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The Thong Wearers Message Board The place for people who wear a thong or a g-string at the beach.

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Date Posted:02/17/2007 09:14:52Copy HTML

Anyone have information or experience of thongwearing in Oman?
Ex_Member #1


Date Posted:09/23/2008 05:33:55Copy HTML

 When I was in Oman, Masira Island I wore my G-strings everywhere I went on the beaches with no problems. 
slimsmooth32 #2


Date Posted:02/04/2010 06:32:40Copy HTML

hi i visit oman regularly any company for swimming in thongs!

TennisAce #3


Date Posted:02/07/2010 05:34:10Copy HTML

 Been to Shangri La a couple times and was able to thong around the sun loungers and a quiet adult pool.  didn't try the family pool.  


Date Posted:06/19/2010 01:54:04Copy HTML

I am going to Shangri La early July, I'll give it a try, I know two ladies who worn thongs there without any problem, Omani people are so liberal and easygoing, beside most of the people around in a fancy place like Shangri La would be a european tourists who are okay with a man or woman wearing thong,

Do you agree !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ukthonger #5


Date Posted:06/28/2010 07:57:28Copy HTML

I stayed at the Shangri La in 2007.  I'm afraid I felt almost out of place in a speedo, never mind a thong.  Practically all the men were in shorts and I didn't even see a single woman in anything remotely like a thong.  Sounds like TennisAce got lucky.  Hope you have a good time ThongOCD.
blick #6


Date Posted:07/14/2018 01:57:31Copy HTML

 I was thinking of going to Oman and Dubai in September/October and I'd like to ask you guys who live in UAE or know local customs when it comes to beach dresscode - would it be allowed to go on a public beach in thongs or g-string or is it just asking for trouble? the questions concerns both me and my wife. Thanks for advice in adv.
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