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RapidBlue #51

Re:Older Thongers 50+ to the 60's

Date Posted:05/22/2014 02:15:19Copy HTML

 Stringking Basicly wear what you are comfortable wearing. If you have confidence a thong at 50+ is great. There are prudes everywhere and in every lifestyle and orientation. Only the loud minority tend to voice an opinion that they think everyone should follow. If you like to thong continue doing so. 
qpro4inc #52

Re:Older Thongers 50+ to the 60's

Date Posted:05/23/2014 12:18:01Copy HTML

How about us 70+ folks? I for one of those, enjoy CO beaches and thong beaches. I try to stay in shape and watch my weight so that I will not stand out too much from the kids.
njbob1949 #53

Re:Older Thongers 50+ to the 60's

Date Posted:05/23/2014 02:46:38Copy HTML

 I am sixty-four years old and will be celebrating my sixty-fifth birthday in July. As part of my celebration, I plan on purchasing some new thongs and spend the day on the beach wearing one of them. 
srthongman #54

Re:Older Thongers 50+ to the 60's

Date Posted:05/24/2014 06:17:40Copy HTML

 I AM 49 and about to take my 50TH on july.. to celebrate my bday i want to wear my thong and hit a beach in SPAIN,i love the tanlines. most men in SPAIN wear SPEEDOS or go NUDE,I can't wait!!!
thong_jock #55

Re:Older Thongers 50+ to the 60's

Date Posted:05/25/2014 02:50:23Copy HTML

 Isn't that funny srthongman:

I turn 50 in early September and will be in Spain for my 50th as well! Like you, I plan to be on the beach in my thong all day on the BIG ONE! There is some talk on spandex-party.com of a European Thongers Weekend around that time in Sitges, so I'm going to help lobby for this event happening Sept 6-7. I've been to the thonger's weekend in Palm Springs 4 years in a row and am attending my 5th next month - would be SO AWESOME to attend one in Europe on the beach with a bunch of hot European guys in thongs! WOOF! What a way to keep feeling young! :-)
johny_b #56

Re:Older Thongers 50+ to the 60's

Date Posted:05/26/2014 01:55:11Copy HTML

 i say everyone should wear a thong, it shows your healthy and take care of your body. im 33 and i wear a thong all the time. to the beach, the local pool and even outside invmy yard. im not to into skimpy thongs, just moderate ones. don't need to show TOO much. anyway...keep thonging if your healthy and toned. go for it. the ladies in my neighbourhood like it when im in one.
tanlines2thin #57

Re:Older Thongers 50+ to the 60's

Date Posted:05/26/2014 11:43:09Copy HTML

 I totally concur.........wearing a thong or a Gee is the ultimate wardrobe symbolism of independence, freedom of physical expression, and basically giving the finger to stupid social conformity and validation.........of course, most of all of that is over the heads of pint-size pinheads.......
snc704 #58

Re:Older Thongers 50+ to the 60's

Date Posted:05/26/2014 12:01:39Copy HTML

 If anyone is a subscriber to the Wicked Weasel Microminimus web site, there is a most attractive lady named Carlotta that just posted pictures of her in St. Maarten. I cannot believe this lady as 64!  She looks to be in her 40s.  Talk about an ambassador for mature thongers, she is definitely it. Check it out.
Matt37 #59

Re:Older Thongers 50+ to the 60's

Date Posted:05/26/2014 12:42:48Copy HTML

 So they said: "a thong is NEVER appropriate for a gentleman your age. EVER!"

Who do these people think they are that THEY get to decide what is or is not appropriate for anyone? 
Of all the nerve.
oosuntanman #60

Re:Older Thongers 50+ to the 60's

Date Posted:05/26/2014 02:20:30Copy HTML

 Most of our pix where taken at our pool or in St Martin also.
Ex_Member #61

Re:Older Thongers 50+ to the 60's

Date Posted:05/26/2014 09:07:52Copy HTML

 Matt I totally agree. I have ben wearing thongs for 25 years and I never plan on changing.
gsj #62

Re:Older Thongers 50+ to the 60's

Date Posted:05/27/2014 07:29:41Copy HTML

.....re: I have been wearing thongs for 25 years and I never plan on changing...........
.............36 years!
stanpuppy #63

