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Date Posted:08/12/2013 03:06:48Copy HTML

On Saturday I went to Ogunquit Beach.  I didn’t see anyone wearing a thong, but I did see a handful of women with bikini bottoms that left almost half of their cheeks exposed.  Two of them were local high school girls who were also topless while they sunbathed.  They were with their boyfriends and only stayed for a couple of hours. They put bikini tops on before getting up.  They were set up near me, between poles 4 and 5 (about halfway between the main entrance and the Footbridge Beach entrance). I talked with them a bit.  They said that they had seen somewhere on the net that topless is legal on Ogunquit Beach, so they have been sunning topless all summer.  They said they always put tops on before they get up to walk, because they’re afraid of being seen by someone who might tell their parents.  Apparently, their parents don’t know that they go topless.  They were the only topless females that I saw all day.

I wore a black, lined g-string and got nothing but positive feedback when walking the beach:  smiles, waves, and comments like “I like your bathing suit!”  I didn’t hear any snickers from anyone, including groups of teenage boys.  I spent a lot of time walking the beach, all three miles of it, because the flies were bothering me when I was lying on my beach blanket.  I’ve always found the beachgoers at Ogunquit to be accepting of skimpy swimwear even though most of them wear conservative swimsuits.

However, I did get hassled by a lifeguard who was near the Norseman Hotel which abuts the main entrance.  The first time, he came over to me as I was walking by and asked if I had something else I could put on because this is a family beach and there are lots of kids around.  I said that kids don’t pay attention to what adults are wearing and they aren’t born with aversions to certain styles of swimsuits; they learn what we teach them.  He had no comeback for any of this.  I thought he seemed polite and apologetic, and I was about to turn around anyway to head back to my blanket, so I told him I would do so.

A few hours later, when I was on my way back from the restroom, he accosted me again and told me that thongs are not allowed on the beach.  I told him that’s not true, but he said that he had checked with his supervisor.  I said that I had checked with the police chief, Chief Arnaudin, and that she had said that thongs are OK (this is true; I’ve reported on it previously).  He repeated what his supervisor supposedly told him, so I told him to have his supervisor check with the police chief.  I then continued on my way, leaving him speechless.

It was a civil discussion, but totally uncalled for.  During the day I walked past other lifeguards without any problems.  It seems as though this particular young man either didn’t know the law or was trying to impose his personal view about thongs.  With the facts in hand, I wasn’t about to be bullied.

The weather was great, so, aside from a minor annoyance, I really enjoyed the day.  It’s a very comfortable beach for wearing a thong and going topless.  It’s a shame that more people don’t take advantage of it.
vtbeach #1

Re:Ogunquit Beach, Maine

Date Posted:05/27/2006 11:06:44Copy HTML

Any more recent thonging in Ogunquit?  Thanks!
thongsurfer #2

Re:Ogunquit Beach, Maine

Date Posted:05/31/2006 05:44:53Copy HTML

I was in Ogunquit last July and the beach had a couple dozen thongers.
muscleinathong #3

Re:Ogunquit Beach, Maine

Date Posted:06/18/2010 11:13:44Copy HTML

Heading to Ogunquit the week of 6/28, is the beach still thong friendly?
kevinb959 #4

Re:Ogunquit Beach, Maine

Date Posted:06/22/2010 06:55:48Copy HTML

I was at Ogunquit this past weekend. Hardly any thongers there. Hung out just past the gay section. Nobody bothered me. Overall it was OK, but not like the past years.
JM_Runs #5

Re:Ogunquit Beach, Maine

Date Posted:08/04/2011 03:21:16Copy HTML

Did a day trip to Ogunquit, Me yesterday. Overall, a good day, no other thongers, but a few guys walking around in Speedos. Lots of French/Canadian families, so I didn't walk around at all. No hassles except for a nearby boy who I'd guess was around 8 laughing out loud. However, when he started to wander to close, the Mom told him to "Leave the other people alone" 
I'd go back...
kmyr #6

Re:Ogunquit Beach, Maine

Date Posted:08/22/2011 10:25:47Copy HTML

 Was at Ogunquit Footbridge beach all day Sunday just to the left about 150 feet No problems all day,But did not see any other thongs!
I did spend most of my 7 hours there on my stomach!
islandguy #7

Re:Ogunquit Beach, Maine

Date Posted:10/12/2011 12:12:22Copy HTML

Monday was the Columbus Day holiday for many people in the area.  I had the day off but my wife had to work.  Temps were again in the 80s so I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to go to the beach again.  Having contended with flies the day before at Plum Island, I decided to drive a half hour further north to Ogunquit Beach.  It turned out that there were flies there also, but I had a great day nevertheless.

