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Date Posted:08/21/2016 06:29:57Copy HTML

I am a straight male and I've had no problems wearing thongs.  I go to Opal beach on a regular basis.  I usually wear shorts to walk out to the left side, to thong. I have had no problems with the Rangers driving by with me wearing a very minimal thong.
JM_Runs #1

Re:Opal Beach - Pensacola FL

Date Posted:08/21/2016 05:12:16Copy HTML

Looks like a good beach for thonging: >>  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TZvAHk7GAig

TangadeLuna #2

Re:Opal Beach - Pensacola FL

Date Posted:08/23/2016 12:33:28Copy HTML

 I've thonged there before, as well as in between the Portofino resort and the national seashore (where it turns into Opal beach I think), usually pretty quiet and plenty of space, and I've never had any problems. For Memorial Day weekend there's a great Pride party on the beach near there :) plenty of thongs and similar suits representing then. Otherwise it's not common to see on other people through the year but every now and then I do. Would loved visit again soon before it gets cold again.
Kinderlou #3

Re:Opal Beach - Pensacola FL

Date Posted:08/28/2016 08:22:05Copy HTML

 It's a great place to go in a G or thong. And it's legal. Beautiful beach especially in the morning.
Kinderlou #4

Re:Opal Beach - Pensacola FL

Date Posted:08/28/2016 08:40:00Copy HTML

 The dog beach and the part of the beach that the University of West Florida owns right before the National Seashore are good places as well especially if yer not inclined or able to walk a million miles from your car. Just expect people after abt. 10 Am or so at least in the summer. 
Kinderlou #5

Re:Opal Beach - Pensacola FL

Date Posted:09/01/2016 04:08:35Copy HTML

 Was down at Opal Beach the other day and stayed in a smallish thong pretty much all day . At one point a group of college age girls came and laid out fairly close by.  Unfortunately only o e was wearing a bikini but at least it was the hottest one. Good day it was. 
Whitesanddweller #6

Re:Opal Beach - Pensacola FL

Date Posted:09/01/2016 11:16:23Copy HTML

 I love living here. It is paradise. I love going in the morning, usually on Fridays and Saturdays. I park at the first parking lot and walk to the left for about 10-15 min. to give others their privacy not to be by myself. I am married and friendly but my wife is very modest so I usually go alone. When going with my wife I wear short running shorts with the liner cut out and just roll the waist down and pull the rear back so as to limit my tan lines. 
Kinderlou #7

Re:Opal Beach - Pensacola FL

Date Posted:09/02/2016 04:16:06Copy HTML

 Yeah. It's pretty cool out there. Sometimes I don't feel like walking a million miles so I 'll just plop down anywhere at a respectful distance from people especially families. If people wanna move right in on top of me like the other day that's on them. 
Whitesanddweller #8

Re:Opal Beach - Pensacola FL

Date Posted:12/02/2016 03:54:27Copy HTML

 I plan on going tomorrow and enjoy the day! It may be a little cool. We will see how the wind blow. I went on Thanksgiving and it was wonderful. A lot of people but no one seem to mind. I even did some swimming. Water was great and a little rough.
Kinderlou #9

Re:Opal Beach - Pensacola FL

Date Posted:01/09/2017 02:29:36Copy HTML

PnJ #10

Re:Opal Beach - Pensacola FL

Date Posted:02/23/2017 03:06:09Copy HTML

That's my favorite place to get sun. I'm either in a tan-thru bikini, thong, or nothing. ;-). The wife is usually in a thong. 
athnscpl #11

Re:Opal Beach - Pensacola FL

Date Posted:02/23/2017 08:06:42Copy HTML

Is that the first few parking areas just west of Navarre beach?  We are going to be camping in Navarre in early April.  Is there a path over to the sound in case it's really windy on the beach?  Also..is east of Navarre beach towards the AFB good?
Whitesanddweller #12

Re:Opal Beach - Pensacola FL

Date Posted:03/02/2017 05:14:44Copy HTML

You are legal to thong in Santa Rosa county but not many thong at the marine park east of the bridge. More popular along the National Seashore but still not many of us thongers. You can walk across the road to the sound side but no path that I am aware of. I stick to the Gulf side. The waves and sounds are therapy for me. I visited Johnson Beach and met a couple of friendly male nudist and enjoyed the little time I was able to spend there.
Whitesanddweller #13

Re:Opal Beach - Pensacola FL

Date Posted:03/02/2017 05:37:24Copy HTML

 Opal Beach is part of the Gulf Island National Seashore. Drive until you see the signs. There are a couple of parking lots that are free, but Opal Charges $8 for the week. Are you coming down for you Birthday? Mine is in April also. It is wonderful here and hope you and your wife enjoy the trip.
Kinderlou #14

Re:Opal Beach - Pensacola FL

Date Posted:06/12/2017 12:35:55Copy HTML

 Anybody been out to Opal lately. As soon as I get home I'm going. Good surf fishing this time of year. 
Hotwife41 #15

