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Martylouie #151

Re:North Carolina Beaches & Outer Banks NC

Date Posted:04/13/2015 03:07:45Copy HTML

 There has been very little official vehicle traffic on Bird Island the last couple of years.  Last year Sunset Beach specifically told its code enforcement officers not to patrol the area past where the reserve begins due to budget/ manpower/jurisdiction  issues.  One day last summer I saw one guy out near the mailbox    I saw him latter and asked.  He was on a short break and was checking on places  fish.    Think he was more worried that I might turn him in.  This year they are using fire dept personnel and so far they seem less likely to venture past the town limits.  Again it may be that when they venture farther out, it may be more to satisfy their curiosity than to do any enforcement activity
JM_Runs #152

Re:North Carolina Beaches & Outer Banks NC

Date Posted:04/16/2015 10:18:23Copy HTML

If you are looking for a very thin g-stirng check out BUFFED BOD. I will be ordering mine for beach wear this year. Many choices, great patterns and colors.....and very thin side straps. The straps are what sold me. Can't wait to put it on and soak up that sun.
JM_Runs #153

Re:North Carolina Beaches & Outer Banks NC

Date Posted:04/16/2015 09:28:02Copy HTML

 Can someone tell me a good motel to stay at for Sunset Beach and Bird Island?
Martylouie #154

Re:North Carolina Beaches & Outer Banks NC

Date Posted:04/16/2015 10:12:58Copy HTML

 There is the Sunset Inn, but it is pricey.  I talked to on guy and his wife who stayed at the continental condominiums and said it was fine.  Otherwise it is mostly house rentals.   Ocean Isle beach has a few motels.
When are you coming down?

JM_Runs #155

Re:North Carolina Beaches & Outer Banks NC

Date Posted:04/20/2015 06:52:11Copy HTML

 No date yet but prefer Mon-Tue's (when it's going to be preferably hot and sunny...tanning weather)..less crowd....better rates.
Martylouie #156

Re:North Carolina Beaches & Outer Banks NC

Date Posted:04/22/2015 02:04:49Copy HTML

 Last night on my way to dinner I took Main Street street for a change.Where Julie's (bike rental and ice cream parlor ) used to stand is now a leveled pile of dirt.  I will keep you updated when I find out  more.  Ok day on Bird Island, but no thongs or even cheeky suits.   
lindros #157

Re:North Carolina Beaches & Outer Banks NC

Date Posted:04/22/2015 10:48:53Copy HTML

Oh no. I used to rent bikes from Julies to make the trip to the bird easier. Guess I'll need to get a rack and bring my own from now on.
Martylouie #158

Re:North Carolina Beaches & Outer Banks NC

Date Posted:04/23/2015 01:09:29Copy HTML

 The building was condemned last week and torn down over the weekend   Still trying to get more info

Martylouie #159

Re:North Carolina Beaches & Outer Banks NC

Date Posted:04/24/2015 12:28:24Copy HTML

 Latest update on Julie's at Sunset Beach.  There is a small building that I never really noticed between the Island Market and the old Julie's.  That is where they have setup a rental office.   See you out on the beach.  :)

JM_Runs #160

Re:North Carolina Beaches & Outer Banks NC

Date Posted:04/24/2015 01:30:08Copy HTML

 After leaving Sunset Beach and entering Bird Island how far would you need to go to start tanning in your g-string?
lindros #161

Re:North Carolina Beaches & Outer Banks NC

Date Posted:04/24/2015 03:44:37Copy HTML

Most go between the mailbox and the rock jetty. The mailbox is roughly at the mid-way point of the high dunes area. Legally you can wear a thong anywhere on Bird Island. Bird Island technically starts before the high dunes area begins. Practically you'll want to wear the thong anywhere past where the high dunes begins, but as mentioned above most go between the mailbox and the rock jetty. Please stay out of the dunes.
JM_Runs #162

Re:North Carolina Beaches & Outer Banks NC

Date Posted:04/24/2015 03:59:13Copy HTML

 G-strings are allowed also...there's not much difference but g's are my preference.
JM_Runs #163

Re:North Carolina Beaches & Outer Banks NC

Date Posted:04/24/2015 05:15:36Copy HTML

 Thanks for info.....will stay out of dunes. Between the mail box and the rock jetty is there alot of space to tan on the beach?
lindros #164

