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thongman8 #51

Re:Orlando Hotel Pools - (Florida,FL)

Date Posted:07/07/2012 02:47:56Copy HTML

 Thanks JM.  I'll be staying at a Disney hotel because of the transportation.  I can take a Disney bus a be sure to get where I need to be. 

I plan on getting there around noon to pick up my packet.  I then plan on finding a place that will allow me to thong in their pool.  I'll have to make a few phone calls that's for sure.  Once I do, I'll get there as soon as I get what I need for the race.  Then after the 1/2 marathon, I'll be heading back there to thong more.

I'll look up the Holiday Inn you suggested and also the Celebration Suites.  Give em a call and explain what I'd like to do.  You never know, they may tell me to come on over.  The worst thing is that they tell me no.
JM_Runs #52

Re:Orlando Hotel Pools - (Florida,FL)

Date Posted:07/07/2012 05:10:03Copy HTML

The hotels I stayed at were NOT Disney brand hotels and were NOT on the Disney property and did NOT have 3am buses to take us to the race. They were budget hotels in Kissimmee. If planning to use race provided bus transport on race day make SURE the hotel is serviced by the race morning bus service, OR that the hotel guarantees early AM van transport. Also if relying on hotel transport check road closures.  The last thing you want is some hotel driver who did not know they close the main highway into Disney for the race. Thonging is nice, but reliable race day transport is essential.

For several years I have managed the coral setup for Miami Marathon. Every year there are thousands who arrive late, scrambling to get to their assigned pens. There dozens who are still arriving after everyone has cleared the start, which takes about 15 minutes, and who ask "Which way do we go!"  These folks mostly drove in and were surprised that a race with 25,000 had created traffic congestion at 5am and filled every parking lot and parking space for blocks, and blocks, and blocks. Who'd have thunk.
thongman8 #53

Re:Orlando Hotel Pools - (Florida,FL)

Date Posted:07/09/2012 01:50:59Copy HTML

 I'll be staying at one of the Disney value resorts.  According to their website, the busses start running to EPCOT at 3 am.  They run every 20 minutes until 4 am.  I know if I use their transportation that I'll get to where I need to be and be on time.    I'll be a bit early, but I know I'll be where I need too.

One of my wife's co-workers ran in it last year.  They didn't stay at a Disney property and said it was a night mare getting to where they needed to go.  She highly recommended staying at Disney. 

I don't mind, I got a good rate, around $65 a night.

If I can't find a place to thong, I can where a Speedo type suit to a Disney pool.

Actually, last month we were staying at Pop Century.  I went out late for a run, around 10:30 PM.  When I got back, I sat at the pool to cool down.  While sitting there, a lady walked over to the pool and sat down on the edge to be with her family.  A minute or two later, she stood up and removed her cover -up.  She was wearing a thong!  What was cool about it was that she was probably mid 40s.    It was 11 pm by then and there were only about 5 other people in the pool.  Nobody even seemed to notice her thong, except me!!

Its kind of a positive thong siting. Yeah, it was 11 PM and not very many people there, but it was something positive as the ones that were there, didn't mind.
The Gabe #54

Re:Orlando Hotel Pools - (Florida,FL)

Date Posted:07/28/2012 03:02:26Copy HTML

I'll be back once again for the 2013 Marathon Weekend, but only running the half on Saturday morning. I took part in the marathon relay this past January and now have a cool feinshere's medal and shirt which will apparently never be seen again. I won't be staying on Disney property this time, but I have never had a problem getting to the start of a race on time. A post under another topic has gto me interested in the Tower of Terror 10-miler for next year as that race goes down just at the tail end of a busy thong season at the Disney waterparks. I hope I get there in time to catch a bit of it.
thongman8 #55

Re:Orlando Hotel Pools - (Florida,FL)

Date Posted:08/03/2012 03:52:10Copy HTML

 Hey Gabe, your going to be there for the 2013 race in January?

