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ThomasWMutherJr #51

Re:North Carolina Beaches & Outer Banks NC

Date Posted:04/29/2010 12:00:06Copy HTML

I love the Outer Banks area, and have visited there many times.  My introduction to it was more or less forced, with my car blowing a head-gasket as I was headed North on I-95.  I was headed to DC to meet friends, but instead had my car worked on in Roanoke Rapids. 
My experience with the mechanics there proved nothing less than nightmarish (they ended up having my car for 5 weeks) and I've written volumes about that experience elsewhere [NOTE: Do NOT under any circumstances take your car to be worked on at Alan Vester Ford or any other Vester car dealerships in the area--not even if you have to push your car by yourself into the next county--no matter if you have a compound fracture of the humerus, just keep pushing that car until you are far away from the inimical tentacles of Alan Vester!].

Nonetheless, I'm sort-of grateful that this misfortune introduced me to the OBX area.  Having lots of time on my hands, I rented a car and--as I always do when within 200 miles of the beach--headed toward the ocean.  Miles and miles and miles of beautiful healthy beaches--both developed and totally undeveloped, and every stage in-between. 

My favorite areas turned out to be Ocracoke Island and Portsmouth Island as both are relatively uncrowded owing to the fact that there is no way to reach either island except by boat/ferry.  Portsmouth in particular is extremely secluded as the whole island is void of inhabitants or conveniences.  In any case, thongs are tolerated everywhere I've been, from Duck to Portsmouth-- though like most places, you will get the occasional look of disapproval. 

Nudity is given de facto acceptance in some areas, with an area near the pony pens on Ocracoke being the most established (walk at least a hundred meters south of the beach access at that point).  Talking to a ranger there, he told me they never hassle nudists (let alone thongers) anywhere on the Island--unless they receive a complaint (for nudity, that is), whereupon they will issue a ticket.  He suggested that the only places this was likely to occur were on the most frequented beaches near Ocracoke Village, and the northern most beach by the ferry port.  On Portsmouth, this same rule essentially applies, though they are a little more laid back still. 

Once, I was lying in the sun nude and dozed off.  There was no one around, but while I dozed, a family came by that included some children.  They complained, and the range sought me out and merely counseled me to be more circumspect in my nudity in the future. 

Portsmouth has one of my favorite beaches, with an abandoned village, lots of birds, healthy dunes, salt marshes, plenty of sea shells, and no crowds--often no people at all.  I've spent hours shelling the sand banks at low tide--sometimes in my thong, sometimes nude (in deference to the ranger and others' sensibilities, I always cover up when anyone comes within 100-200 meters or so of me).  I usually camp out on the Island, staying a night or two and then coming back to Ocracoke Village (there are a couple of private ferry services that take people over to the island twice a day or by arrangement). 

You have to bring everything you'll need with you because, as noted earlier, there are absolutely no services anywhere on Portsmouth.  Do include insect repellent as the greenhead flies are the one significant detriment to visiting the island.  They are like miniature kamikazes who will not take no for an answer.  Their single-minded determination to sample your blood will not end until they are dead, or you bitten.  Repellent is moderately effective.  Without it, someone will eventually find your blood-drained corpse lying in its thong on the beach, a happy throng of fattened flies celebrating near-by.

I encountered another interesting feature of Portsmouth one night that other locations may share, but I have yet to experience it elsewhere.  I was sleeping under the stars one night--or would have been if it hadn't been for the clouds--when it started to sprinkle and the wind to blow.  Being naturally a lazy sort, instead of setting up my tent, I just pulled out my beach umbrella and set it up as a bulwark against the wind-driven droplets.  This seemed to work okay, and within minutes, I was again dreaming of Nicole Kidman. 
After some unknown length of time, I was slowly brought to consciousness by a blast of wet wind on my face.  I looked up from Nicole's shoulder, bewildered, to find that my umbrella was not where I had left it.  I looked about and found it tumbling end over, moving swiftly toward the bay.  I sprang up, nude (Nicole and I always sleep that way--she insists) and gave chase, but still 50 feet behind, it was blown into the water, handle up.  I plunged in after it, but it had become an unpiloted sailboat, moving away at about 5 knots (square or granny, I could not say). 
I had taken about 2 strides in the water when I abruptly halted, mouth gaping open.  All around me, for about 2 meters in every direction, were tens of thousands of floating, glowing somethings.  Tiny yellow points of light swirled everywhere in my 2 meter universe, as if I had stumbled into a global cluster of stars the size of pinheads.  When I moved, they became brighter, as if they were protesting their being disturbed.  If I stood perfectly still, their luminescence began to fade quickly away.  I had no idea what they were, but knew that some species of jellyfish larva were luminescent--and also knew that some could give you a nasty sting.  Here I was standing almost waist-deep in water, surrounded by uncounted millions of unknown . . . SOMEthings--somethings that might have the capacity to protest my passage through them with more than just a light display.  Hmm.  Almost waist deep.  I looked down to note in the near absolute darkness, save for the light radiating beneath me, that a certain much-valued appendage was now being bathed in waters teaming with the creatures--potentially hostile creatures.  I could hear some future surgeon trying to reassure me, "well, you should regain full use of your legs, but I'm afraid we had to amputate your . . . ."  I was certain (hopeful, at least) that Nicole would not be happy with this development.  All of this imagining took place in a flash. 
I looked ahead to the umbrella, still receding, and down at the cool starlets dancing in the small waves of the bay, then did a quick sensation check of my lower body, paying particular attention to one small (not TOO small) area. 
Everything seemed fine, so I plunged ahead through the water, racing madly after my truant wind-shade.  The suspended lights flared up, bathing me in their cold yellow light.  My skin remained on high-alert for any sign of attack, but none came, and after a half-minute of wild thrashing through the shallow water, I triumphantly snatched my umbrella from the wind's clutches. 
On the way back, my anxiety over the liquid fireflies (fire-swims?) allayed, I watched them closely as they flared up with each of my movements, and then slowly faded as I passed them by.  I tarried for awhile when I came back to my where I first entered the water, watching my little friends intently, wondering how many billions, how many billion-billions of them there were around Portsmouth alone. 
Realizing my sleeping bag was getting wet, I reluctantly left the water, watching over my shoulder as the luminescent beings slowly twinkled out as their mammalian disturber returned to his bed.  I have been in those same waters at night since, and I have seen a few hints of those creatures (bacteria, as I later discovered), but I have never seen a display such as I witnessed that night.  I am  forever grateful to my laziness, the wind, and a god or evolutionary development that conflated into a startlingly beautiful mid-summer night's dreamscape.  Happy thonging everyone.
Gstring Jeremy #52