Re:North Carolina Beaches & Outer Banks NC

Date Posted:04/24/2015 08:19:22Copy HTML

Yup, lots of space, especially at low tide.
JM_Runs #165

Re:North Carolina Beaches & Outer Banks NC

Date Posted:04/26/2015 02:12:21Copy HTML

When I come to tan I usually stay all day. I bring my cooler, beach chair, and my accessories. In doing so I will need to bring it on my hand truck. There is no way I can carry this stuff from 1.5 - 2 mile walk. The walk is no problem, I just need to know that there is (no problem) with a hand truck being used to carry you stuff on the beach.  After unloading I will just turn it down beside me where I'm tanning. Again hate to ask so many questions but this being my first time g-stringing, and being at Bird Island I've just got to stay in the know. Thanks.
Martylouie #166

Re:North Carolina Beaches & Outer Banks NC

Date Posted:04/26/2015 02:53:49Copy HTML

 The hand truck will be fine as long as it has fat tires.  If you plan to cross over to the beach on the 40th street ramp which is the closest to Bird Island, be prepared for loose soft sand on the ramp and on out to the hard packed sand.  That is about 25 to 35 yards, depending on the conditions.  At the main area by the pier they have mats for wheel chairs over most of the soft stuff.  
Martylouie #167

Re:North Carolina Beaches & Outer Banks NC

Date Posted:04/27/2015 11:36:32Copy HTML

 Interesting,   The beach patrol was busy on Bird Island yesterday.  There were even two ladies in lawn chairs sitting out by the jetty that were later picked up by the Fire dept's 4 wheel drive pickup truck.  This was the first time in over a year that the patrol has been out to patrol. I guess the new town council likes to meddle. 
lindros #168

Re:North Carolina Beaches & Outer Banks NC

Date Posted:04/27/2015 12:49:02Copy HTML

That is interesting. So I gather these two ladies were basically spies for the township rather than being arrested for lewd behavior?
Martylouie #169

Re:North Carolina Beaches & Outer Banks NC

Date Posted:04/28/2015 12:06:26Copy HTML

 I did not ask, but I was on good behavior.  I kept my bikini suit on. ( at least until they left)
JM_Runs #170

Re:North Carolina Beaches & Outer Banks NC

Date Posted:04/28/2015 10:12:58Copy HTML

This is scary. Can you wear g-strings or not. Don't need this harassment.
lindros #171

Re:North Carolina Beaches & Outer Banks NC

Date Posted:04/28/2015 01:26:03Copy HTML

Asked and answered, see posts 143 & 144 above.
Martylouie #172

Re:North Carolina Beaches & Outer Banks NC

Date Posted:04/28/2015 02:13:46Copy HTML

 Let me explain,  as Lindros can attest, I am not built for a thong.   I wear a small HIS bikini or I go nude on the Island.   When I rode my bike out Sunday, I noticed these 2 older women sitting on aluminum lawn chairs with none of the paraphernalia normally associated with beach goers.  So I kept my suit on.  Later a SSB FD pick up came and picked them up.  Also the 4 wheelers came by more often  than I remember from all last summer.   When I was in my bikini suit the guy just passed on by.   Yesterday (Monday) no sign of anybody official on the beach.  Not even trash pickup at 40th.  I think you will be fine in a thong on a weekday.  At least from officialdom. Now crazy beach walkers with knives is another story that is Lindros' to tell. 
hotrod1 #173

Re:North Carolina Beaches & Outer Banks NC

Date Posted:05/12/2015 03:02:13Copy HTML

 We are headed out to Ocracoke's Ramp 67 today.  See you there?
painter567 #174

Re:North Carolina Beaches & Outer Banks NC

Date Posted:05/12/2015 06:20:26Copy HTML

 Spent the day at Masonboro Island.  Can't begin to explain the beauty, solitude and privacy.  For the life of me I can't figure out why I am the only thonger here everytime I come out.  This places a gem and anyone you may see could care less. I take my kayak over once a week and it is always the best day of the week!
Tanitall #175

Re:North Carolina Beaches & Outer Banks NC

Date Posted:05/13/2015 05:35:59Copy HTML

 Ramp 67 on Ocracoke is our favorite place to be on the OBX, but maybe later this season. I'd love to try Masonboro one day myself. If there's much walking involved the wife won't go for it though. Where is a good place to park and launch?  I'll be heading to Bird Island (weather permitting) for the day on Friday. Hope to see some of you there.
Martylouie #176

