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Date Posted:08/26/2003 05:22:06Copy HTML

Thanks to my girldfriend from college, I tossed out the boxers when she got me hooked on thong underwear. Thongs & G's fill my top drawer and without sounding to muchinto myself, I wear them well. They are so damn comfortable, erotic and sensual. Not to mention thatwhen it comes to other straight guys, I think we got a ways to goyet and that was madeevident tonightwhen my girl and I decided to go outto the local pizza bar for dinner. This place is a popular pizza/sports bar that attracts a younger crowd in out 20's and 30's. So we arrived and I put my name in for the hostess to put us down for two and we would have to wait 30 min. or so. No worries, we made our way through the crowd andinched our way up to the bar to get some beers. The place was packed as usual and crawling with beautiful people.Standing for about ten min. got old, sowe decided to go for the bar stools. Now, to put things in proper perspective, today, I'm wearing a new thong from Body Aware that is cut high and thin. Wearing that cut with my low rise boot cut jeans from IM, it's only inevitable that when I sit my thong would reveal itself to the viewing public... do the math... So back to the bar scene, my girl and I head for the available barstools...and after a few minuets a guy in his mid 20's decided to take it upon himself to inform me that my thong was showing.. "Just wanted to let you know that your THONG is showing!" Oooops! Thanks for letting me know, I said,yea...right...Then I said to him.. "it's funny that you noticed my underwear to make a comment about it... in fact, If I were wearing boxers, would have you made your way over to tell me that my boxers were showing?" He laughed it off and said.. "it's not often that you catch guys wearing thongs.." I think he walked away envious. Then to my amazement, most of the crowdin the bar noticed my thong underwear and specifically the hostess who said.."I think it's cool"So guys! here is the challenge: go buy some low rise jeans or carpenter jeans to assist you in showing the general public, namely other straight guys, that men's thongs are everywhere!!! I'm going out tomorrow to buy more low-rise jeans... Let me know how itgoes... Hehe...
tight-thong #1

Re:Oops! My thong was showing...

Date Posted:08/27/2003 02:04:23Copy HTML

I think its great that you are doing this!  Show them all that any guy can wear thongs, gay or straight!  I am gay and even though I like the idea of showing off my thongs under my low rise jeans, I usually wimp out and try to keep them hidden.

Way to go!  Keep us posted on how it all goes!

nicthong #2

Re:Oops! My thong was showing...

Date Posted:08/27/2003 03:29:58Copy HTML

I know when I've been in town my thong has probably shown when I've been crouching down at a low shelf or whatever, maybe even at some of the bars and coffee shops. Although I don't go out of my way to show my thong, it is inevitable that it's gonna show on some occasions. The only time I actually go out of my way to be sure I DON'T show my thong is when I'm leading at church or when I'm giving a training seminar to a client at work! Not sure how it would be taken in those circumstances!
Ex_Member #3

Re:Oops! My thong was showing...

Date Posted:08/28/2003 12:21:40Copy HTML

thanks for the challenge, i thonk it's cool that you were able to shrug off what the guy at the bar said to you and it sounds like to had a very positive experience. now i think i'll try.
thongfreak #4

Re:Oops! My thong was showing...

Date Posted:04/05/2004 11:12:21Copy HTML

There have been times that thongs have peaked, whether it's mine, my wife's or my daughter's. My wife , well so do I at times, do it on purpose to get a thrill of people seing her thong. I dont do it as much, but I do try to make it look like an accident sometimes, mostly if women are around rather than in a bar with a bunch of guys. I've even modified clothing alittle to show off.

What makes it fun is when my girls run to the store and they wear really small and tight shorts, a tight top with no bra, and nothing but flip flops. Great legs, and hardly any clothes, THAT is a turn on! Uhh, my wife, that is


GeeString #5

Re:Oops! My thong was showing...

Date Posted:04/06/2004 10:50:33Copy HTML

I can't stand the low rise jeans... so I doubt mine will ever be seen.  I wear baggy pants and shirts that go past my waist.  Though, my girlfriend loves it.
thongninja #6

Re:Oops! My thong was showing...

Date Posted:04/06/2005 12:01:16Copy HTML

I've got a pair of express low rise jeans that are very low and show any thong that I wear with them. And when I bend over, they show about a third of my behind! So I can't wear them around friends, work, etc. but sometimes I go out of town, wear them to the mall, and just show off.