Re:Opal Beach - Pensacola FL

Date Posted:07/06/2017 12:17:16Copy HTML

Can I be topless on this beach. Teresa
ParadiseRobin #16

Re:Opal Beach - Pensacola FL

Date Posted:07/06/2017 02:03:53Copy HTML

 Not legally Teresa.  But I have sunned there topless on occasion.  You need to walk pretty far away from the parking lots to where you are away from any crowds and can see anyone coming and cover or turn over.  I would suggest going during the week and maybe even after the summer crowds have gone just to avoid constantly having to deal with walkers.  The good thing is there is no parking allowed along the road so you do not have to worry about someone coming up from behind... usually.  You do need to find a dune to shield you from the road as it is pretty open in most places. Hope that helps!
Whitesanddweller #17

Re:Opal Beach - Pensacola FL

Date Posted:07/22/2017 08:55:41Copy HTML

 Teresa, I lay out naked quite a bit. If you go to the first parking lot and walk a little to the left there are some dunes that protect you from the road view. I usually go on the Fridays that I am off and any day I can get off work. I was there yesterday and enjoyed swimming nude.I walk out in a thong far enough that people can see then simply remove them keeping a towel handy. You can see people coming from a long ways off. I ran into a lady that said I took her spot and said she like to go topless. I had put on my thong when I saw her coming. I told her I didn't mind and ask her if she minded if I sunned naked and was told that it would not bother her. So I remove my thong and enjoyed that day a little distance off not wanting to bother her.
Whitesanddweller #18

Re:Opal Beach - Pensacola FL

Date Posted:07/22/2017 08:59:37Copy HTML

 I was also surprised by a lady running. She was surprised and said "good for you, guys have bodies that they should show off too". I thanked her and continue sunning.
Whitesanddweller #19

Re:Opal Beach - Pensacola FL

Date Posted:07/22/2017 09:02:51Copy HTML

 I plan on going next Friday. Not sure what time. I have a friend and his wife coming in town.  Eric
Whitesanddweller #20

Re:Opal Beach - Pensacola FL

Date Posted:07/22/2017 09:06:33Copy HTML

 Was also there today with my wife. There was a wedding going on and a lot of people, but we did manage to walk a little ways and enjoyed some intimacy in the water.
Whitesanddweller #21

Re:Opal Beach - Pensacola FL

Date Posted:07/28/2017 04:44:10Copy HTML

 Going to Opal if anybody wants to join me
Kinderlou #22

Re:Opal Beach - Pensacola FL

Date Posted:03/19/2018 03:25:02Copy HTML

 Anyone been out to Opal lately. Haven't been since last summer. 
Blackthong23 #23

Re:Opal Beach - Pensacola FL

Date Posted:07/09/2018 05:10:16Copy HTML

I plan on visiting Opal Beach soon and was wondering where the best area to thong there? Is it a pretty crowded beach or will I be ok? I’ve been to Johnson beach and it has been good as far as thonging goes. Just wondering if Opal is the same.
Kinderlou #24

Re:Opal Beach - Pensacola FL

Date Posted:07/10/2018 10:52:48Copy HTML

 Yeah. Opal is fine pretty much anywhere you go. You can chooses to be part of the crowd near the parking lots or go and find a place to yourself away from the lots. You will have no problems either way. I've even gone nude for extended periods of time away from the lots. It's my home beach. I travel during most of the year so I haven't been there in awhile but it's totes legal. 
Blackthong23 #25

Re:Opal Beach - Pensacola FL

Date Posted:07/23/2018 05:14:46Copy HTML

My wife and I just got back from a quick weekend beach getaway in the Pensacola area. We went to Opal Beach the first day and parked at the parking lot to the right when you pull into the entrance. The sand, sun, and water were absolutely perfect! We walked out to the right a little ways but didn’t want to be too far from the facilities but I found that it was no problem to wear my thong.

I noticed the crowd was pretty much all families and kids everywhere.  I was really hoping there would be more sunbathers out there but that really wasn’t the case. I did however still wear my skinz thong while laying out and only turned over a couple times. Since the families were fairly close I just had a small bikini as a cover up to go to the water. I saw zero thongs at this beach, and to be honest not any revealing swimwear at all on men and women. I felt a little out of place but that's ok. I got a great tan.

We packed up in the afternoon to go get something to eat in he Pensacola beach area and I saw plenty young ladies walking around the restaurants in cheeky bottoms and a couple thongs in the actual restaurants, which was nice to see. I’d love to be at those beaches but I don’t really want to deal with the board-short frat guys everywhere, so that’s why we went out to Opal Beach.

The next day we got out there area 8 am but instead of the Opal beach area we tried one of the open parking areas before you reach Opal Beach. It was less crowded for sure but again... very similar with lots of tents with families. I think I only saw one bikini on a lady. Haha oh well.. I laid out in my JS thong and really got a nice tan. Nobody cared which was nice but not many people were around us too much so I didn’t have to do any cover ups in the water.

