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Date Posted:04/05/2019 05:50:12Copy HTML

Anybody has experience with Olive Dell Ranch in Colton, California?  Wondering if I should try the 5K run (in the nude).  If I do, it will be by myself.  S.O. is not open to it.

nick12341234 #1

Re:Olive Dell Ranch

Date Posted:04/29/2019 06:54:03Copy HTML

So I did the 5K run yesterday. There were some up hills and some down hills. Most of the trails were also dirt. Not really good for my knees. The place itself is okay. Most people were in the buff of course. There's young and old, big and small. I guess it would had been better had I been there with someone I know. The place seems cram, perhaps the many parked cars from the event.
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