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Date Posted:06/23/2005 04:10:27Copy HTML

I live about seven miles from Ocean City, Maryland but I usually go to Assateague Island instead to thong instead, it's not as crowded or stupid redneck prone. I can remember walking down the boardwalk about six or seven years ago and seeing girls on the boardwalk wearing thong bikinis without being hassled by the police, the horny guys on the other hand, let's just say the girls received their share of whistles and calls from them.

Over the last few years I've only been to Ocean City during holidays or special events, haven't seen a thong since, but recently I've heard stories about girls on the beach wearing thongs and going topless without any problems from the police. This prompted my attention. So Yesterday, I emailed the Ocean City Beach Patrol/Police Departments, inquiring about thongs.

My question was as follows: "Are thong bikinis permitted on the beach in Ocean City like they are at Assateague or does Ocean City have a town ordinance prohibiting them like Myrtle Beach, SC"?

I received a response from Captain Arvin today which was: "We follow Maryland State Law here in Ocean City, which means thongs are allowed/legal on the beach here, nudity (topless) is prohibited though...thanks".  It's official, we can wear thongs on the beach in Ocean City now!!!
tbacktom #1

Re:Ocean City, Maryland

Date Posted:07/22/2003 10:12:41Copy HTML

When I was in Ocen City, MD, I stayed at the Sheraton right on the beach.  The beach was pretty crowded and the people looked pretty conservative.  I saw a couple of micro bikinis on a couple of college aged hard-body girls, but that's about it.  Since i was a stranger in town, I thought "waht the hell." 

The first day , I went out on the beach in a shiny black rio bikini with 1/4 inch straps.  I got a lot of surprsed looks, leers and snickers, but I just stayed confident and igonored it all.  Finally, a woman about 40 years old in a very minimal one-piece smiled at me as if she wanted to talk. I went over and said Hi, then asked if I could join her.  We became friends and did everything together for the next 3 days.

We agreed to wear our most revealing suits everywhere. I wore my turquiose thong with tiny straps, and she wore a red string bikini with a tiny triangle back the rest of the time including in the hot  tub, indoor pool ( and poolside bar!), beach, hallways, elevator, etc! 

We had a great time letting the locals gawk. Tom.

mindanseur #2

Re:Ocean City, Maryland

Date Posted:07/23/2003 01:03:59Copy HTML

Ocean City is a drag for microwear.  I even feel weird wearing a bikini there...too many rednecks and provincials on the beach.  Lots of younger guys in "way too cool" board shorts, all looking and acting the same.   It's uber-conservative.  One of the nice things about wearing a string or a bikini is feeling comfortable, not dealing with the crap that people give you...i admore the way some of you deal with it, confidently, but the whole ambiance is a bummer and takes away from the freedom and sexiness of it all.

Nice thing tho...my girlfriend gets to wear skimpy bikinis, the teeny, unlined top and half back bottom, even if she can't wear a thong or G at OC.  And more idiot young guys to stare at her as we walk by...gawd help me, i love it!  ha!

FlossMan #3

Re:Ocean City, Maryland

Date Posted:06/23/2005 05:15:55Copy HTML

Are there fewer people at Assateague? Ocean City is so crowded and tacky. I'd rather drive a little further.
almstnkd #4

Re:Ocean City, Maryland

Date Posted:12/18/2005 04:03:19Copy HTML

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I spent several days this past summer at Assateague Island SP. I found that if you walk North (about 1/2-3/4 of a mile or more) that there was no problems. I saw several thongers, both sexes. There were some ponies on the beach too. Truly a great beach.
TJ-22 #5

Re:Ocean City, Maryland

Date Posted:12/26/2005 07:37:48Copy HTML

Ocean City has long been a fine place for women to wear thongs, though only a very small percentage actually do.  I too have seen women stroll down the boardwalk in a thong, and even in a G-string bikini (on two occasions).  Though I only make a couple of day trips there every summer, in most years I have seen anywhere from one to four thongers.  The past two summers, I haven't seen any.  It may be that string bikinis have gotten so incredibly skimpy (and extremely popular at O.C.) that some of the women who might wear thongs are actually wearing non-thongs that cover less.