I parked in the parking lot at the main beach ($10 fee) and walked about halfway to the Footbridge Beach walkway, setting up near pole 5.  I put on a black Skinz M1 adjustable g-string swimsuit.  I immediately went for a walk going north, walking about 20 minutes each way.  The tide was high and I passed hundreds of people in close proximity.  I didn’t hear a word about my swimsuit, although I saw no one else wearing anything remotely as skimpy.

When I returned to my blanket I quickly discovered that the flies were out in force.  In an unusual flash of brilliance I remembered that I had a bottle of insect repellant in the trunk of the car, so I decided to go and get it.  I grabbed my keys and took off.  I walked past dozens of people before getting to the off-beach exit.  The passageway between the beach and the parking lot runs between a restaurant/bar with outdoor seating on one side and a row of park benches overlooking the beach on the other side.  The effect was somewhat like running a gauntlet through a crowd of people.  The top of the ramp opens onto an area where the tourist trolleys stop.  One trolley was parked and another was pulling up as I was walking towards my car parked near the restrooms.  The trolley windows were down and both trolleys were full of people

I got the insect repellant and walked back past the trolleys again, down the ramp onto the beach past all of the folks who were people-watching.  I was heartened by the fact that I never detected any sort of disapproval from anyone, even though my swimsuit was orders of magnitude briefer that what anyone else was wearing.  Later in the day I walked from my blanket to the restroom and had a similar experience.

The insect repellant had limited affect; it inhibited the flies from trying to bite, but didn’t keep them from alighting on me, particularly on my legs.  As a result I found myself moving around a lot.  The tide had ebbed by this time, opening up a lot of space between the dunes and the water.  I decided to change into an even more comfortable swimsuit.  I put on a black mesh g-string.  It has 1/8” holes but does not appear to be see-thru from 20 feet away and beyond.  I spent most of the rest of the day walking the beach in this suit.

The only noticeable reaction that the swimsuit elicited occurred when I initiated a conversation with a couple of young women who were walking towards me at one point.  They were the prettiest women I had seen and were wearing eye-catching multi-colored string bikinis.  I complimented them and they stopped and chatted for a few minutes.  After a while, one of them said that my swimsuit was “interesting.”  I said that I always wear thong-type swimsuits because I like the freedom of movement and the comfort.  I said that this one was particularly comfortable because it lets the air flow through and doesn’t absorb a lot of water.  She asked if it was legal and I replied that I had been wearing it all day and that no one had said anything about it.  As we parted ways, I told them that they would look awesome in thongs.  They smiled and said thanks.  To some degree I was amazed at how nonchalantly they reacted to my swimsuit, but this was typical of everyone on the beach.  People seemed to have a live-and-let-live attitude.

When it got to around 5 PM, I decided to start heading out.  Before packing up, I changed back to the solid black g-string that I originally had on.  On my way back to the car, I realized that I hadn’t seen any other person wearing a thong at any time during the day.

I got back to the car, used the restroom, got in the car, and then started driving.  But it was still light and warm, so I ended up turning down the road that leads to Footbridge Beach.  There were only a few cars remaining when I arrived.  I hopped out wearing only the g-string and walked across the bridge to the beach.  The people I passed on the bridge didn’t blink an eye.  The beach had emptied out considerably – so much so that I didn’t feel the need to have anything at all on.  I slipped off my swimsuit and spent about a half hour walking the beach naked.

I didn’t encounter many people, but the ones I passed displayed the same indifference that I had observed earlier in the day.  After I passed one couple, I heard him say to her “I bet that made your day!”   A little later a man came up from behind me in jogging shorts, slowed down and said that I looked “awesome” and that he wished that he had the confidence to do what I was doing.  As he began pulling away he turned his head, looked me up and down, and repeated his compliment.

As the sun got lower and lower I finally headed back to the footbridge.  I was so relaxed that I almost forgot that I wasn’t wearing anything, then thought “what the heck” and kept walking.  I didn’t pass anyone on the walkway, but as I was nearing the end I saw a woman walking her dog towards the bridge.  Several paces behind her were two other people.  I got to the end of the bridge when the woman with the dog was still about 25 feet away, and took a sharp right turn to go towards my car.  At that point I noticed that a woman with a camera and her husband had been walking across the bridge about 50 feet behind me.  Both of them were wearing street clothes.

The moon was rising over the dunes creating a picturesque sight, so I pulled my camera out of my car and took some pictures.  I noticed that the woman with the camera was also taking pictures of the moon. Her vantage point had the footbridge in the foreground.  Still naked, I walked over and told her that she had the best angle.  She started talking about f-stops, digital versus optical zoom, and other technical factors that could result in more aesthetically pleasing shots.  As we chatted and took more photos, a few people walked by on the way back to their cars.  Based on my earlier experiences, I was not surprised that everyone took my appearance in stride.

