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lindros #251

Re:Orlando's waterparks ( Wet-n-Wild, Disney's Typhoon Lagoon, etc.)

Date Posted:12/01/2012 06:20:12Copy HTML

Had a very disappointing day at Blizzard Beach on Friday. Hope all those with interest in Disney Water Parks will read this long post. 

I finally got up the nerve to wear a thong at the park. In the past I always chickened out and wore speedos. For this occasion I actually purchased an Andreas Cahling thong swimsuit which is a conservative thong and lined in the front.

I arrived right at 10am when the park opened and set up shop on the left side of the wave pool, there was nobody there. For the first 2.5 hours I would just flip sides back & forth while reading my book & getting a tan. Other patrons would set up around me in that time, I didn't notice any dirty looks or comments. Most were European so it had the makings of being a good day.

Then around 12:45pm the park manager approached me and said a few people had concerns that my suit was too provocative and requested that I wear a suit that had better coverage on the backside. To the manager's credit, he was very professional, apologetic, offered to buy me a suit if I didn't have another one (I did bring along a speedo just in case), and he assured me that I wasn't singled out because I was a male. Unfortunately, at this time I didn't observe any other patrons in thongs. This was a first, so I didn't have much of a leg to stand on. Therefore, rather than make a stink I complied and at the end of the day met up with the manager for further discussion below.

First I'll try to summarize what the manager said, then I'll give my take below:
1) Thongs do not fall under "acceptable swimwear" at Blizzard Beach.
2) They will ask anyone (man or woman) wearing a thong to cover if they are spotted by park staff.
3) They will ask anyone wearing a thong to cover if there is a complaint.
4) They try to be pro-active with regard to South American tour groups telling them ahead of time that thong swimwear is not permitted.
5) They receive a lot of complaints and letters from people who don't like seeing thongs in the water parks.
6) They want to preserve the "kid friendly" Disney name.

At the end of the day, despite what the manager stated above, I feel like I was given a speeding ticket for doing 60 mph in a 55 zone even though on other days everybody does over 60. Here are my specific responses:
1) According to the guidemap for Disney waterparks, available inside the park, the information section says "Appropriate swimwear is required" and below that it says "swim attire with rivets, buckles, exposed metal, or neoprene is not permitted on body slides". There's nothing about thongs.
2) If Disney has a policy that they will ask someone in a thong to cover if they are spotted by park staff, then the park staff are BLIND. In July I saw 100-200 girls in thongs, they were obvious and everywhere. Nobody asked them to cover up. Just a couple weeks ago I saw a woman walk from her car to the entry gates and inside the park in nothing but a thong bikini, nobody said anything. I've seen women in thongs walk right past life guards even in the off-season when thongs aren't very popular (October/November), nobody said anything. In the past I've seen girls in the 8-13 year range in the park topless, nobody said anything. Even today, late in the day I saw an Hispanic woman wearing a thong, nobody said anything. Also today I saw maybe five parents strip their 3-8 year old kids buck naked at the end of the day right at the edge of the wave pool to get them out of their wet suits & into dry clothes, nobody said anything. Therefore, I believe the line that they will ask thong wearers to cover if spotted by park staff is not supported by any observational evidence, and if so their efforts are so infrequent that the overall effect is minimal.
3) If they only ask people to cover when there is a complaint then this is in effect de-facto gender discrimination, because more people will lodge complaints against a man in a thong than a woman. I asked the manager what would happen next July if someone complained about my thong but there was a tour group with 100 girls in thongs. He didn't answer the question directly but acknowledged I would have a legitimate gripe, but he also assured me that I was not singled out today because of my gender.
4) They may try to be proactive with the South American tour groups, but in the end their efforts are ineffective. The result is an ill-defined and poorly enforced policy.
5) I've done searches on the Disney Board forums (www.disboards.com) looking for posts with "thong" "nudity" or "topless", and in those threads I don't see that much bitching about exposed skin at the water parks. For every complaint there's usually at least 1 or 2 responses from people who are like "so what it's just a butt". Moreover, in my visits to the park it seems that 75% of their patrons through the year are either European or South American, so I feel the majority of people really couldn't care less about someone in a thong. In the end, Disney could allow thongs and probably allow topless sunbathing too and they would probably increase their revenue and not to anything to their image.
6) Preserving the Disney "kid friendly" image is a joke. I can think of three Disney movies that showed nudity:  Pollyanna, Splash, and My Father the Hero. The last one featuring Katherine Heigl in a thong by the pool. Disney also hosts a Gay Days celebration which I'm sure would not be too kid friendly either judging by the same prudish standard.

So, the bottom line is I think Disney really needs to further define their swimwear policy and how it gets enforced so that it is applied consistently to all patrons without exception. I personally feel they should just go by state law, which says sex organs must be covered (buttocks are not sex organs). Then when someone complains about a thong-wearer Disney could just tell them they are following state law. In any event, something needs to be done.
mack_back #252

Re:Orlando's waterparks ( Wet-n-Wild, Disney's Typhoon Lagoon, etc.)