For men, though, small suits of any type are quite rare.  I only saw a couple of other men (besides me) even wear briefs; the rest were in trunks.  The Speedo crowd here has almost vanished.  My theory: men who used to wear Speedos here have discovered that the environment is much better at Rehoboth Beach, only 25 miles to the north, where no one seems to care what men wear (and so they've moved to that beach).  This state is undoubtedly because of the gay population, about half of whom wear briefs at Rehoboth.  Any straight man who wants to wear a brief, but not be mistaken for being gay, can easily do so by avoiding the south end of the boardwalk (where the gay men hang out) and stick much closer to the middle.  Bringing a woman (wife or girlfriend) along also makes it clear.  I have seen a lot more brief-wearing men in the middle section at Rehoboth in recent years, and most were accompanied by a woman.   

The best mid-Atlantic thonging spot for men is clearly Assateague.  I finally got there this past summer, on two occasions.  The first time, I went up to the north end, and stopped just short of the fence that protects the hatching birds.  Only one or two others were up there (in mid-week).  The second time came in August, after the fence was removed.  I'm not exactly sure where I ended up, but it was further north than where the fence had been, near some low shrub-covered dunes.  It was also during the week, but about 20 people were in the general area.  Most ended up nude, but did not start out that way; the ones who did start out nude were among the shrub-covered dunes, so I suppose the possibility of a park ranger drive-by was on their minds.  By the time I left, some of the nudists were parading around boldly.  I kept my G-string on, and enjoyed walking around.


Jman71 #6

Re:Ocean City, Maryland

Date Posted:01/02/2006 10:40:23Copy HTML

I was at Assateague for the first time in October. I was in an area about one mile past the electrified anti-pony fence, it's around here that you begin to see nudists/thongers. But It appears that people go as far as 2 miles or so past the fence. While I was there I was the only thonger. The rest were guys in g-strings or nudists. Next time I go I may try my luck further north. Even at around one mile past the fence you get some families from the state park portion beachcombing up the beach. One little boy let out a startled "yelp!" when he saw me lying out in my Skinz thong. Otherwise I had a great time! I can't wait for the weather to warm up again so I can work on my tanlines.

As for Speedos, while I was walking through the state park beach I noticed two brave guys wearing briefs. I also noticed one european girl wearing a thong underneath some sheer white pants. She was the only woman I saw in a thong that day. She seemed to be trying to keep a low profile, hence the pants cover-ups.
TJ-22 #7

Re:Ocean City, Maryland

Date Posted:07/19/2006 12:09:38Copy HTML

I went to Ocean City for the day yesterday, and I saw one woman in a thong.  She was wearing a side-tie thong and walking up the boardwalk with her boyfriend, but moments later they turned off onto 9th St. and headed for the main highway.  I've seen women wearing thongs on the boardwalk before, but never on the city streets.

Since Ocean City has long been wide open for women to wear even the skimpiest of bikinis (and there were plenty who were doing so yesterday), it surprises me that there aren't more in thongs.  This is the first thong I've seen there in three years, though admittedly I don't get there often so I'm sure I've missed a few.  Overall, OC remains a fine place for a woman to go thonging, though it is still abysmal for men, as even briefs are rare.

ctmonline #8

Re:Ocean City, Maryland

Date Posted:08/04/2006 09:06:39Copy HTML

The way things are right now at Assateague, the only beach my wife and I have left on the Delmarva Peninsula that legally allows thongs is Ocean City, it seems that Assateague is hell bent on running us off...and it's worked!!! We spoke with the Captain of the Ocean City Beach Patrol again this year, for the second year in a row, he assured us that thongs were still legal in Ocean City. See you there.

DavyJ #9

Re:Ocean City, Maryland

Date Posted:08/08/2006 10:09:19Copy HTML

Ctmonline is right.

