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Date Posted:04/20/2011 11:38:43Copy HTML

I must admit that I absolutely love Olaf Benz's range of thongs, both swimwear and underwear. They're a pretty exclusive brand, and the only two online shops I've found that stock a significant portion of their range are:
1. deadgoodundies2. planet-undies
Does anyone know any other shops where there's an extensive range of Olaf Benz products available?
thong123 #1

Re:Olaf Benz retailers

Date Posted:04/21/2011 02:04:21Copy HTML

Yep, those seem to be the only two.  Erogenos used to carry them but they don't any more.  And, yeah, Olaf Benz is DA BOMB!

BTW: I have ordered from both those shops and had no problems.

Thongdude87 #2

Re:Olaf Benz retailers

Date Posted:07/10/2011 05:56:42Copy HTML

They have practically everything from Olaf Benz on this German online store: http://string-shop.de.
Olaf Benz is my absolutely favorite brand of thongs along with HOM.
Btw, I have no experiences with string-shop.de, but I purchase almost all of my thongs, both underwear and swimwear from deadgoodundies.com, and they never disappoint.
shireguy69 #3

Re:Olaf Benz retailers

Date Posted:07/11/2011 12:14:20Copy HTML

there is another shop in germany as well www.easyfunshop.net they also have lots of great stuff from olaf benz,manstore & lots of other brands. they have a large selection.
OlafBenz #4

Re:Olaf Benz retailers

Date Posted:07/14/2011 08:18:55Copy HTML

rip59 #5

Re:Olaf Benz retailers

Date Posted:11/29/2011 01:34:08Copy HTML

Deathbyeathan is an inline retailer. Watch out for the shipping charges.
thong21 #6

Re:Olaf Benz retailers

Date Posted:09/04/2012 01:44:56Copy HTML

douglasunderwear.com sells them and offers free shipping over $35.00, just bought some Olaf Benz RED 0965 String, best fit and quality like others said!!>.
SkyFireGhost #7

Re:Olaf Benz retailers

Date Posted:09/20/2012 12:34:27Copy HTML

Visit this site I believe its official Olaf Benz site:
Sharon73 #8

Re:Olaf Benz retailers

Date Posted:10/02/2012 06:54:26Copy HTML

I just plain enjoyed the http://www.olaf-benz.net site and checking out all those hot bodies
Thongdude87 #9

Re:Olaf Benz retailers

Date Posted:06/26/2013 05:29:36Copy HTML

 shireguy69: I checked out easyfunshop and found lots of thongs I would like to purchase, the only problem is they apparently don't ship outside the EU. So I checked out maybe using an address forwarding company, and have landed on Bongo International. I see you are from Australia and was wondering how you had solved this. Especially since your billing address also has to be within the EU.

Anyone else in here who have any tips on how to order from their online store without any f***ups occuring?

And does anyone here have any experience with Bongo International? Or would you recommend another company? I need them to ship to Norway, and get over that EU barrier.

Or perhaps someone in here who lives in the EU could help me out with an order, though this requires a tremendous amount of trust since we actually don't meet people in here and get to know them that way. But it's worth a try anyway.
XChip #10

Re:Olaf Benz retailers

Date Posted:06/26/2013 06:34:26Copy HTML

 Well, you could just get Norway to join the EU.  Explain why it's important.
Thongdude87 #11

Re:Olaf Benz retailers

Date Posted:06/26/2013 09:13:56Copy HTML

 Haha, yeah I wish! We should have been a part of the union a long time ago, but we are apparently so afraid of business competition amongst other things that every time we vote on it the naysayers win. F****n ridiculous if you ask me.
JM_Runs #12

Re:Olaf Benz retailers

Date Posted:06/27/2013 01:35:26Copy HTML

 Having done some research into this a couple of years ago, I can safely say there is no "OFFICIAL" Olaf Benz retailer.  I know who the manufacture is and who owns the trade name, (Along with the ManStore brand name). 

The same Olaf Benz products are available from a number of retailers in Europe.  If you don't find it at one try the next.

It may help to know that in Germany and some other EU countries a thong is called a "String".  So googling  "Olaf Benz" "string" will get you lots of hits.  In the UK you might try deadgoodundies.com.

So if you don't find the Olaf Benz product you want at one retailer try the next.  Same goes for shipping policies.
shireguy69 #13

Re:Olaf Benz retailers

Date Posted:06/27/2013 04:14:33Copy HTML

thongdue87 I live in Australia & have bought from easyfunshop a number of times the latest 3 months ago. just send an email with item numbers
remind them of discount when you spend over certain amount (sign up for newsletter). you just pay into their paypal account. I usualy get within 21 days.
cheers shireguy
shireguy69 #14

Re:Olaf Benz retailers

Date Posted:06/27/2013 04:22:50Copy HTML

its not possible to do an online order from them outside eu. but I have never had an issue & ordered from them about 4 times
Thongdude87 #15

Re:Olaf Benz retailers

Date Posted:06/27/2013 07:24:29Copy HTML

 So if I just send an email they'll send outside of the EU? Well why not just include international orders in the shop? :P

JM_Runs: I frequently order thongs from deadgoodundies and have been doing so for 6 years, but they don't have as wide a selection in Olaf Benz as the german retailers, and I've been scouring lots of shops in europe for the particular swim thongs I want, but it seems only easyfunshop have them. But I'll send an email and see what happens. Thanks for the tip anyway.
Thongdude87 #16

Re:Olaf Benz retailers

Date Posted:06/27/2013 11:00:34Copy HTML

Sorry for double-posting.

I sent an e-mail to easyfunshop and they replied within the hour. I paid via Paypal and they have already sent my wares. Now THAT is what I call customer service. I will definitely use this webshop again in the future. Thanks again for the tip shireguy69, most helpful.
Stringtheory #17

Re:Olaf Benz retailers

Date Posted:10/13/2013 07:52:50Copy HTML

 I bougt my first set of Olaf Benz cotton thongs in a underwear store in Oslo called "det Lille under" (the tiny under) yesterday. I must admit that these are the best thongs I ever wore. ( I have a lot) Very comfortable! Highly recommended
Thongdude87 #18

Re:Olaf Benz retailers

Date Posted:01/27/2014 12:58:11Copy HTML

 Seriously? Where are they situated? I happen to be back in Oslo now. Man, this may actually be a small step to seeing thongs becoming more mainstream in clothing stores here in Norway. Now that would be awesome!
Thongdude87 #19

Re:Olaf Benz retailers

Date Posted:01/27/2014 09:20:41Copy HTML

 No matter, I found out, going there soon to shop a little. :)
twmbjll #20

Re:Olaf Benz retailers

Date Posted:04/24/2015 05:03:00Copy HTML

I've been to this store before, but yesterday I stopped by for the first time in a few years. I went to the mens section and the cute girl working there quickly came to assist. She asked me what I was looking for and I said I was open for her suggestions. She started going through the different models. There were almost only boxer breifs, but still a few thongs quite visible.

I felt a bit nervous focusing on the thongs, but I managed to build up the courage to ask if there were many men bying them. She told me the sales was better before. However, they still had a few regulars, even some they helped ordering special Olaf Benz models for. After this nice little chat I said I'd want to give the thongs a try (as if I had never tried them before). It was a good feeling that this young and cute girl seemed so natural on this subject. She told me I should come back if I liked the thong, and they could order other models for me.

All in all a nice experience, although it was disappointing news to hear that the sales was decreasing.
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