Date Posted:12/01/2012 07:15:34Copy HTML

Lindros feel pity for you. Just another example of why men who decide to wear a thong at pool will be denied wearing it. Reading what you wrote makes me angry that someone can ruin your day because they don't agree with the swimwear you choose. Only thing you could of done is insist nicely who complained. If the manager was professional and insisted it was not targeting you which i believe is a bunch of crap. He would point out the complainer so you could believe there was one. In reality he probably got his information from employee who doesn't want to see the odd male in a thong. Knowing from experience that sooner or later some patron will complain. They probably want to minimize  arguements and complaints to zero. 
Suppose the double standard exsists for women and men. If man wearing a thong sitting poolside is weird and creep. Woman sitting poolside is looked upon as a slut but tolerated unless someone is envious of her if she is having a good time.
The story is sad and depressing that male can't wear a thong. Probably if you showed up late in afternoon they may have decided to leave you alone in a thong. Because you showed up early many employees didnt want to look at you all day in a thong...just my 2 cents..
That is why i stick to beach that i read on this forum is thong friendly. Glad you posted knowing they don't accept thonging at waterpark in sunny orlando.. 

By actually complying putting on briefs makes the manager feel better that your day wasn't ruined. If you faked, cried pretending you don't want to cover up and made a scene leaving. The people seeing you go would feel for you and others would feel guilty thinking they ruined your day complaining... Just a thought..
Grabeach #253

Re:Orlando's waterparks ( Wet-n-Wild, Disney's Typhoon Lagoon, etc.)

Date Posted:12/01/2012 10:10:06Copy HTML

With regard to management attitudes, I can only comment on aquatic centres, but I doubt they would be any different to water parks. In the last year I have lazed about in a g-string at nine different centres a total of about 80 times.

Managers attitudes from 'worst' to 'best':-
A. On a second visit to one pool, I was told to cover up because someone had complained. I suspect that the manager (middle age guy) personally didn't like guys in brief swimwear and doubt the complaint actually occurred. The guy was polite, but it was clear the issue was non-negotiable.
B. Again on the second visit to another pool I was asked would I move to a spot out of sight of the pool because there were a couple of women present who were not comfortable with what I was wearing. As there were women present and as the guy asked me relocate rather than cover up, it was probably genuine.
C. Visits to my favourite pool comrised about half the total visits. This pool is in a suburb where I originally thought 'no way' would thongs be allowed. Eventually, on a fairly crowded day in the school holiday, some women from a notably conservative ethnic background complained on behalf of their early teen daughters about what I was wearing. Rather amusing really, because the girls as a group had moved away from their mothers (as kids that age will do) and set up close to me! I saw the women talking to the lifeguard, who spoke to the manager before asking me to cover up. On the way out I spoke to the manger (female mid 20s) and we had a bit of a laugh about it. We came to an agreement that if anyone complained at a time when there were school age kids around, the lifeguard would let me know and I would wear my 25mm side swimmers. Other times, or if there were no complaints, my g-string was fine. As I am rarely at that pool out of school hours, I was quite happy with the compromise. I was also pleased that when a girls junior high school group has turned up for sport midweek nobody cared.
D. At the other six pools, including sometimes on weekends, there has not been a  problem. No way of knowing for sure, but I suspect this is because nobody complains, rather than management choosing not to act on a complaint.

I guess the above just demonstrates that water parks, like any aquatic centre, are technically private property, and therefore unless there is something in writing that says that thongs are okay, you are at the mercy of the manager. Like in any business, some managers will be open to compromise, most will do what they feel will maximise patronage and occasionally one will take a personal set against you. Sorry, but that's life.
AlanMartin #254

Re:Orlando's waterparks ( Wet-n-Wild, Disney's Typhoon Lagoon, etc.)

Date Posted:12/02/2012 03:40:06Copy HTML

 Lindrros - firstly I think you were unlucky.
However maybe you chose the wrong time to start in a thong there?
Thongman8 siad he was told there is a policy against thongs that is only enforced when there is a complaint. My guess is this really means that when the resort is packed with South American tour groups - together paying a fortune - the policy is not enforced, and that maybe the resort is not bothered by complaints from others as it is a minority complaint and is not School Vacation season.
However when middle America arrives in droves, financially it makes sense to enforce it for them :(
I understand what happened, you kept meaning to wear one because others were, but when you finally got the nerve, they had gone.
If you want to wear a thong there and enjoy, and test the waters on tolerance, why not save it for the next "South American" season - I cannot believe they will stop you as  it would mean chasing out 100s of South American young girls and women that are their main takings that season!
muzz #255

Re:Orlando's waterparks ( Wet-n-Wild, Disney's Typhoon Lagoon, etc.)

Date Posted:12/02/2012 04:46:57Copy HTML

 When is South America season?
lindros #256

Re:Orlando's waterparks ( Wet-n-Wild, Disney's Typhoon Lagoon, etc.)

Date Posted:12/02/2012 05:53:12Copy HTML

July for sure, by the bus loads. Also there are posts on the Disney Boards that there are some South American tour groups that visit in January but I haven't observationally observed this yet.
JM_Runs #257

Re:Orlando's waterparks ( Wet-n-Wild, Disney's Typhoon Lagoon, etc.)

