thongs and I have even gone into businesses top-free too.  Across the ferry all the way to Atlantic Beach and Wrighsville beach things are thong friendly, but topfreedom is just not an option.  As you go south from there, you get more and more anti-thong which of course is maximized in South Carolina at Mertle Beach where thongs are illegal and the police enforce the law.


painter567 #15

Re:North Carolina Beaches & Outer Banks NC

Date Posted:08/04/2006 12:44:52Copy HTML

Try Masonboro Island, just south of Wrightsville Beach.  It's a little difficult to get to (only accessible by boat) by has miles of deserted beach.
barefootthong #16

Re:North Carolina Beaches & Outer Banks NC

Date Posted:08/06/2006 09:54:17Copy HTML

Pea Island is south of Nags Head, N.C,  and just north of Rodanthe. This year they put up a no public nudity sign. I wear thongs there with out any problem. Thongs are also fine anywhere in the Cape Hatteras National Seashore. Ocracoke Island is the best, but its pretty far down for me. I try and get to Pea Island at least a couple times each summer. 
bullrider678 #17

Re:North Carolina Beaches & Outer Banks NC

Date Posted:08/19/2006 10:03:13Copy HTML

I didn't realize that you could wear a thong at Kure Beach. I knew you could at Wrightsville Beach.
ThongLoverOBX #18

Re:North Carolina Beaches & Outer Banks NC

Date Posted:08/21/2006 03:57:44Copy HTML

Anything below Wrightsville Beach is typically a thong no-no. I know that Carolina Beach, Ocean Isle Beach, and Sunset Beach have ordinances against thongs. Those North Carolina beaches above Wrightsville have no ordinance against thongs but topless may be illegal. I attempted a search of Kure Beach and couldn't find their ordinances online. You may have to request a copy from the town. I'd check just to be on the safe side.
thonglife #19

Re:North Carolina Beaches & Outer Banks NC

Date Posted:08/24/2006 08:37:40Copy HTML

I'm not sure on the lagility at Kure Beach but I have discreetly thonged there many times, alone and with my girlfriend.
speedoman05 #20

Re:North Carolina Beaches & Outer Banks NC

Date Posted:08/24/2006 08:40:02Copy HTML

I didn't have any problems when I went despite the good-sized crowd. In fact, it seemed that most people didn't even care. I would definitely go back there without hesitation.
ThongLoverOBX #21

Re:North Carolina Beaches & Outer Banks NC

Date Posted:08/30/2006 03:59:08Copy HTML

After doing some research I found the Kure Beach code of ordinances. The only thing I could find concerning "indecent exposure" was this:

"Chp. 12, Sec. 12-32. Nude bathing prohibited: It shall be unlawful for any person being naked or insufficiently clothed thereby causing improper exposure of his person to bathe or swim in the Atlantic Ocean within the boundaries of the town limits or being so naked or insufficiently clothed to bathe or swim in any other public or exposed place within the town jurisdiction. (Code 1973, ?15-4)."

Even though the language for the NCGS concerning indecent exposure (14-190) is vague, "... any person who shall willfully expose the private parts of his or her person in any public place ...", in 1997 in the case of State vs. Fly the NC Court of Appeals concluded that under NCGS 14-190.9 the term "private parts" includes only genital organs, therefore exposue of the buttocks is not prohibited by the statute. Sometimes if a NC community wants to prohibit thongs they may refer to NCGS 14-202.10 or 14-190.13. However these deal with adult establishments and offenses concerning minors, nothing that truly pertains to thong wearers.
Unfortunately Kure Beach does not inform us what "insufficiently clothed" or "his person" means, but if I were to interpret their ordinance by the NC Court of Appeals judgment concerning NCGS 14-190.9, then I would say it would not include exposure of the buttocks.
thonglife #22

Re:North Carolina Beaches & Outer Banks NC

Date Posted:09/19/2006 09:39:50Copy HTML

Got in 2 great weekends of thonging over the past month on NC beaches. Spent an afternoon in Wrightsville Beach's southern end and a full day at Kure Beach's Fort Fisher beach area. I've been wearing Ergowear thongs this year mostly and did each of these two days on my own. I had couples and single (alone) ladies around me both days and had no problems with comments or picture taking etc.