 Last week I wore a bright red spandex thong and sat down at the food court with my back towards the mall traffic. I reached back and felt, my thong was a good 2 inches above my pants.

I find it so exciting, just like walking down the beach in a thong, which I'll be doing soon!

I even heard several girls giggling and a few comments.

nicthong #7

Re:Oops! My thong was showing...

Date Posted:04/06/2005 12:30:53Copy HTML

Yesterday I received my first HOM Plume string and it was so comfortable I didn't want to take it off after trying it. Aware that the string sides and top of the triangle back were sitting above the waistline of my ultra low rise jeans, I decided to go shopping anyway. (Normally I try not to be so blatant and keep my thong below my waistline - easier with the other thong styles I own).

Well, I guess I hadn't thought it through properly but grocery shopping involves a lot of bending and some crouching - both positions that tend to pull the waistline lower... especially at the back. I became increasingly aware of this and was conscious that every time I needed to bend over, crouch, or reach, there were other people around. I think it was most obvious when I was at the checkout trying to unload my trolley (shopping cart) and had to repeatedly bend over to reach the items from the bottom. I'm sure the cashier noticed, how could she not? But she - nor anyone else - said anything.

By the time I got back to my car, I discovered the string was 1 to 2 inches higher than my jeans with the thong quite visible. I felt quite self-conscious but no-one had reacted to it so I guess no-one was as bothered by it as I feared.

Just to clarify: I'm not actually "into this thong showing stuff" - although I went out knowing the thong was showing a little, I was quite self conscious when I realized just how much exposure it was getting at the store.

This was not about exhibitionism and no, I wasn't excited by the idea. I was recounting the story here  because I thought the lack of comments I received (especially negative comments or looks, etc) might encourage others not to worry so much about others seeing their thongs.

I didn't mean this to be about exposing your thong for thrills and I hope it doesn't come off that way, It's more in the vain of encouraging others that are self-conscious (like I was) not to worry so much about what others think.

So here's my question to others: what similar experiences have you had that prove an acceptance of your preference for thongs, despite any initial concerns you may have had?
imathonglover #8

Re:Oops! My thong was showing...

Date Posted:04/06/2005 11:03:34Copy HTML

Hey nicthong, to answer your question, I myself wear thongs for comfort and the feel of them, not to necessarily to show off. I have worn nothing but bikini underwear until recently, but now added several thongs to my underwear drawer. I also have a couple of thong swim suits that I only wear in the privacy of my fenced-in back yard for tanning. The only place I have worn the thongs in public is at the nearby "nude beach" and you don't have to guess that I never receive any negative comments there. I did, on the other, get an approving comment from a lady that very much liked my blue Speedo thong swim suit.

I do have about 4 or 5 Y-back thongs that I wear under my gym shorts for working out in instead of a jockstrap. Personally, I find them to be more comfortable and my workout partner caught me changing one day. He didn't say anything right away but eventually asked me if they were comfortable to wear. We talked very briefly about it and he told me he didn't have the courage to wear one. Besides, he felt pretty sure his wife would not approve of him wearing one. There have been occassions where someone else has seen me changing in the locker room, but no one has ever said anything to me.

nicthong #9

Re:Oops! My thong was showing...

Date Posted:04/07/2005 12:14:33Copy HTML

Hi jace63: I've had similar situations when I've gone swimming and have been changing in the locker room. Most of the time in that context I don't worry too much about what others see - a thong literally is just another style of underwear - but on one occasion I came back from the pool, showered and walked through to the locker room to find a father helping his young daughter to get changed. I wasn't sure how he'd react to me getting changed and putting a thong on but, once again, I had no reason to worry - he wasn't bothered at all. Neither was anyone else. I guess I should have learned by now that a guy wearing a thong really isn't that big a deal... so I really shouldn't be worried about it.
billytheboy2000 #10

Re:Oops! My thong was showing...

Date Posted:04/22/2005 06:29:07Copy HTML

I have been wearing thongs for many years now, well since BHS had them for sale in  about 1988. I normally  wore tanga style and the thong was a tanga with no back. 
I felt a little selfcontious.  What if people got the wrong idea about me and i ended up with no friends? Was it worth it? 