Where are you going to be staying?
The Gabe #56

Re:Orlando Hotel Pools - (Florida,FL)

Date Posted:08/03/2012 02:31:59Copy HTML

I'll be staying off property for that trip. No final decision where yet, but it will be a 5 or 6 day trip.
lindros #57

Re:Orlando Hotel Pools - (Florida,FL)

Date Posted:08/03/2012 10:46:04Copy HTML

I stayed last night at All-Star Music resort at Disney, but during the evening I scouted out all six swimming pools between the three All-Star resorts (Music, Movies, Sports). I made that decision based on reading reports from the Disney Board forums. Apparently, the All-Star resorts have a reputation of being taken over by South American tour groups which most vacationers hate running into because they can be loud and rude. However I like them because they are mostly girls and they almost all wear thongs & rios!

Unfortunately, no South Americans at All-Star resorts last night. As a result, the patrons at the swimming pools all wore conservative swimwear, the kind you'd see at any typical hotel in the country. This was surprising because there was still a very strong European contingent just like at the water parks. However even the water parks were much more risqué than the hotel pools. So there was an obvious disparity between water park swimwear at Disney vs. the hotel pools at Disney.
clubthongs #58

Re:Orlando Hotel Pools - (Florida,FL)

Date Posted:09/21/2012 01:16:05Copy HTML

Does anyone have any experience with the Orlando World Center Marriott?
lindros #59

Re:Orlando Hotel Pools - (Florida,FL)

Date Posted:11/18/2012 04:04:44Copy HTML

I was searching Orlando hotels and came across this interesting review of the Maingate Lakeside Resort on HWY 192 in Kissimmee (previously Best Western Lakeside Resort). Here is the interesting part:

"My husband and I felt we got our money's worth and our daughters enjoyed the pool+golf more than Disney! I also believe the several scantily clad high school boys in speedos and tiny thong swimsuits played a large part in their liking LOL. We will definitely be coming back next year for vacation, my oldest daughter Lindsey already has it marked on her calendar!"

Interestingly, below this review at the web site is the sale's manager response from the hotel, who seemed to have no objection to the presence of thongs (seeing he was glad that Lindsey had a good time & he wished them warm weather for their next trip so there's lots of pool activity):

"HI Jersey Mom!It doesn't matter to us how long it took you too post a review, we are just glad you did!Thanks for staying at our property in March and we are glad that you and your family, especially Lindsey, had a good time! LOL....Will actually have 3 pools on site and now also have basketball courts.....see you next year, hopefully the weather is warm so there will be lots of pool activity!"

lindros #60

Re:Orlando Hotel Pools - (Florida,FL)

Date Posted:12/02/2012 03:39:26Copy HTML

When searching online for hotels in Orlando this winter please be advised that some hotels advertise heated pools but they actually aren't (or they are applying minimal heat so the water is still cold). I did a drive by of a few hotels, here are my results (these are all on Rt 192 Irlo Bronson HWY).

- Maingate Lakeside Resort:  Manager said 1 of their 3 pools is heated, but they are all very cold in actuality.
- Celebration Suites:  Told me that 1 of their 3 pools is heated, but only 1 was minimally heated (too cold for me).
- Seralago:  Two hot tubs fully functional, one of their pools is nicely heated. Pool/tubs open till midnight.
- Claremont: Pool heated to very warm temperature, hot tub not working. Pool open till midnight.

I actually stayed at the Claremont. The hotel is a dive but for only $37 it wasn't too terrible. At dinner time there was nobody around so I actually skinny dipped! Then after I ate dinner the hotel started filling up. I went down to the pool with a g-string under my shorts and a European couple were just entering the pool. The guy was wearing a small speedo and the woman was wearing a rio/thong. Neither could care about my g.

I also stayed at Seralago a few weeks ago. Nice room quality for the price. There is a bar next to the pool that stays open if the weather is nice. Though with the bar patrons near the pool I didn't thong. However the bar closed at 11pm so that left an hour of thonging before the pool closed at midnight. There's also the hot tub near the 2nd pool in the back on the other side of the property that was desolate since that pool wasn't heated and there was no bar nearby. No problem g-stringing there any time, but the hot tub was extremely hot, couldn't stay more than 5 minutes in there.
sailor250 #61

Re:Orlando Hotel Pools - (Florida,FL)

Date Posted:12/03/2012 01:33:48Copy HTML

About the cold pools: the price of electricity and gas is making everyone bump the thermostat down several degrees.  I heard someone say they were going to heat the pool at a florida hotel to 75 degrees this winter.  Ever swam in 75 degrees for any time?  It's as bad as the ocean in the northeast in the summer!  I've made a point of complaining about the pool temp a couple of places this year but only got a degree or two of relief- everyone's worried about their bottom line.
Grabeach #62