Also spent a day at Hammocks Beach and an afternoon at Fort Macon beach area with the girlfriend - both of us in thongs and with no effort to hide it. We didn't walk anywhere other than to the water and back but we had no problems and were discreet when rangers rode by.

Its not SoBe but thongs seem to be acceptable; even to the conservative folks that visit these beaches. Looking forward to summer 07.
duchess42 #23

Re:North Carolina Beaches & Outer Banks NC

Date Posted:07/12/2007 06:21:36Copy HTML

I was in very south nags head last saturday, and wore my thong on the cfrowded beach, even took off my top on occaision.  The beach patrol 4 wheeler drove by twice and did not stop.  I was the only girl on the crowded beach in a thong, and topfree.  One other couple-the guy was wearing a tiny speedo.  There were a lot of families around, and would prefer a more adult crowd.
stringalong #24

Re:North Carolina Beaches & Outer Banks NC

Date Posted:08/22/2007 09:31:19Copy HTML

I just had a great day at Fort Macon State Park at Atlantic Beach near Morehead City.  Wore a new Dore thong and enjoyed swimming and short walks on the beach.  Lots of people walking by (I was several hundred feet away from the nearest beachgoer) but mostly a few glances or double takes.  One couple walked by and the young girl gave me several long looks!  A Park ranger rode by on a four-wheeler and just waved as I was lying face down.  I have been there several times (going east of the lifeguarded area) each time) and have only seen one other thonger.
thonglife #25

Re:North Carolina Beaches & Outer Banks NC

Date Posted:08/30/2007 02:12:07Copy HTML

Hey, its good to hear other thongers are visiting one of my favorite NC beach spots to thong. I've speedo'd and thonged there at Fort Macon for several years now with no trouble at all. I do admit - I'm discreet - I don't walk the beach (like at SoBe) and I haven't worn anything as skimpy as Dore (just Ergowear & N2N) but I can say I've never been hassled by other beach goers or park staff. I've also chatted with some nice ladies at times and only been hassled by a lurker once. My fiance also took to thonging and wears Malibu Strings thongs when we go there together. Too bad that it is too busy there for topless.

I've also had the same success thonging this summer in Kure Beach at Fort Fisher.

I tell you, now that I am used to thongin, its hard to wear any more at the beach.

NoVAThonger #26

Re:North Carolina Beaches & Outer Banks NC

Date Posted:09/16/2008 01:30:13Copy HTML

I spent the week prior to Labor Day weekend in Duck NC with my wife and a group of friends. We stayed in a large house a few hundred feet from the beach.

Unfortunately, due to issues with friends which I will discuss on another thread, I was not able to wear my thongs to the beach.  I did manage to sneak out one day for a couple of hours and I laid out in my blue Speedo thong.  There were plenty of families and beach walkers and nobody really seemed to care that I was laying out buns up.

On the remainder of my visits to the beach, I alternated between navy and black versions of the Speedo Shoreline Square Leg suit.  These seemed to go over just fine with the crowd (and the beach was pretty crowded, with plenty of families).  I went in the water many times and did plenty of boogie boarding.

I did not see any other thongers on the beach but based on the few hours I was thonging, I don't think it would be a problem for someone else.
BlueTrain #27

Re:North Carolina Beaches & Outer Banks NC

Date Posted:10/01/2008 06:44:12Copy HTML

I may have made a posting previously about my Outer Banks experiences, so this might be only an update.

I have worn a thong on the beach in Kill Devil Hills when there were other people on the beach, though not in the middle of the day, nor when there were lots of other people around. One reason for that, however, is that I don't do well in the sun, being naturally more red than white. I used to also wear bikini briefs all the time, though they weren't genuine Speedos, just nylon briefs. Sometimes the thongs (and bikinis) attracted stares, sometimes from women older or as old as myself wearing very brief swimwear themselves. Other times, interesting and humorous double takes when walking on the beach in the very early morning hours. And also what I would call studied ignorance from those who happened to walk near me as I lay sunning my backside. On the other hand, maybe they were simply absorbed in something else and didn't notice me.

