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Date Posted:06/10/2004 06:33:23Copy HTML

I'm going to be in Orlando for a few days around the end of August. Are there any thong-friendly hotel pools near International Drive? Any suggestions or experiences would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
Ex_Member #1

Re:Orlando Hotel Pools - (Florida,FL)

Date Posted:06/11/2004 02:20:46Copy HTML

I stayed at the Peabody a year ago. Not sure if it is near the road you need. Very thong friendly. I laid out and swam in my Dore low thong the whole time. Even had cute poolside waitresses serve me drinks in my thong. Saw one other man in a thong, briefly. He left as I was arriving. No girls in thongs. I think June is considered the off season in FL (or am I wrong on that?) You should email or call the hotels before going about their thong policy.
Hacket #2

Re:Orlando Hotel Pools - (Florida,FL)

Date Posted:07/24/2004 01:16:29Copy HTML

You'll do better by going to the motels along 192 in south Orlando/Kissimmee.  Most of these places cater to Europeans (British) and some are owned/operated by foreigners. I've had no problems laying out there and additionally, they're cheaper!!!
The Gabe #3

Re:Orlando Hotel Pools - (Florida,FL)

Date Posted:09/08/2004 12:48:58Copy HTML

I will be in the Orlando/Kissimmee area the first week of October. I'll be staying at the Days Suites on the Irlo Bronson Highway. My intent is to take along my bright yellow Joe Snyder thong as my priamry swimsuit. If they don't like that, then I have my black JS capri as a back up. But, of course that can be easy worked into a thong. Anyway, I am looking forward to lots of Florida sunshine, and I'll be sure to let you all know how my thong is received while there.
ctmonline #4

Re:Orlando Hotel Pools - (Florida,FL)

Date Posted:06/23/2005 01:09:07Copy HTML

I emailed the new "Hilton Garden Inn" near Universal Studios yesterday as I'm planning for a vacation in August. I asked them if thongs were permitted at their outdoor pool, they responded with "yes, you can wear them...no problem...any swimwear is fine". It looks like I've found a decent newer place to stay in Orlando for a few days now, only $79 a night as well, plus it's right beside the Wet-N-Wild water park.
eimeo #5

Re:Orlando Hotel Pools - (Florida,FL)

Date Posted:06/25/2005 05:49:49Copy HTML

I don't see why people even ask, I go to the pool in my thong, if they arent happy I am sorry but i did pay for my hotel room I don't see why i shouldnt be allowed to wear what I want ! I never had any problems while wearing a thong
ctmonline #6

Re:Orlando Hotel Pools - (Florida,FL)

Date Posted:06/25/2005 07:17:40Copy HTML


                Sometimes it's better to get a particular hotels swimwear policy in writing before going there on vacation, if the hotel management said to cover up and you refused, they could throw you out of the hotel (private property) ruining your vacation. I don't think you'll ever have this problem though, females that look like you have the most freedom to wear thongs or less, no one in their right mind would ever ask you to cover up. A male on the other hand, somebody may get offended or think you're a pervert, there's a strong double-standard when it comes to wearing thongs. I'm curious, how do you feel about guys wearing thongs?

stringpe #7

Re:Orlando Hotel Pools - (Florida,FL)

Date Posted:11/10/2005 02:50:28Copy HTML

Last June our family stayed at the Holiday Inn Sunspree in Orlando close to Disney World.  There was one middle aged women with a thong on and around four other women in rio backed bikinis.  She was quite comfortable walking around the pool in front of numerous families with children. 

thongbutt1 #8

Re:Orlando Hotel Pools - (Florida,FL)

Date Posted:11/10/2005 03:24:00Copy HTML

i can't imagine a problem doing it there. there's so many foreigners in the hotels that wear speedos you won't stick out that much.  just go ahead and wear them, they'll let you know if there's a problem....
JM_Runs #9

Re:Orlando Hotel Pools - (Florida,FL)

Date Posted:02/01/2007 03:47:46Copy HTML

Has anyone stayed at thong-friendly hotels lately in the orlando area?
mrever_ready #10

Re:Orlando Hotel Pools - (Florida,FL)

Date Posted:02/01/2007 03:29:02Copy HTML

We're going to Orlando in the second week of March and we'll staying at the Hawthorne Suites near Seaworld and we'll be wearing our thongs.    I wonder if we can visit other hotel pools and wear our thongs there too ?     Or is that pushing our luck ?   
JM_Runs #11

Re:Orlando Hotel Pools - (Florida,FL)