Last week I was in Ocean City and I took the precaution of asking a lifeguard first, who assured me thongs were legal (see my post under the Assateague thread).  And TJ-22, whether thonging is "abysmal" for men or not depends on your point of view.  You are right in that you will probably be the only one, and you will get a lot of attention, but I had a great time last week, certainly not "abysmal".  I also only saw one woman in a thong the entire time; she was on the beach and had left by 10 AM or so.  Lots of women in skimpy bikinis, but no other thongers.  (Maybe I don't know where to look?)

ctmonline #10

Re:Ocean City, Maryland

Date Posted:08/08/2006 11:41:42Copy HTML


               I'm glad that you had a great time, Ocean City is the only place left around here to legally thong, the crowds will stay accepting of thongs as long as we don't go too far with extreme suits and stuff. What street were you on in OC last week?

DavyJ #11

Re:Ocean City, Maryland

Date Posted:08/09/2006 03:07:20Copy HTML

Several different locations.  Just south of 1st, just north of 3nd, and once up toward 8th or 9th.  All these locations seemed about the same.  I avoided the area south of the fishing pier, near the jetty, as the crowd there just didn't seem like they would be as cool about my thong as elsewhere.  (Maybe just my prejudice, not sure)  Never got anywhere further north as my transportation was limited; would this have been better or worse?
sun your buns #12

Re:Ocean City, Maryland

Date Posted:08/11/2006 02:38:33Copy HTML

I grew up in OC. Try just north of the peir. There is lots of beach to spread out on. Also I used to go to the north side of Indian River Inlet. I just walked north a little ways. Never had any problems. Last if you are going to Assateague me and my girlfriend used to go to the national part. There is a small parking lot just before the 4x4 section. We layed out there and she had gone topless a couple of times. The parking lot has a shipreck at it. Not to many people on that beach. mostly campers.  Have fun!!!


Sun your Buns

JM_Runs #13

Re:Ocean City, Maryland

Date Posted:05/28/2007 11:34:09Copy HTML

That's great to hear. I plan on going to Ocean City in mid June. My wife is not a thonger but she is open to it. I don't know how people would respond to just a male in a thong. Did you see any other people in thongs?
ctmonline #14

Re:Ocean City, Maryland

Date Posted:05/30/2007 12:22:40Copy HTML

I didn't see anyone else in anything even close to a thong, everyone was just wearing regular bikinis, the beach was made of mostly teenagers and twenty-some year-olds. I wish we had some company, just email us in anyone will be in the area, you all know about strength in numbers.
Beachlover492000 #15

Re:Ocean City, Maryland

Date Posted:06/03/2007 01:23:45Copy HTML

I'd be very reluctant to thong at Ocean City, Maryland. I grew up in sourthern Delaware, which is just across the boarder. When I lived there Ocean City was noted for have more than its share of red necks. When I was wearing bikinis at Delaware beaches I heard about it from young males whe were "experts in morality." My perceptions of Ocean City were that even more "moral experts" there who could be more aggressive.
ctmonline #16

Re:Ocean City, Maryland

Date Posted:06/03/2007 07:35:20Copy HTML


                                    I've lived in southern Delaware my entire life so you're not telling me anything new, it seems the crowd in Ocean City is becoming more and more diverse every year in my opinion, you still have usual rednecks and young punks but they're are no longer the majority. The entire beach in Ocean City is thong-friendly towards women, even seen them walk the boardwalk in the past, guys on the other hand may have a rough time. When we go to OC we usually get there early and set up in the least populated section, that way everyone arriving after we get there know what to expect, it also depends a lot on your confidence level and general disregard towards the unaccepting (haven't run into any yet)...but we're ready for them. We can't thong at Assateague anymore due to the rangers making up their own set of laws to harass everyone with, all we've got left is Ocean City, it's only place left on the Delmarva Peninsula where you can legally wear your thong. Just get out there and go for it!!!