Further south, beyond Oregon Inlet, I prefer to avoid the crowds and wear nothing at all, even though that requires walking a long ways and being extra watchful.

This year I was there only once, in September, from the 17th to the 19th and unhappily, it was way too windy to really enjoy being on the beach, although at least it wasn't at all cold. In fact, the temperature remained between about 71 and 75 day and night the whole time I was there. Also, the beach through KDH is becoming very narrow compared to what it used to be. I think Isabel took it away.
ithongit #28

Re:North Carolina Beaches & Outer Banks NC

Date Posted:01/27/2009 10:44:38Copy HTML

When we go to the outer banks, Randy usually spends some time in what he calls his "fishnet" thong.  I believe this is suppose to be underwear, but he uses it as swimwear and has worn it right out in the open on busy beaches including a few of the life-guarded beaches.  To date, he has gotten nothing but some double and triple takes from the others on the beach, and some nice comments from the ladies.  These little things barely cover anything, yet from more than a few dozen feet seem only slightly suggestive but they are no more or less see-thru when wet . 
Only at one of the lifeguarded beaches was he given a "friendly" warning by a (male) lifeguard that his suit probably was too extreme for the beach patrols, but that the lifeguard really didn't care. The lifeguard pointed out that at issue was the amount of skin visible through the suit.  He owns both black and white suits like this, and gets the most attention when he's in the white ones.

ithongit #29

Re:North Carolina Beaches & Outer Banks NC

Date Posted:05/25/2009 11:47:37Copy HTML

Has anyone been to the Outer Banks this season?  How are the beaches?  Did they get damaged by the storms last summer?  How about the villages? Do the houses and businesses have a lot of damage?

great_cornholio #30

Re:North Carolina Beaches & Outer Banks NC

Date Posted:06/01/2009 07:35:47Copy HTML

I am here right now.  Went in a basic speedo thong for several days, no problems from lifeguards or anyone else.  One to Kill Devil Hills and once to the Hatteras sea shore area (few people there today).  In summary, nobody here seems to wear thongs, but nobody seems to care too much that I do either.  Probably ended up in a couple of ladies' candid shots today.  Will look on flickr and stuff later to see if it gets uploaded.
NoVAThonger #31

Re:North Carolina Beaches & Outer Banks NC

Date Posted:06/05/2009 12:57:09Copy HTML

I'm headed to Avon in September. We'll be right on the beach with a few liberal minded friends. I plan to thong it every day. Can't wait!
ThongLoverOBX #32

Re:North Carolina Beaches & Outer Banks NC

Date Posted:06/08/2009 03:57:24Copy HTML

Hey great_cornholio... yea I know what you mean about people not really thonging there. I've thonged along the outer banks for several years now and have never seen anyone else in a thong. People don't seem to mind if you wear one but you are right that some people take pictures. Anyway... have fun!
great_cornholio #33

Re:North Carolina Beaches & Outer Banks NC

Date Posted:06/12/2009 06:58:26Copy HTML

Well, in summary, there are some pluses and minus about the Outer Banks area:  (1) thongs appear to be legal and accepted everywhere on the beaches -- a big plus.  (2) Few or no rednecks and gangsta types, another big plus, (3) Very few others wearing thongs -- a minus.  In my entire trip, I only observed one person, a twenty-something female, wearing a thong.  There was one lady, probably in her 40's riding a bicycle in the Avon area with one hanging out the top of her blue jeans, but that doesn't really count, since it was not worn by itself.As for the picture thing, that doesn't bother me.  I have scoured flickr, and found nothing, so my guess is, what those ladies got with their littly tiny toy cameras was crap anyway. 
blueangel4 #34

