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The Thong Wearers Message Board The place for people who wear a thong or a g-string at the beach.

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sailor250 #101

Re:Orlando Hotel Pools - (Florida,FL)

Date Posted:10/23/2018 01:52:35Copy HTML

While above posts say it is "possible" I've not found anywhere "comfortable" so I've given up and rent houses when I come to town. You can get a place with a heated pool starting about $100 and if you choose carefully a full privacy fence and you won't even need a thong
Beached_Santa_Cruz #102

Re:Orlando Hotel Pools - (Florida,FL)

Date Posted:10/23/2018 03:50:58Copy HTML

I've stayed at the Marriott World Center for a convention. They have several pools. I went to one that didn't have any kids and wore a minimal Skinz banded thong with no issues.
lindros #103

Re:Orlando Hotel Pools - (Florida,FL)

Date Posted:10/23/2018 12:14:24Copy HTML

Hilton garden inn near the volcano bay baterpark is gstring friendly and isn't dominated by kids. Heated pool plus large hot tub are a bonus. Please write a report if your Orlando experience.

Alfresco10 #104

Re:Orlando Hotel Pools - (Florida,FL)

Date Posted:10/30/2018 12:00:38Copy HTML

I will stay at Hilton Tuscany Village for a few days in February. I see that they have an adult pool, so I expect (at least hope) that an older guy in a thong will be OK. I will keep you posted. Any other widely available locations for thongs, such as resorts with day passes?
lindros #105

Re:Orlando Hotel Pools - (Florida,FL)

Date Posted:10/30/2018 11:14:42Copy HTML

You can try Volcano Bay water park. Lots of thong sightings there based on TripAdvisor reviews. I'd avoid the Disney water parks (typhoon lagoon, blizzard beach) because of inconsistency in their swimsuit policy.

joelpool #106

Re:Orlando Hotel Pools - (Florida,FL)

Date Posted:01/24/2019 11:50:57Copy HTML

Just stayed almost 2 weeks at the Fantasy world resort in Kissimmee, and mostly enjoyed their second smaller "lap pool" as they call it. I called it their adult pool as only adults were there as kids went to the water park pool and lazy river in another part of the property. I spent almost every day at the lap pool in a muscleskins thong or a really tiny g string. On quiet days I wore my spaghetti string g, that's like a baggie with tiny strings, and on busier days wore my tiny poser muscleskins thong. I acted low key, but a number of people saw my physique, prominent bulge and bare butt. No one cared, talked along throughout the time; never said anything about my swimwear.
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