Date Posted:03/06/2007 09:23:09Copy HTML

Has anybody stayed at a thong friendly hotel lately in Orlando? I'm aiming for June depending on weather and was looking for a good place to go.
thongbutt1 #12

Re:Orlando Hotel Pools - (Florida,FL)

Date Posted:03/10/2007 03:16:35Copy HTML

yes, i've thonged at several hotels in the kissimmee area.  as long as you proceed carefully ( doing it when the kids aren't around)  you should have no problem.  after all it is florida......
mrever_ready #13

Re:Orlando Hotel Pools - (Florida,FL)

Date Posted:03/21/2007 03:14:13Copy HTML

My wife and I and our kids just got back from Orlando.     We stayed at the Hawthorn Suites near SeaWorld and had NO problems wearing our thongs by the pool.    Mind you, we didn't walk through the lobby or anything like that.    We loved the pool and worshipped the sun throughout most afternoons.    Staff walked past us many times and no one said anything.     We had a great time.
JM_Runs #14

Re:Orlando Hotel Pools - (Florida,FL)

Date Posted:03/05/2010 06:31:47Copy HTML

This is an interesting link about hotel pools, asking on TripAdvisor.com  if thongs are ok at Orlando Hotels:
The Gabe #15

Re:Orlando Hotel Pools - (Florida,FL)

Date Posted:03/25/2010 03:10:56Copy HTML

 In planning a short trip to the Disney area for this June I placed a few phone calls to some of the hotels along Irlo Bronson Highway to inquire about their swimwear policies.

The Super 8 across from Old Town says that thongs are not allowed as it is a family environment.
Home Suite Homes also says no thongs since there are families present. What a bummer, although I did actually wear a thong at the Super 8 last Fall without incident.

Now the good news. Celebration Suites at Old Town does not have a policy which prohibits thongs at their pools. The woman I spoke with said as far as she knows, thongs are fine. She even seemed to like the idea from what I could tell. Her take on the situation was essentially to wear my thongs or whatever I wanted as long as it's not an outrageous design, or cut. I have worn thongs and micro thongs here several times before, but I had never asked in advance. Neither staff not guest have ever said anything negative. Usually I get a smile as the women seem slightly embarassed by my selection. I love that reaction. Have fun everyone, and happy thonging.

DavyJ #16

Re:Orlando Hotel Pools - (Florida,FL)

Date Posted:04/07/2010 03:45:43Copy HTML

Masters Inn (8222 Jamaican Ct.)  Great location.  I thonged there at all times of the day and evening and had no problem.  The pool is in plain view of the desk and lobby area as well as many of the rooms so I was definitely noticed, particularly by all the maids.  But no one cared.

stanpuppy #17

Re:Orlando Hotel Pools - (Florida,FL)

Date Posted:04/08/2010 12:47:06Copy HTML

Just got back from 6 days in orlando with the family.  Nothing even close to a thong.  We stayed at the Hilton on Buena Vista Drive, across from downtown Disney.  Totally a family place.  Didnt even attempt to wear anything even close to skimpy (we had all three kids with us as well).  I wore board shorts and wife wore conservative bikinis.   It was just not the right atmosphere for micro wear.  ANybody who would have worn anything like that would have stood out like a sore thumb.   One euro guy wore a speedo, other than that everyone was in board shorts.  A women wore a brazilian back bikini, which was the smallest suit we saw, but her butt was still almost completely covered.  I believe you have to pick your battles....this was a time to just go with the flow.  Michelle and I are hoping to get to miami (alone) this summer.  The new muscleskins and malibu strings teardrop G's will make their maiden appearances then!!!!
nicksthong #18

Re:Orlando Hotel Pools - (Florida,FL)

Date Posted:04/10/2010 12:49:09Copy HTML

 Hey, a few years ago a girlfriend went down there and stayed at the Hawthorne Inn and Suites.  We were there at the height of the season, but when I asked the girl at the front desk if they would mind if I wore a thong, she said, "uh yeah, we cant tell you what to wear, but you know that this is a family resort, and you may not want to." 
While there were a few kids with a few pairents out at the pool, I did want to wear my thong, they didn't seem to mind so much anyway.
The Gabe #19

Re:Orlando Hotel Pools - (Florida,FL)