Re:North Carolina Beaches & Outer Banks NC

Date Posted:04/29/2010 11:09:21Copy HTML

Thanks for the info. I'll be at Ocracoke (for the first time) next weekend. I haven't heard much about Portsmouth Island, but it sounds interesting and worth an excursion. It also sounds like I should be fine wearing a gstring anywhere outside the actual village?
ThomasWMutherJr #53

Re:North Carolina Beaches & Outer Banks NC

Date Posted:04/30/2010 06:15:55Copy HTML

Yes, I should think so.  It's pretty laid back.  Like I noted, nudity is fairly well accepted up and down the island--except for those areas I mentioned.  But I don't see wearing a thong getting you into trouble any place (unless you count the occasionaly dirty looks).  I'v briefly worn a thong inside th village once as I was making us of an outdoor shower and figured nudity would be frowned upon, so--next best thing, right?  One guy shook his heaqd pointedly, but no one offered me any grief.

Gstring Jeremy #54

Re:North Carolina Beaches & Outer Banks NC

Date Posted:05/07/2010 06:59:52Copy HTML

Just spent the day on the north side of ocracoke, laying out in my new skinz y-back g-string. There were very few people within 1/2 mile, and noone else either nude or wearing minimal swimwear. At first I was a bit nervous about being so exposed, but once a few people came close enough to clearly see what I was wearing and didn't seem to mind / care, I just relaxed and enjoyed the experience.
thonglife #55

Re:North Carolina Beaches & Outer Banks NC

Date Posted:06/03/2010 12:46:27Copy HTML

After a successful and pleasant day thonging at a park in central NC last week, I decided to head to the beach the following day for some more tanning in my thong. I went to Kure Beach State Park where thongs are legal since its not Town of Kure Beach property. I wore a skimpy Joe Snyder thong for the entire afternoon and had no issues with rangers or lifeguards who passed me throughout the afternoon. Most people who saw me either didn't bat an eye or looked a little surprised but continued on by without issue. I was able to swim, take brief walks and shell all day no problem. While I have had issue with men hitting on me before at this beach, on this day, I had no issue. I saw a couple other men in skimpy speedos and 1 other in a thong who were all with a female spouse or partner. On this day, I was alone since my wife was at work and couldn't join me. After seeing my camera phone pics, she plans to join next time, haha.
ThongLoverOBX #56

Re:North Carolina Beaches & Outer Banks NC

Date Posted:06/04/2010 06:33:45Copy HTML

"Thanks for the info. I'll be at Ocracoke (for the first time) next weekend. I haven't heard much about Portsmouth Island, but it sounds interesting and worth an excursion. It also sounds like I should be fine wearing a gstring anywhere outside the actual village?"

Here's the deal with Ocracoke. It's a common courtesy to thong/g-string or go topless along the northern ramps above the lifeguard ramp (I was told this by the beach patrol). The locals view the lifeguard ramp and the village as more "family friendly" locations. The ramp at the campground and the one across from the pony pens are my favorite places to thong. I've seen people go nude at the ramp near the Hatteras ferry however the law was changed a few years ago that it's now illegal to go completely nude along the OBX.

I've said this before but I'll state it again: Even though Ocracoke is billed as a thong lover's paradise by some people on this board, it is very rare to see anyone else in a thong or nude along the beach. Unfortunately board shorts are the norm on men, so don't go there expecting to see lots of thong wearers.
ithongit #57

Re:North Carolina Beaches & Outer Banks NC

Date Posted:06/05/2010 02:36:16Copy HTML

I can not report on thonging this year on Ocracoke Island, but last year there were thongers, topfree women, and even nude beach users who showed up in the same places, day after day.  You just needed to learn where.  ThongLoverOBX is right when he says that you may be the only one on the beach in a thong if you stay on the most popular sections of beach.  You can ask around and sometimes you can get one of the locals to give you advice on where to go.  Usually, they simply give some sort of  "anywhere on the beaches" type answer.

As a person who likes jogging/running along the beach, Randy would do so each day along a different stretch of beach.  I would drop him off, then drive 5 miles or so down the road, find a place to park and a suitable trail over the dunes, and meet him and pick him up.  He got his running time in, I got some beach time.  Sometimes he did slip out of his g-string and run in the nude when he was running in more isolated areas, using his swimsuit to tie his long hair back.  This was of course risky, and while the people he met along the beach didn't seem to mind and just said "hi" like they would to any other person, he risk the possibility that the beach patrol could catch him. 

Ocracoke Island is 10 to 13 miles or so long, so he could jog the entire length easily in 2 - 3 days, and learn where the thongers, topfree women, and nudists were hanging out.  These groups, especially the nudists, would move from place to place year to year, and even within the year.  Many were locals who were not interested in outsiders hanging around with them.  They had an un-official understanding with the park patrols and/or police and purposely kept a low profile and sunbathed in the harder to get to areas.

There also were a few who we ran into day after day who made it a point to perform sexual acts when someone came along -- sometimes asking the visitor if they wanted to join them.  This behavior could crush what little nude acceptance there is and perhaps even the accpetance of thong and topfree women in the future if it gets out of hand.

The Pony pen beach is and had been a good thonging beach and topfreedom is sometimes seen here, but more often a little ways away from where the walk comes out.  The beaches as Hatteras ferry landing are not that great where they wrap around the point but we have seen thongers hang out here.  There seems to be only two reasons to do so.  First, if you have a long wait for a ferry back to Hatteras Island, you can get some thong beach time here and at least wade in the water.  Second is if you have an exhabitionistic streak and want others, both those waiting for ferries and those on the ferries to see you.  In either case, you will be joined by others from the ferry landing wearing everything from swimwear to business suits and work cloths.  We also saw one young woman who was brave enough to wear her thong swimsuit (with a top) on the ferry, but we don't know if this is or was legal, or what if any motovation she may had.  

