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Date Posted:05/14/2018 12:45:22Copy HTML

From my phone contact experience, very few nudist resorts in the Southwest (southern CA, AZ, NV) permit males on grounds alone. Since these are private facilities, they can make whatever rules they want. I'm not referring to swinger's resorts, as they are a whole different animal. 

At the same token, there are a seemingly endless amount of clothing optional resorts for men only. I don't know of any that cater to ladies alone,  although I presume the places that prohibit single men have a rather lopsided female to male ratio.

sailor250 #1

Re:Nudist resort policies regarding single men

Date Posted:05/14/2018 01:42:58Copy HTML

You suggest that by not allowing single men there are more women than men.  At "nudist" places I've been with this policy it's pretty one to one- because essentially it's couples only. 
Do occasionally a couple bring a female friend?  No that 's only at a swinger's resort!   The female only clothing optional places are pretty rare- only know of one lesbian place in palm springs.  The men only resorts are founded by gay men. There are some single sex spas which have some clothing optional facilities too.
Mary0826 #2

Re:Nudist resort policies regarding single men

Date Posted:05/14/2018 04:16:36Copy HTML

 I have always assumed that the fees, sometimes steep charged to single men at nudist places are simply a way to minimize the number of men.  For some reason, if a nude or nearly nude woman is around, it seems that men flock to be nearby.  However, I can also state that women have to deal with a lot of guys trying to pick them up, get into their pants, or just be general jerks.  
Many bars with cover charges wave the charges for single women supposedly to even out the clientele.  

The manager of one private park that did not permit thongs ask me if I would be willing to pay an extra $20 a day to wear a thong and maybe $30 more a day to go topfree.  I told the guy I was no that desperate and he said he proved his point -- that when people are ask to put their money where their mouth is, they often shut up and figure out a new way to do what they want.  

A girl friend of mine goes topfree at the beach, but only for a small amount of time each visit.  Sometimes a man, usually a creepy man, will approach her and ask her to take her top off again after she decides to cover up.  She simply tells them to give her $5 first.  So far, only one man out of a dozen or so has actually paid the price.

John Howard #3

Re:Nudist resort policies regarding single men

Date Posted:05/14/2018 06:42:17Copy HTML

never been to a nudist place where you have to pay, but at least at swingers parties, yes this applies;  single men have to pay extra and single women enter for free,  for the same reasons you state, to minimize the ratio of men vs women.
Nature is the way it is,  we are always thirsty,  girls usually not as much.

So true what you say about jerks trying to pick up the few brave women who go on their own to the nudist beach;  I have seen it many times,  8 or 9 men approach her when she goes for a swim, maybe at least half of them semi hard;  they couldn't do it better to scare her away from the nudist beach for good,  they look so creepy.

Which reminds me of the trailer of the movie 'Maslin Beach',  filmed back in the nineties, at the,  in my opinion,  one of the most beautiful beaches on this country, near Adelaide.   I was there a couple of years ago and I loved it.   At 0'53", the older gentleman approaches the girl, but at least he asks her, doesn't just approach her and ogles  like a perv.    He was assertive enough to ask, there's nothing wrong with that isn't it!  lol

J_R_365 #4

Re:Nudist resort policies regarding single men

Date Posted:05/14/2018 04:29:53Copy HTML

 For me, I think a lot would depend on the resort. For a really nice place with nice other guests might be worth it to me, just to get away from the Midwest. For a run-down place with a bunch of low-lifes, I wouldn't. Of course, it's hard to really know without staying there, so Catch-22.

One might have more luck by being a member of the American Association for Nude Recreation, as many places see this as a positive, but that's yet another expense. Plus, the AANR  heavily pushes their Family Friendly aspect, and I definitely prefer no kids.

The places I'm familiar with are all Clothing Optional, which is a nice option to have here in the Midwest, as Summer evenings can be rather cool, especially as Labor Day approaches. I've had to wear long sleeves and trousers at a c/o camp on a late August evening. While there would be no problem wearing a thong around the grounds, many places have a "You must be naked in the pool" policy.
modelnude4u #5

Re:Nudist resort policies regarding single men

Date Posted:05/15/2018 02:54:12Copy HTML

 The resort I went to a few times in East Tennessee was a "clothing optional, lifestyle friendly" resort.
I wore a thong for part of the time, but then lost it when the sun went down, and rocked just the tan line instead!
ezduzit #6

Re:Nudist resort policies regarding single men

Date Posted:05/19/2018 10:10:54Copy HTML

 About 10 yrs. ago I visited a nudist resort in Michigan (camped overnight) and this particular resort advertised themselves as "we are a family resort" however I only saw like maybe 2 small kids off at a distance at a campsite. I think the whole "we are a family resort " thing is just a cover up for what they really are which is "we cater to the swingers lifestyle." If you show up as a single guy, and people see you're alone they automatically look at you with suspicion as if you're gay, or your'e just there to look at women's tits. That's the vibe  I got anyway. No one is friendly. They didn't make eye contact, and you can't even make small talk about the weather. On the other hand, if you're a single bi/lesbian woman you'll get treated like royalty because that's what most couples want, another bisexual woman for the wife to explore with. It's not always about wife swapping.
Cloydene #7