As I was driving home I realized that I had seen very few children on the beach.  In that regard, it was like Herring Cove Beach in Provincetown:  a de facto adult beach.  Also, I recalled that Ogunquit, like Provincetown, has a large gay community, and is therefore, perhaps, more liberally inclined.

I phoned my wife on the way home and she asked me to stop at our local mom-and-pop grocery store to pick something up.  I didn’t tell her that I was naked, wanting to surprise her when I got home.  It happened that the store was closed for the holiday, so I didn’t have to decide what, if anything, to put on before going in.

I hadn’t been to Ogunquit Beach in several years.  Perhaps my experience on an unusually warm October day is not typical of what would occur on a normal summer day.  However, I had such an enjoyable time that I’ll have to find out for myself next summer.
SlidingG #8

Re:Ogunquit Beach, Maine

Date Posted:10/13/2011 12:36:13Copy HTML

So what'd your wife say?  Did you tell her all you told us?  Amazing story.  And here I thought East Beach in RI was liberal!  But nudity isn't allowed there, and folks do get busted, so I'm always a lot more discreet than you were.  Also I don't want to offend people.  Your report suggests they wouldn't be and I shouldn't sweat it.  Thanks for posting.
islandguy #9

Re:Ogunquit Beach, Maine

Date Posted:10/13/2011 12:32:32Copy HTML

My wife was surprised that I walked off the beach naked and that no one was offended.  I had never done that before at any beach, but the circumstances seemed right.  Perhaps the full moon affected my judgment or the other people’s reactions!

In the summertime when it’s much more crowded I’m not sure that I would be so bold – certainly not if there were families with children around.  However, on this particular day the vibe was the same as is usual at Herring Cove Beach in Provincetown.  The only concern was to be spotted by a law enforcement official – and there were none in evidence at any time during the day.

islandguy #10

Re:Ogunquit Beach, Maine

Date Posted:06/13/2012 10:09:01Copy HTML

After the enjoyable time I had at Ogunquit Beach last October, I was nagged by thoughts that my experience might have been a fluke because it did not occur during the normal beach season.  I decided that it might be good to get a better sense of the attitude towards skimpy swimwear.

After doing some research, I sent an email to the Ogunquit Chief of Police.  I stated my understanding that the State of Maine does not have any laws prohibiting thongs or toplessness and, furthermore, that I could not find any restrictions in the Ogunquit town ordinances posted online.

I asked the Chief to verify that it's legal to wear thong swimsuits and go topless on the beach in Ogunquit.  Here is her reply:

“Thongs are allowed on the Ogunquit Beach. Your understanding of the Maine
laws and the Town of Ogunquit ordinances is correct; however toplessness is
not common practice.”

The response suggests that wearing thong swimsuits is common or at least not uncommon.  With that information and in view of the laissez-faire attitude of beachgoers that I experienced and documented in an earlier report, it seems that anyone wearing a thong swimsuit on Ogunquit Beach should be completely at ease.  As for being topless, women without tops apparently would constitute a very small minority, but could be sure in the knowledge that the law is on their side.

sailor250 #11

Re:Ogunquit Beach, Maine

Date Posted:06/14/2012 12:53:56Copy HTML

Just make sure that Elie lady from Miami Beach isn't visiting!  seems like it's the same situation- see my posts about SouthBeach on the coastal section- may be the same thing- not legal but tolerated- except in Maine the cops may act on complaints instead of Miami Beach where they act out and everyone else complains after they get run over by a police ATV.
islandguy #12

Re:Ogunquit Beach, Maine

Date Posted:06/14/2012 11:42:55Copy HTML

There seems to be a misunderstanding. The situations in Miami Beach and Ogunquit are opposite.  On Miami Beach, toplessness is not legal but is widely practiced.  On Ogunquit Beach, toplessness is legal but is not widely practiced.

If Elie were to come to Ogunquit and insist that the police enforce the law regarding toplessness, there would be no controversy since the law is being followed (toplessness is legal and those women who choose to go topless are free to do so).  On the other hand, if Elie were to ask the police to stop toplessness, there would be no law to invoke in support of taking such action.

sailor250 #13

Re:Ogunquit Beach, Maine

Date Posted:06/15/2012 12:24:41Copy HTML

yes I realize the differences but I was making light of the fact that things are fine until some one person comes along and tries to have their way imposed on others.  In Maine I'm sure if someone complained the cops would ask her to put her top on- if she didnt-- bingo--  disturbing the peace- we gotta law for that!
islandguy #14

Re:Ogunquit Beach, Maine

Date Posted:08/10/2012 05:49:38Copy HTML

On Wednesday I decided to take the day off to check out Ogunquit Beach during the summer.  Parking in the parking lot at the main beach costs $25.   A parking lot about a quarter of a mile away costs $15.  A regular whom I met on the beach said that he often parks in a church parking lot on School Street as long as no services are taking place.