Re:North Carolina Beaches & Outer Banks NC

Date Posted:05/13/2015 06:58:48Copy HTML

Tanitall,Ana was not kind to Sunset Beach/Bird Island.  There was a lot of erosion and the mailbox area was hammered.   I actually found the mailbox in the rock jetty and returned it to the original location.    There a 5-15 foot sand cliff from what people used to refer to as the low dunes to the flagpole where there is now a huge washout.  @15 yards past the mailbox area there is break in the wall and then no breaks for @5/8s of a mile until you get near the jetty and there is a total wash out of the dunes to the marsh.   It was unreal Monday Morning.Lester
Tanitall #177

Re:North Carolina Beaches & Outer Banks NC

Date Posted:05/14/2015 11:53:43Copy HTML

Thanks for the info Martylouie. Goes to show how fragile our coastline is. Glad you found the mailbox. I hope the journals in it were retrieved before the storm hit. 
Martylouie #178

Re:North Carolina Beaches & Outer Banks NC

Date Posted:05/14/2015 03:58:00Copy HTML

 Sadly they were not...  Only about a couple of months worth was lost.  Next time, if I'm there I'll pull the most full ones out and just leave one in there until after the storm. 
painter567 #179

Re:North Carolina Beaches & Outer Banks NC

Date Posted:05/14/2015 07:37:58Copy HTML

I would say Trails End Road is easiest way to access Masonboro.  There is a small public boat ramp there.  It's about a 20-30 minute kayak across.  Pay attention to tides as it can get very shallow at low.  But you are safe within 1-2 hours of a normal low tide.  Once there I generally head north for about a 1/4 mile.  Hope this helps.
Tanitall #180

Re:North Carolina Beaches & Outer Banks NC

Date Posted:05/14/2015 09:25:24Copy HTML

 Thanks painter. Good information. I had neglected to take the tide into consideration.
Thongmanva #181

Re:North Carolina Beaches & Outer Banks NC

Date Posted:07/18/2015 06:02:19Copy HTML

 Just got back from the outer banks. Didn't see any thongs or even speedos on any of the kitty hawk or nags head beaches, but decided to check out coquina beach in cape hatteras national seashore.  Parked in the lot and walked over the dunes. Lots of families right there so I walked about 1/2 mile south where beach was empty.  
I could see what looked like a truck in the distance so I kept walking, but I passed a spot where signs indicate you can't drive motor vehicles past so I didn't feel like walking any farther and turned around and walked back about 200 yards from that sign.  I was a little nervous because I wasn't sure if it was legal?  but I spread my towel and removed mt shirt and shorts. I was wearing only a black joe Snyder micro thong.  I spent about 30 minutes in the sun and decided to leave because a storm was rolling in.  

That night I checked online to see if I could find out if thongs were legal, and I found that they are, this board and some other sites pretty much convinced me to return the next day.  

The next day the weather was perfect, so I left earlier and was down there by 10. Walked back to the same spot where I noticed the same truck was there again but closer, right on the line where they couldn't go north any farther.  I wondered if maybe they saw me the previous day, and I was curious to know if they were also thongers, so I walked the short distance to introduce myself.

They were not thongers, but very friendly.  They explained there was a campsite a bit down the beach, they were fishing and like the desolate beach.  I decided to ask them if they minded if I sunned in a thong and they didn't seem to mind at all. So I walked back to the same spot and stripped down to my joe Snyder micro thong and spent the entire day in nothing more. Awesome thong day!  

A few people walked up the beach and looked in my direction, but I was a good 100 feet from the water and nobody appeared to mind. I even had the courage to walk out into the waves for a while and walk along the beach looking for shells.  It was the best day of the entire trip.  And only about 30 minutes from where I was staying in kill devil hills.