Re:Orlando Hotel Pools - (Florida,FL)

Date Posted:12/03/2012 10:44:22Copy HTML

I believe the 'official' temp eg. Olympics for pools is 26C (79F), which is what they aim for in Sydney. For various reasons it's often round 23 -24C (73- 75F). I'm fairly slim and tend to feel the cold, but it's no big deal. A lot of the 'beefier' regular lappers even prefer the cooler temperature. Probably boils down to what you are used to.
thongman8 #63

Re:Orlando Hotel Pools - (Florida,FL)

Date Posted:12/14/2012 03:40:50Copy HTML

 Anyone going to be in town for marathon weekend?  I will be there early enough on Friday to get in some thong time.  I might call the hotel that the Gabe talked about in Celebration and see if I can use their pool in a thong.  They shouldn't mind, should they?  Anyone have any other ideas for where to thong while I'm there?

I might go to Playalind Beach for the day on Sat after the  1/2 marathon.  Not sure if I want to go yet.
lindros #64

Re:Orlando Hotel Pools - (Florida,FL)

Date Posted:12/14/2012 05:49:03Copy HTML

I would stay at SeraLago or Claremont Inn instead of Celebration Suites. See my post from a couple weeks ago. The water temp at Celebration was very chilly even though it may technically be considered a "heated pool". There certainly was nobody brave enough to swim in it either. The other two pools at Celebration were even colder, although they acknowledge that only one of their three pools is "heated". The water temps at the other two hotels were quite nice and are located in the same area as Celebration Suites.
sailor250 #65

Re:Orlando Hotel Pools - (Florida,FL)

Date Posted:12/17/2012 08:23:46Copy HTML

Because I may have occasion to go to Orlando soon I checked out some of the suggestions.

Seeing as I want to get as far as I can from screaming kids too I am not a fan of Disney for relaxation.

Looked at the SeraLago resort website and see everything as described...but with dozens of parents and little kids frolicing in the pools!! I guess I should expect that seeing as the Logo for the resort and their sign looks like a Kindergarden with all primary colors.

The hot tub that's "desolate" is about 12 feet from a playground with a see thru fence separating it from the thonging spot???

We can talk until the internet is full of words about how we can wear thongs at Disney resorts and family pools- and you might be able to- and if you're with your family that's great- but let's face it this is not a "resort" area where thongs will be accepted- this isn't Miami Beach, isn't SanFrancisco...  so with that said I'll have to continue my search for a place where their won't be 911 calls when I go out to the pool.
lindros #66

Re:Orlando Hotel Pools - (Florida,FL)

Date Posted:12/17/2012 09:29:33Copy HTML

Sailor:  there are two pools and two hot tubs at Seralago. The main pool & tub have the playground nearby along with a bar area. However, the secondary pool & hot tub in the rear of the property offers more privacy with no playground or bar. Moreover, since the secondary pool is not heated this winter that area was totally desolate even though the hot tub was fully functional. In main season you may be right that the property is over-run by kids making it tough to thong. However, I stayed there one night in November and had no issue wearing a g-string in the tubs or the one heated pool. There certainly weren't a bunch of kids running around, in fact is was dead, however like I said this could be a seasonal thing.

One other hotel you may want to check out is the Hilton Garden Inn near the Wet-n-Wild water park. I stayed here a couple years ago and had no issue wearing g-strings daytime or night. There is a hot-tub & heated pool and it appeared to cater to more business travellers than tourists with kids but is more expensive.

The Gabe #67

Re:Orlando Hotel Pools - (Florida,FL)

Date Posted:01/01/2013 07:45:55Copy HTML

Thongman8, I will be at WDW Pop Century for marathon weekend as my travel plans changed and staying on property will be easier. I'm running the half marathon Saturday morning and for now plan to visit Typhoon Lagoon afterward for some rest and water fun. I just got a new swimsuit last week and I want to brign that one along, thought it's not reallly a thong. 3" back, so it's close enough and easily modified.

And, thank you to those who have posted some information about the Seralago. that is another place I have considered staying, and it seems to get some good reviews from the people here. Maybe next Fall for the Tower of Terror race week.