The beach was very crowded and included lots of families.  Swimsuits were conservative for the most part.  However, I saw some women in cheeky bikinis (one revealing almost half of her butt) and several men in briefs (in what appeared to be a gay men’s section of the beach), but I saw no one wearing a thong swimsuit.

I set up in a quiet spot between poles 4 and 5.  In honor of the US Olympic Team I wore a g-string with an American Flag motif.  I was very comfortable sunning, walking the beach, and walking to the restroom at Footbridge Beach in my swimsuit.

During the day, at least a thousand people must have seen me.  However, I did not hear a single negative comment (nor did I hear anything complimentary).  This confirms my experience from last October:  General beach attire is fairly conservative, but there is high public tolerance for nonconformity – at least for people wearing thong swimsuits. I did not see any topless women on Ogunquit Beach (although going topless is legal – see my entry on 6/13/2012) so I have no evidence about reactions to that type of nonconformity.
JM_Runs #15

Re:Ogunquit Beach, Maine

Date Posted:09/01/2012 12:18:39Copy HTML

I've been to Ogunquit about a half a dozen times this summer, and generally have had ok experiences. It's no SoBe ( but then again, there is only one Southbeach ) but for here in the northeast it's been my best place to thong. Ogunquit is a very gay-friendly community with many of the hotels and businesses catering to that market for many years now. You will see lots of gay couples as well as many families, but not much in the way beautiful women. I've seen a couple younger girls walking around in the cheeky high-cut boy shorts type bottoms, but never a full thong. Many guys will wear speedos, and a very few other guys in thongs sparsly spread out.
I am bit surprised to read that topless tanning for women is legal. I'd say the reason why you don't see it at all is the big sign of beach rules posted at the main entrance ( No pets, No open containers, etc ) also says No nudity. That's a very strong deterent for a woman to let the girls out...
JM_Runs #16

Re:Ogunquit Beach, Maine

Date Posted:08/13/2013 07:14:44Copy HTML

At the request of islandguy, who has started this new thread, the relevant posts from the general ME/NH/MA thread have been moved here.  If you think a post has been incorrectly moved to this thread please let me know.
JC2162 #17

Re:Ogunquit Beach, Maine

Date Posted:08/19/2013 06:46:34Copy HTML

 Went to Ogunquit on Saturday from 1030 am until 400 pm. I thonged between markers 4 and 5. I saw only one other thong on a woman near marker 3.  It was a beautiful sunny day near 80 deg F.  I wore my new Skinzwear g-string with a sliding pouch fully drawn to its minimum width (see new pics in my profile) :-)!  I was the first bather in my immediate area.  Several couples setup near me.  Some walkers noted the tiny suit that I was wearing but didn‘t seem to care.  One woman with an expensive camera even took some pics of me while supposedly taking pictures of her male friend or spouse.  I didn‘t mind.
I got a nice little tan in thse areas that are usually covered by my other thongs.  I had a great time reading while getting some sun.  The g-string from Skinzwear fit very well and was extraordinarily comfortable.  I will be ordering at least two more g-strings in the next day or so.
I plan to go back to Ogunquit this coming Saturday.  I plan to wear a new g-string between markers 4 and 5.
Ex_Member #18

Re:Ogunquit Beach, Maine

Date Posted:08/19/2013 09:22:53Copy HTML

 I just got back from spending the day at Ogunquit wearing my Prevail, black liquid Northstar Thong.  I set up right by Pole 4.  I felt completely comfortable thonging there and no one really cared what I was wearing.  A family with teenage girls set up right near me even though it was obvious what I was wearing and they never gave me a second glance.  
On the downside, I saw no one, male or female, wearing anything I would consider to be remotely skimpy.  I saw no one wearing a thong, male or female, no topless women, not even any women with bottoms that were all that tiny.  As for the guys, a few in pretty conservative speedos was about it.