DavyJ #17

Re:Ocean City, Maryland

Date Posted:06/03/2007 11:53:50Copy HTML

Glad to read your report ctmonline.  I will be in Ocean City at the end of the month and am certainly planning on thonging while there.  I was there last year and also didn't have any real problems; many comments, stares, etc., but no real problems.  I will probably be at the south end; last year I was around the 1st to 7th street area.
tbck1000 #18

Re:Ocean City, Maryland

Date Posted:06/04/2007 12:06:05Copy HTML

I've worn a thong a couple of times in the past in OC, MD. I stood out so much it was actually funny. Luckily there were some good natured people at my hotel who made friends with me. I ended up in the hot tub with two ladies who were very curious about a "regular guy" wearing a thong and I had a great time answering all their questions.
DavyJ #19

Re:Ocean City, Maryland

Date Posted:06/05/2007 11:59:27Copy HTML

Tbck1000 says:

I've worn a thong a couple of times in the past in OC, MD. I stood out so much it was actually funny.

How true!  You definitely do stand out.  But I think it is important to "not hide in the bushes" because it shows people that we thongers are not "strange people in need of being quarantined from everybody else".

tbck1000 #20

Re:Ocean City, Maryland

Date Posted:06/07/2007 07:27:54Copy HTML

Yes, wherever I am in a thong I always keep a cheerful, friendly, open, confident attitude. I say hello, smile, wave, etc to everyone I see. I find that people respond in kind most of the time. I think if you tip toe around like you are not supposed to be there iin a thong, people sense something negative about you and respond negatively.

I love to walk up to a stranger in my thong and start up a friendly conversation.
JM_Runs #21

Re:Ocean City, Maryland

Date Posted:06/19/2007 10:59:21Copy HTML

I was in Ocean City last week. There was a couple there that came to the beach every day around 3pm or so. The woman was wearing a blue thong and the man was wearing dork shorts. They stayed out on the beach everyday until about 6 pm. There were a couple of people gawking (mostly teenage boys) but mostly people just acted normal. The key was that she acted normal. She didn't try to hide or flaunt. She did everything you would normally do on the beach from swimming, frisbee, and sand castles. I was there with my family so I didn't wear a thong but I wanted to! I think a lot of people think they are illegal. Maybe more people would wear them if they were informed that they were legal. Anyway I thought it was great and there were no bad reactions. The lifegauards (both male and female) didn't say a word. Thong on! 

JM_Runs #22

Re:Ocean City, Maryland

Date Posted:06/20/2007 09:18:41Copy HTML

Thongjockey,  you said that you wanted to wear a thong but were with your family.   It has been my experance that if you are part of a group, like a family, you will get a lot less grief than a single guy would.  i.e. probably none at all. 

It would be a good goal to get you family accustomed to you in a thong and to wear one when out on the beach.  It would also help others to see that thongers are part of normal groups and not just a bunch of wierd loaners.  

JM_Runs #23

Re:Ocean City, Maryland

Date Posted:06/20/2007 12:32:38Copy HTML

You are right JM but I guess I'm not to that point as of yet. This board has helped me not to feel like a loner or a weirdo just because I like my freedom without harming anyone else. Thanks for the advice. I will work on it.

JM_Runs #24

Re:Ocean City, Maryland

Date Posted:06/20/2007 11:49:41Copy HTML

JM, you are so right on, and Thongjockey, I fully appreciate your situation.  I used to be the loner hiding out to wear the daring suits that gave me a rush.  Now, although we have no children to educate in body awareness, just having my wife join me at the beach more and more has been wonderful.  It helps me feel normal and accepted, and I find I prefer setting up among the regular folks, who really don't seem to care, rather than isolating myself among the other thongers way down the beach.  She has become more accepting, I'm convinced, because I've been doing my part by choosing more moderate coverage thongs and g-strings, and I find, happily, that my lusting after extreme designs is waning fast.  This site is great because it has helped me understand that I'm a very normal person, even though my swimwear choices are still on the edge most places, and all that is very liberating.  Just part of the wide range of choices we all make every day in living life, and respecting others' choices.  Thongjockey, work at it, it's worth it!       
DavyJ #25