Re:Older Thongers 50+ to the 60's

Date Posted:05/27/2014 08:38:47Copy HTML

SNC 704.....I saw Carlotta's post and thought the same thing as you.  Half of the 25 year olds I see should look as good in a thong.  She was spectacular!
seaswimmer2007 #64

Re:Older Thongers 50+ to the 60's

Date Posted:12/26/2014 06:58:26Copy HTML

58 this year, been wearing underwear  G strings  since 1975, swim thongs since the early 80's when I moved to the coast.I agree, it gives you a motive to keep in shape.I  did belive back in the 80's thongs would always be sold in the High street shops.
underwater #65

Re:Older Thongers 50+ to the 60's

Date Posted:12/26/2014 04:05:54Copy HTML

67 here and still thongin.
bmicro #66

Re:Older Thongers 50+ to the 60's

Date Posted:12/28/2014 10:51:03Copy HTML

 I thin that everyone that wants to should wear a thong, regardless of body shape. Old folks get a bad rap when someone assumes that they have a lock on being out of shape! I see too many youngsters with unhealthy (and unattractive) shapes. While I don't think that this should be a criteria for what kind of swimwear to wear, I can't help looking at an overweight person and see dollar signs appear representing the expected increase in health care costs.
orlspeedo #67

Re:Older Thongers 50+ to the 60's

Date Posted:01/04/2015 12:18:26Copy HTML

 Turning 61 on January 6 and still thonging and wearing as little as possible!
Maxin #68

Re:Older Thongers 50+ to the 60's

Date Posted:01/04/2015 04:10:10Copy HTML

 Me too, love being able to wear thongs and g strings on beaches and better still go nude.
aunaturel #69

Re:Older Thongers 50+ to the 60's

Date Posted:03/20/2015 12:53:02Copy HTML

 I'm just one year short of 80 and have not lost one bit of my enthusiasm for nudity or the next closest thing to it.  Staying in reasonable shape is not much of a problem, just do a lot of walking.  Light weights are a plus but not necessary.  I've never been ashamed or shy about my body and don't see why I should start now.
Sanoinsc #70

Re:Older Thongers 50+ to the 60's

Date Posted:07/26/2015 01:01:46Copy HTML

 I'm 52 now -all too rapidly approaching 53!- and still wear thongs and g-strings routinely.  
If you take care of yourself at least to some degree -both because at an older age you should AND because you'll look and feel better- then you should be proud of yourself and go for it.
ithongit #71

Re:Older Thongers 50+ to the 60's

Date Posted:07/28/2015 02:22:07Copy HTML

 My dad claims to be one of the original thongers, having started in the early 1970's with swimwear made for him by a (girl) friend.  He now is what he calls "pulling 60" or "on the other side of 60" and still wears thong swimwear almost exclusively when swimwear is appropirate.  Dad says it isn't how old you are according to the calendar, but how old you feel and act.  He is so active and always learning and doing new stuff, but his thonging habits are too deeply ingrained for him to change.
The Swan #72

Re:Older Thongers 50+ to the 60's

Date Posted:07/29/2015 02:46:49Copy HTML

I know it is strange, women hit the age of 30 and instantly start wearing swimwear that looks like a tennis dress. I'm always like, "WTF? Who told you  had to dress like some bathing beauty from 1923?" I did see something kind of funny the other day when laying out. A group of young men wear walking by me, two older ones 16ish walking ahead of a younger one 14ish. I caught the younger looking at my skimpy attire then looking at his below the knee swimwear. While pulling his swimwear away from his knees he had this look like "Why am I wearing these big old baggie things?" 
teeback269 #73

Re:Older Thongers 50+ to the 60's

Date Posted:07/29/2015 09:25:42Copy HTML

 72 male and still cycling to and from the pool wearing just my usual swimmers with a 6mm elastic at the side. Most days there are a couple of women (one walking her poodle, the other on a reclining bike) who always wave "hi" to me, and I wave back to them and say Hi. Thank you you lovely ladies. On the other hand, there are some women who just look offended to see me. Well to these women stuff you, you are not worth saying Hi. 
DesertThong #74

Re:Older Thongers 50+ to the 60's

Date Posted:07/29/2015 08:48:59Copy HTML

I'm still thonging and enjoying it with confidence. Usually in an adult only setting. I think a lot of ladies like the looking and several have mentioned the confidence. Personally, I would like to be a lower weight, but I also love to eat.
tobias5711 #75

Re:Older Thongers 50+ to the 60's

Date Posted:07/30/2015 04:31:18Copy HTML

 I'm 64. (Will you still love me when I'm 64?) Beatle reference. 