Everybody enjoy and make the most of 2013.
thongman8 #68

Re:Orlando Hotel Pools - (Florida,FL)

Date Posted:01/02/2013 02:58:31Copy HTML

 Gabe, I am going to go to Cypress Cove after the 1/2 on Saturday and hang out nude.  Maybe even on Friday too.
DocBrown #69

Re:Orlando Hotel Pools - (Florida,FL)

Date Posted:01/10/2013 08:19:16Copy HTML

Lindros, thank you for sharing that tripadvisor review, it caught my attention and got me curious. I called MLR off 192 just to confirm that thongs were allowed before my wife and I took a mini-vacation just to try it out. The customer service rep, who didn't have the greatest english said absolutely not, all guests must wear appropriate swimming attire that is suitable for families.  So I said ok, fair enough, but I'd like to speak with a manager.  Irritated, and I'm not sure if he even got a "real" manager, a woman with a spanish accent took the phone.  I mentioned that I had seen reviews on TripAdvisor encouraging pool activity by guests wearing skimpy swimwear, and she said that it must have been from previous ownership when it was still under BestWestern's control.  The resort has been privately operated and separarated from BW for over a year now.  She said while proper attire is required, they do assess the situation on a case by case basis and whether or not they receive any complaints. Typical professional response...  However, given that in the tripadvisor post it was most likely high school swim team boys on a disney vacation and not an old fart such as myself, even back then I probably would have triggered a few police calls and been asked to cover up.  Younger people with perfect bodies always get away with it no one says boo while anyone that is middle aged or has a tad bit extra weight causes a shitstorm. Any of the hotels/resorts around Disney cater mostly to families and you're really pushing the envelope by wearing even a speedo in those environments. Scratch MLR from the list....until at least another management company takes over.
lindros #70

Re:Orlando Hotel Pools - (Florida,FL)

Date Posted:01/10/2013 02:01:58Copy HTML

Doc, thanks for the follow-up research on MLR. Will scratch that off the list.
lindros #71

Re:Orlando Hotel Pools - (Florida,FL)

Date Posted:01/13/2013 07:48:35Copy HTML

Doc:  you can scratch SeraLago off the list. This afternoon the pool was populated with 75% kids, 99% Americans, 25% rednecks, and nobody wearing anything close to minimal swimwear. The only way SeraLago could work out is on a weekday in say November with cold weather which is when I stayed there last.

Instead I buzzed over to the Claremont (on Rt 192, Irlo Bronson HWY) and am staying there. They have the warmest heated pool in the area and their hot tub is working again. First I went swimming in a g-string in the late afternoon there was nobody there. In the early evening there were a few guests using the pool but I was watching the football games. I then went swimming again after the 49ers/Packers game (actually this time skinny dipping) 11pm to just after midnight. For some reason most of the Claremont's guests don't use the pool. On weekdays I've noticed the hotel doesn't get many visitors. However beware that the rooms at Claremont are a dive, you get what you pay for $40/night. Something is guaranteed not to work (either the remote will be missing, or the hot water won't work, or the a/c won't work, etc.). However the pool has been a pleasant surprise.
DocBrown #72

Re:Orlando Hotel Pools - (Florida,FL)

Date Posted:01/14/2013 04:14:48Copy HTML

Can anyone recommend a few Orlando area hotels that have really nice pools that don't cost an arm or a leg?  I don't care about their thong policies, if Im asked to cover up I will.  Just trying to find some nice places to enjoy my weekends that won't break the bank.
orlspeedo #73

Re:Orlando Hotel Pools - (Florida,FL)

Date Posted:10/14/2013 10:16:53Copy HTML

I have worn a very, very brief side mesh Joe Snyder bikini at the Ritz and next time I plan on progressing to a thong.  There were no negative comments from either other guests or the staff, so I don't think it would be a problem what you wear.
thongman8 #74

Re:Orlando Hotel Pools - (Florida,FL)

Date Posted:10/14/2013 12:18:13Copy HTML

 I was thinking about visiting them in January.  So I called and asked if thongs were ok by the pool.  Since it is an adult pool (the spa pool only) they said thongs were fine.  I then asked if I could wear a g-string but she said no to that.

If your visiting the spa and use their pool, thongs should be fine.  You have to be 18 or older to use the spa so that is why they call it an adult only pool.