Unless they have realigned the road, sand dunes are constantly trying to spill over onto highway 12 just south of the ferry terminal, and this is a thong friendly area, but sometimes bug friendly area too.  Watch it if you decide to stop here since the soft sand along the roads can be a challenge even for 4 by trucks.

It is probably best to follow the advice of ThongLoverOBX and resist the urge to wear your thongs, or for women to go topfree in Ocracoke village.  It may be okay at your motel pool if it is off the main drag, but we have been told that it is no longer permitted at the Anchorage motel pool, that sits on one side of the road while the motel sits on the other, with the road barely wiggling between them.  The story is that after several accidents caused by distracted drivers, the Anchorage decided to ban thongs and topfree pool use at their very visible pool.

Randy is an exhabitionist and several summers ago, he headed into the grocery store to the left as you enter town in just his thong and was served the same as anyone else.  A few years before that, Nikki took the typical after dusk evening stroll through the back streets in town, winding up along the main drag and we all got ice cream, this time with her walking topfree.  Again, nobody complained.  While the town was, and still might be thong or even topfree tollerent to some extent, we have changed our positions and no longer push the issue.  There are plenty of beaches for thongs and topfreedom, and we don't want to get the people in town too upset and have them start anti-thong, anti-topfreedom campaigns. 

As far as law enforcement goes, you should remember that Ocracoke Island is in a different county than the rest of the Outer Banks.  Most of the time there are only a couple of sheriff deputies on the island, and they concentrate on the non-park parts of the island. Most arrests are for DWI, disorderly conduct (drunkeness), after serious traffic accidents, or similar violations.  On the beaches and in the parks, you are more likely to be confronted by the park rangers, who outnumber the sherriffs.  While they do have a small holding cell on the island, some prisoners are dragged across the sound to the county jail.  Most of the time, your friends and family must figure out how to get there on their own.  The same holds true if you have to appear in court or need to pay a fine.  Chances are that you will have to travel across the sound to pay the fine or go to court -- a half day trip each way. 

Interestingly, books about the old days in Ocracoke (before about 1965), tell of a time when many young people and even the older folks didn't even bothered with swimwear.  This included all the beaches, but even went so far as skinny dipping in the "Creek" (now called the Harbor).  This was a time before the island was so accessible, a time before the Herbert Boner bridge connecting Nags Head to Pea Island was built, a time when it took multiple ferry trips and the better part of a day to get to Ockacoke, and only the hardiest people would make this a vacation destination.

thonglife #58

Re:North Carolina Beaches & Outer Banks NC

Date Posted:06/07/2010 01:25:25Copy HTML

Thanks for the notes Traci. ThongLoverOBX, at least we now know we aren't or weren't the only thong wearers in Ocracoke this weekend. I tend to agree with the comments from Traci about going nude on the beach or thonged in the village. While thongs/topless might still be allowed, its such a family friendly environment, I can't imagine feeling comfortable enough to do it. We thonged on the Lifeguard Beach over the weekend with no issues though - just stayed a little bit down from the crowds but still in view and near the water. No one seemed too concerned with us. We know from past visits, that its better for thonging further north which we will likely do but we are fine with the Lifeguard Beach too. The size of the beach is so that it provides for privacy no matter where you go. Hoping for a nice week of sun here in the OBX.
thonglife #59

Re:North Carolina Beaches & Outer Banks NC

Date Posted:06/10/2010 01:55:14Copy HTML

So far, we have had a fantastic week here in Ocracoke and the OBX. Both of us have spent the past 3 days thonging at various spots along the public beach here with no issue at all. While the island is certainly a family friendly environment with few adult couples out, the vastness of the beach makes it so that privacy is possible with a short walk and a little attention to oncoming beachcombers. We've both worn nothing more than tiny g-strings all day while my wife has also gone topless. We've flow our kite and taken long walks and swims within clear view and distance of others. Taking ithongit's husband's lead, I also went on a 6 mile beach run in just my Joe Snyder bikini, shoes and a hat one morning past dozens of beachgoers which was both a heck of a workout and very invigorating. I hate to admit breaking the law but I also stripped my suit off for a good portion of the run and got in a good 3 nude miles. I almost feel guilty for the show we've given so many people but I prefer to think its my right to be in just our thongs here.
wetbikini2 #60

Re:North Carolina Beaches & Outer Banks NC

Date Posted:06/13/2010 12:04:51Copy HTML

Somewhere in this thread someone mentioned Fort Macon.  Can anyone tell me where a good place to thong is there.  I live about 20 mins away and want to start beach thonging.  
Would I be better off in Topsail?  I don't think Emerald Isle would be very thong friendly as it is family oriented.
ThongLoverOBX #61

Re:North Carolina Beaches & Outer Banks NC

Date Posted:06/17/2010 12:10:58Copy HTML

Have been at Ocracoke for the past 4 days and no thong sightings. I've never seen so many bland one-piece suits on women in my life. Actually several people I've seen have been wearing their shorts and t-shirts to the beach! What's going on here?? I did see an older man wearing a speedo Tuesday but board shorts are the norm. I of course am sporting the thong. Wore a semi-transparent floral design thong yesterday and wearing a black one today. Hope for some good waves for bodyboarding. I'll be here until Sunday so if anybody is in the area let me know.
natman #62

Re:North Carolina Beaches & Outer Banks NC

Date Posted:06/17/2010 12:17:00Copy HTML

 Most people that I see are in the area about a mile south of the pony pens. You do see other people spread out over the long streatches of beach although not many.
JM_Runs #63

Re:North Carolina Beaches & Outer Banks NC

Date Posted:07/28/2010 05:09:02Copy HTML

I'm headed to the OBX this Saturday and will be there for a week.  I hope to get some beachtime south of Salvo in a thong/g-string although I'll be with a group that is not into minimal swimwear.

I'll report back in a week and a half.
thonglife #64

Re:North Carolina Beaches & Outer Banks NC

Date Posted:07/29/2010 08:28:33Copy HTML

We spent a week at Ocracoke in June and thonged every day the entire week at various beaches. Our preferred spot was on the Pony Pen beach area about 200-250 yards south of the main crossing. We never saw any other thongers the days we were there but we also never had any issue with other beach goers who ventured near us on walks or to lay out themselves. We generally walked south from our position and on one day, I saw a nude man in the dunes but no other contact with folks there.