Date Posted:08/16/2010 05:11:38Copy HTML

 Well, my intended trip in June fell through as I decided to take part in an October race at Walt Disney World instead. I'll be at the Super 8 MainGate on Irlo Bronson. Last year I wore my N2N Maverick G and was not asked to cover up or change, so I'll do it again. My backup plan in case of complaints or uptight people is to cross the highway and use the pool at Days Inn or Celebration Suites. Heck if anyone wants to try and get together at the pool for a thong session that would be cool. LOL. Everyone take care.
shaved_thong_lover #20

Re:Orlando Hotel Pools - (Florida,FL)

Date Posted:10/03/2010 07:37:35Copy HTML

 i will be in orlando this week if anyone is going and wants to thong together?
i recfently stayed again at grand floridian and even though thongs are rare  in disney i was on their man made beach in my gstring and there was a european coule that had on a speedo and rio and when she saw me she took off her rio and had a thong underneath.  the beach was only us though
orlspeedo #21

Re:Orlando Hotel Pools - (Florida,FL)

Date Posted:10/04/2010 09:53:59Copy HTML

I would love to meet up and lay out with you as I live in the area, but work during the day unfortunately.  Maybe some evening or late afternoon.
shaved_thong_lover #22

Re:Orlando Hotel Pools - (Florida,FL)

Date Posted:10/10/2010 08:59:52Copy HTML

 disney report.  well i spent the last four days at disneys animal kingdom resortalot of kids and i wore a skinz stuffit gstring the entire time but did wear a rio back when getting in and out of pool sometimes depending on crowds.  in my rio i was never asked to cover up and the front is extremely small, in my gstring i was never asked to cover up in the water or tanning, even when on my tummy.  i did strategically pick a chaise a bit concealed.  i did have one female lifegaurd tell me, nice suit, with a smile , which was partly sarcasm and partly a compliment.  on the last day, today, i tried to walk to the pool in my gstring, get in swim and then get out in my gstring and walk across the pool to my chair.  i passed about ut people during that.  at that point a male lifegaurd came over and said the previous days of tanning and swimming were fine, but please wear my rioback bikini if walking around.  this was in spite of two women throught the four days wearing thongs, not gstrings, but they even went to the bar with them.  so overa a great experience until i tried to be a bit more daring and even then they were pleasant.  only saw two other women in four days in thongs, but about five men in speedos and ten to fifteen women in semi rio backs.  i hope this is informitive to all
johnbar5251 #23

Re:Orlando Hotel Pools - (Florida,FL)

Date Posted:10/10/2010 10:21:53Copy HTML

 Shaved thong lover: You deserved to be told to cover up in that situation. This is a typical example of going too far and being too much in peoples faces about thonging. Just be sensible!
shaved_thong_lover #24

Re:Orlando Hotel Pools - (Florida,FL)

Date Posted:10/11/2010 11:03:07Copy HTML

 i am not wanting this to turn into one of those dreaded message board fights, all i am doing is reporting what occured for our members benefits.  two women were walking  around in their thongs as i stated and even at the bar in their thongs, i just thought since they could i would also try.  i understand men and women r treated different in thongs and in fact i had on a gstring and they had thongs. just reportting actually a great experience and at what point for men they drew the linee and how that line is different for women.
The Gabe #25

Re:Orlando Hotel Pools - (Florida,FL)

Date Posted:10/13/2010 02:45:32Copy HTML

 I just returned from my trip to Florida and the Disney parks. I saw a few thongs at both Typhoon Lagoon and Blizzard Beach. And, I was not the only man wearing one at Typhoon Lagoon. Men and women were walking around the park without a care both days. Of course nobody was wearing anything like a Wicked Weasel or one of Dore's designs. Some of those would be a bit too far for a waterpark.
The Gabe #26

Re:Orlando Hotel Pools - (Florida,FL)

Date Posted:10/30/2010 03:04:30Copy HTML

 I finally loaded my vacation photos onto the computer, and now have posted a couple photos from the hotel in my profile. The staff didn't mind my suit at all, and the woman in the picture also got a shot on her phone. These were taken at Celebration Suites at Old Town located on 192.
SlidingG #27

Re:Orlando Hotel Pools - (Florida,FL)

Date Posted:10/30/2010 05:16:17Copy HTML

Hey, Gabe, nice shots, and nice bod.  Glad you're not embarrassed to show your face, much more natural that way.  Congrats on your daring, your thong is way more explicit than I dare wear in similar situations.  The faintest hint of head definition gets cutting remarks from my wife.  Upward and outward thrust, forget it!  But then, the dame in your pics isn't your wife, right?  
ljv #28

Re:Orlando Hotel Pools - (Florida,FL)

