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MrFalcon #201

Re:North Carolina Beaches & Outer Banks NC

Date Posted:10/02/2017 02:00:17Copy HTML

 Thanks, friend. I'm pretty circumspect I not trying to push my luck, mostly just airing out by the dunes briefly. I'd rather deal with wind than bugs any day, so I'll take the trade. 
hotrod22 #202

Re:North Carolina Beaches & Outer Banks NC

Date Posted:04/02/2018 02:30:08Copy HTML

 anything going on on the Outer Banks
Mary0826 #203

Re:North Carolina Beaches & Outer Banks NC

Date Posted:04/02/2018 02:30:40Copy HTML

 From what I understand, it is still early in the season on OBX.  (the Outer Banks).  I imagine some days may be nice, maybe even thongable, but probably cool, and heaven knows the water is probably not warm at all.  In another month or so, it will be better weather for thongers, but the water will probably still be cold.  (Some years the water stays cold the whole summer.)  Two months from now and it will be June and about the middle of June is when the prime season starts.  I says until sometime in August.  Bugs can be an issue most any time on OBX.  May and June are prime bug months.  Most bugs have trouble getting around if it is windy, but if the wind stops, watch out!  OBX bugs are big and vicious and eat bug repellant for dessert.  If you go to the mountains, there are spiders and other insects and birds that eat the offending bugs, but there are not a lot of these natural enemies on OBX, so many bugs go unchecked.  Some communities spray a biodegradable oil mist which keeps mosquitoes from becoming blood sucking adults.  But this really does little except right in the area, and even there, bugs will come into a city and the oil does not stop them.  The worst (and most dangerous to man) is the ticks.  These hide on the long grasses which are planted on the sand dunes to stop erosion.  They will transfer to you as you brush against these grasses.  This is a good reason to keep on well-established trails over the dunes or the man made walks.  The ticks will spend some time wandering around your body, looking for the best place to bite and instinctively know where they are least likely to be discovered.  Still, if you look carefully at your legs when you get to the beach, you can usually see them and they can be removed before they bite.  A second person is helpful in looking, but you can do it yourself.  These ticks carry some pretty nasty parasites, some found only in this area.  Dogs are also very likely to pick up ticks, and it is a lot harder to find them with all their fur.  If you are going to the Outer Banks, make sure to have the pet immunized against the diseases often associated with tick bites on the Outer Banks.  A good vet can insure your pet gets the right medicine.  
Thong_wearer #204

Re:North Carolina Beaches & Outer Banks NC

Date Posted:06/04/2018 03:24:35Copy HTML

 I spent most of the day on Pea Island yesterday in my new red Joe Snyder Bulge tanga. My wife and daughter came along, and we saw very few others on the beach. No other male thongers-we saw one younger couple with the girl in a cheeky style bikini, but otherwise I was the only thonger. No rude comments or glares, the younger couple seemed to take notice of my suit and the guy briefly pointed, but also waved at us. It was a great day, lots of sun, and I can’t wait to go back! Pictures on my IG: unb_ryan
hotrod1 #205

Re:North Carolina Beaches & Outer Banks NC

Date Posted:09/04/2018 01:18:16Copy HTML

We are headed to Ocracoke on Oct 8 to the 15th. Looking to thing the whole week. Anybody going to be there.
hotrod1 #206

Re:North Carolina Beaches & Outer Banks NC

Date Posted:10/13/2018 11:45:41Copy HTML

Cooler day, but the full sun was perfect for tan lines.
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