One day at work the thing that I thought would ruin my life happened, I bent over to do something and someone saw my underwear.  The room erupted behind me with laughter and other assorted comments.  I must of gone bright red and just wished the earth would swallow me up on the spot.  I pulled up my jeans and ignored there jibes for the rest of the day.

The next day I nearly did not go to work, but I had to, so off I went.   When I arrived there were a few comments but not much. Over the next few days things returned to normal.  Well normal if you can call having one of the girls in the office asking to have a look at your thong normal.

So now everyone at work knows and I don't worry any more. If we go to the pool or beach I wear a thong, and they might take the piss, but at the end of the day they are all still my friends. 
mrbuttfloss #11

Re:Oops! My thong was showing...

Date Posted:10/02/2006 02:12:53Copy HTML

Male thonger. Most of the time in public like a bar, shopping, restaurant etc., my thongs are sticking out. One time I was at a bar were there were lots of my co-workers there. I was bellied up to the bar and several of my friends were sitting behind me. I made my thongs slightly exposed but didn't realize that they were very exposed. Shortly the co-worker lady reached over and snapped my thongs..!! It was more of a suprise to me. I turned to her with a smerky smile and she said "nice thongs"! I said "thanks I don't wear anything thing else" then she said "me too". I love to have my thongs expose just to let people know that guys do wear them too.
shaved4ts #12

Re:Oops! My thong was showing...

Date Posted:10/14/2006 10:14:44Copy HTML

I'm a 29 yo male thonger, married with 2 kids and have thonged for some time now.  This past week I was in my office working when I needed a file out of the file cabinet in the corner.  As I wheeled my chair back that way and spun around to get the file folder out of the bottom of the cabinet I didn't think twice about my shirttail raising up.  I kept my seat and dug for the file.  Before I could find it there was a voice behind me in the doorway calling my name and asking a question.  Since I recognized the voice as one of my associates I simply began the conversation while still looking for the file.  She had walked up beside my desk so that I could see her just slightly and talked away.  I found the file, we solved her problem, and she turned to leave.  As she left she asked if she could ask another "non-work related question."  She and I have an attraction towards one another and knowing past "non-work related" discussions I gladly welcomed the opporunity.  She said, "Are you wearing a thong?  A ... black thong?"  I was so caught off guard that I mst have turned 400 shades of red.  Since NOBODY at works knows I thong I didn't know how to respond.  The last thing I needed was word getting out to the rumor mill.  But..... I figured if she asked then she knew I was wearing one, especially if she got the color right so I confessed.  She told me that she saw it above my khaki's waistband as I leaned over.  She stood there for a second kinda dumbfounded and said, "That is ... is.... wierd.  I would have never imagined you wore those."  Then she wanted to know "where in the world can you get those from???"  "You can't just run down to JC Penny's and find them,"  she said.  I told her of several shops in town, including the sex shop she said she had seen them in once.   Told her that is where these particular ones had come from.  She still stood in the doorway with a perplexed look on her face and I finally asked, "Is something wrong?"  I just knew by her reaction that anything between us suddenly was GONE b/c of her discovery.  "No.  Nothing.  Just a little shocked."  She returned to her desk and nothing was said for a while.  Our company has an internal "I.M." system so I continued the conversation with her.  She told me that it was not in a bad way at all but that she was so caught off guard.  That she had never actually seen a guy wear them.  I asked what her thoughts where and she said, "Initially, I was shocked and didn't really know how to feel.  Now that it has had a chance to sink in, I guess it could be kinky and fun."  We then spent the rest of the day talking over I.M. about them and exchanging flashing incidents.  I have known for a while that she is exclusively a thong wearer herself so we traded "war stories."  haha.  She asked the typical questions too, comfort ... style ... spousal approval .... children know?  All in all it turned out to be a good experience and who knows what it will lead to know that she knows.
erik3000 #13

Re:Oops! My thong was showing...

Date Posted:11/29/2006 12:11:08Copy HTML

I live in a conservative contry or at lest for mens (womens  use to wear thongs and rios at the beach) and also small, so anything that you do will run fast over the town  so for me is not as easy to show my thong under my low rise jeans, I have done this a cople of times in Miami in places like south beach or In a cruise and is realy funny to see how the people act... And when I tell a friend that I wear thongs is like im the crazyest guy in the world but any way it feels so nice to wear it...
JM_Runs #14

Re:Oops! My thong was showing...