I will absolutely be returning to this beach, and next time I'm wearing the smallest g-string I own!!
ithongit #182

Re:North Carolina Beaches & Outer Banks NC

Date Posted:07/19/2015 07:49:35Copy HTML

 It has been a few years since I have been out to the Outer Banks, but your report does not surprise me at all.  First, Kitty Hawk and Nags Head are the most built-up (or maybe I could say suburbanized) of all the cities and towns on the outer banks.  Just look at how there are block after block of beach houses and it is hard to deny that there are more people staying there.  You also have more businesses, and more variety of businesses in these areas, again making it more of a suburban area.  From what I have been told, a large percentage of the houses are privately owned and used as weekend or summer homes.  I have met people who commute daily from Norfolk and Hampton Roads to live on (or more likely near) the beach.  These people don't have a "summer home" they use there "beach house" as there permanent address.  Then there are people who use these houses as true week-end retreats.  The desire to live close to the ocean draws these people from even further away -- perhaps up to a 6 hour drive each way.  They get in late Friday night, have all day Saturday, then cut-out mid afternoon on Sunday to get back to wherever they call "home" in time to hit the sack before the work day starts again.  Obviously, someone on a four day a week work schedule or who works in a job where they get three or four days off at a time are in an even better position to do the "weekend" route.  People in this group come from Washington DC, and it's suburbs, Raleigh, and similar places.  They often don't limit their trips to only summer, but put in time on the ocean all year long, only missing weekends due to weather or other commitments "back at home".  I don't know quite how to say this, but with this being a suburb environment, people act more like "city" people.  You are more likely to get cut-off in traffic, encounter hostile customers in stores, etc.  Some of this carries over, I think, to what is and what is not acceptable on the beaches, which can be very busy with a high density of people on them.

Now travel to a less-popular, less suburbanized area and things start to get looser.  We have always found that the further South you go (at least as far as Okracoke) the more tolerant the people are of thongs, topfree beach use, and even (technically illegal) public nudity.  I would assume going North towards Currituck and into anouther dead-end community would be much the same.  The towns get smaller and smaller, and each hop down the island is more time on the road for those who want to commute or trek weekly to someplace to stay.  I also think (but don't know for sure) that as you go South, the average housing costs rise, as do some utilities and consumables such as food and gas, making housing less and less affordable to people who are trying to maintain a vacation home.  The person who drives 5 hours each way to live weekends on the beach (or 3 hours each way daily) is unlikely to spend an extra hour each way to live in Buxton or two hours each way to live on Okracoke Island.  So, the further down the beach you go, the more the population is tourists and the "locals" who live there week-in, week-out for months on end if not all year.  Some of these locals are retired or have other means to be self-sufficient, but the rest work in the local area, which is more and more tourist oriented as you go South.

And I believe the more tourist oriented an area is, the more tolerant of thongs and other minimal swimwear the people are likely to be.  Add to this the density of people on the beach (fewer people to start with, then add the additional beaches managed by the National Parks where housing can not be built and the density of people on the beaches becomes even less.  Sure, there are "hot spots" where beach density is higher like the Canadian Hole area, the lighthouse beach in Buxton, and across from the pony farm in Okracoke, but these are more popular because of easy access (less walking), closeness to housing, or lifeguards -- not because there simply are more people trying to share a fixed amount of beach.

If beach erosion continues, as many think will happen, then the beaches at Nags Head and Kitty Hawk will continue to shrink.  I have been going to the outer banks since I was a teenager and I swear the beaches in the Nags Head/Kitty Hawk area are only half as deep as they used to be.  Now add to this continuing development in the area, adding more housing and more people on an almost daily basis.  This makes the density even greater, unless something causes fewer people to stay in these towns.  Further south, beach erosion is also a problem, but it has less impact on the density of people on the beaches reaching a level where people can not spread out and do their own thing.  And that is part of the problem -- while technically legal, many thongers prefer to be away from the crowds.  At the same time, with higher densities of people, there is statistically a greater chance to be harassed or made uncomfortable by the looks, words, or actions of other beach goers.

Several years ago, we considered staying a night or two in Nags Head when we had a couple of extra days of vacation to use up.  We emailed or called many of the non-chain private motels and were surprised at how many did not permit thongs at their pools (even though you could cross the street and be perfectly legal in your thong on the beach).  A couple of places even told us that thongs were now illegal on the beach (either extreme lack of knowledge or an obvious lie used in an attempt to prevent us from wearing the swimwear of our choice).  We also checked into staying in Okracoke.  Only three motels there had pools at the time, and only one had a no-thong rule at their pool.  This was at the Anchorage motel where the pool is across the highway from the actual motel building, and on a bend where the highway practically wraps around the pool.  According to the person we talked to, a couple of years earlier, someone driving down Highway 12 was distracted by people thonging at the pool and an accident occurred.  Another "old timer" in Okracoke later told us that the state "strongly suggested" a massive privacy fence be built around the pool area so drivers could not see people using the pool.  The motel chose instead to request that guests not wear thongs and women not go topfree to minimize the distractions for some drivers.