Ex_Member #19

Re:Ogunquit Beach, Maine

Date Posted:08/20/2013 11:19:02Copy HTML

 PS:  The biting flies were out, but not terrible.  I did have to spray myself with Off several times though.  I don't know if anyone has the same impression, but this species of fly seems to be getting continually worse in the late summer and fall in recent years.  I do not remember them ever being a problem 15 or 20 years ago, but they now seem to get worse every year.  September used to be my favorite beach month, but lately the flies have been so bad that there are many days you just can't lay on the beach.  I have seen this problem from Mass. to Maine.
Ex_Member #20

Re:Ogunquit Beach, Maine

Date Posted:08/21/2013 10:21:21Copy HTML

 Just back from a great day, the weather was fantastic. I've been here a few times now, and seem to have ironed out a pretty good system for day trips. My best days have been when I arrive early ( 9:00 - 9:30 ) and park at Hutchings Antiques for $10 ( the town lot is $25 )  The pros are that it's more affordable, and often makes for an easier exit from the crowded beach traffic. The cons are that it's about a 5 minute walk to the beach entrance. For me it's a no-brainer, but if you're carrying in a bunch of gear it's something to keep in mind.  

Otherwise my experience is the same as the previous poster. Very tolerant crowd, but still very much a textile beach. I observed that aside from a few young families with small children, the vast majority of the people were under 20, or over 50. The young-ins don't yet have the ( for lack of a better word ) maturity for something that requires such a fair amount of self confidence. The older crowd often are true to the values of their own upbringing. Around here, that's traditional swim trunks for him, and a modest one-piece for her.

Flies for me were not a problem. I find the best way to mitigate that is to try and find an area that doesn't have much dried seaweed around. That is where they are the worst. When the tide is low, the beach is very long, and usually I'll throw on trunks when I get up to go swim. Today the tide was high, and beach was quite narrow.  It made the walk to the water so short that I didn't bother with the shorts, and it was fine. The water was actually reasonably comfortable at about 65 degrees. 
islandguy #21

Re:Ogunquit Beach, Maine

Date Posted:09/08/2013 03:42:25Copy HTML

My wife and I went to Ogunquit on Saturday.  I spent the afternoon on the beach while she (not a beach person) explored the town, as this was her first time there.  I set up near pole 4 and wore a black Skinz M1R1 g-string swimsuit.  I took two long walks - almost to the far northern end of the beach and saw only one person wearing a thong.  It was a man near pole 10.  I saw no topless women.

Beachgoers were overwhelmingly middle-aged couples wearing conservative swimsuits.  Many were speaking French.  There were very few children, even though there was a kite festival on the main beach (just beyond the Norseman hotel).  I ventured among the crowd there to get good angles for taking pictures of the kites.  I didn't hear a negative comment or derisive sound about my swimsuit all day.  There was one wolf whistle that apparently was directed at me.

Around 4 PM with the tide low and the crowds thinning, I changed to the black open net g-string that I labeled as a wide mesh g-string in my Images.  When walking back from the footbridge that goes over the dunes to the estuary around pole 6 a fortyish woman in a conservative one-piece swimsuit struck up a conversation with me.  It was obvious that she did so because of my swimsuit.  Her eye movements betrayed her although she never made reference to my attire.  She even played it cool when taking pictures of me with my camera at my request.  I think it's nice when people take nudity or near-nudity in stride.

I met up with my wife for dinner on the veranda of a restaurant overlooking Perkins Cove.  We had a very enjoyable day.  Here's hoping that it's not our last taste of summer for the year!

P.S.  The last two posters mentioned flies on the beach.  Flies were not a problem on Saturday.  There were a few, but they were barely noticeable.
islandguy #22

Re:Ogunquit Beach, Maine

Date Posted:06/03/2014 02:59:12Copy HTML

With temps near 80 F on Monday I took the day off.  I parked in the main lot ($15 at this time of year) and walked about 5 minutes down the beach.  I set up in front of a large driftwood tree trunk that had been pushed up near the dunes.

There was a steady breeze, so I set up a windscreen for protection.  It provided the added benefit of allowing me to sunbathe nude without being seen.  When walking the beach or going to the restroom, I wore a black g-string.  I had a brief chat with a worker who was cleaning the restrooms at Footbridge Beach.  As usual here, on one seemed to care about the brevity of my swimsuit, although I did see a few cell phones aimed my way as I walked the beach.

Relatively few people walking the beach were in swimsuits.  Most had shirts and shorts on because the steady breeze made it feel cool.  I didn’t see anyone wearing a thong, but a few young women sported bikinis that revealed 1/3 to ½ of their bottoms.  In groups of 2 or 3, it seemed that there was always one with an abbreviated bottom.