Date Posted:07/30/2007 09:49:05Copy HTML

This past Saturday, for the second weekend in a row, my wife and I stopped at Hammonassett Beach State Park on the CT shore after a full day of running errands around southern New England so I could do a long training swim in my wetsuit.  Even after 4 pm it was very hot in the sun, so she opted to stay in the shade at the pavilion while I walked down the beach for my swim.  I'd planned to again strip off my bermuda shorts on the beach to just my thong (this time a swim thong rather than underwear), pull on the wetsuit and swim, then strip off the wetsuit, dry off and wrap the towel around my waist to return to the pavilion to shower and change back into my bermudas.  But the limited picnic table space on the pavilion deck in the shade was all taken, so my wife decided to jump up onto the railing to sit and read awaiting my return, but worried her white jeans might get dirty.  I offered the towel, which she accepted, and she suggested I could walk back after my swim in my swimsuit without the towel.  I knew, but she didn't know, that that would be just my thong, and while I felt comfortable wearing it on the beach, I thought it inappropriate to wear back to the pavilion.  I simply said I didn't want to do that, that I'd come back with the wetsuit still on.

So I set off, changed on the beach, had a great swim, peeled off the wetsuit for some more swimming without it, then put it back on for the walk back, but with the top half peeled down to my waist.  When I met my wife, she had to dash off on an errand, so I stayed with our gear until she got back and I could go shower.  Noting some shady table space had opened up, I moved our gear over there and went to sit down.  As I had knelt down to pick up my sandals, it felt like the wetsuit was awfully low in back, and sure enough, upon checking, my thong was exposed big time!  Wow, lots of people must already have seen it.  Then I thought, rather than try to pull the wetsuit up some, I'll just let things be.  My thong's exposure had happened quite innocently and without intention, after all, and leaving it that way would be fun.

After sitting there awhile, noting how the people passing by were getting an interesting view they don't often see, I felt someone's fingers gently drag up my back from the thong to my neck.  Ah, my wife's loving caress.  No comment on the thong, just a warm embrace, and I was off to the showers.  Now she understood my reluctance to return from swimming in just my swimsuit, and I'm sure she appreciated my concern for her feelings as well as those of the folks around us.  I'm happy to know my thong's exposure wasn't an issue with her, just part of her acceptance of my choice in swimwear and of my efforts to thong responsibly.  And it felt great!           

nicthong #15

Re:Oops! My thong was showing...

Date Posted:08/06/2007 08:24:14Copy HTML

This is more a VTL story than an actual thong 'flash': having led the worship band at church today I received a text message from my keyboard player who wrote, and I quote, 'Hey bud. Well done for today. Went really well! White thong?' I'd been wearing beige linen trousers and thought I'd managed to find a thong that wasn't too obvious... oops! Fortunately he's a good guy and really doesn't seem too phased by it!
nicthong #16

Re:Oops! My thong was showing...

Date Posted:04/05/2008 09:56:04Copy HTML

I hadn't realised I was the last person to post on this topic but I'll post again anyway... a friend was over at my house the other day and I had to sort some laundry in the utility room. As I was crouched down at the washing machine (front loading) my friend said "You may want to pull your jeans up!" I turned and smiled, asking "Oh, am I showing?" to which she replied "Well I know you're wearing red underwear today!" and laughed.

I don't know whether she could see it was a thong or not but I'm guessing she could given her first comment. She's not the kind of person to say something if just a bit of waistband was showing! Fortunately though, like my friend above, she didn't seem bothered by it.
okidude2 #17

Re:Oops! My thong was showing...

Date Posted:07/03/2008 01:39:14Copy HTML

Last summer while at the marina working on my boat, I did not realize that the string thong I was wearing was very obvious about the waist of the shorts that I had on.  I was not until after I had been working for some time and reached back to scratch an itch that i realized I had been exposed the whole time.  I know that I had been seen by the boater docked next to me, even though he did not comment.

Don't think I will stop thonging anytime soon.
nicthong #18

Re:Oops! My thong was showing...