Another "old timer" who is fourth generation in Okracoke told me that until they built the Herbert Bonner bridge near Nags head, and the trip to Okracoke took at least 90 minutes more, bathing suits were rarely worn by the residents of the island.  In fact, wearing a swimsuit was something only tourists did and any local who did so was shunned and perceived as showing off their excess wealth -- much as a lady who wear a mink stole might be considered.  While I have not found any other mentions of the perceptions that bathing suit wearers had on Okracoke, I have found numerous mentions that most residents skinny dipped in several books.  Even at "the creek" -- the lagoon where boats dock in the center of the village, and now called the harbor, people of both sexes felt perfectly at ease with stripping down for a swim.  Elsewhere, except on the beaches, nudity was not generally accepted.  Once the bridge was built, tourists started to arrive, and started to complain about the naked people and soon one of the Hyde County Sheriffs took it on himself to start enforcing anti-nudity laws that were on the books at the time.  Within 5 seasons, hardly any locals would dare to skinny dip any more.  So in this case, it is was the tourists (and their ways of life) that shaped the swimwear future of the island. 

I think the same has happened at Nags Head/Kitty Hawk.  As more and more people stay in this area, more and more of their morals are being focused on things they don't agree with.  When I first visited this area, it was in the late 1980's.  My sister and I were only 15 but we wore our thongs on the beach without fear of reprisal and without incident, even as our parents shopped many miles away.  There were both women and men wearing thongs, but that might just be because they were more popular then.  The last time I was at Nags Head, I walked a couple of miles and never saw even one other person in a thong.  I was verbally attacked, which caused roars of laughter and snickering from others in the area who obviously felt they were for some reason superior.  Later, when we hit the beaches near Buxton, we encountered no resistance, no laughter, no holier-than-thou attitudes.  We visited the gas station and car wash in our thongs, and even went in a couple of other businesses without being treated any different than the other people who wore their swimwear to go shopping.  Further South on Okracoke Island, Nikki and I were just as comfortable going topfree some places, although we would "dress up" in more traditional cloths when we went to restaurants.
zaam #183

Re:North Carolina Beaches & Outer Banks NC

Date Posted:07/19/2015 11:46:17Copy HTML

 I pray to god that the prudes do not come to Okracoke.  
thonglife #184

Re:North Carolina Beaches & Outer Banks NC

Date Posted:07/19/2015 12:28:33Copy HTML

You folks are spelling it wrong - it's Ocracoke. Okracoke sounds like okra flavored Coca-Cola, haha.

We thong every summer at Ocracoke and Cape Hatteras/Buxton. Have also gone to Pea Island and Rodanthe. All have their share of tourists, families each summer but thongs are legal; especially on National Park beaches along the seashore. It's up to you if you wear thongs in front of others but I have never had an issue. We don't setup in front of families but we don't hide from them either.

Have seen a few thongs over the years on men and women from a distance. Men are usually alone and women have been with men in shorts. Most people who thong or go nude at Ocracoke or the remote areas of Hatteras Island drive out on the beach so you won't see them unless you drive out there too, which is much more restricted now.
sunrays08 #185

Re:North Carolina Beaches & Outer Banks NC

Date Posted:08/07/2015 08:58:29Copy HTML

 What's really close to wrightsville this time of year for thonging?  The misses and i both going to be in the are this weekend. Is wrightsville or Carolina ok, or would you suggest something different?
Martylouie #186

Re:North Carolina Beaches & Outer Banks NC

Date Posted:08/09/2015 01:42:01Copy HTML

 Bird Island, unless you have a boat or kayak, then Masonboro Island
thonglife #187

Re:North Carolina Beaches & Outer Banks NC

Date Posted:08/09/2015 02:07:45Copy HTML

Fort Fisher State Recreation Area beach, south of Carolina and Kure Beach. Thonging is allowed in state parks and the beach down there is beautiful.
painter567 #188

Re:North Carolina Beaches & Outer Banks NC

Date Posted:08/09/2015 02:29:58Copy HTML

You can also pick up a shuttle to Masonboro from the Blockade Runner at Wrightsville Beach.  Not sure of the cost, but if you walk south after you cross over to the ocean side, you can have the beach to yourself.
thongalactic #189

