<BIG>The Thong Wearers Message Board </BIG> is the place for people who wear a thong or a g-string at the beach.
The Thong Wearers Message Board The place for people who wear a thong or a g-string at the beach.

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Date Posted:07/25/2011 01:35:46Copy HTML

Me and my wife stayed at Thon Arena hotel in Lillestrøm

Lillestrøm is a small satellite-town near to Oslo. Lillestrøm hsa regular speed-train and bus connection to Oslo centre.

Thon Arena hotel has a SPA-area with a small swimming pool, jacuzzi and 2 saunas. One wet sauna and one dry.
Me and my wife were in mini g-string in pool and saunas. Staff and other visitors had no objections.
There are very few visitors at the day time. Very relaxing atmosphere there.

(Even those who do not live in the hotel can visit SPA there, just pay a fee for 150 krones at the reception and get an access card.)
Unfortunately this is not longer true. Only hotel guests have access there now.
kawasaki #1


Date Posted:07/25/2011 03:47:36Copy HTML

I hope your lunetic (we have also such species) gets more than 21 years!
I pray for the boys and girls that passed his guns!
Stringtheory #2


Date Posted:08/19/2011 05:14:12Copy HTML

Also Farris bad in Larvik is a very nice place to be thonging. Went there before in thong and it is recommended to wear as little as possible since this is a optional textile free spa. It is one of the biggest spa in Norway and has a lot of nice pools and saunas. It is a little bit expensive, but is absolutely worth it.  
mikhailt #3


Date Posted:05/20/2012 11:23:22Copy HTML

SAS Radisson Blue hotel in the center of Oslo.
Hotel has a small swimming pool at the top floor of the building.
Thongs and gstring are ok there. Have been using gstring there a couple of times with no problems. There are very few people there before 12:00. Very nice view from there over the city.

There is a small sauna in each changing room. Sex separated.
Sauna is not good, small and quite cold (~65С i guess), but better then nothing and you should be naked there.
roninho #4


Date Posted:05/21/2012 06:29:10Copy HTML

Anywhere in Stavanger area as I go there often with work?
Stringtheory #5


Date Posted:10/06/2012 01:56:34Copy HTML

Went to Bislett bad in Oslo several times this last month. No issues of wearing thongs. There was even another girl wearing a thong on a regular basis. No comments or special looks. Very nice with a warm pool, steam sauna, regular sauna and a jacuzi. Mostly girls, and no kids allowed. Highly recommended
mikhailt #6


Date Posted:10/15/2012 09:44:36Copy HTML

 I have been in Bislett bad in Oslo last week too. Nice quite place at the day time.
Thank you for recommendation.
Thongdude87 #7


Date Posted:06/09/2013 08:26:51Copy HTML

 Hmm, that was a pleasant surprise, that Bislett bad is thong friendly. Maybe I will thong there someday.
NordicString #8


Date Posted:06/12/2013 06:28:34Copy HTML

 I have been to Bislet bad a few times but never seen any thongs, not yet anyway.  But yes it is nice place for a swim.
Thongdude87 #9


Date Posted:06/26/2013 11:54:35Copy HTML

 What about beaches in Norway suitable for thonging? Any suggestions?
mikhailt #10


Date Posted:01/23/2014 10:03:28Copy HTML

You can wear thong at Svartkulp beach in Oslo area. I's actually a naked beach. But there are a very few people the most of the time. It is not a problem to wear thong there.
There are a couple of nude beaches in Norway. See the Scandinavian Naturist Portal.
Stringtheory #11


Date Posted:10/28/2015 12:04:40Copy HTML

I have been wearing thong at Langøyene before. Not so crowded with people and a nice beach. Also a long the coast south of Norway there is several places. My favorite is the lighthouse Svenner.
This summer i went to Bø Sommarland (Waterpark) wearing a brazil/thong. It was fantastic! Saw 3 other girls in thongs. There is also a few other indoor waterparks that are ok for thonging.Recommended. 
Snublefot #12


Date Posted:06/07/2018 01:31:16Copy HTML

Regarding the earlier mentioned Farris Bad spa Hotel in Larvik, they now require their guests to wear swimsuits bought at the Hotel.The suits sold there are all quite modest.
Bad news for us thong lovers. @Stringtheory Glad to hear that you liked Svenner. I live pretty close and go there from time to time.
Snublefot #13


Date Posted:08/06/2018 11:09:06Copy HTML

Anyone in the Telemark/Vestfold/Buskerud-area interested in meeting for a day at the beach together? I´d love to go thonging with others.
Stringtheory #14


Date Posted:12/09/2018 11:02:25Copy HTML

Drammensbadet is has a Good spa for thonging. Quite small but also nice. Been there several times. PM me if you want to join some day
Goodfeelings #15


Date Posted:02/01/2019 04:29:50Copy HTML

I would love to go thonging in the Buskerud/ Vestfold area. I have been to the spa at Drammensbadet. I brought my thong, but I didn't have the courage to wear it. Did you get any comments @Stringtheory?
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