Re:North Carolina Beaches & Outer Banks NC

Date Posted:06/16/2009 09:01:01Copy HTML

Went to the Outer Banks this past weekend and had great weather. Ended up in southern Salvo area on Friday with no problems. Went to north Ocracoke island on Saturday and again great weather , this ended up being the best spot, as had a very large section of beach to myself for most of the day. I did get some company later in the day from a couple, once the female saw that I was thonging it ,she ended up going topless for the rest of the time.
For Sunday I ended up back in south Salvo area, I got there real early 8am and claimed my spot. I had alot of passerbies in vehicle , but no one cared including Park ranger. I did again get company within 100 yards of where I was located, once she saw Park Ranger do nothing to me , she ended up taking her top off for the rest of the day. All in all a great weekend in the Outer Banks, just ashame they are closing more and more of the beach to ORV use. It sure make sit nice to have vehicle right beside you for the whole day, and not have to carry everything to the beach.
thonger2005 #35

Re:North Carolina Beaches & Outer Banks NC

Date Posted:06/16/2009 10:10:18Copy HTML

 I just read an article in the Post and Courier Charleston SC paper that they are going to be cracking down on nude sunbathers at Bird Island, even posting signs that it's illegal.
ithongit #36

Re:North Carolina Beaches & Outer Banks NC

Date Posted:06/17/2009 04:49:08Copy HTML

To Thonger2005 -- If you can fing an online link to this, could you post it for others to read?
thonglife #37

Re:North Carolina Beaches & Outer Banks NC

Date Posted:06/25/2009 01:16:00Copy HTML

My wife and I recently spent a week on Ocracoke Island including a day on Hatteras Island at the Life Guard beach near the lighthouse. On Ocracoke, we went to the beach every day to tan and relax including one day on the Ocracoke Life Guard beach. The weather was nearly perfect the entire week with only a half day of clouds. When the wind was blowing, the green flies were away but when the wind died down, they came out to bite. We used repellant and sunscreen for protection and had a great time.

Thongs and apparently topless for girls is legal and allowed on Ocracoke however nude is not if within site of the rangers or families. I wore a low cut Aussiebum on the Ocracoke LG beach but thonged the rest of the week near another beach access without issue while my wife did the same, going topless about half the time. I was able to wear string thongs, a transparent thong and my regular styles without issue while my wife wore WW and Malibu Strings including a transparent one. We had occasional visitors walk by, some would wave, some would chat, some would ignore. I received several complimentary stares and smiles from some but my wife is much shyer despite her beauty in a thong and didn't engage in meeting anyone.

I also spent several hours of several different days nude at Ocracoke but only when no one was within site and the rangers were off playing elsewhere. We met one nude guy from OH who went nude all day every day despite there being families with kids sometimes within site. I warned him at the end of the week to wear a thong at least in our location which he shrugged off. Later that day, a ranger pulled up on him and his friends to catch him nude. I believe they ticketed him based on the amount of time they spent with him.

During our day on Hatteras, we also thonged but were within site and view of many more fellow beach goers. We took walks and strolled away from the crowds in just our thongs as well as swam within view of others without issue. I was also able to spend an hour or so nude at Hatteras once the crowd near us packed up.

I will close with the confirmation that Ocracoke and Hatteras are thong tolerant however most who thong seem to seek remote spots as we did vs. strutting around the crowds. During our week, I saw one other female besides my wife in a thong and no guys in thongs. I know we are out there, just in private.
thonglife #38

Re:North Carolina Beaches & Outer Banks NC

Date Posted:06/25/2009 01:18:14Copy HTML

Also guys and gals, Bird Island is not part of the Outer Banks.
natman #39

Re:North Carolina Beaches & Outer Banks NC

Date Posted:06/25/2009 09:48:32Copy HTML

Wife and I also stayed on Ocracoke, June 13 - 20. We stayed at the crossover just  above the pony pen lot.
Only saw a couple other people in thongs/nude due to people being spread out over such a large streach of beach.
Wearing g strings was no problem with the rangers as they wave when passing by .
Long walks on the beach in the early morning or late afternoon was fantastic.
wetbikini2 #40