Have fun.
Grabeach #75

Re:Orlando Hotel Pools - (Florida,FL)

Date Posted:10/14/2013 07:47:45Copy HTML

Once I had a 'yes' to thongs, I would have left it at that. The term g-string may have conjured up images of strippers or perhaps of someone 'pushing' to see how far they could go. Who knows what someone is thinking at the other end of a phone line. My bet is that if you had worn a non see through etc g-string it would have been okay.
orlspeedo #76

Re:Orlando Hotel Pools - (Florida,FL)

Date Posted:10/15/2013 10:09:28Copy HTML

I plan on going again soon and spend a Saturday by the pool so if anyone wants to join me, let me know!  Would love to have some company!
The Gabe #77

Re:Orlando Hotel Pools - (Florida,FL)

Date Posted:10/20/2013 09:21:56Copy HTML

I'm staying at Seralago in January for just over one week. plenty of time to use their pools, or take a short walk to another hotel pool.
thongman8 #78

Re:Orlando Hotel Pools - (Florida,FL)

Date Posted:10/24/2013 12:49:12Copy HTML


Are you running in the Disney Marathon or any of the Disney marathon activities? 
lindros #79

Re:Orlando Hotel Pools - (Florida,FL)

Date Posted:10/25/2013 07:07:55Copy HTML

Keep in mind that in January Seralago will only heat one of their two swimming pools, the other will be ice cold. However both hot tubs will be heated.
The Gabe #80

Re:Orlando Hotel Pools - (Florida,FL)

Date Posted:10/26/2013 03:09:58Copy HTML

Thongman8, I am entered in the inaugural Dopey Challenge. That is the 5K, 10K, Half-marathon, and Marathon. I'll probably make liberal use of the hot tub. I may even try for a day at Wet N Wild.
thongman8 #81

Re:Orlando Hotel Pools - (Florida,FL)

Date Posted:11/03/2013 02:22:07Copy HTML

Yeah, I'm doing the Dopey too! 

The Gabe #82

Re:Orlando Hotel Pools - (Florida,FL)

Date Posted:11/03/2013 05:38:34Copy HTML

I entered after saying I would not run a full marathon. Guess I was wrong. Running in costume?
thongman8 #83

Re:Orlando Hotel Pools - (Florida,FL)

Date Posted:11/04/2013 02:45:15Copy HTML

 No costume.  I'll be happy to just finish so I don't want anything in the way like a costume.  Besides, I don't know who I would go as anyway. 

jn9195 #84

Re:Orlando Hotel Pools - (Florida,FL)

Date Posted:04/20/2014 07:01:42Copy HTML

I stayed at Celebration Suites for two days and then Seralago for two days last week.  I only did this because I was only able to make travel plans the week before I went, which was the 5th through the 13th.   I went down to the keys for a few days first and then went to Orlando/Kissimmee for a job interview.
Anyway, Celebration Suites didn't have rooms available for all the days I would be in the area.   I've stayed at Celebration Suites several times now... ok, five times now, after Gabe's suggestion.  I love the place.   And I wear thongs or g-strings every time.   Every other time, they've put me across the street from the Lobby and I only went thonging in the 2nd or 3rd pool.  This time, I was only two buildings away from the Lobby, right by the main pool.   This visit, I went thonging in all three pools each day.  A girl from the Lobby came by to check on my room.  She said that housekeeping wasn't able to clean my room because they can't clean while someone is in there.  I didn't know what she was talking about, my room had just been cleaned while I was at the pool and then it was inspected right after I returned to the room.  Maybe the inspector girl was talking about me.  Anyway, the woman from the desk took a quick look at my room and said to have a great day.  I did say that I thought maybe there was a complaint about my suit when she came to my door.   She said that she wasn't aware of any complaints and that there was nothing at all wrong with my suit, smiled, and said again to have a great day.
At Seralago, I wore a thong one day and a g-string the second day.  I had no real problems.  I wasn't sure if I would since I heard that they aren't really accepted there anymore.   At one point, I was walking by the main pool toward the main building and rounded a corner right by the security guard.  He just said, Good Morning.  Someone did complain after I got out of the hot tub that night.  A manager was walking around with a radio and approached me.  He asked if I just came out of the hot tub and I confessed to doing so.  I asked if there is a problem and he said, no... but he had a complaint that man walked out of it nude with only a towel in his hand. He didn't apologize or say have a good day or anything like that. He just said that they must have been mistaken.
The second night, I did go to the second pool.  As I went around one of the buildings, I turned the corner and there were several young girls... I'm guessing in the 7 to 10 range.  I was a little concerned, since I expected some redneck father to yell at me or the rush the girls off to safety.  Anyway, two of the girls looked a little surprised by my suit, the rest of them didn't react as if anything was wrong.  I just kept going to the pool.  Both pools were warm during my visit.  I still prefer Celebration Suites... because all the rooms aren't staring down at a pool and you have a patio or balcony.  That's always nice no matter where you are.  Seralago rooms don't have any type of balcony or patio, which turns me off of hotel.