Date Posted:10/30/2010 07:52:53Copy HTML

My wife and I will be at the Radisson on International Drive in a couple of weeks.  Any reports of problems thonging there?  Is it thong friendly or too much of a family atmosphere there and therefore stick to a bikini?  While in town, we plan on taking a side trip to Fort De Soto to get in some beach thonging.
The Gabe #29

Re:Orlando Hotel Pools - (Florida,FL)

Date Posted:10/31/2010 01:15:54Copy HTML

 ljv, go for the thong. The worst outcome will be a request to wear something else. SlidingG, thanks for the compliments. And you're right, she was not my wife. She was merely a fan. I always enjoy any positive reactions. ANything negative, well that happens, fortunately not when I have been out. I am anticipating a return trip in the coming Spring, hopefully with some newer, smaller Dore styles.
speedosoldier85 #30

Re:Orlando Hotel Pools - (Florida,FL)

Date Posted:12/01/2010 02:16:20Copy HTML

Gonna be staying at a howard johnson from 18-23 december, in kissimmee. Any idea of down there?
flthongbutt #31

Re:Orlando Hotel Pools - (Florida,FL)

Date Posted:12/02/2010 01:10:37Copy HTML

yeah, you'll have no problem doing it around kissimmee... the actualy disney resorts would be a problem, but the international drive hotels and kissimmee... no issue at all, done it , many , many times....
JM_Runs #32

Re:Orlando Hotel Pools - (Florida,FL)

Date Posted:03/03/2011 03:42:40Copy HTML

 Yah the hotels on 192 near Disney r ok too.  :)
speedosoldier85 #33

Re:Orlando Hotel Pools - (Florida,FL)

Date Posted:03/03/2011 03:56:59Copy HTML

The hotel I stayed at in kissimmee, while I didn;t exactly ask if it would be ok, I thonged there at leat twice and no issues with the other guests came about.
jn9195 #34

Re:Orlando Hotel Pools - (Florida,FL)

Date Posted:03/05/2011 06:06:30Copy HTML

which hotel did you stay at?

I'm hoping to get down around Orlando this May.  It's been a while since I've been to Florida and can't wait to run around in nearly nothing again!

jn9195 #35

Re:Orlando Hotel Pools - (Florida,FL)

Date Posted:09/04/2011 11:24:47Copy HTML

The Gabe provided us with an excellent location.  As he said, Celebration Suites in Kissimmee, FL does not have a policy against thongs.  The only thing is that you must wear shirt/shoes, etc in the lobby.  You can wander their entire property, use their pools (3 of them), use the game room, do your laundry... all in a thong!   I'm here right now for my third and final day and I want to stay longer, but I've already got another plans lined up.  Otherwise, I'd be extending my stay to a full week.

This has been the best single hotel thonging experience for me.  On the first morning, I went out the sliding door to go to my car.  I'm wearing a Muscleskins thong, classic front, 3/8" sides.   When I came back in, the housekeeper and I surprised each other.  She's a beautiful 20-something year old and she immediately looked at my suit and said she thought I was out.  I said that she could just exchange the towels.  She said, "No, I clean your room".  I had three thongs hanging on the shower rod and she had me move them.  I worked on my computer, went out to my car, went to the soda machine, and hung out on my patio area while she was cleaning.  It seemed like forever, she asked if I needed anything else before she left.  After that, I went to the pool.  A few people left, I'm not sure if it was because of me or if they were already leaving.  Others stayed.  
Today, I was at the pool when they came to my room.  I returned just as the housekeeper was finishing.  Later on today, there was a room inspection when another lady came to inspect the cleanliness of the room.  Naturally, I answered the door in a thong.  She looked the room over closely and apologized for the inconvenience.  Then, yet another lady came by to check to see if there was a safe in the closet.  I saw her going down the row of rooms, so I know this wasn't just for me.  She came in, had me move my stuff as my suitcase was setup on that luggage stand in front of the closet.  She looked at the safe and thanked me and then left.  About 15 minutes after that, she came back with another woman.  She said she needed to check to make sure the safe was working because something didn't look right with the latch.  There I am in my thong, these two ladies standing behind me while I move my suitcase again.  Two thongs and one half-back suit fell off my suitcase and I had to pick them up.  They played around with the safe for a while. One then the other, I stood right by them.   Everyone just smiled at me and said hello whenever I met or passed them.  None of the employees seem to be either surprised or bothered by my tiny thongs.   I can't wait to come back again!