Date Posted:07/31/2008 10:31:26Copy HTML

I took a trip to an Ikea store this week with a friend of mine. She knows I wear thongs and it's something of a joke between us as she thinks it's a little 'quirky'. Anyway, at one point she got up from a sofa and I pointed out her thong strap was showing (she's not into displaying it), adding 'It doesn't look that different to mine', to which she really didn't know what to say! Later, I got up from a different sofa and she got her own back, pointing out that mine was now showing. This happened a couple of times during the day and later, once we'd got back home, she mentioned that at one point she couldn't help but smile at the fact we had falled backwards onto the same bed and both ended up flashing our thongs as we lay there next to each other with other folk passing. I had no idea, which she found even more amusing. I actually don't mind at all - it was a fun day and joking about our thongs simply added to the relaxed atmosphere of it all!
Thongon1 #19

Re:Oops! My thong was showing...

Date Posted:08/04/2009 12:25:45Copy HTML

     My apologies if this belongs in the 'thonging at the gym' thread.  I play racquetball at my local health club, and I went there this past weekend just to practice.  Whenever I'm playing with other people I don't usually wear my thongs, but when I'm alone I almost always wear them to play.  I didn't expect to see anyone there, so I wore a med thong from Prevail Sport underneath my shorts.  The med thong doesn't ride up, so I thought that was safe.
     Well, okay, so I walk in, and there's a father and son playing a game.  I went to the locker room to lock up my keys and such, come back out, and sat on the couch to watch.  It was then that I realized that my thong wasn't riding up, but my shorts were riding DOWN.  I reached down and felt my thong rising way above the back of my shorts.  Uh-oh.....I guess I wasn't as worried about the Dad as I was about his son finding out, for some reason.  I yanked up my shorts as much as I could and ended up playing two singles games with the son and a three-player game with both of them.  I had to kind of play in a way that I didn't bend over too often, which isn't too hard in racquetball.  Whenever I had to reach down to get something off the floor, I would get down on one knee, so my shorts didn't pull down.  Neither seemed to notice, so maybe things were okay.  I guess I'm not as confident as some people are.  I live in a really conservative area.  We generally talked about the game and strategies after the matches and went our separate ways.  Sorry, this sounds boring, now, but I had to get it out.

stanpuppy #20

Re:Oops! My thong was showing...

Date Posted:12/29/2009 04:52:16Copy HTML

This happens to my wife on a regular basis.  I have to say...it has never happend to me. Before I stopped wearing underwear altogether, I used to wear thongs. But, I always tuck in my shirts, so showing my undies just didnt happen.  Wife has been showing alot less with the advent of low rise g-strings...but she will still pop out now and again. Honestly...thongs on women are so common that it really is not a big deal
Sunson #21

Re:Oops! My thong was showing...

Date Posted:12/29/2009 02:45:01Copy HTML

Never happened to me either. But once (a long time ago) I went to work in white trousers (was hot outside) and wore red thongs, and after I came back home, I realized, those trousers were seethru, so I could see my thongs. But didn´t here any comments.
IotaTheta #22

Re:Oops! My thong was showing...

Date Posted:12/29/2009 04:46:06Copy HTML

About a year ago while i was walking my dog around the neighborhood, my dog took off after a cat and snatched the leash out of my had and continued to chase the cat.  I took off after my dog wearing only baggy shorts and an N2N cotton thong.  As I was running trying to keep up, my shorts kept sliding down.  I made a turn around one of the townhouse building slipping in some mud falling face first and having my shorts pulled down.  After I fell my dog chased the cat under a fence that she couldn't get under so she finally came back to me.  I got up took my shorts off since they were covered in mud, scolded my dog and then walked through backyards to my townhouse with my shorts in one hand, leash in the other and my thong visible for everybody to see.
stanpuppy #23

Re:Oops! My thong was showing...

Date Posted:01/01/2010 10:03:46Copy HTML

Wife had a slip at a new years party last night.  Funny thing was I caught one of our friends with the camcorder making sure he captured it on film.  I didnt say anything cuz i thought it was kind of funny.  Plus....it will be interesting to hear how he explains it to his wife when she views the tape
stanpuppy #24

Re:Oops! My thong was showing...

Date Posted:05/15/2010 01:04:29Copy HTML

Saw a monster slip at work today. Not what you would expect.  The lady was older and not exactly trim.  She was wearing an orange suit and her black thong was plainly visable.  Very unusual for my workplace...only one I have seen so far
barebunz #25

Re:Oops! My thong was showing...