Re:North Carolina Beaches & Outer Banks NC

Date Posted:08/26/2015 11:27:15Copy HTML

Thonged today at Bird Island around 4pm. I stripped down to my tiniest g-string around the Bird Island sign. The area is really pretty: gorgeous sand dunes, big fishing boats out at sea, dolphins (sharks? orca?). When I got there, the beach was deserted: 1 or 2 walkers and a young bike-riding couple. Later on, at high tide, there were a lot of dog walkers. Older people. The kinds of people who wear Lands End or matching, group T-shirts. At high tide, the surf comes almost all the way up to the dunes. So, at that time, Bird Island is not the ideal environment for wearing a thong. 
Getting there: from the last beach access path at 40th street to the state border is 1.7 miles (3km). (1.9 miles if you include the beach access path itself). From the pier at Sunset Beach, it's 2.3 miles (3.7km). I'd expect to walk at least 3-4 miles roundtrip. 

Martylouie #190

Re:North Carolina Beaches & Outer Banks NC

Date Posted:08/28/2015 04:30:09Copy HTML

Thonggalatic, Once you are passed the low dunes, thonging on Bird Island is ok even at high tides.  You might get giggles and laughed at by some kids and such, but it is perfectly ok to thong.  I've chatted with the SSB fire/rescue folks and it turns out some are even nudists themselves. Martylouie
NCThonger #191

Re:North Carolina Beaches & Outer Banks NC

Date Posted:09/22/2015 07:11:40Copy HTML

 I am headed down to Avon on Saturday the 26th with a group of guys fishing and the plan now is for them to all leave about Wednesday of next week. I hope to get some thong time in. Anyone else planning to be down there next week? Hopefully the weather will cooperate for us fishing and thonging!

cb61973 #192

Re:North Carolina Beaches & Outer Banks NC

Date Posted:03/05/2016 04:58:35Copy HTML

 Thanks all for the information on the Outer Banks. I will be there in June 2016 and plan to wear a thong.
thonglife #193

Re:North Carolina Beaches & Outer Banks NC

Date Posted:06/21/2016 01:51:02Copy HTML

I recently spent a Friday at Wrightsville Beach and can report it is VERY thong friendly for the ladies. I counted many ladies and college age girls in actual thongs or cheeky bikinis. When I arrived late morning, I stripped instantly to a Andrew Christian bikini and tanned all day. There were 5 girls in thongs and cheeky bikinis who came and laid in front of me. Another lady, probably early 30's was wearing a black string side thong and walking to and from the water like it was South Miami Beach. I saw many girls walking along the water showing cheek and by mid afternoon, I yanked my suit into a thong and tanned my cheeks for several hours. No one batted an eye, no one cared including the groups of college age guys that came and went from nearby. Next visit, I am going to wear one of my Desmitt thongs. 
ctmonline #194

Re:North Carolina Beaches & Outer Banks NC

Date Posted:08/23/2017 04:23:36Copy HTML

 we're staying in Kill Devil Hills for a few days next week, we might drive as far south as Hatteras...which beaches are thong-friendly? 
Thong_wearer #195

Re:North Carolina Beaches & Outer Banks NC

Date Posted:08/23/2017 09:27:40Copy HTML

Everywhere on the outer banks is thong friendly. You may get some smart comments or stares if you thong on the northern beaches {kitty hawk, Kdh, etc), but as long as that doesn't bother you you'll be fine.

I have thonged all up and down the outer banks (I live pretty close by), but pea island is my favorite. If you head south past nags head, the pea island area begins as soon as you go over the Bonner bridge and continues until you reach Rodanthe village. You won't have any issues with others on the beach harassing you as there are very few in that area, even in the middle of summer.

You'll be fine to wear ANY style of thong or gstring as long as it covers the private areas and is not see through. I've talked to several rangers while wearing pretty extreme suits. As long as they can't see through them they won't have any issues. I have seen countless things in the area, on both men and women, and topfree many times as well.

Pay attention to the wind if you go, if there is a moderate to string SW wind it will bring the deer flies over the dunes and they will bite you no matter what.