Re:Nudist resort policies regarding single men

Date Posted:05/23/2018 12:59:20Copy HTML

 Swingers resorts prohibit children from being there, so any place that states they are family friendly is not seeking people to copulate in public. What IS mandatory at nudist resorts, swinger or otherwise is thongs are prohibited in the pool areas. I can understand the policy for being in the pool, but around it to lounge doesn't seem fair. Clothing optional should mean just that.

modelnude4u #8

Re:Nudist resort policies regarding single men

Date Posted:05/23/2018 02:35:41Copy HTML

 The only one I've been to was indeed clothing optional, including the pool, hot tub area.  I was about 50/50 nude or thonged for all 3 of my visits.  I paid the extra for being a single male, but the last time I called, they had changed their policy to allow NO single males unless specifically invited by a couple.
J_R_365 #9

Re:Nudist resort policies regarding single men

Date Posted:05/23/2018 02:59:36Copy HTML

 The one I'm most familiar with allows textile in the pool area, but nude only IN the pool.
NudeNArizona #10

Re:Nudist resort policies regarding single men

Date Posted:05/23/2018 05:59:03Copy HTML

 Every clothing optional resort I have ever visited had a strict nude-only rule for the pool. A few don’t enforce it in the pool area and allow people to be clothed, but for the majority it is not accepted to sunbathe in the pool area wearing ANY type of clothing. Now if you are 5’ away outside of the pool fenced in area you can wear whatever you like. 
As for single guys visiting: Most would rather you not visit alone.  I have stayed in nudist resorts alone only after visiting with my wife and had known the people at the resort. I stayed one time for over a week to include the weekends alone because I had a training seminar nearby and my wife couldn’t take the time off so instead of staying at a hotel I stayed at a nudist resort. The best part was it was cheaper than a hotel in the area. 

One day while on break we were discussing our hotels and people were talking about how expensive the area was. When I told then what I paid compared to them they couldn’t believe it. When they asked where I was staying I told them. To save $50 a day they said they would do the same. 

After the discussion one lady ask me if I was serious about staying at a nudist resort, and asked if they had anymore room. She canceled her hotel reservation and switched to the resort. That evening I saw her checking in. A little while later she joined me in the pool. The next day at the seminar she told the others it was worth it, and the pool was the best part. 
MrFalcon #11

Re:Nudist resort policies regarding single men

Date Posted:05/23/2018 02:41:09Copy HTML

 I specifically look for naturist resorts that don't charge extra for single males. Why? Because why do I want to patronize a facility that clearly doesn't want me around? If nudist resorts are *not* swingers bars then why have policies that contradict this? Many places say "your behavior is your passport" and I think that is the right approach. For example, White Tail in VA charges the same amount for a single day pass regardless of gender (pricing varies based on membership, not sex). 
mbannon #12

Re:Nudist resort policies regarding single men

Date Posted:06/02/2018 02:47:58Copy HTML

Nudist resorts and campgrounds that are family oriented want to keep out creepy men and child molesters, which is fine and logical. I've been to nudist events in Pennsylvania and Ohio. The screening process for single men seems to be based on finding out about your previous nude sunning and swimming experiences and your self-declared sexual orientation. The vibe I've gotten was that if you said you were bisexual or gay, they might not let you in. I've been around several bi and gay men and that's no standard to use. Like straight men, their attitudes and behavior run the full range. Some are very safe and normal and others are real jerks. 
I had no problems with anyone at any nudist event I've attended. The event or campground was well run, and everyone was friendly and helpful, and I was asked to return by several people. The campgrounds I've attended had trial periods of 3-5 days before you had to buy a $300+ membership. After that, you often have to pay a daily fee every time you visit. I think this is stupid. Between work , other obligations, and bad weather, I'm not convinced I'd go there enough times to make that worth my while. So I've split my time between thonging where it's reasonably acceptable and free, and campgrounds that cater largely to gay men. The clothing-optional gay-oriented campgrounds have really inexpensive memberships, under $30, and the day or half day fees are fairly low, too. While i miss being around the women, I can be nude around and in the pool area, and in more than half of the campground. Some of the ones that accept all sexual orientations claim that the women that attend like it there because the gay guys aren't going to hit on them, regardless of what they are wearing, or who they are with.
sailor250 #13

Re:Nudist resort policies regarding single men

Date Posted:07/06/2018 10:36:57Copy HTML

 Here's a story in the Smithsonian of all places about a founding member of the American Association for Nude Recreation - anyone own one of those "Bare Assateague" T shirts???https://www.smithsonianmag.com/smart-news/turner-v-stokes-leader-nudist-movement-has-died-90-180969475/
cmp304 #14

Re:Nudist resort policies regarding single men

Date Posted:07/08/2018 04:31:53Copy HTML

 Rules are always as result of a real or perceived problem.  Since so many private organizations have policies that discourage single men from visiting, I've just assumed that there has been some kind of a problem to merit the rule.  And to be honest I find that a little creepy and have no desire to visit.  It is similar distance for me to Gunnison as it is to a camp and given the choice I will always choose a public nude beach.  As for thonging, there are so many places where thongs are permitted and the cost is just the parking fee or state park admission that I can not justify the additional expense of a private facility for a place to wear a thong.  
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