The Gabe #85

Re:Orlando Hotel Pools - (Florida,FL)

Date Posted:04/21/2014 03:00:42Copy HTML

 Glad I could be of some help.
lindros #86

Re:Orlando Hotel Pools - (Florida,FL)

Date Posted:04/21/2014 04:32:45Copy HTML

JN9195:  thanks for your detailed trip report. For the next trip if rooms are booked you may also want to try the Claremont Inn which is located on 192 pretty close to the Seralago and Celebration Suites. Pool and hot tub are kept very warm in winter and except for summertime hardly gets used in the evenings. Been skinny dipping there several times and definitely no problem wearing g-strings there either. Unlike Seralago the Claremont doesn't have any security to kick you out at midnight; however the rooms are nicer at Seralago (Claremont is definitely low budget to put it kindly).
jn9195 #87

Re:Orlando Hotel Pools - (Florida,FL)

Date Posted:04/27/2014 08:22:16Copy HTML

LINDROS:   I have read comments about the Claremont Inn, probably yours.  I had that in mind but didn't get around to checking into it.  I'll try to stay there a couple of nights on my next visit... hopefully in July or August.     I went in April this year.  I usually hold off until later, but I just couldn't do it, I had to go. :)   Florida is something that I can't get enough of...  even more so when thonging. 
The Gabe #88

Re:Orlando Hotel Pools - (Florida,FL)

Date Posted:11/15/2014 04:18:15Copy HTML

 I just returned from a trip to Florida and again stayed at Celebration Suites. I had the nerve this time to wear my Slingshot, and it was fun. I got a few looks, but that was the point.
lindros #89

Re:Orlando Hotel Pools - (Florida,FL)

Date Posted:03/15/2015 04:49:51Copy HTML

Stayed Friday night into Saturday in Kissimmee as I was passing through the area. Nearly all the area hotels were booked, so ended up staying at the Palm Lakefront Resort & Hostel on 192. While the place is technically a hostel, you can still have a private room to yourself for $60/night (must book through hostels.com as they won't take a phone reservation).

The main redeeming factor for this "resort" is the swimming pool which is secluded away from the rooms/lobby toward the back end of the property and offers full privacy from any hotel neighbors. The pool is also open until midnight; however the owner leaves for the night at midnight and doesn't lock the pool gate. So in reality you can use the pool any time. The pool area isn't lit at all during the night but there are lights inside the pool.

During my stay, nobody else was at the pool. As such, I left the thong (and my other clothes) on the adjacent lounger and used the pool totally Au-naturale. Friday night I swam for a couple hours from 9pm-11pm, then on Saturday I was there 9am-1pm working on eliminating all tan lines. Not sure if anyone saw me on Saturday as I was mostly nodding off on the lounge chair.

Anyway, I can't help but think that this hotel would be none other than totally thong friendly, even when there are others using it. The people who stay at the hotel are not going to be conservative middle and upper class families with their children. Rather the clientele I saw were younger adults in their 20s (mostly with foreign accents) trying to save a few bucks.

