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Date Posted:05/04/2016 02:34:36Copy HTML

Just shaved my butt for the first time the other day and now it kind of feels prickly. I mean the butt feels smooth but when I sit down, I feel a prickly sensation. Is that normal? When my hair grows back, is it going to be coarse like facial hair?

Looking for someone who shaves their back side all the time for advise.
RapidBlue #1

Re:Oh No! What have I done?

Date Posted:05/04/2016 05:59:15Copy HTML

 My experience is when you shave anything there will be some sensation of "prickly" as the hair grows back out. I found the more I shave the less I have that sensation. I find it helps to shave every other day to avoid that feeling. As I have been shaving for many years it seems that the hair is a bit softer as it grows back. I suggest to remember to shave with the grain to avoid ingrown hairs.
Thongzo #2

Re:Oh No! What have I done?

Date Posted:05/04/2016 07:29:24Copy HTML

Never take a razor to your butt cheeks. You can buzz it off with the buzzer, or even wax but never to the razor. I recommend you exfoliate to get rid of the prickles and avoid ingrown hairs. 
Yes, I am speaking from experience! Now I just buzz the backside but I use a razor just about everywhere else (except the back)
underwater #3

Re:Oh No! What have I done?

Date Posted:05/05/2016 02:27:56Copy HTML

 I shave my butt every day and have had no adverse reaction since I started about 4 years ago.
String_guy #4

Re:Oh No! What have I done?

Date Posted:05/06/2016 12:21:21Copy HTML

 I have had good and bad experiences shaving the cheeks. I do love the feeling of being completely smooth. I think this would be different for everyone and each time. One piece of advice, a brand new blade!!!
hawaiianthong #5

Re:Oh No! What have I done?

Date Posted:05/06/2016 03:48:21Copy HTML

I like shaving my butt but I have found that if I shave the part where my butt meets my thigh, I will get pimples there.  I can shave every part of my butt except that part and be ok and irritation free.The best part of shaving for me is having my butt crack hair free since the thong strap rubs on it.And as others have said, "shave with the grain"
John Howard #6

Re:Oh No! What have I done?

Date Posted:05/06/2016 04:17:13Copy HTML

I feel for you hawaian, I used to experience the same grief when I used to shave my whole body  many years ago.I also know that the idea of waxing is 'scary" because of the pain, (and most of this is highlighted by the sensationalist media that keeps saying that waxing is sooooo painful especially for us, men......'....but believe me, it's not that bad.  
Why is it that all these scaremongers stress that waxing is so painful for men, even brazilian waxing, whereas so many women have being doing the brazilian waxing for ages,,....  I watched the other day a video in youtube where a young lady is waxed;  she was quite hairy down there, and she put up with the pain.        Don't know, someone out there enjoys to portray men as two times less tolerant to pain than women.   Sad. 

I'm so happy with the results I get from waxing and when I look back at shaving, I can't help to feel for the guys on this board who still body shave and  have to put up with the irritation, cuts, itchiness and short term duration of the results of shaving. 
wearsthongs #7

Re:Oh No! What have I done?

Date Posted:05/06/2016 05:34:31Copy HTML

It can be quite the process figuring out how to find what works for you to avoid this.  Few things I've picked up 1. let the razor do the work, if you use a ton of soap/lotion/cream and go in with alot of pressure you'll shave too close and get bumps and irritation. 2. like anywhere, you'll be more sensitive to the razor the first few times.  Think walking barefoot for the first time in the summer.  Shaving consistently will help but you'll have to ease into it. 3, I use this thing called the "bump bahn".  its like a wand with a rough metal surface the keeps hairs from becoming ingrown.  it works wonders if you use it once a day. 4. a little tan goes a long way.
snafu311 #8

Re:Oh No! What have I done?

Date Posted:05/06/2016 10:46:22Copy HTML

I completely agree with J.H. that waxing is the way to go and that the 'pain' of getting waxed is way over sensationalized as evidenced by the many dramatic videos posted to youtube of friends watching guys get waxed.  Some of their reactions, screaming and wailing are just ridiculous and certainly does not help those seriously considering converting from the old razor.
I've had a full brazilian, legs, and full butt wax done many times and find the process completely tolerable.  Instead of pain, I would use the term discomfort and the level of discomfort varies with the area of the body being waxed.  For the most part the 'discomfort', which I would rank as mild in intensity last only for 1, maybe 2 seconds.  I would say there is slightly more discomfort (but not screaming wailing discomfort) where the skin transitions to the shaft and the ball sack but again only for 1 or 2 seconds and is lessened by simply applying soft pressure with your hand immediately after removing the strip.  I find having the butt and crack done is a walk in the park. 
The key thing is to exfoliate before you go and find a good waxer with good technique.  For the full brazilian, butt and legs, I'm in and out in slightly over an hour.  By far most of that time is just prep, applying wax, lotion, etc and a very small amount of time is the actually pulling of strips.  In the end, I end up with very smooth skin without all the bumps, nicks and irritations of the traditional razor and look far better in a thong, string or just completely naked.  I would highly recommend.
32189 #9

Re:Oh No! What have I done?

Date Posted:05/08/2016 01:56:53Copy HTML

I imagine the prickly feeling will go away as you shave more often.  I would not be concerned.  I shave my cheeks with a razor and have not had any problems with it.  I remember the first time took a long time because I had never shaved my butt before but now the touch ups are quick and easy.  
tiggerix #10

Re:Oh No! What have I done?

Date Posted:05/11/2016 10:25:12Copy HTML

I use a combination of trimming with hair/beard trimmer, and using an epilator occasionally on my butt and stomach.  I did try epilating all the way into the crack which was ok, but by the time I got to the sack I gave up and razored the remainder.  The epilator can be painful (like bite on a towel) but is my preferred choice.  Now summer is coming, I will give the sensitive areas another go with the epilator as that gives me the better results over a longer period. 

It works really well on the butt and back and isn't painful there.

Whatever you do, you need to exfoliate regularly to keep the skin clear.
Ex_Member #11

Re:Oh No! What have I done?

Date Posted:05/17/2016 02:05:59Copy HTML

 I agree. I shave my butt and crotch every other day. It is quick and easy and I love the smooth feeling. I use Tea Tree oil conditioner to shave with and it helps my skin. 
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