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Date Posted:10/16/2017 10:11:27Copy HTML

While not an actual thong issue, I think the popularity of open-side T-shirts is as appropriate to this message board as running tights or short shorts since it is a way that people are wearing more exposing clothing.  It seems that every year, these shirts, that are mostly home-made are becoming more and more popular.  I first saw them on men, but now some women sport them too.  These shirts show a lot of skin that normally is not shown in most public places.  The exposed skin is on normally hidden parts of the wearer's chest and back.  Women can not wear this type shirt without showing off their bikini tops, breasts or bras.  Each year I see more and more people, mostly men still, wearing these shirts and not only in resort or areas where boating or swimming is common.  For the last few years, Scott, Brad, and Frank have worn them almost exclusively when it is warm and a shirt was needed, and they have been accepted wherever they go.  From gas stations and fast food restaurants to malls and more dignified steak houses, nobody seems to care when a man is showing everything that can be seen when there is no fabric from his shoulders to his waist on the side.  Sitting at a table or bending forward shows even more!  As mentioned earlier, most of these shirts are home-made, and they are usually not quite symmetrical from one side to the other.  There is also a lot of variation in how much chest and back are exposed.  Some are cut to hide almost everything a traditional T-shirt would cover when viewed directly form the front or back, while others are cut narrower, showing off, or almost showing off a person's nipples or a similar amount of skin on the back.  Both men and women usually make them from T-shirts that have some sort of design, image, or logo on them.  The guys tend to choose darker colors, but this probably is partly due to the fact that more of the T-shirts men own are darker colors.  There are a countless array of videos on how to make an open-side shirt on YouTube.  With the sides cut away, many shirts will fit a person who is a size or two larger without appearing to be stretched out, so I think some people, especially college kids with limited budgets, make their open side shirts from older shirts that are getting too small to make them last another season or two.  Some  people call them "Cut out" shirts.

One of the most popular places in this part of Ohio is the local Steak and Shake restaurants.  For those not familiar with this franchise, the theme of the restaurants is an old-time 50's type restaurant.  The chain offers burgers (which they call steak burgers), fries, ice cream treats and similar items also in keeping with the restaurant's theme.  Seating is inside with waitresses, and there is a drive thru, but no traditional car-hop service.  I have gone in and seen as many as 10 to 12 mostly young men wear this type shirt, and while they are showing a lot more than a traditional T-shirt or tank top would show, nobody every complains.  Another place where I have seen men and in this case a few women too in this type shirt is the local Big Boy restaurants.   There have been tables set up for four customers, and I have seen as many as all four people at the booth wearing nothing but these abbreviated shirts.  At the beach, women wear these over their bikini tops, or sometimes otherwise topfree.  Again, nobody complains, even if they decide to go to the store, mall, or a restaurant after their trip to the beach.  I have not heard or seen a single women get into trouble when dressed like this, even when the women is otherwise not wearing any other top coverage.

Each year, more and more people seem to be joining the trend.  A local school district where not all the classrooms are air conditioned, has changed their dress policy to permit open-side shirts during May and June, and also in August and September.  They do, however, require female students to wear a sports bra or other shirt under their open sided shirt.

Since open-side shirts have been discussed elsewhere (and I could not find a post to them using the SEARCH prompt), I thought that a thread specifically for open side shirts would be appropriate.  I love the look on good looking men, and sport it myself, sometimes when I am otherwise topfree, and like my male friends, I have never been ask to leave an establishment or other place.  I have even worn these shirts with no bikini or other cover up at pools and beaches where topfreedom is not permitted, knowing people can see the same things from the side as they could see if I was totally topfree, and if the shirt is thin and a light color, the can see just about as much from the front if it gets wet..

Mineralguy #1

Re:Open Side T-Shirts

Date Posted:10/17/2017 04:43:11Copy HTML

 Haven't really noticed these in Maryland at the pools I swim at. Then again, I am probably not looking either. As far as Steak and Shake goes, I had to fly out to Troy on business 14 years ago. Went to one right next to my hotel. Loved it!!
minimalist75 #2

Re:Open Side T-Shirts

Date Posted:10/22/2017 11:44:33Copy HTML

I wear them to the gym and if I am doing an errand on the way home, but that is about it.They do seem to be more common and more revealing in at the gym lately.My feeling on that is why bother to make men wear shirts at the gym at all?
minimalist75 #3