I started wearing thongs to beach over 28 years ago. I saw a male model on the show PM magazine. I didn't think anyone but strippers wore a thong at the time. The first time I saw one for men was in a Belk store in Savannah Ga of all places.  I bought a yellow Gazelle thong- not many choices and wore it to the beach the first chance I could.

Later most large department stores started carrying thongs for men. I became a thong addict.

Wore a new orange Daniel Alexander protruding thong out to lake lanier (Ga) from 2 to 8pm today. Walked to the car and then rode home in just my thong.

Later had to go out to car - was still in my thong when I saw a neighbor walking by- busted  lol. 

I am 6 foot 1, around 185 lbs and will continue to wear thongs swimwear probably until I can't walk. Still get lots of compliments. 

btw- I was about to remove my shorts today when a couple about my age came up and asked if it would bother me if they laid out nearby. I responded - "I don't care if you don't care I'm will be wearing only a thong."
The lady answered "We all have done that sometimes." It was hot and they didn't get in the water and stayed only 45v min.  They got to see me close up since we were only a few feet away. No problems. We chatted a little.

Latter I got off my float to get some water when I heard WTF!!!  coming from a boat in the lake.
It is only the third negative remark in 28 years - not bad
Ex_Member #76

Re:Older Thongers 50+ to the 60's

Date Posted:07/30/2015 06:36:43Copy HTML

I am 57, 6'-4" and 190 lbs and I work out a lot at the gym.  I do it for me and my wife and I think I look better than a lot of these guys in their 30s with beer bellies and bored shorts.  Personally I don't think outsiders give a care about my age, they are more concerned with taking pictures of my butt.  If they are too annoying, they have to consider that "I am 57, 6'-4" and 190 lbs and I work out a lot at the gym."  LOL
Beached_Santa_Cruz #77

Re:Older Thongers 50+ to the 60's

Date Posted:07/30/2015 02:04:51Copy HTML

 I'm 61 and still in decent but not great shape.  I'm 5' 11" and 168.  A couple of years ago my back started bugging me after riding my bike.  Back surgery in September then maybe back on my bike in 4 months.

Tobias, my first thong was also a Gazelle!  Bought a light blue and yellow.  I don't think either were lined.  Bought them at a boutique store in Capitola, CA.  I think it was Capitola Dream and the couple who owned it were from Brazil.   They used to buy their stock from Brazil.

I started wearing g-strings from Fredericks when running tights first came on the scene.  I was a fairly fast runner and couldn't see wearing big underwear under running tights.

Still wear them and get the occasional "you look great" from women.

miamifred50 #78

Re:Older Thongers 50+ to the 60's

Date Posted:07/30/2015 03:29:47Copy HTML

 I'm almost 65, 168 pounds, three pounds more than my ideal weight. I started out in a T-back in Clearwater 25 years ago. My T-backs were made by a wonderful chick named Lynn of Lynn's Lines, who introduced me to G-strings. Perhaps you had one. Then I moved to Miami, and had an apartment (Arlen House) across the street from Haulover. So for the last 15 years, nude beach, and the G-strings remained in a drawer. I've since moved back to Clearwater a few months ago, I've had to don G-strings at IRB and Madeira Beach. But my G's seem like I'm naked. Just purchased four custom-made suits from Skinzwear. My last two custom suits have side ties -- easy on and easy off and great for no tan lines. (And for the last 10 days or so, we've had rain, rain, rain.)I turn 65 in August. Do wish me a happy birthday!
thong_jock #79

Re:Older Thongers 50+ to the 60's

Date Posted:10/08/2015 02:18:35Copy HTML

 I'm 51 and started wearing thong swimwear to the beach when I was 40. I wore posing suits since I was 20. Don't k own why it took me so long to thong but I'm glad I started.  Now in wear thongs 99% of the time to the beach and hotel pools.
miamifred50 #80

Re:Older Thongers 50+ to the 60's

Date Posted:10/08/2015 05:59:39Copy HTML

 Good for you. I wore G-strings at Clearwater Beach, then I moved to Miami for 20-some years, and had the luxury of the nude beach at Haulover. Now that I am back in Clearwater, back to G-strings. Thank you Skinzwear. So, for me, 40 years. I'm 65.
teeback269 #81