We also spent a couple days at the main Lifeguarded beach about the same distance north of the lifeguard stands. We also never saw any thongers, speedos or topless females, just girls in skimpy bikinis and moms in one pieces, but that didn't stop us from thonging. Some people, mostly family-types would stare or scour but for the most part, no one even acknowledged us. I had numerous morning runs starting from this area as well in just a thong each morning which was a fantastic workout.

We also checked out the campground beach one day which had tons of foot and 4WD traffic. There were people all around us but none in thongs or even skimpy suits which was odd considering the hot temperatures. I wore a string thong all day and got a few comments from people in 4WDs going by but generally, it wasn't a bad day, just too busy.

Ocracoke and OBX are definitely still thongable but mostly because of the vastness of the beach and the laid back local attitude, not because tons of people are there to wear thongs.
johnnybulk #65

Re:North Carolina Beaches & Outer Banks NC

Date Posted:08/13/2010 08:26:18Copy HTML

I'm a typical OBX'er and wear a thong most of my time there.  Below Mile Post 21 you can lay out with out any issues.  Girls go topless but do cover up with people stroll by.  OBX is a great place to sun.
christymanie #66

Re:North Carolina Beaches & Outer Banks NC

Date Posted:08/28/2010 04:45:38Copy HTML

<!-- @page { margin: 0.79in } P { margin-bottom: 0.08in } --> I agree with thonglife that thongs are not popular, but everyone is so laid back that no one really cares.
OBX is just fantastic. Recently spent some time around Nags Head, Hatteras, and Ocracoke. My wife thonged and went topless everyday; in fact we joked about next time to not even bring any tops. I wore a Joe Snyder thong. and boxer-breif style trunks.

The Outer Banks is a mix of sports fisherman, romantic couples, and families. There is plenty of room; we stayed away from groups of young children when possible. We had mixed reactions from families; one time a family with teenage girls came right next to us (when they could have gone 100 yards away). One day this summer a large family came up, saw my wife in the water, and left. We went on walks without any negative comments or stares, even said hello to the Park Rangers (outside of Town limits the area is a national seashore).

I have seen a few thong bikinis on Ocracoke and topless girls over the past few years, even a male in a tan (possibly sheer when wet) pouch g-string walking up and down the beach; he wanted to get noticed and did. One day a mid-aged lady (30-40 years) must have seen us and took off her top. There are definitely plenty of skimpy bikinis in the area. Nudity is not legal, but is definitely doable if that's what you are into.

Make sure you bring bug spray! The dunes on the way to the beach are full of nasty biting bugs.
wetbikini2 #67

Re:North Carolina Beaches & Outer Banks NC

Date Posted:08/28/2010 07:08:38Copy HTML

Can anyone recommend a nice hotel.  Would prefer something within walking distance to an area where we could thong.  
JM_Runs #68

Re:North Carolina Beaches & Outer Banks NC

Date Posted:08/29/2010 04:44:42Copy HTML

Pretty much anywhere on these OBX NC beaches is usable in terms of wearing a basic thong, correct?  I went there last year and drove up and down one day.  I had no problems wearing thongs on the beaches of Nags Head.  If you're in Nags Head or where ever, I would just use that area.  No reason to drive miles down to find a secluded area.  Those ferry rides can add a lot of time to your trip.  If you're already on Okracoke Island, I'd use their beaches.  If not, just go anywhere else on the outer banks.
JM_Runs #69

Re:North Carolina Beaches & Outer Banks NC

Date Posted:10/13/2010 06:50:53Copy HTML

I was in the OBX (Waves, NC) last week with my gf.  She isn't a big fan of thongs on guys, so my thonging exposure there was rather limited.

We rented a beachhouse in Waves for the week and mostly tanned nude at our private pool and on the top deck of the house.  (Two pics of me on the deck in my thong are in my Images section.)

The weather was pretty crappy early in the week but by Wednesday the sun was out fulltime.  I wore swimshorts or boardshorts mostly, but occasionally hit the beach in a Speedo or Aussiebum.  Most days the water was much too cold for swimming.

We drove/ferried to Ocracoke on Thursday and after exploring and shopping went to the town beach.   We walked north of the town beach and I wore my blue Skinz Stuffit thong [we're in a relationship, so we compromised... :o) ] while she went topless with just tiny bikini bottoms.  We didn't see anyone else topless or in a thong.  We swam and also walked the shore looking for shells.  There were some fishermen way south of us and some about a 1/4 mile north of us, but otherwise few people on the beach.  We did have one carload of fishermen pass us with whistles and comments, but we just waved and they laughed.

Overall it was a great week on the OBX!  I can't wait to go back next year.

zaam #70

Re:North Carolina Beaches & Outer Banks NC

Date Posted:10/14/2010 03:27:52Copy HTML

 You have to go to Ocracoke during the summer.  I missed it this year.  However, I will make up for it next summer.
thonglife #71

Re:North Carolina Beaches & Outer Banks NC

Date Posted:06/14/2011 08:55:01Copy HTML

Wife and I spent several days in Ocracoke, a day in Cape Hatteras and several more in Rodanthe earlier this month and thonged at the beach every day. We spent the majority of our time in Ocracoke at the Lifeguard Beach this year and walked a few hundred yards north of the lifeguard tower to setup on the beach each day. I wore a string g each day as did my wife - no one bothered us or even paid us much attention, even when we walked to the water or strolled further up the beach. I went on a 4 mile run one morning up and down the beach in just a thong as well, just a few waves from other people who were doing the same but with more clothes on.

Hit the Lifeguard beach at Hatteras in front of the lighthouse another day, went south of the lifeguard tower to find a place to setup. I walked from the car to our spot in a Aussiebum suit and stripped to a g-string that I wore for the day. Wife wore one too and went topless once we sat down. Dozens of folks walked by, no comments or issues from any.

While in Rodanthe, we spent a day on the beach in Pea Island. Much more desolate there so wife went topless and I went nude most of the day except for walks to the water. A family was down the beach from us and a loan guy in a g-string was up the beach. Only issue I had was the other g-stringer was working his binoculars the entire afternoon watching anyone including us that ventured on the beach.