Re:Open Side T-Shirts

Date Posted:10/26/2017 11:17:49Copy HTML

Sort of a coincidence that you should mention Ohio.I remember when we went to Cedar Point, I saw a large number of (mostly young) people in open side shirts.At that point, they were quite rare in NJ, having been more common many years ago and again more recently.
minimalist75 #4

Re:Open Side T-Shirts

Date Posted:10/26/2017 11:20:31Copy HTML

On a somewhat related topic, I remember in the 70's and early 80's T shirts with the bottom cut off to show the abs were common.I never see them any more.Does anyone else see them and if so, where?
pkthong #5

Re:Open Side T-Shirts

Date Posted:10/26/2017 02:21:08Copy HTML

 @minimalist: In documentaries about the 70's!
thongboy052000 #6

Re:Open Side T-Shirts

Date Posted:10/26/2017 07:21:54Copy HTML

 I have a couple of short T shirts designed to show off my abs. Got them in the south of France. I like to wear them with skintight 501s
JM_Runs #7

Re:Open Side T-Shirts

Date Posted:04/17/2018 10:52:16Copy HTML

 Open Side Tank Tops  - Cheep on Ebay
Mary0826 #8

Re:Open Side T-Shirts

Date Posted:04/19/2018 06:53:49Copy HTML

 The ab exposing shirts were called scrimmage shirts around here.  I guess similar shirts were worn by football players.  They were available at most stores -- even Sears and Macys.  As someone pointed out, they are not that popular today.  (My only knowledge is from period movies and advertising.)  Of course girls/women can get away with this look even today with usually homemade or commercially made to look homemade shirts we now call cropped off.  These are often promoted as beach cover ups or maybe even alternatives to traditional beach tops or other summer tops worn by women.  I don't understand why guys don't wear them.  It seems like men -- especially the younger ones -- are more fit than they have been for years, and skimpier and more flesh exposing clothing would be nice to see on them.  Seeing a group of fit young men in open-side shirts and most would look equally good in a scrimmage shirt.

BaltoBob #9

Re:Open Side T-Shirts

Date Posted:04/24/2018 03:54:35Copy HTML

The Swan #10

Re:Open Side T-Shirts

Date Posted:05/11/2018 12:07:37Copy HTML

 I've been out the farmlands of Ohio (I bought a little 5speed car that is fun to drive and sips the fuel) and while stopping for fuel or to eat, have definitely seen young women sporting the open side look. Usually with some sort of lacy bra underneath the shirt, but a few with nothing under the shirt.
Sharon73 #11

Re:Open Side T-Shirts

Date Posted:05/12/2018 10:15:10Copy HTML

 I like the look and feel of them.  I often don't wear anything under them
minimalist75 #12

Re:Open Side T-Shirts

Date Posted:05/13/2018 07:40:19Copy HTML

I have 3 open side tops that I made from old t-shirts that I wear mainly to the gym.Two of them have designs front and back so I don't want to cut further and remove part of the design.]The third is essentially plain in back.I have decided that eacht time I put it in the wash, I am going to cut a little more off until the gym tells me not to wear it again.
The Swan #13

Re:Open Side T-Shirts

Date Posted:05/23/2018 02:34:41Copy HTML

 As a result of this thread of made a few and I've started wearing them as a cover up to the beach. I have received a few comments to the tune of, "What are you wearing under that?" I put on a suspender g-string under an open sided t-shirt and well, as we used to say in the '70's "Let the good times roll."
ithongit #14

Re:Open Side T-Shirts

Date Posted:05/24/2018 08:43:39Copy HTML

 Open side T-shirts seem to be a major fashion component this summer with most young men.  Women seem just as comfortable in them as the men, except that the women will often wear a bra or swimsuit top under them.  More and more people are wearing these into stores and other places without resistance from the store owners.  It surprises me that there are few such shirts available commercially.  A T-shirt/souvenir store in Gatlinburg would cut-off the sleeves of shirts for a buck or two, and both men and women lined up to have this service performed for them.  Someone at places like Hayes -- places that make T-shirts -- has missed the boat for quite a few years now.  You would think they would want the business.  One thing about these shirts that I don't think has been mentioned is that since they can be quite opened, it is possible to cut the sides off and wear a shirt a size or even two smaller than what you could otherwise wear.  A young person on a tight budget might find this helpful.

My dad says the same thing happened in the 1960s when cut off shorts -- some quite short -- were being made at home, and it took years before Levi's or the other jean companies to figure out that cutoffs could be a money making trend.