As we are driving back toward Pensacola beach we saw there were lots of cars on the side of the road. I looked out I saw more and more sunbathers in those areas wearing less. I think I missed the spot to be!!! Haha

I actually saw a guy showering in a thong at a nearby parking lot as we were heading back to town. As much as I would like to go to Pensacola beach I think the crowds on the beach would be to much for me trying to thong, so I’m thinking the perfect spot for next time is just past the Portofino resort, either off the road or in the open zones.

We hope to go again soon!! Such a nice time and the waters were perfect!
Chris_P_Bacon #26

Re:Opal Beach - Pensacola FL

Date Posted:08/08/2018 04:40:38Copy HTML

I was there July 22nd. There was only one parking lot of the three open. What was nice was being able to use the sidewalks to walk further west, through the closed parking lots to gain distance between people. Anyway. Spent a solid day there with my family. Set up early (tent chairs, etc) with about 50 yards between folks. By 1:00 that had dwindled to 10 or 15 yards. While I didn't prance around in my conservative thong, I did layout top and bottom up with out troubles of any kind. I read and relaxed the entire time in a desmit thong. When going in the water, our walking around (restrooms) I chose to wear my shorts. I did stand up and move around, no problem, but kept with in my area. Also, we had several beach walkers in front and behind our setup with no comments or reactions made. I saw three 20 something women in true narrow things with their boyfriend's (one group). Otherwise it was all super red neck southern families who have no right to judge. I would personally go back and feel comfortable there, laying out and reading. However, you guys who enjoy prancing around in missile suits would be very strongly discouraged.
Blackthong23 #27

Re:Opal Beach - Pensacola FL

Date Posted:08/14/2018 11:55:57Copy HTML

That’s the same vibe I got as well.. mostly families out in the opal beach areas but I was still able to thong no problem. I’d just thought there would be more skimpy swimwear out in those areas. When even seeing a bikini on a lady is rare you know you're in the wrong spot. But... I laid out in my skinz thong all day and it was fine. 

We plan on going back to the Pensacola Beach area soon but i think we will go to the areas just past the dog beach and pull over there. Hopefully I will spot more thongs this time!

SantoriniSunSeeker #28

Re:Opal Beach - Pensacola FL

Date Posted:08/27/2018 04:48:32Copy HTML

Spent the day with my girlfriend at Opal yesterday. We only had a couple looking for shells all day. She went topless and I enjoyed my JS. We walked almost to the end of the park along the beach and back with the beach to ourselves. The best deal is the annual pass for $40 rather than the $20 per visit.
Blackthong23 #29

Re:Opal Beach - Pensacola FL

Date Posted:09/24/2018 09:37:37Copy HTML

I just wanted to know the best area for thonging once you past Portofino resort.

I’ve been to Opal Beach and the parking lot area before Opal beach and found I could thong there but there were entirely too many families and barely saw any bikinis on the ladies there. Looking on a map.. I see a dog beach area and the after that a big parking lot area.

Would going just east of that be a good spot to thong? I notice the big parking lots more families go there so I’d almost like to avoid that. 

Chris_P_Bacon #30

Re:Opal Beach - Pensacola FL

Date Posted:09/27/2018 12:14:48Copy HTML

Blackthong23, I wouldn't worry about what others think, unless you are peacocking around. It's all about confidence!
Blackthong23 #31

Re:Opal Beach - Pensacola FL

Date Posted:10/01/2018 05:14:55Copy HTML

Spent the weekend in Pensacola and had a great time! Perfect time of year to go because the crowds are way less and the weather/water perfect! We decided to go past The Portofino’s in the area between that and the park. Went past the dog park and the big parking area and  pulled off to the side and just walked over the dune to our spot. I found this is the best for laying out in a thong to be honest. Seemed to have less families and we were spread out pretty good. Saturday I wore a skinz y back g string. I was a tad hesitant to just wear this but I got a feel for the people around and it was no issue at all. Only a few people walked by but no reaction what so ever. One couple came and sat close by later in the day and she wore a burgundy thong bottom. She looked great and she wore it well. I had a bikini cover up just Incase I needed it to go to the water but found I didn’t need it. Nobody was right on us so I felt comfortable walking to and from the water. 

Sunday we got out there right at 8 and I decided to wear a black skinz thong. I walked the beach a little more combing for seashells in just my thong. It was less crowded but I did pass a lady doing the same. Just said hi passing by.. no reaction just friendly. I went a little further and turned around to go back to my spot. I had to pass her as she was heading toward our spot. She for sure saw my backside walking behind me. In a way it felt great just walking casually in a thong by her and no weird looks or whatever. I decided to go back and tan my backside so I laid on my stomach. She came up still looking for shells and my wife said hello to her. She probably stayed in our area for about 10 min looking for shells and was just feet from me. I might have seen one lady down from us take her top off after about 30 min of laying out. Wasn’t quite sure but awesome for her if so.

I liked the vibe of this area of the beach compared to Opal and the main Pensacola Beach area. I didn’t feel awkward or out of place. I’m sure the time of year had a lot to do with it as well. Great weekend great tan!

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