IMO, thonging in the lower OBX is totally fine but I have found but your experiences will vary based on your behavior and how fit you are to be wearing thongs :)

JM_Runs #72

Re:North Carolina Beaches & Outer Banks NC

Date Posted:06/15/2011 03:22:48Copy HTML

Thonging in upper OBX seems fine as well, as long as you stay away from the big beachfront hotels, restaurants, and piers when they are crowded.
thongornude #73

Re:North Carolina Beaches & Outer Banks NC

Date Posted:06/15/2011 12:52:57Copy HTML

 Is the area around the NPS campground on Ocracoke usually pretty thong/topfree-able, or am I going to want to drive a bit away from the campsite and find an empty stretch of beach?
thonglife #74

Re:North Carolina Beaches & Outer Banks NC

Date Posted:06/27/2011 12:05:33Copy HTML


All of Ocracoke is technically top-free/thongable however some areas are often populated with families/kids and the parents may not approve. In front of the campground is a good example. I would suggest going south on the beach from the campground or north of the lifeguarded beach. We visit both areas each year. If you go north to another parking lot or spot, you can pretty much go anywhere.
thongornude #75

Re:North Carolina Beaches & Outer Banks NC

Date Posted:07/11/2011 12:33:43Copy HTML

 Ocracoke is a real joy!  I did not thong (my wife's preference) but I wore a small speedo and nobody cared.  It would have been easy to drive up the island a bit and find an empty spot to thong (or less).  Saw some scattered toplessness and other guys in speedos.  

Definitely want to go back again!
thonglife #76

Re:North Carolina Beaches & Outer Banks NC

Date Posted:07/12/2011 02:17:45Copy HTML

Glad you enjoyed it. We love it there.
wetbikini2 #77

Re:North Carolina Beaches & Outer Banks NC

Date Posted:07/12/2011 07:05:33Copy HTML

Anyone know how crowded it is on Labor day weekend?  I know Emerald Isle is bad that weekend so am assuming it would be there too.   Wife suggested we go there.  Been near Morehead City for 18 yrs and have never been there.  She don't wear a thong but I do.  Any suggestions of where to stay. 
BorisVI #78

Re:North Carolina Beaches & Outer Banks NC

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 Expect large crowds on any summer holiday weekend there. The area is just an hour from Tidewater VA's 3 million people, many of whom vacation there.
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Re:North Carolina Beaches & Outer Banks NC

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NoSpam wrote:  Thonging in upper OBX seems fine as well, as long as you stay away from the big beachfront hotels, restaurants, and piers when they are crowded.   

Actually, thonging is ok anywhere on OBX.  I spent a week near Kitty Hawk earlier this summer and never wore anything but my thong.  The beach was reasonably crowded, but I usually got there early in the morning.  I definitely overheard comments, and I suspect I got my picture taken a few times, but never had any problems from either the beach patrol or the lifeguards, even when walking the beach, going to the public restroom or shower back in the parking lot.
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Re:North Carolina Beaches & Outer Banks NC

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 I saw that the North Carolina Department of Transportation has built a "temporary" bridge at the North end of  Rodanthe.  This was built over a wash-out where the hurricane late last summer washed a new path across the island, connecting the sound and ocean and making the Pea Island area a separate island again.  Does anyone know if there are plans to leave this "new" inlet opened for boating, etc., or if attempts will be made to close it again?  Also, any report on damage repair in general would be appreciated.  We will be going down the summer of 2012 and after going down other years after other hurricanes, we expect most repairs to be completed to much of the area by then, but some damage takes years to complete. 

We have often wondered what we would do if we were stranded south of the Herbert Boner bridge some summer.  On the one hand, nobody could complain if we were forced to take an "extended" vacation.  On the other, supplies such as food could be in short supply, and without electricity, it might be hard to live, even if we did have a place to stay.  Of course, unless the weather was bad, we could spend the days doing what we normally do -- laying out on the beach, fishing, etc.

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Re:North Carolina Beaches & Outer Banks NC

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    You can always catch a ferry in ocracoke to swan quarter . Done that a few times , a saved myself about 2 and 1/2 hrs  of driving.
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Re:North Carolina Beaches & Outer Banks NC

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  We sometimes take the Ocracoke to Cedar Island ferry.  It usually is booked to full or nearly full capacity when we have taken it (reservations are encouraged on both Cedar Island and Swan Quarter ferries.)  It doesn't really save us time unless we are already on Ocracoke or going to Ocracoke when we start out.

From what locals have told us in the past, wash-outs or bridge issues cause major delays (read days or even weeks) in the ability of people to return from the Outer banks.  First is the fact that North Carolina gives preference to commercial vehicles and trucks when something happens.  It doesn't matter if you have a reservation or not.  They do not want to stop the flow of food and supplies to the island, or stop trucks from returning to get more food and supplies.  Commercial vehicles and people with previously established North Carolina VIP ferry passes are given preferential boarding on the ferry system.  You can always go as a passenger, but then you need to arrange for a rental car to meet you or someone to come down to the boat dock to meet you, or you have to find someone willing go give you a ride.  There are a few charter airplane services but at times like these, they suspend sight seeing trips and make oodles of money flying people off the islands to other airports where they can make connections to wherever they are going to.

We know one couple who were stranded 2 days after a barge damaged the Herbert Boner bridge a few years ago.  They wound up taking the Ocracoke to Cedar Island ferry as passengers and talked some others on the boat to drive them far enough inland to where they could rent a car.  It was months before they were able to get back to pick up their own car!  The bridge was down for months,and while NC did move some ferries to the Oregon inlet, permitting people to bypass the bridge by boat, it was very busy with long delays of 10 or more hours at times to get off the islands.  It took about a week for the boats to be moved to Oregon Inlet and this changed all the other North Carolina ferry schedules too.