Mary0826 #15

Re:Open Side T-Shirts

Date Posted:05/29/2018 04:30:19Copy HTML

I visited a non-profit thrift store over the weekend.  Traditionally T-shirts were a slow item.  It was not that they didn't have a good selection or some nice ones, but they also had some that were not worth much either.  Some nearly worn out designs, thin material either because they were simply cheaply made, or other things that made them less than desirable to most customers.  This year, they had someone cut them off -- sleeves and sides in most cases, to make them into "open side" look that seems to becoming more and more popular.  They then put the rack of these T-shirts next to the front door, where everyone coming in and going out would see them.  Just since the beginning of May, they told me that T-shirt sales are up almost 300 percent, and there have been people who find an unmodified T-shirt and ask that the sides be cut off them too.

I seem to see more men and women in these shirts each season.  While there could be another reason for the increase in T-shirt sales, and the thrift store only has one category of T-shirt (which includes traditional T-shirts, open side shirts, tank tops, etc.) the implication is that the store is noticing the same thing  I have noticed for close to 10 years now -- Guys just love open side T-shirts -- both to wear and for their girlfriends to wear.  

I have seen several women, not on the beach, but simply around town walking or in stores wearing these shirts with on bra type top or other covering to prevent them from showing off the sides of their chests and breasts.  Target sold a few of these shirts in their men's department last year, but the ones they sold had finished edges along the open sides while the home made ones are rough cut.  I would think someone would realize that these shirts are becoming quite popular and that they could at least modify the slow or non selling shirts into open side shirts and perhaps actually be able to sell them.

Traci -- I agree with your observations almost 100% on this one.
natureguy #16

Re:Open Side T-Shirts

Date Posted:06/08/2018 02:27:37Copy HTML

I find this topic interesting because I have lived most of my life on a farm in Ohio where these kinds of shirts are very common. I always assumed it was a nation-wide summer trend until stumbling across this site and reading this thread a few weeks ago. I was just in Miami and Key Largo on a scuba diving trip and noticed something interesting. One of the other male divers (who I had never met before) showed up to the dive shop in Miami to get on the van to Key Largo wearing what I call a "cutoff." It was completely open on both sides exposing his entire torso. I had already been in South Beach for a few days and this was the only "cutoff" I had seen. Instantly my mind went to this thread and I thought: "Maybe this trend actually is nation-wide unlike this thread seemed to indicate." Well, I ended up sitting beside this gentleman in the van and chatting with him. Turns out he was on vacation from central Ohio...
ohiothonger #17

Re:Open Side T-Shirts

Date Posted:06/09/2018 01:58:41Copy HTML

 I never thought about are open side shirts a regional thing before reading NATUREGUY's post.  I have seen the look in some other areas, but it does seem Ohio and the mid-west is a hot-bed for this look.  The first time I saw the look was at a grocery store 15 or more years ago, right here in Ohio.  The young man wearing the shirt seemed comfortable, and the young women running the cash register and bagging the groceries made quite a few positive comments.  There were no negative comments I heard.  It was probably two more years before I saw another man in this type shirt.  This time it was at a gas station.  The man was topless, but pulled on the shirt before going into the convenience store associated with the gas station. He ask the guy running the cash register if his shirt was okay in the store since the store was marked that shirts and shoes were requited.  The attendant said "it's a shirts" and that it was okay.  The next one I saw was actually one I purchased.  I was at a thrift store with a young female friend and she pulled the shirt off the rack and said "You would look good id this."  I wore it a lot that summer whenever I went to the beach or pool, and we made a half dozen more which introduced me to women wearing these tops too.  So far all sightings have been in Ohio and Northern Kentucky.  But in a year or two, more and more people, mostly men, wore these shirts.  At first they were outdoor wear at places where men might go shirtless, but then they started showing up in more and more stores and restaurants and similar places.  Today, it is impossible for me to go to a Walmart or Kroger store or most any casual restaurant in the area without seeing men in these type shirts.  I don't doubt that this at least started as a regional look.  Of course 20 years ago, you rarely saw a man in shorts in West Virginia.  Styles change.  Styles also can be regional.  But good styles (and some bad ones) linger on and spread like a bad case of Poison Ivy.  
minimalist75 #18

Re:Open Side T-Shirts

Date Posted:06/09/2018 08:22:07Copy HTML

Made one more open side gym shirt from an old t-shirt to wear to the gym. Opened the neck and made sure that the sides were cut low enough to show the waistband of my shorts on all of them. I always cut just a little off the bottom so there are no finished edges.
Two have relatively full backs and I have worn them both without comment. Reduced the back to a string on the other two. Haven't had the nerve to wear them yet, partly because I have yet to see anyone at my new gym in a either commercially made or do it yourself stringer.
Mary0826 #19