Other than when I've left the property, I have not had any more on for these three days. 
The Gabe #36

Re:Orlando Hotel Pools - (Florida,FL)

Date Posted:09/05/2011 01:38:23Copy HTML

I'm happy to hear that my posting helped you to have a good expeirience. While not a 5-star resort, the suites here are a good deal and so close to all the major destiniations. The Super 8 across the highway is also a decent place and although they said thongs aren't allowed, I have never been told or even asked to change into something different.
jn9195 #37

Re:Orlando Hotel Pools - (Florida,FL)

Date Posted:09/06/2011 08:10:57Copy HTML

Honestly, I don't like five star resorts, they are too "stuffy" for me.  Yet, I don't want to be at a trashy motel where all sorts of deals are going down or crews of on-the-road construction workers are staying. 

Anyway, thanks again for letting us in on this place.

The Gabe #38

Re:Orlando Hotel Pools - (Florida,FL)

Date Posted:09/10/2011 02:37:20Copy HTML

Again, it was my pleasure to let people know about the suites. I find them to be a great place to stay. Did you check out Old Town next door while in the area?
jn9195 #39

Re:Orlando Hotel Pools - (Florida,FL)

Date Posted:09/11/2011 02:45:30Copy HTML

Yeah, that is a pretty cool area.  I knew nothing about it.  Whenever friends/family talk about Orlando, they only mention the overpriced Disney locations. 
The Gabe #40

Re:Orlando Hotel Pools - (Florida,FL)

Date Posted:10/10/2011 02:41:07Copy HTML

25 days to go and I will be back in the Kissimmee area at Celebration Suites again. I guess I don't have to tell you all I will have some thongs packed (N2N Mavericks, and a Dore rocket plus 1 or 2 two more, but I'll also have my new Joe Snyder cheeky boxers which is really just like a pair of women's micro booty shorts. Haha, my modest coverup. What I look forward to most though is bringing out my Dore 3D Slingshot. I'm sure I'll get some looks, but that is the idea with a suit of thiat nature. I'll try to get some pictures and let everybody know how my trip turns out.
jn9195 #41

Re:Orlando Hotel Pools - (Florida,FL)

Date Posted:10/14/2011 03:45:46Copy HTML

Do they let you pick your building or room location?  I think I had the perfect spot.  Next time, I'll have to ask for the same building.  My patio opened up to a strip of parking spaces right on one of the main drives. Lots of people saw me in a thong or g-string, since I wore nothing else until I checked out.

One night, two ladies pulled up, they appeared to be mother and daughter.  Their headlights hit me right as I was walking back in the sliding door.  I had the blinds all the way open, so they still saw me after I went inside.  They backed out and moved a few spaces down.  I refreshed my drink and went back out.  They sat in their car for five minutes or so.  Then, they moved back into the space in front of my patio.  They just smiled and said hello.  They only stayed one night and they made a lot of trips to their car.  :)

The Gabe #42

Re:Orlando Hotel Pools - (Florida,FL)

Date Posted:10/17/2011 02:36:08Copy HTML

I counted wrong. I am now 24 days out from vacation and 25 from actual arrival. I suppose I could pick a specific building if I cared to. We usually try to get one away from the traffic in order to avoid excess noise when sleeping.

And now I am unsure as to which hotell I will be at. I may be across the road at Super 8. Still a decent place and I can walk over to the other pools easily. It's going to be fun.
flthongbutt #43

Re:Orlando Hotel Pools - (Florida,FL)

Date Posted:10/18/2011 08:52:34Copy HTML

be very careful with yourself, around the "wonderful" Kissimmee area.... absolutely, do not do anything to get yourself into trouble.  While they try to promote the Disney image, the local authorities can be very very tough.... stories of hauling people into jail for traffic violations, and the local jail is a zoo.... lots of stories on this subject on the web.... you might save a few bucks, and think you're being "cute" flashing all over the place, but trust me, if you get busted, you wont get out.....they're being investigated for not allowing out-of-towners the right to make bail for the "flight" risk..... stay away, and go to a slighter better place in Orlando....
The Gabe #44

Re:Orlando Hotel Pools - (Florida,FL)

Date Posted:11/20/2011 03:03:46Copy HTML

I am back from Florida and once again had no problems at my usual hotel of choice wth ym swimwear, though it was not exactly an extremely busy time of year. Thus there was rarely anyone at the hotel pool to be concerned with my choice of attire. I will be back in the area for the Walt Disnwy World Marathon weekend in early January(6-13) though, which may be busier and should provide a real test for both me and the hotel regarding micro-swimwear. Actually I will be across highway 192 at the Super 8, but the pools at the Suites are bigger and better for the times I do want to swim.