A "disaster" side note -- if you have been to Ocracoke Island you probably noticed just north of the city of Ocracoke a very straight, very wide, very long section of highway 12.  We were told by locals that this section of road was built to military aircraft standards and in the event of an emergency, it is long enough (about 3 miles) to permit military cargo and transport planes to land, stop, and take off again without leaving the highway and without having to be turned around.  The only thing that needs to be done is close the road, remove any parked cars, and remove a couple of small speed limit type highway signs.  To date, the highway has never been put to this use, but it could in an emergency.
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Re:North Carolina Beaches & Outer Banks NC

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I am considering spending a few days in or near Nags Head next week.  I know it's too cold for any outdoor swimwear activities there this time of year, except maybe running on the beach, but I do now own a 4-wheel drive and a wetsuit.  Anyone know of the better places to surf that permit you to drive on the beach? 
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Re:North Carolina Beaches & Outer Banks NC

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Well, I'm here and this post has nothing to do with thongs, but I just rolled into Kill Devil Hills this evening.  After over 500 miles on the road from east TN, I checked into our hotel room, let my wife and kids remain here, then headed a mile or so down the road hoping to grab a quick bite of food from the Taco Bell drive through.  I was driving along about 30 mph in a 50 mph zone on the main road looking where the Taco Bell was supposed to be, then I see that it is boarded up and shut down, then I see blue lights beside me.  This vehicle I used on this trip is a big, gas-guzzling SUV, so I hardly ever exceed the speed limit.  I pull into CVS parking lot, and it turns out he's writing me a ticket for $161 (more than a day's gross pay for an average US citizen) because I forgot to put my god damn seat belt on.  I normally wear it, but after this long day, and given my short trip and slow speed, it just did not enter my mind.  Of course, they give me the option to contest it in court in one month, no way in hell is it going to cost me less in fuel and lost time from work to come back here in a month.  I'm going to briefly drop by the court and a traffic attorney tomorrow and see if I have any options which cost less than $161, but given that I'm not a local, it looks pretty hopeless. 

All I can do is warn any potential tourist that the state of North Carolina is out for your money in a big way.  I have not had this happen to me, or seen it happen anywhere else.  At home, I do occasionally make short trips from parking lot to parking lot at low speed with no seatbelt, right in front of cops, and it has not happened.  However, it is a state law and they will, if pulling you over for something else, cite you for not having a seat belt.  If all they see wrong is no seat belt, they may give you a warning.  But, cops peering into moving, often tinted vehicles at night and looking to write a ticket for a missing seatbelt is very aggressive and has not been common until recently.  Bottom line:  make sure the state only gets your money indirectly through fuel taxes, sales taxes, and hotel taxes by making sure you dot your i's and cross your t's.  I am sure there are more things for which one can be ticketed in most places than are regularly enforced.

The weather is pretty mild here right now, but this experience has already ruined it and will forever blight any memories I retain of this.  Whether some thug had stolen $160 worth of stuff off my SUV or I lose it in fines due to aggressive law enforcement against me for something which endangers no one but myself makes no difference.  The effect is exactly the same -- $161, or two nights' hotel fees down the drain.  From a tourist standpoint, this place is very dead right now, so perhaps that is part of the reason.  I know there are plenty of things to get traffic tickets for in South Beach or Fort Lauderdale, but with all the actual activity taking place there right now, I think the cops would have been far too busy dealing with real crime, speeding, and drunk driving to have an opportunity to split hairs in this way. 

This incident will certainly help me remember to put on my seat belt on these short, low-speed trips.  However, most of all, it makes me not want to ever come back again and perhaps I never will.  A community cannot endear itself with tourists through ineffective or lax law-enforcement, but it certainly can ruin its reputation through aggressive enforcement against victimless "crimes" like mine.  One would expect this concept of discretion and being reasonable would enter into the chain of command somewhere, but not in this case.
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Re:North Carolina Beaches & Outer Banks NC

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I'm done here, and headed off in the morning with my wife and kids.  Besides the ticket, I have a couple of additional observations.  (1) The Wings stores are everywhere here, and they don't have any men's thongs.  I can't answer for women's either way because I only spent a few minutes there shopping for things other than swimwear.  Other than long board shorts, they only have those el cheapo "uzzi" men's briefs, shorts, and square cuts.  (2) One can drive one the beach at no cost here, but this is mainly north of Corolla.  To drive on the Hatteras National sea shore requires a permit which costs $50 per week or $120 per year.  The signs in Kill Devil Hills say beach driving is permitted in the off-season.  We went to the beach today and saw only one private vehicle utilizing this option.  I did not do it because the beach is narrow, potentially crowded at times, and hard to drive on even with 4 wheel drive with tires reduced to 20 psi. (3) We did drive up to Carova Beach today, where all the roads are only sand.  It's quite an interesting area that's only accessible by 4 x 4.  Water temperature was in the upper 50's, so I only went in for a few minutes without my wetsuit.  However, I'm not so sure it would be the best area for sunbathing with or without a thong because of all the traffic.  The problem is they ask drivers going north to drive near the water's edge, those going south to drive near the dunes, and sunbathers to stay in the middle.  So it is bad from that perspective.  But, I suppose if one planted oneself between to large trucks, this wouldn't be an issue unless you want to get to the water.
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 @ nospamTN if you come to Florida make sure you wear your belt! It is a first degree offense here so they can pull you over for just the seat belt infraction. I was going to the flea market one Saturday morning and I stopped at the Quickie Mart about a 1/4 mile away. I didn't bother to put on the belt and a sheriff saw me and pulled me over as I was turning into the flea market parking lot. He wouldn't even listen to me. 119.00$ later.....
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Re:North Carolina Beaches & Outer Banks NC

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nospamTN, I have not been to the OBX since 2010.  The 2011 trip was cancelled due to the hurricane which caused a lot of damage up and down the coast, from Carova down to Ocracoke.

Some of the "vehicles-on-the-beach" restrictions throughout the OBX may be because of the loss of sand from the storm.  North of KDH (Duck, Kitty Hawk, Corolla, etc.) there aren't too many semi-private areas and I'm not sure how many areas are conducive to thonging there anyway.  Thonging is legal in the OBX in most areas, of course, but if you're looking for a little bit of privacy, then KDH and north won't provide it until you get to Carova. 

I have worn a Speedo and an Aussiebum brief on the beach in Nags Head and just south of Coquina Beach (where there were a LOT of vehicles -- mostly groups and individuals fishing), near the lighthouse, and on Ocracoke, but even briefs seem to be a novelty in those areas.  I didn't feel uncomfortable, but definitely the only guy in a swimsuit that wasn't from waist to knees.