Date Posted:12/02/2012 07:18:19Copy HTML

January is often just a wee bit chilly.  Depends on if we have a cold front or wind coming up from the Caribbean.  In January, anywhere north of Fort Lauderdale in South Florida the weather is likely to be nippy.  There is often a 10 degree difference between South Florida and Central Florida.  You'd be wanting a heated pool. When I have to go up to the center of the state I pack warmer cloths and even a jacket or two. Going still further North the temp continues to drop.  I hear they often have snow in Georgia. 

I suspect that if the January weather is cool a South American tour group will spend more time on the them park rides than at the pools and slides. Remember in January, although mid winter for us in South Florida, it is mid summer in South America, so they have lots of heat and sun back home and don't need to go to the beach or pool here. It may seem barmy to the polar bears from Canada, but not for us in South Florida, and probably not for the South Americans.  

AndreaDK #258

Re:Orlando's waterparks ( Wet-n-Wild, Disney's Typhoon Lagoon, etc.)

Date Posted:12/03/2012 07:36:28Copy HTML

 Londros, that is very not fair.
I think you should only go there in a thong (if you plan to go back), when there aer many girls in thongs.If they stop you then, you must complain.
But I am very glad you did not complain this time because instead of making things better, it could just result in girls and woman getting stopped from wearing a thong.
lindros #259

Re:Orlando's waterparks ( Wet-n-Wild, Disney's Typhoon Lagoon, etc.)

Date Posted:12/03/2012 08:45:38Copy HTML

My next visit will be in January when Typhoon Lagoon re-opens. If there are others wearing thongs and I get singled out then a pattern begins to arise, and if the pattern keeps repeating then it becomes discrimination, especially if I show up in July and make a complaint against the tour groups wearing thongs and management disregards my complaint. In the meantime I'm going to be in further communication with the park manager of Blizzard Beach with the lofty goal of perhaps helping them mold an improved policy.
scar200010 #260

Re:Orlando's waterparks ( Wet-n-Wild, Disney's Typhoon Lagoon, etc.)

Date Posted:12/04/2012 02:49:30Copy HTML

 Hello, a couple of years ago my wife (who is from South America!) and me went to Wet-n-Wild and Typhon Lagoon parks. She wore thongs all times with no porblems. Saw other 10-20 ladies in thong. I wore Speedo. It a perfect place to wear thongs and maybe g-strings for women but not for men. I will rather wear thong in another place like St.Maartin, Miami Beach, Mexico for example. Best regards
lindros #261

Re:Orlando's waterparks ( Wet-n-Wild, Disney's Typhoon Lagoon, etc.)

Date Posted:12/04/2012 05:48:14Copy HTML

Below is the letter I wrote to Disney about their swimwear policy. I sent it online so I should hear back shortly, and when I do I'll post their response.----------------------------
Dear Disney,

I’m an annual pass holder to the Disney water parks. Last week at Blizzard Beach there was an incident in which I was told (much to my surprise) that I couldn’t wear a thong-style swim suit and had to change into a suit with more coverage.

Up front let me say the situation was handled very professionally by the manager and I have no complaints in this regard. However, I am strongly concerned with the nebulous policy regarding swimwear at the water parks and the inconsistent enforcement thereof. These are my specific comments:

1) On the web site for Blizzard Beach and on the guide map available in the park the rules state “appropriate swimwear is required” and that “swim attire with rivets, buckles, exposed metal or neoprene is not permitted on the body slides”. The problem is that nowhere in the rules does it explicitly ban thong-style swim suits and according to Florida law they are legal unless otherwise stated by a rule from a local community or private facility.

2) Regarding thong swim suits, it seems the “official” Disney policy varies depending upon who you ask. One day in the summer I was chatting with a life guard and he said thongs are fine as long as there are no complaints. However talking with the manager I got the impression that thongs are never acceptable and they will ask a patron to cover if they are spotted by staff or made aware of them through a complaint of another patron.

3) If the official policy is that thongs are never considered appropriate swimwear for the water parks then that’s news to me. This summer there were days when there were easily 100-200 patrons (mostly from South America) who were wearing thong or very revealing “rio” bottoms, even in the food courts! Nobody was asked to cover. Just a couple weeks ago I even saw a patron walk from the parking lot through the entry gates and into the park wearing nothing but a thong swim suit. Nobody asked that patron to cover. In fact, there has NEVER been a day where I haven’t seen at least one person wearing a thong-style suit at one of the Disney water parks, even in the off-season months of October & November, and I’ve never witnessed any of them being asked to cover.

4) If the official policy is that patrons wearing a thong will always be asked to cover when spotted by park staff, then it is apparent that park staff are either totally blind or are electing not to do their job. As stated above, this summer there were days where there were at least 100 patrons wearing thong suits. There’s no way park staff could not have noticed, but yet no action was taken. Even in the off-season months where thongs are less popular I’ve seen patrons walk right past life guards wearing thongs and no action was taken requesting them to cover.