Re:Older Thongers 50+ to the 60's

Date Posted:10/09/2015 09:24:08Copy HTML

 72 male and I still wear g-strings to the beach and I cycle to the pool in just a bikini 6mm sides!
Friends tell me I look 62 (they are probably being nice!)
I will keep doing it until I fall over!
njbob1949 #82

Re:Older Thongers 50+ to the 60's

Date Posted:10/09/2015 11:36:47Copy HTML

 I am a 66 yo male and I went to the beach six time this summer. On Assateague in Maryland, I walked about twenty minutes north of the crowd, took off my shorts and t-shirt, and serpent afternoons wearing a g-string. The other times, I went to Orchard Beach in the Bronx NY. I wore a thong each time. One time, I had a nice talk with a fellow thonged. I went to section1, and there were a few other thongers there, mostly females. I plan to wear tongs, g-strings or less for many more years.
pikeman #83

Re:Older Thongers 50+ to the 60's

Date Posted:10/20/2015 08:00:42Copy HTML

 I didn't begin wearing a thong until after I lost 45lbs. After that, there was no going back to conventional swimwear after I wore my first thing, or getting sloppy again. The thong is an inducement to keep on running, exercising and staying fit.I keep a critical eye on myself, and the occasional sly compliment, usually from a non-thonger and frequently from an attractive female is enough to keep my ass bare. However, if things go bad, I'll still be a nudist, but will be sadly done with wearing thongs. I have too much respect for potential viewers!
AussieExPoser #84

Re:Older Thongers 50+ to the 60's

Date Posted:10/20/2015 09:18:00Copy HTML

 What a great thread. I must relate my experience of last week. I'm turning 60 next week too. Was walking my dog on a beautiful almost deserted beach on the most blissful day ever. Saw someone walking towards me and decided not to try to cover up my Olaf Benz thong. Nothing else on but a hat. Turned out to be a lovely lady in string bikini and good tan. About my age too. Stopped and chatted and she liked the dog. Then went on our ways. But soon I stopped and decided to wait for her to return. On her way back I greeted her and we talked and then walked together back to our cars. She gave me her Facebook name and we have now met 3 times and it looks lik continuing. I can't help thinking that if not for the thong she may well have ignored me. Awesome result. 
Tanitall #85

Re:Older Thongers 50+ to the 60's

Date Posted:10/21/2015 03:12:57Copy HTML

 I'm 62, 5'10", 185 and wear my thongs and g-strings whenever I'm at the beach, lake, boating, and here at home (unless I'm nude of course) and will continue to do so as long as I can. I've never had any negative comments (to my face anyway) and really enjoy the freedom and the feel of the warm breeze and sun on my skin. Hopefully other's will at least try it.......might just like it!
teeback269 #86

Re:Older Thongers 50+ to the 60's

Date Posted:10/21/2015 09:06:48Copy HTML

 I am 72, male, and lucky enough to live in the Australian tropics, that means every morning at 5.30 I cycle to the pool (about 15 minutes) in just my bikini with 6mm sides. Once there I do 45 minutes of tai-chi then go for a 30 minutes swim before cycling home. I have had a few comments in the line of "put some pants on". These I just shrug off. Most women I see walking smile at me, I smile back and say hi. A few women just look the other way, I totally ignore them. Police usually totally ignore me, as I wear a helmet, that's all they want to know (it is the law here, and I just wish some politician would change it - ah). Some lady police wave hi at me and I smile and wave back. I have been doing that for the past 20 years, and I hope to do it for another 20! I am sorry to say I have never had the courage to do it in a g-string!
Maxtlatl #87

Re:Older Thongers 50+ to the 60's

Date Posted:10/21/2015 11:46:26Copy HTML

Any older thong wearers concerned that their butts have flattened out with age and aren't as "photogenic" as they might once have been?
Grabeach #88

Re:Older Thongers 50+ to the 60's

Date Posted:10/22/2015 08:18:27Copy HTML

Every bit of us slowly deteriorates as we get older. Depending on genetics, diet and lifestyle, some faster than others. That, literally, is life.
At 59 I have a lot less hair on my head than when I was younger. Does that make me less ‘photogenic’? Probably. Am I concerned? Nope. Same applies to my butt - it’s just another body part.
JayByrd #89

Re:Older Thongers 50+ to the 60's

Date Posted:10/23/2015 02:30:23Copy HTML

Eh, I really don't give a flying F on the flatness of my ass. I wear thongs for me. 