Re:Open Side T-Shirts

Date Posted:06/15/2018 03:30:13Copy HTML

 This season, it seems I have not gone a day without seeing someone (usually a guy) in an open sided t-shirt.  You would think fashion designers would see all the guys running around in these shirts and either make their own, or something equally sexy.
The Swan #20

Re:Open Side T-Shirts

Date Posted:06/25/2018 08:41:45Copy HTML

 I keep seeing women wearing these now in the city. I was over at Rookwood Commons to get some groceries and a woman had on a pair of yoga shorts that were part of a bib overall top combination thing. It appeared she had a sheer sports bra  on underneath the bib overall yoga shorts combo.
The bib top was very loose but held together with y back straps instead of normal x back straps. So when she would bend over the top would pull away from her body but the straps would not slip down. Pretty nifty design I thought.
I'm walking down the aisle and she kept looking for items on the bottom shelf.
The yoga shorts bib combo was made out of lycra or spandex.

Next up, tie dye tshirt open sided and a lacey bra at the gas station.
We used call these open sided tshirts "muscle shirts" years ago.
JM_Runs #21

Re:Open Side T-Shirts

Date Posted:12/17/2018 03:44:35Copy HTML

Open side shirt >> https://www.erogenos.com/shirts/virile-vlm003-tank-royal-blue
ithongit #22

Re:Open Side T-Shirts

Date Posted:12/24/2018 05:05:38Copy HTML

Randy and I went to visit soom friends in Northern Ohio. We stayed overnight and the second day went to a private sport complex. This had been re-purposed from the athletic wing of a high school building that was otherwise torn down. This seems like it could be done elsewhere -- us the basket ball courts, change rooms, showers, and any other amenities that exist that might be of interest in a sports club. Add some weight equipment and mechanical training stuff like stationary bicyles. This school had a pool too. My first hint that clothing rules were not too popular was when we went in and there was a pick-up game of basketball going. The teams were organized as what Randy says they used to call "Shirts and Skins" at his high school One team of boys would take their shirts off, the other would keep their shirts on, and this is how the players could identify who was on which team. In this case, there were two women involved in the basket ball game, and both wore open-side shirts. One with some type of bra, but the second (who was pretty flat-chested) in just her open side shirt. We proceeded to the pool. Our friends who knew we were into thongs said they didn't think thongs would be an issue. Cheeky swimwear was popular on the women, a few having only thong coverage. There were about 15 men in the pool and three had on Speedo type swimsuits, one having more of a Rio type back. Randy had a (conservative for him) thong he took with him and he ask the young female lifeguard if there would be any issues with him wearing it. He held the thong up and showed the lifeguard both the minimal front and back sides. About this time, a young woman, probably a Junior or Senior in high school came out from the locker room wearing an open side shirt that was very short and showed the bottom couple of inches of her buns. She was also wearing a thong swimsuit bottom with matching top. She proceeded to hop into the pool where she got very wet. It didn't surprise me too much when several young men dressed in traditonal board shorts and who were about her age joined her. One of these men had on some very old (?) board shorts that were more of a Capri length pants, and they kept slipping down and showing about half the top of his butt crack. Anyway, the lifeguard looked a Randy, then at his swimsuit and then pointed to the girl I just mentioned. She said something to the effect that this girl had on a thong under her t-shirt, and some women wore thong swimwear without the T-shirt coverup, and nobody complained about that, so she couldn't think of a reason that Randy couldn't wear his thong too. She also pointed out that if women can wear thongs, then men should be able to also. We wore our thongs in at the pool, and Randy got quite a few positive comments, but I was basically ignored. After using the facility, we all went to the Big Boy restaurant nearby. Four young men were escourted to the booth across from us, and were greeted warmy by several others including some of the staff, and even some people who looked to be in their 70's or 80's. Before sitting, these men took their coats off and two of the four had on open side shirts. It was close to 50 outside, but these men seemed perfectly comfortable in their open-side shirts. The men were all pretty fit, and headed over to the salad bar. This seemed to be a contradicition to the way people ate years earlier. Watch a 1950's movie and the kids go to the "malt shop" and ordered fried foods. The milkshakes were made with real ice cream, not the frozen fake stuff that Wendys had to remove the term "dairy desert" from the name of for a while. It's no wonder why many of todays youth seem to be healthier than the kids I grew up with -- they eat better. I also sometimes wonder if all the artificial foods and food addatives that some people have been eating for decades might have something to do with the weight and other health issues some people are now having.
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