5) If the official policy is to allow thong-style swimwear so long as nobody complains, then this is a terrible policy which must be abandoned immediately. The first problem with this is it allows the most prudish person in the park to dictate the policy which is not appropriate. That would be like allowing the Catholic Church to decide what we can’t watch on TV. The second problem is this type of policy would result in the de-facto equivalent of discrimination. For example, an unattractive woman will more likely receive a complaint than a hot super-model, or a man wearing a thong will more likely receive a complaint than any woman. The third problem with this type of policy is it becomes arbitrary ... one day a thong is OK the next day it isn’t. That becomes frustrating for the patron who may visit Disney frequently.

Therefore, my recommendation is that Disney needs to sit down and craft a sensible swimwear policy for the water parks. I would gladly offer any input in this regard. Additionally, whatever policy you craft, it needs to be enforced on a consistent basis so that no individual (like myself last week) doesn’t feel like they were singled out while others are given a pass.

Of course in my opinion thong swimwear should be permitted at Disney water parks, just like they are on Florida’s beaches from Daytona to Miami and Fort DeSoto to Fort Myers. If someone complains then you can simply respond that Disney is complying with Florida’s state laws which only prohibit exposure of sex organs.

If you’re worried about tarnishing the Disney “image” by allowing thong swimsuits unconditionally, then consider there have been several G-rated or PG-rated Disney movies which displayed nudity (Pollyanna, Splash, and My Father the Hero). Ironically the last of those movies featured a girl wearing a thong at the hotel pool. Also, Disney hosts Gay Days celebrations which, by prudish standards, would not be considered “family-friendly” either. So the “family image” argument isn’t very strong. If you want to allow thongs ONLY during times of the year when it’s financially beneficial to Disney (ie., in summer with the increase in foreign tourists), then maybe you could craft a swimwear policy that bans thongs except for the months of June to September in recognition of foreign cultures. That would be fine too as long as the policy is plainly stated and enforced consistently.

Finally, keep in mind it wasn’t too long ago (1960s) when Disney would ban men from park entry if they had long hair or wore earrings, and would ban women from exposing their midriff. So I’d request not be closed minded in regard to swimwear choices enjoyed by many other cultures. This has the additional advantage of relieving the burden of park staff from monitoring swim suits and allowing them to focus better on the safety of their patrons.

eimeo #262

Re:Orlando's waterparks ( Wet-n-Wild, Disney's Typhoon Lagoon, etc.)

Date Posted:12/04/2012 07:19:16Copy HTML

I have a gut feeling that this will not end favorably for thong wearers, they'll probably add no thong swimsuits allowed to the rules and start enforcing it. I really hope not, but I'm sure that it is the most probable scenario.
I cannot wait to see what they answer you.
Also, I can think of 3 "Wet N Wild" waterparks, here are their rules:

"Q. What can I wear? A. Appropriate bathing suits are required. No shorts, cutoffs or items with metal fasteners, rivets, zippers or buckles are allowed on the slides. Clothing and bathing suits must be appropriate for a family friendly environment. Clothing depicting illegal substances, profanity, or gang affiliation is prohibited."

Doesn't specifically say no thongs but it's up to the lifeguard/person in charge to decide whether it is appropriate for family friendly environment or not.

Emerald Pointe:"Wet'n Wild Emerald Pointe requires anyone using our water attractions to wear proper swimwear attire. (No cut-offs, rivets or thongs)."

No thongs, it's written clearly in black and white, no "gray area" in their rule.

Orlando:"Are T-back bathing suits allowed to be worn in the park?
Yes, however, as Wet 'n Wild is a family waterpark we do reserve the right to ask you to cover up."

Sounds like your experience at Disney this past week.

I always wear a thong when going to Disney's water parks, and I have only been asked once to cover up, it was later in the day after I had been there at least 4-5 hours if I remember right, and at the time I don't remember seeing anyone else in a thong. It was also the day I wore a Wicked Weasel 456 bottom with tie sides and triangle back, but I can see how this looks more like a G-string than a thong with the small side straps, I usually wear a WW 491 or my Body Glove thong.

I just hope they still let us wear thongs there :)
eimeo #263

Re:Orlando's waterparks ( Wet-n-Wild, Disney's Typhoon Lagoon, etc.)

Date Posted:12/04/2012 07:25:09Copy HTML

Here is Aquatica's rule (Sea World Orlando's waterpark):

"Please note that Aquatica is a family experience, therefore we ask that the appropriate swim attire be worn throughout your visit (i.e., no bathing-suit thongs, please). In addition, children in diapers are required to use waterproof protectors."

Thongmad #264

Re:Orlando's waterparks ( Wet-n-Wild, Disney's Typhoon Lagoon, etc.)

Date Posted:12/04/2012 10:09:30Copy HTML

You're right eimeo, it may end for the worse here...

It is better to ask forgiveness rather than permission!
lindros #265

Re:Orlando's waterparks ( Wet-n-Wild, Disney's Typhoon Lagoon, etc.)

Date Posted:12/04/2012 03:44:26Copy HTML

Here's the way to contact Disney:

If you enjoy wearing thongs to the water parks then by all means let them know.
Grabeach #266

Re:Orlando's waterparks ( Wet-n-Wild, Disney's Typhoon Lagoon, etc.)

