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The Thong Wearers Message Board The place for people who wear a thong or a g-string at the beach.

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Date Posted:02/17/2007 09:14:52Copy HTML

Anyone have information or experience of thongwearing in Oman?
Ex_Member #1


Date Posted:09/23/2008 05:33:55Copy HTML

 When I was in Oman, Masira Island I wore my G-strings everywhere I went on the beaches with no problems. 
slimsmooth32 #2


Date Posted:02/04/2010 06:32:40Copy HTML

hi i visit oman regularly any company for swimming in thongs!

TennisAce #3


Date Posted:02/07/2010 05:34:10Copy HTML

 Been to Shangri La a couple times and was able to thong around the sun loungers and a quiet adult pool.  didn't try the family pool.  


Date Posted:06/19/2010 01:54:04Copy HTML

I am going to Shangri La early July, I'll give it a try, I know two ladies who worn thongs there without any problem, Omani people are so liberal and easygoing, beside most of the people around in a fancy place like Shangri La would be a european tourists who are okay with a man or woman wearing thong,

Do you agree !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ukthonger #5


Date Posted:06/28/2010 07:57:28Copy HTML

I stayed at the Shangri La in 2007.  I'm afraid I felt almost out of place in a speedo, never mind a thong.  Practically all the men were in shorts and I didn't even see a single woman in anything remotely like a thong.  Sounds like TennisAce got lucky.  Hope you have a good time ThongOCD.
blick #6


Date Posted:07/14/2018 01:57:31Copy HTML

 I was thinking of going to Oman and Dubai in September/October and I'd like to ask you guys who live in UAE or know local customs when it comes to beach dresscode - would it be allowed to go on a public beach in thongs or g-string or is it just asking for trouble? the questions concerns both me and my wife. Thanks for advice in adv.
NudeNArizona #7


Date Posted:11/29/2018 10:29:14Copy HTML

I was in Oman a long time ago during 2002 on Masirah Island staying on the military base which had a beach, which was very crowded with lots of Active Duty military, which wasn't the place for thonging.  But next to the beach where most of the military guys hung out was the civilian beach, and I would walk down the civilian beach about a mile to get away from the military crowd. Down to where I could sunbathe nude. Once I got out of sight of the military beach I would strip down. There were not many people since the beach was only accessible by boat.  

I did see a few fishermen who would come up by boat and shore fish. I did this the entire time I was there.  One day I was getting ready to go to the beach and a female friend of mine ask if she could tag-along with me because she got tired of "sausage beach" where all of the young GI's would crowd around any female who went there. All trying to pick them up, thinking they were going to get lucky. Most women enjoyed this the first trip to the beach, but it got old for them real soon. To the point most didn't even want to take their street clothes off knowing these guys would harass them.  

So this friend of mine told me she just wanted to be able to get away and relax without 100 guys looking at her, hoping for a nipple slip while she wore her bikini. She also knew I was married and even though she had flirted with me I never took her up on it, so she felt safe to wear her bikini around me she said.

As we were walking down the beach to my regular spot I told her of my normal routine because I didn't want to offend her. At first I don't think she believed me when I told her "don't be surprised when I get naked" she just laughed and said "now who's the one flirting".

As we made the turn where I normally stripped down I stopped and removed my shirt. Seeing me remove my shirt she removed her shirt and shorts revealing her bikini.  I removed my shorts and put my clothes in my bag. Not saying a word bout the fact that I was naked. She said "Holy Shit, you weren't kidding."

We walked the rest of the way down to my normal spot, her in a bikini and me nude. She then ask lots of questions and expressed her curiosity about going nude, but she never had the nerve. I said it was her choice and she could do as she felt comfortable. Then ask me what if somebody see me what do i do? How do I explain not having tan lines, and other questions. I said I don't really care what others think.  

We laid out with me nude and her in a bikini. Then she noticed a few people walking our way from the other direction. As they passed nobody said a word. She became more relaxed and untied her bikini top, then scrunched up her bikini bottom.

When I suggested going to cool off she didn't retie her top, leaving it on her towel. After we cooled off she suggested we take a walk while drying off in the direction the others had gone. I said it might not be a good idea so we went back to our towels. This time laying face-up.

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