As for the place itself, well let's just say you get what you pay for. The bathroom was actually nice, but the a/c was old & loud, the matress & pillows were not very comfortable, and the lobby/common area was sort of a dump. The pool is not heated so wouldn't recommend a January visit, but in mid-March it was fine for swimming.
krampop1 #90

Re:Orlando Hotel Pools - (Florida,FL)

Date Posted:03/18/2015 11:38:49Copy HTML

  My wife ( Hotrachel ) and I will be in Lakeland FL in May for a long weekend. Any hotel beach we can thing at ?? Should we spend a day near Tampa I believe we will be about 45 min from there.  Thanks !!
whitebull #91

Re:Orlando Hotel Pools - (Florida,FL)

Date Posted:03/27/2015 02:48:38Copy HTML

Look for a central Florida nudist resort  or Playlanda 
odiekyle #92

Re:Orlando Hotel Pools - (Florida,FL)

Date Posted:03/30/2015 08:39:49Copy HTML

 Lakeland has the nudist resort, Caliente Club.
JM_Runs #93

Re:Orlando Hotel Pools - (Florida,FL)

Date Posted:04/01/2015 09:29:14Copy HTML

Kissimmee also has a nudist resort that I can vouch for, if you're so inclined:

poonster #94

Re:Orlando Hotel Pools - (Florida,FL)

Date Posted:12/07/2017 04:42:58Copy HTML

 Looking forward to my stay at the Four Seasons Orlando next week. Emailed the hotel ahead of time and got a very nice response:
"You are more than welcomed to wear whatever swim attire is most comfortable for you and your family. Please be advised our Oasis pool, 21 and up pool, is a gated pool where children are not allowed. If you have any further questions or if we can be of further assistance please let us know."
let's hope for some sunshine!
thong_patrick #95

Re:Orlando Hotel Pools - (Florida,FL)

Date Posted:12/08/2017 08:06:00Copy HTML

 I was just in Orlando at the beginning of November, staying at the Vista Cay Resort, right near the Convention Centre.  Although I never checked with the front desk, I spent some time by the pool wearing my thong.  It seemed to me as though the hotels are quite tolerant as long as you are not flaunting yourself or behaving inappropriately in front of children.  I laid on a chaise lounge around the corner from most guests and never caused a fuss.  I did end up going for a swim in my thong and then using the hot tub later when I had a couple staff members say that my thong was okay.  The bartender at the poolside bar even complimented me on my choice of swimwear and my physique.  I was the only guy by the pool, while there was one other girl in a true string thong and a couple other girls in another group wearing cheeky bottoms.  The Vista Cay is more of a condo resort than a hotel, so it might cater to a different clientele than most Orlando or Kissimee hotels that cater to families.
poonster #96

Re:Orlando Hotel Pools - (Florida,FL)

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 Just got back from a business trip to Orlando and spent a couple of nice and sunny days at the Four Seasons's Oasis adult pool. wore a couple of more conservative thongs (Desmiit and Gregg Homme Reef) and not a comment from anyone, including the many pool attendants coming by to check on things. There were a couple of girls in true thongs and some cheekies.
Overall a nice experience.

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Re:Orlando Hotel Pools - (Florida,FL)

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 I am going to Orlando with the family in April and staying at the Marriott cypress harbor resort. Was wondering if anyone has been to the resort and or what marriot has for a policy before I contact them. There are several pools and was hoping to get some color on my back side. May make a day trip to coco beach or Playalinda but not sure of schedule. If you have any info please let me know.
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Re:Orlando Hotel Pools - (Florida,FL)

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 Headed to Orlando next month with family. Any family hotels that are thong friendly, special for males? Would love a place with slides and a water park, but that maybe asking too much.
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Re:Orlando Hotel Pools - (Florida,FL)

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 Might want to try Fantasy World Resort in Kissimmee. They have condos with 2 bedrooms, full kitchen, 1 and a half bath, and living area. I have thonged there before with no problem. They now have a water park with slides and lazy river. Have not thonged there yet, but talked to a life guard last time and he said a thong would be no problem at the smaller lap pool which has a good sized hot tub. He said a thong should be ok in the water park too (just said to be careful about a lot of kids).  He said they have a lot of foreign guests who wear very skimpy swimwear and tiny speedos. He told me with my physique I could probably wear whatever I wanted. I was staying with a friend and could not take advantage of that opportunity. I'm planning to stay there in January, and was going to ask them again about thongs just hadn't had the chance yet. 
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Re:Orlando Hotel Pools - (Florida,FL)

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I guess this has been asked many times, but here it is again. I will be in Orlando for a convention in the spring (2019). I too am looking for a thong friendly hotel - but family unfriendly is fine with me! No water park, no kids, just a decent sized pool to cool off in whilst in my Skinz g-string.
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