Date Posted:12/04/2012 07:12:42Copy HTML

Good letter except for the Catholic Church mention. While many Catholics may be conservative in such matters, it's not a good idea to highlight Catholic influence as bad policy. If the person adjudicating on your letter happens to be Catholic, you're sunk. 
AlanMartin #267

Re:Orlando's waterparks ( Wet-n-Wild, Disney's Typhoon Lagoon, etc.)

Date Posted:12/04/2012 11:31:52Copy HTML

However most of the young girls (and the men with them in tight speedos) filling up the aqua park from South America all consider themselves good Catholics :)
sailor250 #268

Re:Orlando's waterparks ( Wet-n-Wild, Disney's Typhoon Lagoon, etc.)

Date Posted:12/04/2012 11:42:29Copy HTML

This campaign will backfire big time! Stop, you'll ruin it for everyone!
lindros #269

Re:Orlando's waterparks ( Wet-n-Wild, Disney's Typhoon Lagoon, etc.)

Date Posted:12/05/2012 01:07:36Copy HTML

Grabeach:  Point well taken. However since they released the controversial movie "Priest" right before Easter some 15 years ago I would assume there is not too much love between Disney & the Catholic Church.
lindros #270

Re:Orlando's waterparks ( Wet-n-Wild, Disney's Typhoon Lagoon, etc.)

Date Posted:12/05/2012 02:42:20Copy HTML

Sailor, Thongmad, Eimeo & others who sent me PM's:  Thanks for your feedback. I value everyone's opinion and will take that into consideration regarding what I might say if there are any future conversations. Sometimes when I'm PO'd I act before I think. That said, keep in mind when I talked with the manager at the park last week he said they've been getting barraged with complaint letters against thong wearers. So if things do change for the worse it won't be because of my one letter, but rather the complaints of others. In the meantime, maybe those on this forum who support thongs can take a few minutes to support the cause and contact Disney at the web site listed below. You can tell them your family visits the water parks and enjoys wearing thongs or you can tell them that your upset that a friend at the park wearing a thong was asked to cover and tell them they are culturally insensitive, etc... It would certainly be interesting to see how their responses varied.      

nospam_TN1 #271

Re:Orlando's waterparks ( Wet-n-Wild, Disney's Typhoon Lagoon, etc.)

Date Posted:12/05/2012 05:35:17Copy HTML

Let me just second all those who've said this is not a battle worth fighting.  The only possible outcome can be that disney begins to enforce their ban against women wearing thongs and thong-like swimwear at the park.  For far too long, the "creep" image of the man in a thong has been driven into the public mind in the US.  Disney is not going to challenge or confront that stereotype.  Also, it does not help matters any that the gays have abandoned wearing thongs as a fashion statement, so you get no help from them.  The right wing is, and always has been our enemy in this matter, and we get no help from the left wing on it either.  I don't know what the best approach is, but pissing off the disney staff is not it.
lindros #272

Re:Orlando's waterparks ( Wet-n-Wild, Disney's Typhoon Lagoon, etc.)

Date Posted:12/05/2012 03:17:42Copy HTML

Nospam:  Point well taken, but you may be underestimating Disney. Check these links:

nospam_TN1 #273

Re:Orlando's waterparks ( Wet-n-Wild, Disney's Typhoon Lagoon, etc.)

Date Posted:12/06/2012 04:13:48Copy HTML

lindros:  point taken.  The right-wing disdain for disney stems primarily from its movies, and secondarily from its gay-friendly environments.  Your links pretty well summarize that.  All these right-wingers creating these sites would certainly despise men wearing thongs, but that by no means makes all their enemies our friends.  It is this creep / perv / predator stereotype of male sexuality that is the core problem for the male thong wearer.  It is the idea that men do not have the same right to show off their bodies as women.  If you wear a thong, and somebody doesn't like it, nobody yells "fag" at you anymore, but something much worse, like "pervert".  Of course, some men really are creeps and predators, but those guys look just like everybody else.  The problem is right now, the left wing is much more focused on what they can get from the government rather than what and who they can get the government to leave the hell alone.  Of course, this is private property, not public parks, but the same kind of activism yields similar results in both settings. 

That said, I think disney will always cater first and foremost to the interests and values of the 30-something US female.  I say this because it's for kids, and some fathers will be there of course, but almost all of the kids there will have their mothers with them. So if something offends these young mothers, or is perceived to offend them by the disney management, it will be off-limits, even if its totally accepted within other cultures.  It's not "fair", but it's private property, so there is not much that can be done.
ithongit #274

Re:Orlando's waterparks ( Wet-n-Wild, Disney's Typhoon Lagoon, etc.)

Date Posted:12/09/2012 08:15:47Copy HTML

I wonder if the thonging issue (or the more general "inappropriate swimwear" issue) is covered by Disney employee training and/or a Procedures or Rules book?  Most jobs today, even the most simple factory jobs include some type of training.  In addition to the training, many businesses also prepare written procedures and rules which are distributed to appropriate employees but  are not generally released to the businesses patrons or consumers.  Written procedures can be an important asset to any business and are more important as the business size increases and more employees are hired.  The written procedures provide a way to insure employees handle work-related issues in a consistent and business-like manner.  Obviously, this would be very important in some situations such as when there is a need to follow evacuation procedures or when dealing with medical emergencies, etc.