I know you're unhappy with the local police pulling you over for not wearing a seatbelt, but if you ever do go back to the OBX and want to thong, you might try the area just south of Salvo and north of Avon.  Traditionally there are a lot of fishermen in that area, and in the past they've driven their vehicles on the beach, but they tend to set up 500 ft. or more from each other, which gives a lot of latitude for those who want to set up in between.  A lot of the beachgoers with families tend to stay within 100 ft. of where the parking lot is.  I haven't thonged in that area, but when I've been set up (sometimes with my gf, sometimes alone) there in brief swimwear, if there is any traffic they usually just drive by. Not many comments and nothing really unpleasant.

I've heard that the area both somewhat north and south of the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse is good for thonging and semi-privacy...most people/families tend to stay right around the lighthouse beach and folks who go out of their way to explore north or south of the beach don't seem to be too concerned with thongers or topless women. Also, the beach about a 1/2 mile north of the Ocracoke official beach is now fairly private, from what I've heard...and people aren't concerned much with thonging and/or toplessness there.  I have no idea, though, about the rights of off-road vehicles in those locations.

I've vacationed in the OBX off-and-on since the late 1960s.  Nudity used to be accepted, if not condoned, on the National Seashore and on Ocracoke Island -- away from the official beaches -- up until the early 1990s or so.  I have tanned/swam nude on Pea Island and Ocracoke with no repercussions or intimidation in the 1980s and 1990s, but those days are gone.  (I find it ironic that the nudity rules are as strict as they are...I was in Ocracoke for a long weekend in the early 1990s and had some memorable conversations with Ocracoke locals about where to skinny-dip...).  Thongs and topless for women are still legal in most of the OBX, but uncommon in the more visited areas.  Unfortunately (if you ever do go back) a lot of research is needed since the NPS rangers can show up at any moment and some of them can decide on the spot how the rules should be interpreted. I think some of them get frustrated when a beach-goer is wearing a thong, which is legal...they want to catch a nudist!

Hoping to go back to the OBX this summer or fall. 

I'm sure there are NC folks on this board that can prove/disprove what I've posted here and also give you more information.

Good luck!
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Re:North Carolina Beaches & Outer Banks NC

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I believe one can wear speedos on any beach without a large chance of problems.  However, you'll be among the minority, as others have said.

As for the vehicle issue, I believe I'm going to order a roll of window tint and apply it to all my vehicles to enhance the privacy and keep away the prying eyes in the event that I forget and make some minor, but potentially costly error.  However, I recognize the laws on window tinting are kind of strange and variable from one state to the next.  The other thing to keep in mind is it often fades, so I'll go a little darker than I'm actually aiming for in the long term.
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Re:North Carolina Beaches & Outer Banks NC

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 Ironiconpa stated that the "old timers" might remember when skinny dipping was acceptable on the Outer Banks.  I am not that old (thirty something) but do remember this myself from when we went there as kids.  Many times we would see people laying out in the buff or skinny dipping in less popular beach areas.  But at that time (the 1980's) people even got by with nudity in more popular places.  One day I remember in particular, we were at the Ocracoke "Pony" beach and four college age men came over the dunes on the walkway and proceeded to take off all their cloths and spent literately hours swimming and laying out in the buff.  Nobody complained to the lifeguards (even though the men set up very close to the lifeguard station).  On our way out, my Dad ask one of the lifeguards why they didn't do anything, and they replied something to the effect that they really didn't care one way or the other -- they were there to protect the beach goers from drowning -- not to enforce clothing regulations.  They said if someone had complained they would have told them to talk to the rangers.  I don't know if today's lifeguards would be as easy going, but we have had experiences with some of the naturalists who comb the beaches for sea turtle nests, measure beach erosion and similar scientific research, and have been given the same response to our nudity in the less popular places we often go.  They simply don't care, and since clothing patrol is not part of their job requirement, they don't do anything.  They often were the green uniforms and "smokey bear" hats and at first appear to be a ranger type, but they carry no side arm and usually don't have the walkie talkies that the rangers carry.  Be advised that rangers and naturalists can often be confused!

As others have stated elsewhere in many forum threads, skimpy swimwear in the form of men's bikinis and thongs were perfectly acceptable in the 1980's and even into the 1990's anywhere on the Outer Banks, and nobody would have given a man in even as little as a thong more than a passing glance.

Skip forward to the present.  Everyone has cellular phones (there was a time even when much of the country had cell phone service that the lower Outer Banks did not).  Today, anyone can complain to the rangers/county sheriff any time they want to.  Not only that, but with modern digital cameras -- often embedded in the phones themselves -- it is possible to take incriminating pictures which can be shown to law enforcement when  in the "old days" it would have taken a trip into one of the bigger towns for "one hour" processing or even longer to get a photo to use as part of a complaint.  In the old days it often would have been impossible to "catch" a skinny dipper without photographic evidence since the rangers often drove down the beaches in quite obvious trucks or other 4-wheel vehicles and even a fairly inept skinny dipper would have time to cover up when they saw the headlights coming towards them.  With no photo evidence, a single complaint would have been hard to prosecute without the skinny dipper admitting to being nude.

Tolerance also seems to be getting less and less towards nudity in general, and nudity events that might have one day been considered minor are now considered major issues.  From what I understand, "streaking" was popular in the 1970's and the streakers rarely got into serious trouble -- even if they performed their "show" in front of a stadium with thousands of people.   Part of the trend to prosecute now may be the news media and their high interest in sexual predators.  I have been told that even as late as the 1980's stories concerning sexual predators rarely made it to television news and usually if mentioned in local papers were buried inside some place.  Now I don't think sexual predators should be given free rides, but I do think the news media recently is choosing them to follow as a favorite topic for news stories.  Dad and mom told me that in the "old days" their was a stereotype of a flasher -- a man in a raincoat and no pants -- who would expose himself to children and rarely was caught.  Today, a man who exposes himself to children in any way is almost certainly going to at least have to explain his actions to police.  Today, any exposure by a man to children will be considered a threatening action by many in our society, even if the exposure is part of skinny dipping or other similar activity.  Even women get into trouble for partial exposure as Janet Jackson and her 2004 "wardrobe malfunction" proves.  It really doesn't matter if Janet planned on showing off her breast or not -- she did expose a breast and half the country went ballistic.  Congress held hearings, and the "moral right" had a hey day.  So part of the reason people can't skinny dip now is probably because of today's culture.  Add to this the current fashion trends that emphasize board shorts and nothing tight instead of expecting fit men to wear tight fitting and skimpier swimwear, and you can see why even thongs are at times rarely seen on some Outer Bank's beaches.