Blizzard Beach at WDW will also be on my itinerary for this next trip, so I need to remember a more modest cut. Anyone have an opinion on Gary Majdell stuff? Thanks a bunch.
DoreFan #45

Re:Orlando Hotel Pools - (Florida,FL)

Date Posted:11/21/2011 01:17:10Copy HTML

 I recently bought a few Gary Majdell stuff. I bought a few thongs with their metallic material which looks really cool. The overall design is quite modest / conservative in my repertoire, but the fit is nice. The shiny metallic material also outlines the shape of your equipment very nicely, even though it isn't a push out pouch. Be aware that some of these metallic materials lose their metallic sheen after a few washes, while others seem to last quite a while.

So in summary, a conservative cut, but still a sexy look from the material and fit.
The Gabe #46

Re:Orlando Hotel Pools - (Florida,FL)

Date Posted:12/26/2011 09:09:58Copy HTML

I am off to Florida fairly soon, so I'll let everyone here know about my experience at the Suites again.
jn9195 #47

Re:Orlando Hotel Pools - (Florida,FL)

Date Posted:01/19/2012 09:13:17Copy HTML

 The Gabe,
which hotel did you end up staying at?

You said something before about possibly staying somewhere else and still using the pool(s) at Celebration Suites.  Have you done that before?  Do they not mind or do they just not know since they are so big?


The Gabe #48

Re:Orlando Hotel Pools - (Florida,FL)

Date Posted:01/28/2012 07:50:51Copy HTML

I stayed at the Super 8 just across the highway and di go over to the suites a couple times to use their pool. Thye didn't seem to notice or care really.
thongman8 #49

Re:Orlando Hotel Pools - (Florida,FL)

Date Posted:07/06/2012 04:20:29Copy HTML

 I'll be in orlando in January.  I'm doing the Goofy Race and a half challenge.  I need to pick up a race packet on Friday Jan/11.  After that, I have the rest of the day to myself.  Probably from Noon on.

I'd like to do some thonging or nude sunbathing.  Any ideas where?  As a single male, I am not allowed at the local nudist resort unless I know someone.  Which I don't.  That would be fun if I could get in there. 

I might contact Celebration Suites to see if I could use their pool. 

Any other ideas. 
JM_Runs #50

Re:Orlando Hotel Pools - (Florida,FL)

Date Posted:07/06/2012 07:28:10Copy HTML

A few years ago, when  up that way for Disney races, we stayed at a hotels in Kissimmee.  I have thonged in a number of hotels long 192.  Did not ask, just did it.  Did not have a problem at any of them.  We are price conscious so these tended to be the cheaper places or ones we got a very good discount.  Most of the cheaper hotels tend to be used by people visiting the parks during the day and who just want a place to crash at night, so the pools are not well used.

One was built in Executive Suites style, a large square around a covered central court and swimming pool.  My girlfriend was a little apprehensive at thonging where the whole hotel surrounded and looked onto the covered pool, but in the end no one minded. The people we met in the hot tub were very friendly. It seemed there were more Europeans staying there, or at least using the swimming pool when we were.  Sorry I don't remember the name, may have been a holiday inn.

I do recommend staying OFF your feet the day before the race. Get packet pickup as fast as possible and get the heck out of the place. Spend the rest of the day horizontal or lollygagging around in the pool.  I also recommend eating early and then catching the EARLY show at Cirque Du Soleil.  Not cheep but a fun way to stay sitting down and the EARLY show let's out early enough to get a good nights sleep before an early start.  It also helps to put any other people in your group, who are not racing, on the same time schedule as you.

I recommend finding out what roads are closed on race morning.  Unless you are staying at a Disney hotel or race host hotel and can take the shuttle buss, figure out where the road closings are going to be. (Trust me, there will be road closings.)  There is nothing like getting up in the middle of the night with your route to the start all planned out, only to find the highway blocked because of the race, and then in the dark attempting to find another way around.  This happened to us the first time.  We ended up with a string of cars behind us, all following, because someone saw us get out a map and take off, and they and their friends followed us.  This started people peeling out doing U turns. Either they had the same plan B as us, or they just thought someone knows the way, let's just follow him. Now we find out the road closings, have an unobstructed route planed out, and a plan B and plan C in case of un-announced road blockages or highway accidents. 
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