Re:Ocean City, Maryland

Date Posted:06/29/2007 03:28:31Copy HTML

Another fantastic day at Ocean City on Wednesday (6/27).  As before I got there very early and set up somewhat north of the pier roughly opposite 1st St.  (That way I don't intrude on anyone already there, and any new arrivals are free to go elsewhere if they want.)  Spent the entire day there without any hassles.  And, unlike previous visits, I never even overheard a negative comment.  Everybody noticed, for sure, as I was the only thonger I saw all day, but no one had a problem, as far as I could tell.  The beach was a bit less crowded than last year, probably due to it being a weekday, and also, it was a bit pre-season.  An off-shore breeze kept the temperature cooler than I would have liked.

But the beach was still very crowded, and many people didn't mind setting up right next to me.  I avoided walking the beach for most of the day, but did take several walks late in the day after the crowd had thinned down considerably.  But of course I was in the water quite frequently as the sun was very hot.

DavyJ #26

Re:Ocean City, Maryland

Date Posted:06/11/2008 05:30:35Copy HTML

I have thonged several times at the main beach in Ocean City without any major problems.  I asked the lifeguard first, and he said it was legal.  You will be in a small minority (maybe the only one) and you will definitely attract a lot of attention, especially if you are prone to beach walking, but you should not have any "real" problems.  Cute girls may even want to take your picture, but I call that an advantage, not a problem.  Obviously if you are seeking solitude, you won't find it at Ocean City, regardless of what you are wearing.  Perhaps the more northern beaches would be less crowded; I don't know.  
I would be real hesitant to walk the boardwalk in a thong; that would probably cause a problem.  I never had the guts to try.  In fact, I usually put my shorts on when walking the beach during "prime time", although I have walked it in my thong early in the morning or very late in the afternoon.  This precaution probably wasn't necessary, but it seemed the courteous thing to do, given that the beach was packed.  
I am always more hesitant to intrude on other people's "space" when in my thong.  When going to a crowded beach, I always get there real early; that way anybody who might be offended has the option to set up elsewhere when they arrive.  I know these are just my own prejudices, but they seem like courteous things to do.  Now, of course, these precautions are not necessary at someplace like SoBe in Miami, but they seem like a good idea in Ocean City.
seemythong02 #27

Re:Ocean City, Maryland

Date Posted:06/12/2008 02:19:34Copy HTML

how do you find the email for the ocean city beach patrol and are thongs still for 2008 legal for both men and women in ocean city maryland?
ctmonline #28

Re:Ocean City, Maryland

Date Posted:06/12/2008 04:51:39Copy HTML


                         We've emailed the beach patrol before, they said thongs are permitted, did copy and paste...look at the next post.
ctmonline #29

Re:Ocean City, Maryland

Date Posted:06/15/2008 05:40:52Copy HTML

***Copy of email and response from Ocean City Beach Patrol***
      -we carry a copy with us at all times just in case-

From: Liz ******
>Sent: Thu 8/3/2006 9:11 PM
>To: ocbp@ococean.com
>Subject: question on the legality of swimwear
> I was wondering..are thong bikinis legal on the beach in Ocean City?
> Thanks,

>From: "Arbin, Butch (CCPS)"
>To: "Liz ******"
>Subject: RE: question on the legality of swimwear
>Date: Fri, 4 Aug 2006 14:04:13 -0400
>Yes they are. This is a family resort so you will not se very many.. but
>there is no restriction on thongs. We do restrict nude and topless
>Captain Arbin
JM_Runs #30

Re:Ocean City, Maryland

Date Posted:05/25/2009 03:42:15Copy HTML

From the Washington Post:

Packing Heat on the Boardwalk
  Training for Ocean City Summer Police Recruits, Mostly College Students, Not Such a Breeze

OCEAN CITY -- Maryland's most popular beach town doubles the size of its police force every summer by hiring more than 100 seasonal officers -- most of them college students who are whisked through a four-week police academy, then given arrest powers and a gun.
Ocean City's young officers have a lot to learn before they are let loose on the boardwalk with a badge. This year's recruits are deep into the crash course that aims to meet -- barely -- the minimum state requirements for becoming a sworn officer. To meet a requirement that they fire at least 1,000 rounds, the recruits spent four full days at a firing range, pulling the trigger again and again.