All in all, a nice time for this early in the beach season.

kevinb959 #23

Re:Ogunquit Beach, Maine

Date Posted:06/10/2014 02:14:49Copy HTML

 I spent the weekend at Ogunquit. It was beautiful weather. I hung out just passed the first footbridge near the south entrance. I didn't encounter any unwanted attention while wearing a pink thong one day and a gold the next.. I saw guy in a speedo with tons to tattoos attracting more attention, which begs the question, who is the more head-turner?
kmyr #24

Re:Ogunquit Beach, Maine

Date Posted:06/30/2014 10:16:10Copy HTML

Spent the day just South of pole 8 . I set up my sun shelter at 8 AM and was laying on my stomach when I hear someone say excuse me sir !  And a cop is there asking me if I was naked on the beach . . . To which I told him I was not naked I know the laws as I do not want to be arrested ! Someone called and said I was naked which I was not.The cop asked me if I could put a little more on in the way of coverage ( had a Dore string suit on) I said I would put another thong on with a little more front coverage.
The cop was very nice and said he has to follow up when someone calls about nudity !
Left at 3PM and waved to the cop as I left. Did not see any other thongs men or women .I'll be back there again soon !

thongerinME #25

Re:Ogunquit Beach, Maine

Date Posted:08/19/2014 05:22:24Copy HTML

 Got a chance to venture a little further south today and went ogunquit beach. The parking is super expensive. I don't think I will do it again unless I bring a bike and park elsewhere. The beach is amazing. I was the only thonger that I saw. I got there early and left after a couple of hours. People set up by me with some intial glances but quickly went about there business. I got up and went for a little walk to the shore and rinsed the sand off. Lingering around the shore was exihilerating. It was very exciting being somewhere where it was not unusual and anonymous at the same time. If it were not for the price f parking and the hour drive I would be here more often. I set up just south of post 8.
islandguy #26

Re:Ogunquit Beach, Maine

Date Posted:06/25/2016 04:29:02Copy HTML

Friday was the first time in two years that I came here.  I parked in the Footbridge Beach lot off Ocean Street - $20 for the day.  On the beach, I walked south (towards town) almost to the next footbridge before setting up.  I wore a navy blue g-string with narrow, semi-sheer, red front.  The red color doesn't contrast much with my skin tone, so the material appears to be completely solid, though snug-fitting.

I did not see anyone else in a g-string or thong (never mind any topless women, although that is also legal), but there were a number of women in cheeky bikinis, the most revealing of which exposed about 2/3 of her butt.

I felt comfortable walking almost the entire length of the beach, as well as walking to the restroom at Footbridge Beach wearing only my swimsuit. The beach was fairly crowded, and there were plenty of families with kids, but that didn't seem to matter.  Any reactions that I observed seemed to be due to curiosity rather than affront.

When standing on the second footbridge to survey the scene and take pictures, several people passed by on their way to or from the estuary side.  A few maintained a stiff upper lip, but I exchanged pleasantries with a couple of guys and with a woman with a toddler daughter.

The water was very cold, it got quite breezy, and the tide came really high late in the afternoon, but for me this provided a good change of scenery.
CKsGuy #27

Re:Ogunquit Beach, Maine

Date Posted:07/25/2016 03:44:22Copy HTML

 I spent the day at Ogunquit yesterday, and was great. It was a busy Sunday, and I did like was posted on 8/21/2013. It was spot on. Seems parking is higher these days as the lot recommended was $20 and the town lot was $30, but otherwise it worked out great. I was the only guy in a thong that I saw, but tons of guys in speedos and few few girls in cheeky bottoms. The Police patrol up and down the beach about every hour or so ( on look-out for open containers, my guess ) and at one point walked by me buns up no more than 30 yards away, no problem. A few beach combers definitely took double-takes, and I saw one or two cell phone cameras pointed my way, but when the tide was in I got up to swim no problem. Aside from a few smirks from all the gay men there, it was fine.
kevinb959 #28

Re:Ogunquit Beach, Maine

Date Posted:08/08/2016 10:24:10Copy HTML

 I went to Ogunquit last week. It's a great place to go. You won't find many thongers there, but you never have any problems. I was lying on my stomach nodding off and when I woke up, there was a couple with a young child about 10 ft away. They didn't say anything, but they were not bothered being near me, which is a good feeling.
speedosrule #29

Re:Ogunquit Beach, Maine

Date Posted:04/03/2017 12:31:19Copy HTML

 Will be going to Maine in July.Staying in Wells. First trip to Maine
Is Wells ok to thong?Can you take the trolley to Ogunquit Beach/footbridge etc
Cant stand wearing board shorts/swim shorts
Want to wear my thongs at the beach
Tic #30

Re:Ogunquit Beach, Maine

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You should have no problems in Ogunquit.  Wells is not far, but not sure about the trolly. Check with you hotel.  I usually go to Pine Point, Scarborough, just north of Old Orchard.  It's low key.
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Re:Ogunquit Beach, Maine