Re:North Carolina Beaches & Outer Banks NC

Date Posted:06/27/2009 06:30:21Copy HTML

Is there anyplace to thong from Atlantic Beach to Topsail?
thonglife #41

Re:North Carolina Beaches & Outer Banks NC

Date Posted:06/29/2009 11:04:35Copy HTML

Yes, South Topsail Beach and North Atlantic Beach are good spots. You can also go to Shackleford Banks and Cape Lookout by boat.
ithongit #42

Re:North Carolina Beaches & Outer Banks NC

Date Posted:07/17/2009 09:58:31Copy HTML

Just got back from 10 days on the Outer Banks.  In our case, this means Buxton, Hatteras, and Ocracoke Island.  This year it was Randy and me, Nikki and Mark, and Barb and Dawn who live next door.  Splitting the lodging 6 ways made it only about $200 each.  It has been several years since we were able to get to OBX (the Outer Banks) and things have changed -- mostly for the worst.  First, with the recession, or whatever you want to call it, many of the smaller local businesses either have, or are in the process of going under.  There also are more "big box" surf shops, ie. Wings, which carry identical items from store to store nationwise, with the exception that T-shirts have local names.  Nikki and I found only a couple of stores which sold women's thongs, and men's thongs, or even speedos, were no place to be found.  In past years, if someone saw some thonging on the beaches and wanted to try it themselves, they could pick up a suit almost anywhere in the area.  Now they have no place to get them, so they may never try a thong on.

Fortunately, this didn't keep the visitors who brought their swimwear from home from thonging, and we saw quite a few on the beaches this year on men and a few on women.  This is the first time we have gone when there seemed to be more male thongers than women.  This years typical men's beachwear was board shorts.  Men between about 20-35 wore these over boxers the same way they expose their boxers in jeans -- pretty stupid looking if you ask me.  I am not a big fan of board shorts, but I have to admit that some of them are real works of art -- colorful and creative, and then to have two to four inches of plaid boxers sticking out above them is really dumb.  I ask Barb and Dawn (who are in their 20's) to ask about the look and they were told that the reason men were wearing their board shorts this way was because (1) It's a cool look, (2) the board shorts hang too low (That's part of the style guys!), (3) They don't like the feel of no underwear (swimsuit liner in board shorts isn't sufficient).  Older men were wearing their board shorts the way originally intended -- without boxers, and the younger guys also seemed to not need the boxers to feel comfortable.

Speedos on men, square cut shorts, and thongs were mostly the 35 and older crowd, with a few late teen types joining in on the fun.  The Canadian men who visit often wear speedos or smaller beachwear.  Womens suits were often string styles, a few close-to-rios, and a few thongs.  Topfree beach use by women seemed to be at about the same level as previous trips.  I spent quite a bit of time topfree this year without any hassles.  Nikki and Barb basically took their tops off when we arrived and didn't put them back on unless we were headed to a store or restaurant.  One cool look that we saw on many women was very distressed low-rise cut-offs shorts with microscopic length inseams.  These seemed to usually be worn over bikini bottoms, and contained rips and worn-thru areas which most women would not wear elsewere.  In past visits, the women would wear these un-buttoned and with the zipper pulled down far enough to show some of their bikinis, but this year, everything was zipped and snapped up.  I think most of these were home-made, perhaps from the fashionable jeans worn last winter.  Both Randy and Mark turned their heads more than once when some cute little thing came along wearing their little shorts.

Randy talked with some of the lifeguards, and they said thongs and topfreedom are at about the same levels as in the last few years.  Randy probably spent about half his time nude when he could get away with it.  He loves to run on the beach in the buff, and as usual didn't get any flack about doing it in the less crowded areas.  He waves and says hi to people he passes the same as he would if he was in running shorts, and I think this is why people don't mind his openness.  One women told him she had never seen a nude man running before, and was surprised at how his "equipment" moved as he ran.  He also wore his Koala Peacock suit for an hour or so one day on Pea Island when we were sunning, and even though his XXX was so obvious, nobody seemed to care as they passed by.