Date Posted:05/15/2010 11:27:50Copy HTML

 A couple of years ago we were visiting Washington, DC with our son and his family.  As we finished touring the National Mall it started raining and we had to run several blocks back to the hotel in the downpour.  When we got into the lobby, my wife started laughing and pointed out that everyone could tell that our daughter-in-law was wearing black panties under her white shorts and that I had a black thong under my khaki slacks.  As I looked around, I did notice a young woman with several kids looking at me, and who smiled back in a way that makes me sure she noticed the same thing.
2cheeky #26

Re:Oops! My thong was showing...

Date Posted:05/24/2010 11:06:28Copy HTML

Last year while I was building my deck at the back of my house, it turned into a really warm day, so what could i do only change my trousers for a pair of shorts.  later onn my spouses friend came for a visit, (I call her Shive )we had some food and i went out to work on the deck again. I was at the stage of screwing down the deck boards with a cordless screwdriver, working my way towards the kitchen area, as I was wearing short shorts and I did'nt want to wear knee pads I just found it more comfortable to bend over from a standing position while fixing the screws. I worked until dark ,came inside to find Shive had not gone home yet. I said i was going to have a shower.
  After i came out from my shower Shive was gone. My spouse then told me that while they were washing up Shive said to her   Oh she didn't know I wore thongs , as she stared at me bending over right next to the kitchen window with one of my favorite HOM g-strings clearly visible above my shorts. my spouse said to shive well you don't have to keep staring at me! Shive never said anything to me about it the next time i met her.   I think my HOM g-string had been in the wash too many times and the elastic had stretched.
JM_Runs #27

Re:Oops! My thong was showing...

Date Posted:05/28/2010 02:26:42Copy HTML

 well im 16 and still very reserved about my thonging, but any way... my girlfriend suggested that we get a couples massage. i enjoy massages but she didnt know that i wore thongs but deiced to go any way. as we get there we enter the room our therapists say for us to undress, our deal was that we were going to turn around and undress, then slip under the covers. and it went fine until the therapist pulled the sheet back and reveled my thong..... the therapist said huh interesting choice and my girl friend quickly turns her head and starts laughing! i was so embaressed but then she had slid the sheet back and she had on a black g-string! we had exchanged thong stories all through out the massage and she had told me she loved it.. hope fully more to come.
JM_Runs #28

Re:Oops! My thong was showing...

Date Posted:06/08/2010 01:28:39Copy HTML

i ve been wearing thongs for about 8 years and im 31 i love them very much and wear them every day and have over 100 pair all kinds.  i would like to show mine more because im proud to be a strait male thonger. a man who would laugh or think anythng else hasnt tried them on and dont know what he is missing. i undress at my local gym in the locker room and get some weird  and funny looks sometimes get a gay looking kinda like he likes what he sees and makes me nervous eventhough i am very straight and married i kinda like people to look but i dress and undress in my thong and take a little extra time doing it but in the 3 years i have been going there i have never seen any other man wear a thong. just not brave enough i guess.
alex1234 #29

Re:Oops! My thong was showing...

Date Posted:07/07/2010 11:19:48Copy HTML

im a 15 year old guy and usually when i go shopping i wear pants or shorts with no belt and a short shirt because i like to show off my thong...but the other day i went to the mall and i had on mens lowrise jeans with no belt and a short shirt and a highrise womens black v string..when i left my house i was not planning on showing my thong cuz i just wanted to shop fast and leave..i have not had to many experiences with my thong showing accidentaly that i know of because usually i show my thong on purpose..but i went to buy shoes and i was sitting on a stool tht was very low to the ground and from there i had to bend over to try on the shoes..by the time i got to that positon my thong was about 3 inches above my pants(it was accidental) and it was stickin out for about a straight 15 minutes cuz i was tring on multiple shoes..and the stool i was sitting on had my back exposed to the whole mall..and the lady that worked at the store was helping me find shoes and she was kneeling rite next to me and the whole time the sidestrap of my thong was rite in her face...one girl walked by me she was about 18 and she told me that i was showing amd she was smiling and i just said oh ok thankyou. and the lady working at the store then told me she could see my thong the whole time and thought that it was pretty cool i was wearing one...i wonder if that happens to me alot cuz i have alot of thongs and all my jeans are lowrise..my thong probably always show and i just dont know it.. the only rerason i found out was beacause that girl told me which was pretty embarrassing
alex1234 #30

Re:Oops! My thong was showing...