I imagine that employees must be told something about how to handle "inappropriate swimwear" or perhaps more specifically "thongs".  This would in some cases include two issues -- what to do with the person wearing the "inappropriate swimwear" and what to do to calm down the person who made the complaint.  I can not imagine that a big company like Disney would let each employee "do his (or her) own thing" for fear of bad publicity and/or civil actions. 

While a low-level employee might be told to take all complaints to a manager (supervisor, or whatever) at some point there must be someone who actually must decide what to do and this person almost certianly has had some guidance.  Thong swimwear is nothing new, and complaints about it have probably been lodged for 20 + years.  Certainly Disney has hidden someplace in it's written policies when and how to deal with thongers.


lindros #275

Re:Orlando's waterparks ( Wet-n-Wild, Disney's Typhoon Lagoon, etc.)

Date Posted:12/09/2012 06:36:10Copy HTML

Well I did get a phone call back from Disney yesterday regarding my letter. I wasn't home but they left a message that said they wanted to ensure me they received my email and they value my feedback, etc... So just a generic response at this point.
thongman8 #276

Re:Orlando's waterparks ( Wet-n-Wild, Disney's Typhoon Lagoon, etc.)

Date Posted:12/14/2012 03:32:48Copy HTML


I briefly read through your letter regarding written rules or procedures.

When I asked the Lifeguard at BB last summer if there a policy dealing with thongs, he said yes.  I didn't ask if it was a written policy or something that was covered during training.  He just saiid that they have a policy against thongs.  He said if I wanted to file a complaint, he would be happy to help me do it.  He was telling me this kind of in a joking fashion because at that moment, we were both looking at a nice young lady wearing a thong about 25' away from us.  Her back was to us so there was no doubt as to what she was wearing.  He was serious about the policy, but he didn't seem very serious about enforcing it.  It was almost to the point that if she wasn't making a scene, don't bother.  No one seemed to care that she was wearing a thong.  There were people all around her and no one "kept their distance" from her because of her attire.    He did say that they don't normally enforce the rule unless there is a complaint and then, they might do something about it.  He did say might! 

He was being real candid with me.  He was enjoying her thong as much as I was. 

I can see Disney's point on this.  More and more ladies are wearing them there.  Every time I go back, I see more thongs.  They are also being worn by more than just the South American ladies too.  I noticed a few with normal tan lines on their bottoms as if it was the first time wearing one.  These ladies didn't have that South American look either.  If they start to  tell people to not wear them to BB and TL, then they will go to other water parks and Disney looses out on their money.  So, if they can keep most people happy by looking the other way when someone wears a thong, then they will continue to see a full water park!

Just let me add, I was looking through the gift shop at BB.  They sale Rio and Brazilian type of bikinis.  If you can buy them there, you can wear them there!!
The Gabe #277

Re:Orlando's waterparks ( Wet-n-Wild, Disney's Typhoon Lagoon, etc.)

Date Posted:12/15/2012 08:20:06Copy HTML

I am going to be back for Marathon weekend and I hope to spend the afternoon following my race at Typhoon Lagoon. Thist will be January 12th. Not sure if I'm going to bring along a thong for TL, but I will most assuredly be taking a brand new Dore swimsuit. Hope to see some of you there if possible. Free pictures for the ladies. LOL.
kohler1977 #278

Re:Orlando's waterparks ( Wet-n-Wild, Disney's Typhoon Lagoon, etc.)

Date Posted:12/16/2012 11:59:53Copy HTML

This goes to all places , that do not have defined rules about thongs, and areas that have lifeguards of all ages, in my mind i no lifeguards are there to save lives, that I would respect there decision either way, if in meetings with there superiors, they said ok or not. Furthermore, I always ask them, and I am a person, who looks up the policies before I go. This shows the lifeguards character, and as a person who hires people in recreation and education, this would be a great on the job interview, for future employment. 
DocBrown #279

Re:Orlando's waterparks ( Wet-n-Wild, Disney's Typhoon Lagoon, etc.)

Date Posted:01/10/2013 09:32:34Copy HTML

 With all water parks, pools, and beaches - the golden rule should be if there are no signs or posts specifically banning thongs, assume its OK until told otherwise.  If asked to cover up, do so politely and don't cause a ruckus.  Just keep quiet and try again another day.

One should be extra cautious in family atmospheres and use common sense. Flaunting your stuff in an inappropriate area may very well make YOU the reason they put up a sign. So don't ruin it for the rest of us by going over board.
lindros #280

Re:Orlando's waterparks ( Wet-n-Wild, Disney's Typhoon Lagoon, etc.)

Date Posted:01/13/2013 08:00:57Copy HTML

I went to Typhoon Lagoon Saturday, however after the last incident at Blizzard Beach I decided to not wear a thong but just a speedo. Overall there were probably about a dozen men or boys in speedos and about 20 women wearing Rio/Thongs which exposed anywhere from 30% to 90% of the butt crack. So evidently there seems to be no new rules, just same-old same-old if you're a girl it's OK but if you're a guy you'll probably be asked to cover, LOL.