"I call them 'video game kids.' The eye-hand coordination is there, but the hand muscles aren't," said firearms instructor Mark Doyle, a retired Ocean City officer. "They're learning."

The seasonal officers, who must be at least 21, are brought on to help police a population of more than 200,000, up from 8,500 in the winter. They patrol for underage drinkers, break up bar fights, stop drunk drivers and respond to noise complaints.

"A lot of them are going to tell us all of these stories -- 'You know how it is, man,' or 'You're cool -- you've been where we are' -- and it's going to be hard to enforce the laws," said Todd Clark, a 25-year-old Marine who has completed three tours in Iraq and is now a senior at Penn State. "But that's our job."

In a recruit class of mostly 21- and 22-year-olds, Clark is referred to as "the old man." Two recruits will celebrate their 21st birthdays in the next two weeks, barely making the age cutoff.

No seasonal officer has fired a weapon while on the job in at least 20 years if not longer, said Michael Levy, a police spokesman who once trained recruits.

In Ocean City and elsewhere, permanent police officers must go to a six-month police academy.

None of the other Eastern Shore beach towns that hires seasonal officers equips them with a gun. Instead, officers in such places as Dewey Beach and Rehoboth Beach, Del., are given a baton, pepper spray and bulletproof vest.

"There are plenty of full-time officers around," said Sgt. Michael Corbin of Rehoboth's police department. "If there's a situation where a gun is needed, they can get there quickly."

Ocean City hired fewer new seasonal officers than usual this year because about 50 returned from previous summers, probably because the job market is poor. The new officers will complete their course June 6, in time to start patrols just as the beach is invaded by "June bugs," the new high school graduates who arrive in waves every year.

All the recruits agreed that the academy is intense: Most have never been in a fight and didn't know how to throw or block a punch. No one really understood the intricacies of Maryland liquor and traffic laws. Nearly all admit that they were way out of shape. And a handful had never touched a gun.

"I was scared about this part," Jamie Temyer, 21, one of five women, said during shooting practice Friday afternoon. "I'm not going to lie -- I thought I was going to shoot myself."

The recruits are trained to defend themselves and to defuse potentially violent situations. In boot camp fashion, they are made to do countless push-ups and endlessly bark "Sir, yes, sir!"

This week, the recruits will practice using pepper spray -- on themselves, in part to identify anyone who might be allergic.

"We will have EMS personnel on hand," Levy said.

Most nights and weekends are spent hanging out as a group at restaurants and on the beach, and many of the recruits live together. Recruits aren't allowed to drink during their academy training, and current seasonal officers say that when they go out for fun, they stay away from the bars they patrol.

"They're living in a resort town, so if they live together, chances are they will keep each other out of trouble," said Ocean City Detective Shawn Jones, who teaches recruits defensive tactics.

Jones was a seasonal officer one summer more than a decade ago, and he remembers the fear he felt on his first few patrols: "I can just remember being put out there and feeling like I had so little training for the job."

The best training comes on the job, said Officer Andrew Nicholson, 23, who grew up in Fairfax County and is returning to Ocean City for a third summer.

Friday night and Saturday morning, Nicholson drove up and down the Coastal Highway, stopping to help two intoxicated people find a bus, quiet several parties and remind people of the dangers of jay-walking.

About 4 a.m., he stopped by a beach house where soft music and a conversation on the deck awoke a neighbor.

"Hey, guys," Nicholson began, as he usually does. "I know you are just trying to have fun, but we got a call . . . ."