Date Posted:07/08/2010 03:02:19Copy HTML

in the spring one day i was at k mart shopping for some thongs and i had lowrise jeans on with a red shirt and a  red g-string on. i was squatting down on the low rack looking at hongs and i was squatted for about 15 minutes picking out the thongs i wanted i had made a little pile and plenty of people were walking by me and i dont care if people see that im "thong shopping".  i put my hand on my back just to make sure my g string wasnt sticking out but it was! it was about 4 inches above my waistine making it impossible for anybody that came even somewhat near me to miss my g string.. i knew by now that at least 20 people had walked by me and saw it men, women, and kids. so i decided to leave it out as i figured the whole store had already saw it and i continued looking at thongs...i turned around to see if anybody was lookin at me and there was a lady that saw my g string and was staring at very curiously with a wierd look on her face...she saw me look at my g and then we looked at each other and she said well your g string slipped out a bit but at least it matches your clothes...and then i said that i usualyy try to match my thongs/g's. she talked to me about thongs a little bit more cuz she had some questions because i dont think she ever heard of a guy wearing a thong especially cuz im a teenage boy and im wearing a  g string. so i grabbed the thongs i wanted and went to the register. my thong was still above my waist and i dropped my phone so i bent down to pick it up and the cashier saw my g string and she didnt say anything except oh i see u already wear thongs because she thought the ones i was buying were my first ones..so she rang em up i then left and the cashiers just said enjoy them!
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Re:Oops! My thong was showing...

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I went to the services on the motorway the other weekend and I was wearing my jeans around my hips and a tight white t-shirt, I knew my small red thong was going to be on show several times as my shirt hardly met my jeans, people were taking a second look and one girl looked, smiled and said hi as i was leaning over a counter to get a drink, she loved it. 
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Re:Oops! My thong was showing...

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In class I was wearing my true religion lowrise jeans with my red andrew christian almost naked thong and as i sat down my friend who always sits next to me was stunned and asked "are you wearing a thong?!"  At first I was caught a little off guard but told him that thongs are the most comfortable underwear and dont like wearing anything else.  I'm sure my thong has showed many other times but this is the only time someone commented on my thong showing.
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Re:Oops! My thong was showing...

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 I lead an hour long group discussion in college as a TA with the back of my shirt tucked into the waistband of my neon yellow v-string. It had happened to me before when I pulled up my thong without getting my shirt out of the way, but I'd always caught it before leaving the bathroom until then. I should've figured it out when the whole class was giving me big grins and being a lot more chatty. Oh well lol. It's kind of hot in hindsight. 
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Re:Oops! My thong was showing...

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 I was at my running club yesterday evening, and the supervisor was watching us from the bench as we were doing interval training. When I came by on the third or fourth lap, she saw my thong showing and said so. I was somewhat surprised that it had taken her so long to notice - I always wear one when working out.
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Re:Oops! My thong was showing...

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I was with my wife at Home Depot and I squatted down to get some thing and I was wearing a pink thin strap v back and it was fully out. My wife turns around and two women were staring. She played dumb and strolled over and they were commenting on the style and a guy was in it. My wife said someone should say something so one of the women walks over and says my g string was sticking out. I literally had no idea but actually didn’t mind showing it off. Said thanks and tucked it in. The shorts I was wearing fully showed the outline too
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Re:Oops! My thong was showing...

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I’m in Romania now for vacation. A few days ago I was in a small town sightseeing. I had thin nylon shorts/board shorts with a thong underneath. I also had a thin polo shirt over it. A woman was walking behind me going up a long flight of stairs. She must have been two stairs back and says something in Romanian. I turned around and saw that we were the only two people around so she must be talking to me. I don’t have any idea what she said but then she says “knickers” and looks right at my ass and smiles. So I’m guessing she could see the outline of my thong. I just smiled and kept walking.
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Re:Oops! My thong was showing...

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i usually wear tights or spandex shorts to the gym. lately my new favorite color of tights is white. i usually wear a white thong under them.  The thong shows through pretty clearly. So i guess this isn't an "oops"  I kind of do it on purpose  

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