Randy got me a Wicked Weasel micro bottom in a fishnet fabric which I was a little uncomfortable wearing at first (both physically and mentally) but after realizing that nobody seemed to care what it was showing off, I stopped worrying and also stopped fiddling with it and just let it slip where it wanted to.

The National Park Service has closed the Canadian Hole access on the sound side of the island just north of Buxon, but has opened a new access area a mile or so further north called Haulover.  They have had repeated trouble with the dunes between the Canadian Hole and ocean being destroyed and with almost every "big" storm, the dunes and sometimes the road too were washed away.  The new access area is in a more stable area of the island, but still is an excellent place for activities on the sound side.

wetbikini2 #43

Re:North Carolina Beaches & Outer Banks NC

Date Posted:07/27/2009 11:04:01Copy HTML

What is considered North Atlantic Beach?  I am closer to that than Topsail.
thonglife #44

Re:North Carolina Beaches & Outer Banks NC

Date Posted:08/17/2009 12:22:08Copy HTML

<<What is considered North Atlantic Beach? >>

Fort Macon State Park
Uncljohn2 #45

Re:North Carolina Beaches & Outer Banks NC

Date Posted:08/17/2009 11:41:57Copy HTML

I just spent a week in Nags Head, just below Kill Devil Hills.  It's very populated in both of those communities, so I drove south and crossed below the Oregon Inlet into the national park.  You can park in a few different parking lots between the inlet and the first town, Rodanthe.  It's about 10 miles, and the area is called Pea Island.  You can check a satellite map on Google or something, and you'll see that there are no houses.  There are a few paved parking areas that only hold 3 or 10 cars.  You walk a quarter mile or so to get away from people and do whatever you want.  I saw maybe one person walk by me all day.
It's a very pretty beach, but you won't see pretty people or thongs.  I saw one nude sunbather, hiding up toward the dunes.  It's hard to believe you can find such a remote spot on the ocean.  Wish I had more time.  We took a few pictures, some of which I will post in my profile section later.
ThongLoverOBX #46

Re:North Carolina Beaches & Outer Banks NC

Date Posted:11/22/2009 05:25:54Copy HTML

Uncljohn2  Yea Pea Island used to be a popular place for nudism. A few years ago the law was changed because some perverts were taking advantage of their freedom and exposing themselves to young boys. Also one of the rangers was making a big deal of the nude beach goers and writing lots of tickets. Because of this nudity is no longer allowed at Pea Island. Thongs are still ok. The OBX is often billed as a thong lovers paradise but you'll probably never see anyone else wearing a thong. I've been visiting there for several years now and have never seen anyone else wear a thong, only seen two people nude and one topless.
barefootthong #47

Re:North Carolina Beaches & Outer Banks NC

Date Posted:11/29/2009 01:59:28Copy HTML

Check the posts in this thread titled "Cape Hatteras".  I always wear a thong there. 
zaam #48

Re:North Carolina Beaches & Outer Banks NC

Date Posted:11/30/2009 03:40:46Copy HTML

 I thong there every summer.  I can't wait until 2010. You might be able to count the Black men who wear thongs at the OBX.  If this is true then I'll be one of the few.
Thonger13 #49

Re:North Carolina Beaches & Outer Banks NC

Date Posted:11/30/2009 09:36:20Copy HTML

Sounds like OBX is the place to go...We'll see you there in 2010
JM_Runs #50

Re:North Carolina Beaches & Outer Banks NC

Date Posted:04/26/2010 09:54:08Copy HTML

I plan to be at the OBX twice this year.

I'll be going with a vanilla group the first week of August.  We're staying in South Nags Head.  I'll have to sneak off to sun and swim in a thong, but I should be able to do that once or twice on Pea Island or points south.

In October I'm going to Waves with a group of nudists/lifestylers.  We plan to be nude when we can around the cottage and the pool and I plan to do some swimming and sunning in a thong south of Rodanthe/Waves/Salvo at least a day or two.

I love swimming in the ocean nude or in a thong.  Can't wait!
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