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 Went to Ogunquit today. It was 90 degrees....in May! Couldn't resist. Beautiful beach day with just enough wind to keep the flies away. I was in a speedo as were two other guys. Saw a guy up in the dunes in a thong, by the time I was leaving he looked like he had fallen asleep, boy is he gonna be sunburned. 
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Re:Ogunquit Beach, Maine

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 My wife and I expect to be in Ogunquit some time within the next several weeks (during mid-week  rather than on a weekend), and I would like to ask for some advice from anyone familiar with the beach. Using Google Earth, it seems like there are two parking areas, one at the main beach and the second somewhat north at the foot bridge. Which area would be the best in respect to crowds, parking availability, and seeing others in minimal swimwear?  I would expect that we would be arriving at the beach by about 10 o'clock in the morning and likely would stay until about 3 o'clock in the afternoon. Although we have been in Ogunquit several times in the cooler months, we never actually went to the beach itself.
I also saw from Google Earth that there is another beach still further north that seems to be just over the town line in Wells, Maine. Has anyone been there and, if so, what is your opinion of this beach?  Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
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Re:Ogunquit Beach, Maine

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 I personally like to go to the footbridge parking lot. A. It's closer to me as I come from Portland, and have always found a spot to park. However, I tend not to go on weekends during peak season as it gets very crowded and seems to be quite family orientated. B. Once you walk over the footbridge I like to left (north) about 100 yards or so. Whenever I see folks in minimal swimwear it seems to be in this area. The beach at low tide especially is long and wide with plenty of room to find your own spot. I do miss the beaches of Southern California in Malibu that tend to have plenty of spots adjacent to low laying trees and shrubs that provide spots with bits of shade... which I like. This beach has none of that, just wide open beach. However as you cross over the footbridge you will see the dunes area to your right. In years past this was a popular area for sunbathing with a bit more privacy and spots with some shade if so desired. I can't say for sure if that area is still open to the public this year. I have only been once so far this year and I did see some roped of areas with bird sanctuary signs around the dunes. I plan on going again this week as we are in for some 90 degree days and I will plan on taking a closer look at the dune situation.
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Re:Ogunquit Beach, Maine

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 Went to Ogunquit early yesterday morning. Several parking spots to the left just before the entrance to the footbridge parking lot are free until 9:30am. and after 6pm. Otherwise parking is $20 for the day. A bit pricey... so I'll either be going to Ogunquit early in the mornings or evenings... or to Pine Point as if you get there before 8am it looks like parking is free. (Maybe someone here can confirm that?)Ogunquit was nice, uncrowded, low tide and the water was great. My self and a couple of other guys in speedos, no thongers that I saw.
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Re:Ogunquit Beach, Maine

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 I was at Ogunquit the last two days just past the first footbridge.I was there Monday afternoon and Tuesday morning. Best to go in the morning as the flies were biting in the afternoon. It was not crowded so not problem finding a nice spot.Hoping for a good season.
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Re:Ogunquit Beach, Maine

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 Regrettably, I have a negative experience to report. Yesterday ( Sunday ) I was set up at my usual spot ( between markers 4 & 5 ) The day was hot and sunny, and the tide was low ( which makes the beach quite vast and open )
After about 2 hours, I was napping face down when I was awoken "Hey there, hows it going? Ummm......do you have some shorts you can put on..?" Looking up, I see a young guy ( Maybe 19? ) His "uniform" was for some kind of "Seasonal Community Service" Still groggy from my nap, I was like "What?"
"Yeah um, could you put some shorts on?"
"Why? What's the problem?"
"Well.....I mean....I get it that you're out to get a nice tan, but.....Someone's probably going to complain"
"I've been coming here for over 15 years, and I've never had any problems. I'm just laying out minding my own business, not bothering anyone. I think the only one with any complaints is you. But, I'm not looking for any trouble so I tell you what: When I get up to go swim, I'll put my shorts on. That make you feel better...?"
"Umm I guess, but.....if someone complains......"
"If someone complains, I'll cover up" and he walks off.
About 90 minutes later, I see him walk by again, only this time there are 2 of them. The tide is still out so they're a good 75 yards away, but I see them very clearly scrutinizing me from the distance before continuing their patrol. At this point, I've been in the sun about 4 hours so I was ready to cool off. Though normally I'd just get up and swim in my thong, as I promised I threw on my shorts and swam in the surf for about 20 minutes before packing up to leave for the day. When I'm about 3/4 of the way back ( around marker 2 ) I pass a uniformed police officer making his way down the beach. In all my years, I have never seen the police on this beach. Though I can't be certain, I strongly suspect he was on his way to confront me. The irony is, along the way there are literally dozen of guys in Speedos.
Maybe it was it because it was the weekend, maybe it was because this young kid was new at working Ogunquit. There have been episodes in the past  of "lewd behavior" in the dunes, so perhaps the was a "concern" about that. I don't know. However, I probably won't be going back for a while...