TJ-22 #31

Re:Ocean City, Maryland

Date Posted:07/02/2009 04:45:03Copy HTML

I got to Ocean City earlier this week.  During a long walk up the beach, I did see two women wearing thongs.  One of them was quite active around the water's edge, but did not seem to turn many heads, so maybe thongs are slowly creeping back into use there.  (I started seeing thongs here in the early 1990s but that dried up about three years ago.)  I also saw more men wearing speedos than I have seen in at least 15 years -- maybe eight or nine.  They weren't getting any real attention either -- positive or negative.  These two trends may be from the influence of the Eastern Europeans, possibly.  In any case, both were overshadowed by the fact that string bikinis are getting both skimpier and more common there (a trend that has been going on for years, and somehow refuses to stop).  So my conclusion is that OC visitors are more tolerant of skimpy swimwear than ever before.
JM_Runs #32

Re:Ocean City, Maryland

Date Posted:07/02/2009 04:58:41Copy HTML

I think you are right about the Eastern European influence. There are alot of foreigners that work at the restaurants. I saw a women thonging last year with a guy who was wearing boardshorts. They were speaking another language. It's good to see people not just in secluded areas. This was around 130th St.. Hopefully it will catch on. I myself did not feel comfortable thonging at that time. I'm working on it.
thongguy99 #33

Re:Ocean City, Maryland

Date Posted:07/14/2009 06:30:46Copy HTML

In doing research about the status of wearing thongs on Assateaque, I talked to Ocean City Town Hall. I was told there are no ordinances about thongs, therefore wearing thongs on O C beach is OK. I started out talking to the Maryland Law Library in Annapolis and found out that Maryland leaves  the majoriety of its nudity laws up to the county
BaltoBob #34

Re:Ocean City, Maryland

Date Posted:07/15/2009 07:16:11Copy HTML

There was a case that went to the MD Court of Appeals (highest court in MD) about mooning. The court said that showing your butt is legal. There are some county or city laws. Back in the 60s a guy could be fined for being on the OC boardwalk with out a shirt. Now, you can wear a g-string most places here in MD. A baggie is legal here, too. Of course I can't guarantee that every cop knows the law. Most of us don't want to go to court either.
JM_Runs #35

Re:Ocean City, Maryland

Date Posted:07/29/2009 05:54:22Copy HTML

I made it down to Ocean City this past weekend. The weather was great and the beach was pretty crowded. I decided I wanted to try thonging and see what the reaction would be. I was pretty nervous. There was one man there that was wearing a speedo. I set up my towel and hung out for awile in my boardshorts. Then I slipped them off. I layed out on my back for awhile and I got alot of attention from the teens. When I turned over on my stomach it was worse with the teen and college guys making comments. I ignored them and continued to tan for about an hour. This was up near 125th St. where it is not as crowded. Most people didn't react including the lifeguard. I will try this again.
tthong #36

Re:Ocean City, Maryland

Date Posted:07/30/2009 04:25:57Copy HTML

 t-jockey, it makes no sense to go to OC.  the crowd there is anti-thong.   the north beach on assateague is all thong all the time (a few speedo and nude).
JM_Runs #37

Re:Ocean City, Maryland

Date Posted:07/30/2009 01:01:56Copy HTML

Yes I know, and I have gone there before, and it's cool. I just didn't want to have the hassle of traveling there when I was already at the beach. Besides it is legal to thong in Ocean City and I would like to see some people take advantage of it, especially women. Maybe then people would be a little less uptight about seeing minimal swimwear.
DavyJ #38

Re:Ocean City, Maryland

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I agree with thongjockey.  It often does make sense to thong at OC rather than Assateague.  Depending where you are staying, Assateague can be a bit of a drive, whereas the OC beach is rarely more than a pleasant walk away.  And finding lunch is certainly much easier at OC.  Yes, tthong can be correct, the crowd can be somewhat anti-thong, but I have been there several times over the past years and never had any problems.  Maybe I was lucky in my choice of areas (typically between 1st and 8th or 9th); don't know.  And the sand and beach is much better in OC.  Assateague has coarser sand, the beach is less level, the currents and undertows can be tricky, etc. etc.  Depending on the wind, flies can also be real bad at Assateague, but they are never a problem at OC.    