I have talked to a few true "old time" residents on the Outer Banks -- some in their 60's or older -- who have lived there all their lives.  They tell of days before the Herbert Bonner bridge was built when getting onto Pea Island (or further south) took the better part of a half a day due to ferry schedules, and a trip from Nags Head to Ocracoke took the the better part of 6 to 8 hours.  In those days, there were not as many casual tourists, and people who went to the OBX were more interested in "getting away from it all".  These old timers say that nude beach use was quite common.  One old timer in Ocracoke Village tells of him and his buddies skinny dipping in "The Creek", the old-time name for the harbor lake in Ocracoke village.  Supposedly, many of the children and even some of their parents never even owned swimwear.  This came to an end with the building of the bridge which permitted more and more people to come onto the islands.  Some of these old timers "blame" the bridge for changing the whole attitude towards nudity on the islands.

So my advice is if you are going to the Outer Banks, and if you are comfortable wearing a thong -- even on one of the lifeguarded beaches or a popular area -- do wear your thong.  You might get a few stares.  You might get a couple of giggles.  But we have never had a truly negative response from anyone.  Nobody has hit us with the "put some cloths on" or similar statement.  Thongs may not be common -- but as late as a couple of years ago, they were still widely accepted, and if we don't wear thongs in a place where they are accepted where can we wear them and how will we educate people that we are normal people with the exception of wanting to wear minimal swimwear?  Oh yes -- we have made plans to go this summer and don't plan to change our thonging behavior or activities from what we have done previous years.

tanlines2thin #90

Re:North Carolina Beaches & Outer Banks NC

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traci......you wrote a great discertation, and i ain't being a smart-ass.....i enjoyed your recap and overview.......congrats......i totally agree, and i'll go one step further......the big freakin social issue about skimpy swimsuits just means less air-time and column inches that the press has to devote to covering the real news of corruption, outta control crime, swindlers not even getting a second look, our totally on-the-take gov't. and why in the world are we still enriching the oil shieks in arabia and texas after 40 years.....eye-yeye-yeye.......

that being said, i think you should definitely attend 'the splash'.........wear as little as you want or don't want, enjoy the conversation and company of thong sumpaticos, without a single self-appointed pin-head around to even say, boo'........it's gonna be a totally crapola-free weekend......
JM_Runs #91

Re:North Carolina Beaches & Outer Banks NC

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Traci, thanks for confirming what I experienced in my many trips to OBX since the late 1960s.  Unfortunately, for nudity and thongs times have not changed for the better.  (Although I really do appreciate the changing and shower facilities now offered on Ocracoke and at Coquinas Beach.)

Hopefully the pendulum will swing back to the way it should be soon.
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Re:North Carolina Beaches & Outer Banks NC

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 I spent sometime in the OBX this week, thonging south of Frisco, the Hatteras lighthouse area, and all along Ocracoke. Beautiful weather and no problems. 
ithongit #93

Re:North Carolina Beaches & Outer Banks NC

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Anyone have knowledge of the condition of Highway 12 this year?  Last year there were several wash-outs and a temporary bridge was installed across at least one of the new inlets.  I have gone online and they have posts from last winter, but nothing newer.  There was an article that said that the Herbert Boner bridge would be cut-down to one lane this summer for repairs but I have seen no other mention of this either.  Most of the damage seemed to be on the "Pea Island" section of the road.

MinimalMe #94

Re:North Carolina Beaches & Outer Banks NC

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 Highway 12 is fine, although there is the temporary bridge near the Oregon inlet. Have fun!
hotrod22223 #95

Re:North Carolina Beaches & Outer Banks NC

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My wife and I had a great week on Ocracoke in may .We seen some man on the beach in tongs but my wife was the ony woman I seen she did not like that .She sunbath topless and the nps did not say any thing .I hope we go back next year there are more woman on the beach in tongs.
tobenude #96

Re:North Carolina Beaches & Outer Banks NC

Date Posted:06/27/2012 09:38:53Copy HTML

Any updates on Masonboro Island as far a being nude there?
painter567 #97

Re:North Carolina Beaches & Outer Banks NC

Date Posted:06/28/2012 12:38:43Copy HTML

I've been there many times.  You have to go to the middle of the island in order to have some privacy, but depending on the tides you should generally be left alone.  It can be anywhere from a 10-15 minute walk from the north part of the island and it really is a great spot to be.
thongornude #98

Re:North Carolina Beaches & Outer Banks NC

Date Posted:07/11/2012 11:50:24Copy HTML

 Visited Ocracoke in late June and it was really lovely.  It's not hard to find an empty stretch of beach and wear whatever you want.  I saw one guy take a quick dip in a thong, plenty of small bikinis on women, and I wore skimpy speedos the whole time.   Really love it there!
peterjde #99

Re:North Carolina Beaches & Outer Banks NC

Date Posted:07/12/2012 09:12:44Copy HTML

I spent the last week of June in Ocracoke on my honeymoon; since we were back and forth in to town and out to the beach a lot, I just wore mid-thigh length trunks much of the week.  The day we went to the first beach (out from the village, the one with the lifeguard stand and bathhouse), there were maybe 60-70 people on the beach, mostly families with young children---everyone was fairly conservative.

The other days we went to the 'second' beach (past the campground and across from the pony pens), and there were only about 20-40 people, with each group about 20-30 yards apart.  It would have been quite easy here to wear something more abbreviated. 

The whole time we were there I saw no men wearing thongs or even speedos or squarecuts.  I saw no women in thongs, and only a few bikinis (mostly on young women, probably in the late teens/early 20s).  As 'empty' as the beach was, it would be easy to be rather isolated from everyone else. 

We are hoping to go back next year, so I'll plan for something more revealing for that trip.
lindros #100

Re:North Carolina Beaches & Outer Banks NC

Date Posted:09/09/2012 04:51:59Copy HTML

For the person looking for a Low Key, wide beach where women in thongs are not uncommon and even welcomed in South Carolina or North Carolina....

Best bet for the Carolinas would be Bird Island, just north of the SC/NC border. South Carolina in general is not thong friendly, though there are a couple of places you could get away with it (Folly Beach, Huntington State Park).
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