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Re:Ogunquit Beach, Maine

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Not sure if you saw my post back in June 2014 about a cop from Ogunquit Beach who asked me if I had been nude ? To which I told him I had not been nude ! He then asked me if I could put something on less reveling. I asked him if he was telling me or asking me !  I said I know the law here and I do not want to be arrested. He said I was legal Butt he knows more people are going to complain about me and I told him I had another thong I would put on to help him out . . . We chatted a little about the law as that the anus and genitalia had to be covered. The cop was very nice and I tried to be also !
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Re:Ogunquit Beach, Maine

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 Any information about the greenhead fly situation at Ogunquit Beach?  Further down the coast at Plum Island and Cranes Beach the flies can be pretty nasty at this time of year, and I was wondering if this also is a problem in Ogunquit.
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Re:Ogunquit Beach, Maine

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 Just got off the beach, posting this while enjoying double espresso over vanilla ice cream at the Backyard Coffee House. No hassles from the CSO, no greenheads, and no stinky seaweed. I even saw a younger girl nearby with her boyfriend in a thong, perfect day....
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Re:Ogunquit Beach, Maine

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 Gotta love thonging the northeast in late September. Did one last day at Ogunquit yesterday ( Sunday ) The tide was high, but the crowd was "thin" for a weekend. Was out most of the day, a ( looked to be french Canadian ) family set up close by. He sunned in a thong, but threw on shorts to swim with the wife and pre-teen daughters who were actually in wetsuits.
The water was cool but tolerable, so I just swam as I was. Got some smirks from beach walkers, one lady sitting on the sand obviously looked away as I came out, but otherwise a chill crowd.
Funniest reaction I got was when a group of 5 older Chinese ladies ( obviously tourists ) walked by my when I was buns up on the sand. The blank stare spoke volumes.
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Re:Ogunquit Beach, Maine

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My wife and I were in Oqunquit this past week and we went to Footbridge beach which essentially is the northern extension of Ogunquit Beach. The beach was moderately populated, but all the swimwear we observed was extremely conservative. I counted only three women in somewhat cheeky type suits that were nowhere close to being thongs, and virtually all of the men, except me, were wearing board shorts. I wore a relatively conservative speedo, and although there were no obvious negative reactions, I did notice a number of people periodically glancing my way. Maybe we just hit a bad beach day but I am not so sure. Has anyone else had any recent experiences with Oqunquit and Footbrdge beaches?
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Re:Ogunquit Beach, Maine

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 I haven't been there in a couple of years, but I have been there two or three times and wore a thong without any issues.
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Re:Ogunquit Beach, Maine

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 Has the CSO been hassling thongers this year?
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Re:Ogunquit Beach, Maine

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 We went to the north end of Qgunquit beach last week near the footbridge, and it seems that virtually nothing has changed with the vibe there since our last visit about a month ago. The beach was quite crowded but I only saw a few women in cheeky bikinis and 100% of the men were wearing board shorts or similar long baggy bottoms. Very disappointing.
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Re:Ogunquit Beach, Maine

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 I stopped by Ogunquit last week on a trip to Maine.  It was crowded but zero thongs.  I walked around in my street clothes for about 20 minutes and then left.  It was a nice beach but didn't have a good vibe for wearing a thong. 
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Re:Ogunquit Beach, Maine

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I just got back from my 1st trip to Ogunquit this season, and for me it was a great day. It was a hot Sunday, the tide was low at about 11:30am which gave everyone plenty of sand to spread out. I've learned that the best time of year there is in August as the greenhead flies are gone, and the ocean is a more "reasonable" temperature ( 62F today ) Took up my regular spot between markers 4 and 5, and the vibe was very chill. Nearby and older couple set up where he was sunning in a thong, but he did cover up with a full seat speedo when they went swimming. The was also a girl nearby in something very cheeky, not quite a full thong. I sunned and swam with no hassles whatsoever. A trio of early teen girls who walked by me while I was buns up were definitely curious and fascinated, otherwise most of the looks I got I would describe as indifferent. Reading the previous comments, I would mention the beach does have different areas where certain people tend to congregate. Walking onto the sand, the center area and immediately right is mostly families and surfers. Walking left, markers 2 and 3 are where a lot of gay couples/groups will be. Markers 4 and 5 tend be more quiet with stragglers filling in any empty spots. Beyond that I can't really say. It's also much more crowded when the tide is high, as much of the sand goes underwater.
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