And don't forget, what was it?  Three or four years ago, as I recall.  Assateague got real nasty and started ticketing thongers, whereas there was no problem at OC.  Hopefully that will never happen again, but who knows.  Thonging environments can change quickly and unpredictably, as we all know. 
tthong #39

Re:Ocean City, Maryland

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 thongs are 100% OK on all maryland beaches, so assateague (state park) is good too.  i have a very minimal thong, walk the beach, swim, and no prob at all w/rangers.  i use repel (40% deet) if flies r a problem, but that's only earlier in the season.   after bird nesting season, the entire beach and dunes are open so it's very wide.  and you have 30, 40 people at most on weekends on over a mile of beach , not the hundreds of thousands packed in like at oc (noise, kids, teens, footballs and frisbees, loud families).  so if you prefer a nice quiet  place where u can be as social or solo as you want, try assateague. 
String_guy #40

Re:Ocean City, Maryland

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Lets face it folks, both beaches are nice. But, don't we all get a little trill out being seen. After all, we are exhibitionist, aren't we?  That's why average people don't get it. So... they go to their beach and we go to ours. My wife hates that I go to Assateague. She likes to people watch and there's not alot of people to see on north assateague.That's why I leave her home!
BaltoBob #41

Re:Ocean City, Maryland

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MD is one of the better states to thong. I can't guarantee you will have company but, the police won't bother you.  
DavyJ #42

Re:Ocean City, Maryland

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I am hoping to make it there later this month; will depend on my schedule.  If so, I will again plan on Ocena City, a bit north of the pier.  That has worked well in previous years.
JM_Runs #43

Re:Ocean City, Maryland

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If you're an exhibitionist then why not go where there are more people and your wife will be happy.
String_guy #44

Re:Ocean City, Maryland

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Thongjockey, I prefer the peace and quiet of the north end myself. It also gives me the chance to shed the thong w/o the gawkers. Bieng an exhibitionist is one thing, doesn't mean I like parade around an audience. She wouldn't go anyway. "NOT IF YOU'RE WEARIN' THAT THING!!!!" she would say. Her mind is closed up tighter then a frog's ass...
JM_Runs #45

Re:Ocean City, Maryland

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Had an awesome weekend in OC this Labor Day. Wore my multi-colored thong (relatively conservative) for four hours on Sunday and all day on Monday. It was great. Beautiful weather. A couple of double takes from some people but most people did not pay any attention. I did not go walking around or swimming, just tanning. I saw two women this weekend in thongs and one guy in a speedo style.
JM_Runs #46

Re:Ocean City, Maryland

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 Went to Ocean City this Memorial Day weekend. It was pretty crowed with the great weather. I tanned in my thong a couple of times. I was also pleased to see a woman in a thong and a couple of men wearing speedo style suits.
DavyJ #47

Re:Ocean City, Maryland

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Thanks for the report, thongjockey.  Glad to see OC is still "alive and well".  I will be there later this summer for a couple of days, and will report after I return.  Anybody else that has been there this year - keep the trip reports coming.
JM_Runs #48

Re:Ocean City, Maryland

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 just spent the last three days thronging in ocean city. Today I asked the lifeguard if thongs were legal and to my surprise she said no. I thought they were. So she asked if I had a complaint of someone and I told her no, I'm wearing a thong under my suit and I thought it was legal here. She said absolutely not, everything has to be covered. Is this true?
BaltoBob #49

Re:Ocean City, Maryland

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She is WRONG, unless OC has passed a law I don't know about.  Under state law you only have to cover your genitals, not your butt. Years ago it was against the law to walk the boardwalk without a shirt, even then you could swim in a g-string.
JM_Runs #50

Re:Ocean City, Maryland

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 That's what I thought. She seemed to be pretty sure. I checked OC laws and didn't find anything. I'm worried about getting slapped with indecent exposure. I'm wearing a pretty conservative thong. Muscle skins with the plain front and 1" sides in navy. Laid out three days in arrow at 120th street with no problems. Nobody payed much attention and I set up behind people. I figured this gave them the option to set up near me or away. Most people just set up close by. I didn't walk around or swim just tanning.
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