Either way Pea Island is my favorite place on the Outer Banks because of the solidarity. You can go spend a whole day many times and. Ever see another person. If that's what you're after, go for it!  If you're looking to be seen or show off, go to one of the more populated beaches. Good luck and have fun!
ctmonline #196

Re:North Carolina Beaches & Outer Banks NC

Date Posted:08/23/2017 08:25:00Copy HTML

 thanks for the update...is topless still legal down there?
Thong_wearer #197

Re:North Carolina Beaches & Outer Banks NC

Date Posted:08/24/2017 08:15:03Copy HTML

 Topless is still legal in Nc. Good luck and I hope you guys have a blast!
barefootthong #198

Re:North Carolina Beaches & Outer Banks NC

Date Posted:08/29/2017 04:00:15Copy HTML

 I went to the public lifeguarded beach at the Cape Hatteras lighthouse. I saw several girls with very "cheekey" bottoms and a couple with thongs. The next day I asked the lifeguards about thongs and topfree there. Although I did not see any women topfree, I was told by the lifeguards that women did go topfree there. 
MrFalcon #199

Re:North Carolina Beaches & Outer Banks NC

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Decided to drive out to OBX today, first time in a couple of years. Last time I went all the way down to Ocracoke which was a little slice of paradise, but I didn't feel like adding the extra distance plus a ferry both ways, so I only went as far as Pea Island.

At first I was disheartened. High today was only supposed to reach around 74 so it was surely lower than that when I arrived, and there was a pretty vicious wind coming out of the northeast. It was actually this wind that helped me decide to go here vs Bird Island where they were forecasting a similar wind that would likely bring flies. When I stopped at the first parking area most people were wearing jackets. Not an ideal day for me to wear the smallest garment I own! I almost turned around then and there to cut my losses but figured I'd come this far I'd give it a shot. Plus maybe if other people felt like I did I'd have some solitude.

My previous OBX trip led me so far south in part because I simply didn't see any way to cross the dunes. Here I stopped at the visitor center which was quite crowded and found a pass. The wind was exfoliating my skin with sand already and was rather chilly so I made a concession: hoodie on top to break the wind (and it's helpful that it has pockets for my car keys), g-string on the bottom covered up with little Soffe running shorts (lining removed). The wind was even stronger on the beach and the surf quite rough, and there were plenty of people walking to and fro, and spread out at that so it wouldn't be easy to walk out of their line of sight. Still, the wind was keeping the bugs away so that was a start, and when I dipped my feet in the water I found it was pleasant and warm.

I kept reminding myself that thongs were legal and that I was in my rights to wear it, and that it didn't behoove me to find total solitude before taking off my shorts; and yet, it's still a little daunting when everyone else is basically fully clothed on account of the weather. I walked north from the crossing because it seemed there were fewer people. Eventually I reached a point where the closest person was just a tiny black figure. I hung my jacket and shirt on a piece of driftwood to keep them from blowing away and donned my orange Cover Male g-string. I have a few variations on the thong but this one is still my favorite. For me, t-back is always the way to go. This has a pretty tiny, stretchy pouch. It's really as little as you can get away with. It's such a joy feeling the wind on (almost) my entire body. And the water was warm enough that it helped make up for the iffy air temp. I decided the day was salvageable so I went back to the car to get my sunscreen, passing one or two shell hunters in my hoodie-topped thong-bottomed state. 
Properly screened up I hit the beach again this time in the other direction. Started out at the same time as a fully clothed couple taking photos but quickly out-paced them and made it to a secluded section of the beach. Here the sun started to warm up so I spent some time tanning, and then going back and forth to the water. Eventually, around 2:30 pm, I could discern no figures in either direction, so I spent just a bit of time in the nude. The wind helped dry me quickly so I could be back on my way. I determined to go back to the crossing without wearing anything but the thong. Only passed a couple of fully clothed ladies who smiled and waved. All in all turned into a successful day. 
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 Pea island is my favorite place in the world. For both thonging and just being in the outdoors. You can absolutely wear whatever you want there, but I will caution you about going nude, as I have talked to several people this year that have told me people have been ticketed by rangers hiding out in the dunes with binoculars. Don’t know how true that is, but just keep it in mind.

I’m glad you had a pleasant trip there-my only complaints are the wind and bugs-almost every time I go you have to deal with one or the other. Also, when I go I always wear either a thong or a cheeky pair of shorts over the thong from the truck to the beach. You do have a number of options for crossing the dunes. There are a number of walkovers between the Bonner bridge and rodanthe. You just have to be careful about where you pull off if you don’t have 4wd as the sand is very soft. 
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