Even in January there were still a high % of foreign patrons, and I think there was a laid-back feel. So next time I visit in a couple weeks I'll give the thong another try to see what happens. Oh, and I did see a woman sunbathing topless in one of those private coves. I never would have caught it except when she got up in her lounger (she was laying on her back) she simultaneously pulled up the straps of her one-piece suit from her waist over her shoulders but exposed her breasts in the process.
AlanMartin #281

Re:Orlando's waterparks ( Wet-n-Wild, Disney's Typhoon Lagoon, etc.)

Date Posted:01/13/2013 03:01:03Copy HTML

 Lindros, go ahead and wear a thong (not an extreme one), but only if they are a decent number of women and girls wearing them, and to begin with try to be near them, though not in a creepy way.I honestly believe nothing will be said, but if a member of staff does, you can just say nicely you didn't realise as it seems lots of others are wearing them and point to some girls who are. That changes the tables.
If you don't see any thong wearers, or they are hard to spot, stick with the speedos.
lindros #282

Re:Orlando's waterparks ( Wet-n-Wild, Disney's Typhoon Lagoon, etc.)

Date Posted:01/13/2013 10:31:25Copy HTML

Alan:  good advise. The last time at Blizzard Beach there was not one woman in a thong or skimpy rio (until later in the day) and that could have been my downfall.

In addition to setting up near a woman in a thong another strategy is to set up near foreigners as they are most likely to be tolerant, and away from potential rednecks. That said, the tough part about that strategy as it applies to Typhoon Lagoon is the lounge chairs fill up fast, so there may not be enough time to wait for the crowds to arrive, find a woman wearing a thong, and then hope there's a lounge chair available near by that also won't have a potential prude sitting nearby too.
AlanMartin #283

Re:Orlando's waterparks ( Wet-n-Wild, Disney's Typhoon Lagoon, etc.)

Date Posted:01/13/2013 10:55:52Copy HTML

Lindros, I'd only suggest wearing one if you see about 15 or more others in thongs.Of course there is a double standard of sexism, BUT the waterpark could legally argue that they have a double standard on dates that they allow the rules to be broken; in those periods where there are loads of South Americans or Russians walking around in thongs, they do not enforce the rules because it brings in loads of money and keeps staff in jobs, in other periods they d not allow it because "heartland" Americans are the main money spinner in these periods.
What they know they legally cannot do is turn a blind eye to 15 or more women and girls in thongs and stop you - so I meant lay out where you like, butt join a line for a ride when you see thong wearers, therefore no discrimination impossible without you being able to point to the double standard (i.e. a girls naked bum)
eimeo #284

Re:Orlando's waterparks ( Wet-n-Wild, Disney's Typhoon Lagoon, etc.)

Date Posted:01/13/2013 11:55:43Copy HTML

Was at Typhoon Lagoon today from opening to pretty much close and I was the only one in a thong. I saw a few girls in smaller suits that were pulled in a little but nothing remotely close to a thong.
lindros #285

Re:Orlando's waterparks ( Wet-n-Wild, Disney's Typhoon Lagoon, etc.)

Date Posted:01/14/2013 12:27:40Copy HTML

Eimeo:  I'm surprised there was that much of a drop-off between Saturday and Sunday. Glad you were able to wear one all day without being asked to cover. That said, depending on the definition of a "thong" there could have been anywhere from 0 to 20 women wearing one on Saturday. The style in "cheeky suits" these days seems to be for women to wear a bottom that has like a 4-5" waist band which covers the lower back and gives the illusion of wearing a full bikini bottom. But the bottom line (pun intended) is that if the suit still exposes 30-90% of the butt crack I still consider that a thong despite the optical illusion.
eimeo #286

Re:Orlando's waterparks ( Wet-n-Wild, Disney's Typhoon Lagoon, etc.)

Date Posted:01/14/2013 12:35:35Copy HTML

Not even one of those, the smaller one I saw was a narrow brazilian cut, and there was a boyshort that exposed the very bottom of the buttocks. I did get to ride each ride several times as it was very very low attendance today (beach chairs were only about 40-50% occupied all day long)
The Gabe #287

Re:Orlando's waterparks ( Wet-n-Wild, Disney's Typhoon Lagoon, etc.)

Date Posted:01/14/2013 07:21:21Copy HTML

I wa sonly at TL for a few hours Saturday afternoon following my run and saw some pretty small bikinis on a few women, but no outright thongs. Nobody seemd to care about my suit, or make any comments. Again, it wasn't a thong, but pretty close. Wish I'd stayed an extra day, so Eimeo and I could have the run of the park in our smaller swimsuits. I'll be going back for sure. Disney has more races for me.
lindros #288

Re:Orlando's waterparks ( Wet-n-Wild, Disney's Typhoon Lagoon, etc.)

Date Posted:01/27/2013 02:36:44Copy HTML

Well, finally had SUCCESS thonging at a Disney waterpark!