Thankfully my wife loves me for who I am today.. not yesterday (or even 20 years ago)
big daddy thong #90

Re:Older Thongers 50+ to the 60's

Date Posted:10/23/2015 01:11:40Copy HTML

 I'm now 58 and have been wearing thongs since I about 24.  I have been a jock most of my life.  My butt has always been flat and skinny, still is to this day despite doing squats to build .  
J_R_365 #91

Re:Older Thongers 50+ to the 60's

Date Posted:10/23/2015 02:31:05Copy HTML

About five years ago, I had really let myself go, and decided to do something about it. Now at age 60, I am in the best shape of my life (which doesn't say much for the previous 59 lol). Having a gym  a short walk from my home has helped me keep up a regular exercise program, do a lot of walking, and maintain a healthy diet (except for beer ;-) ). I recently added squats to my routine, and they are paying off big time.

Still have a ways to go for what I want to achieve, but the positive results I've seen so far are a good incentive to keep it up. A lot of people who see me in a string or less guess I'm in my forties, and I don't usually correct them.

I have to agree with what bmicro said earlier in this thread. I see far too many young folks at the beach sporting considerable paunches. It took a lot of those healthcare expenses to steer me onto the right track, and I feel bad to see them heading down the same path.
JM_Runs #92

Re:Older Thongers 50+ to the 60's

Date Posted:01/30/2016 02:59:54Copy HTML

Hi, I am 50 yrs male thonger and traveling to Malaga, Costa Del Sol in Feb 2016. Any minimal man gear wearers here for friendship?
pikeman #93

Re:Older Thongers 50+ to the 60's

Date Posted:02/06/2016 12:00:59Copy HTML

 I had a similar experience as J_R_365. I was too heavy and developed an irregular heartbeat. Afttr I lost weight I was pretty happy about how I looked although my ass looked sort of deflated. When I decided to begin an exercise program. I used a Stairmaster for the cardio portion. Four times a week for two years made an incredible difference and my whole lower body really improved with definition and contour.And it also improved my stamina. So yes, I am somewhat concerned, but I also realize my limitations. I'm happy knowing that I look pretty good for my age and my health improved greatly. 
Alfresco10 #94

Re:Older Thongers 50+ to the 60's

Date Posted:02/06/2016 02:01:59Copy HTML

 Hi, glad I finally found this board and especially this thread.  I'm 64, in reasonable shape (69", 175#)  but, let's face it, parts are sagging and my previously nice firm butt disappears more each year.  I'm actually more of a nudist, and in the rural area where I live, I can go a whole summer without wearing anything to swim.  But I like thongs when I can't be nude and can get away with them.  I'm headed to Fort Lauderdale next month and have been wondering just how far I want to go on the local beach (at Haulover I'll be nude, my first choice always). 
My thought is that if a thong is legal, then I'll go for it.  There's only so far I can go to cater to other peoples' sensibilities.  There are ageists out there who will be offended by my sagging pecs, Do I stay in a tee-shirt to please them?  There are sizeists that will object to my tummy.  Should I wear a caftan and stay out of the water?  And there are the conformists who saw this year's just-below-the-knee board shorts "that everyone is wearing" in GQ, and look down their noses at my lack of fashion sense.   I guess I won't be looking for anyone's approval, just enjoying my bod in the sand and surf.  And after reading these posts I'm glad that there are some other guys and ladies out there with the same confidence and outlook.  Enjoy! 
JM_Runs #95

Re:Older Thongers 50+ to the 60's

Date Posted:02/06/2016 06:29:03Copy HTML

Alfresco - In Fort Lauderdale you will be legally fine in a thong.

If occasional negative comments or glances annoy you I would suggest one of the less populated sections of beach. See the thread on Fort Lauderdale beach. (Section between life guard towers 4 and 5 just South of Hall of Fame) (Section across from Bonnet House just North of Vistamar St) (Most of the beach north of Sunrise Blvd).

If looking for company you may find other thongers at the at the very North end (About 18th Street) or the rather gay section (Just South of Sabastian St) or possibly randomly anywhere on the beach.
It has been suggested to me that I should not tell straight people the Sebastian section is rather gay, but I think it better if forwarned, that way they can summon up the fortitude, or pick a different section.  Parking near the beach is expensive so it is not fun to have to move. (Going by bike makes  sense, and you get to see more of the beach.)

Nuwalket #96

Re:Older Thongers 50+ to the 60's

Date Posted:12/02/2016 04:33:55Copy HTML

 As the temperatures have dropped I've had more time to read the threads that have been buried so I hope no one gets upset if I comment on an old long lost topic. As a few have noted here I'm more of a nudist than a thonger but then if one has to be covered to comply with the law this is a great option. As for age I'm heading on the down side of the sixties, try to remain in good shape by hiking, cycling and kayaking but at this age I'm not trying to impress anyone. Besides, as has been mentioned on my Facebook page a number of times, at this age who cares!. So if I can't be nude I will happily thong where it is legal to do so and push the envelope a bit where it isn't. Be happy with yourself; you only get one life to have this chance!
bulgefr #97

Re:Older Thongers 50+ to the 60's

Date Posted:01/01/2017 09:22:26Copy HTML

 Hey there!Thanks for the great question, which I am very happy to respond to:A part from the fact that since early age I was always jealous or admiring mature men at the beach in skimpy bulge bikinis or thongs, e should all be aware the wearing a thong comes with many more "mind play in a sexual way as well as a simple feeling of freedom and liberty...everybody should be able to enjoy it. Most of us actually wear thongs daily or occasionally for the own pleasure , either to show of the bulge or to enjoy the freedom , or to wear them daily under suits or any other pants , when nobody will recognise them. we are talking about a thonger community of hetero men, gay men bi curious guys and women. There should not be any negative comments about mature guys wearing them. Personally being attracted to mature men, I love seeing them wear thongs daily. Furthermore, the generation of guys that are 50+ upwards were the ones who actually started wearing thongs , for bodybuilding, athletics etc..grown up in a period where thongs and skimpy swimwear was fully accepted due to the link to body work out. My generation has much more problems wearing thongs, as it is not considered to be masculine...and it took me and as I heard from other guys , us a long time to actually admit and commit to thongs and wearing them regardless of age or body. Certainly there are difference preferences or sometimes it may happened that one points out at a guy who may not have the perfect body but this would happen in any other swimwear or gear.And last point; the young generation including my age can learn a lot from 50+daddies with or without sexual intentions...keep on thonging guys
gentlemannudist #98

Re:Older Thongers 50+ to the 60's

Date Posted:02/25/2017 12:19:14Copy HTML

I admire all my fellow senior thongers; now in my 60th year & thinking of getting a Prince Albert to balance up my pierced nipples, I am comfortable in my own skin & wish to have company when on the beach.
I was on the beach, over xmas-new year, 2016-2017, wearing my little, Buffed Bod, blue with white stars posing pouch & another older gentleman thonger sat in his chair nearby...I had to leave for an appointment & so missed the opportunity to chat. It's a real pity as there are not many of us open enough to thong on the beach & it would be good to have a thong buddy.

Let me know if you are an older thonger or enjoy the company of older thongers & we can make some plans to either hit the beach or a backyard pool.

If OK, I'll strip down nude but wear my thong to & from the beach or pool
Grabeach #99

Re:Older Thongers 50+ to the 60's

Date Posted:02/25/2017 08:32:20Copy HTML

Since my #1 post in 2013, I've become even more convinced that age is not a factor in how others view what we wear. I was contemplating this the other day when sunning on the grass at a popular city Olympic pool. There were 50 to 100 others doing likewise. Due to the pool location, most were in the 18 to 25 age bracket (Uni students on holidays?). I'm sure I was the only one over 40. Not only no comments, but no one appeared to be paying me any attention at all.

After much thought, I put this down to the general trend in society for increasing numbers of 50 pluses to be out doing 'adventurous' things (eg. sports, remote travel, what they wear) that a generation ago would have been deemed inappropriate for their age. An older guy in a g-string? So what; who cares.
teeback269 #100

Re:Older Thongers 50+ to the 60's

Date Posted:02/26/2017 09:20:53Copy HTML

 Well I'l be 74 this July and I still wear g-strings at the beach, and walk home in just a bikini. Mind you I try to keep in shape, cycling every morning for 30 minutes, tai-chi for 45 minutes, swimming for 30 minutes.
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