The day started auspiciously though. I got there 10am sharp, but the first wave of people were 100% Americans all wearing conservative swimwear. So I walked around a bit and decided to set up away from the main crowd in a quiet area near to the path that leads to the Crusher Gusher. I stayed there for a couple hours with no problems wearing a conservative thong, but I didn't walk around, just worked on the tan.

INTERESTINGLY ... apparently there was an orientation session for new lifeguards and a group of about 6 or 7 of them were walking along the path talking about the different sections of the park. Then there was a pause and I heard one of them say "is that a thong?" Then one of the other lifeguards said "they're legal". WHAT??? I couldn't believe my ears! Now I'm not naive to think the email I wrote last month had any positive impact. Rather, I think this probably just reflects their total state of confusion regarding their nebulous swimwear policy. Anyway, that gave me a boost of confidence to try out my thong in a more crowded area.

So I packed up and headed down to the wave pool area. The first thing I saw was a young lady standing on the edge of the wave pool wearing a thong! Cool. I then noticed one section between the wave pool and the music stage that was filled with Brazilians, Latinas, and Hispanics who I find to be very tolerant. A couple of them were wearing rio/thongs and a couple others in narrow Brazilian cuts. Luckily I found an empty lounge chair so I was in business ... but I have to admit I was really nervous taking off my cover shorts bearing the thong around all the people & kids. However, I got settled in, became more relaxed and grew confidence as the afternoon wore on. Didn't hear any negative comments. In fact there were quite a few cameras pointed my way from the ladies walking by so I think they liked it. I was also next to a high traffic area so there were a lot of passers by including lifeguards. I went to and from the wave pool and really nobody batted an eye at my suit. Frankly nobody seemed to care which is all I could ask for.

So overall I had a blast, just wish they could have stayed open for another hour! I'll probably be back on Tuesday and give it another whirl with the red-tide situation here on the west coast of Florida.
orlspeedo #289

Re:Orlando's waterparks ( Wet-n-Wild, Disney's Typhoon Lagoon, etc.)

Date Posted:01/27/2013 05:31:23Copy HTML

Would love to join you there sometime!
AndreaDK #290

Re:Orlando's waterparks ( Wet-n-Wild, Disney's Typhoon Lagoon, etc.)

Date Posted:01/28/2013 09:19:18Copy HTML

 Lindros - that is perfect.
It is the best way for men to be able to wear a thong - but at a place like this never wear too extreme or skimpy, or that will change. Notice the girls and women don't wear extreme in these places.
And thank you for being a gentleman man and doing it this way, because to make a show on one's own, a man can get the rules changed so that girls and women cannot wear them!
This way, slowly, anyone can :)
orlspeedo #291

Re:Orlando's waterparks ( Wet-n-Wild, Disney's Typhoon Lagoon, etc.)

Date Posted:01/29/2013 09:26:57Copy HTML

Anybody like to join me at Typhoon Lagoon sometime soon for the day?
thongman8 #292

Re:Orlando's waterparks ( Wet-n-Wild, Disney's Typhoon Lagoon, etc.)

Date Posted:02/01/2013 04:57:22Copy HTML

 I was staying at Allstar Music a few weeks ago.  While at the pool, I noticed 5 thongs/rios on the ladies there at the pool.  I was at the smaller pool in the back.  The front pool had 3 - 4 thong wearers too.  Lifeguards where there and saw all of them.  I was surprised to see thongs at the resort pools as I have never seen them being worn outside of BB or TL.  A few guys wore speedos but noting smaller. 

It was a surprising change to see all of the ladies wearing their thongs at the resort pools.
lindros #293

Re:Orlando's waterparks ( Wet-n-Wild, Disney's Typhoon Lagoon, etc.)

Date Posted:02/01/2013 06:16:28Copy HTML

When I was talking to the park manager of Blizzard Beach in December, he did mention that some of the Disney resort pools were more tolerant of thongs than at the water parks. Reading through the Disney Board forums, many of the Brazilian tour groups that visit Orlando in summer stay at the All-Star resorts, and there are some pretty wild stories including all-night pool parties, topless girls, etc!! So not surprising there were thongs at All-Star.
lindros #294

Re:Orlando's waterparks ( Wet-n-Wild, Disney's Typhoon Lagoon, etc.)

Date Posted:02/13/2013 01:45:46Copy HTML

Well, I've had quite an emotional swing the last two days, and right now I could use the help of fellow forum members and would appreciate any words of wisdom, general counseling, emotional support or advise.

I spent Monday & Tuesday in Orlando and went to Typhoon Lagoon both days. The weather was awesome ... sunny and temps in the low 80s.

Monday was a dream day. When I arrived at the entrance there were at least a half-dozen South American tour groups. This was quite a surprise since I thought they only came in July and possibly January. Anyway, there were literally 200-300 girls in these groups. Half of them interestingly wore gym shorts over their swim suit bottoms. However, there were still a ton of girls wearing suits that exposed anywhere from 50-100% of their butt cracks. I parked myself amongst them all and soaked the sun for a couple hours at first. Then I hit the wave pool, the lazy river, the snack bar, the restroom, etc, all in my thong (which is a conservative thong from Andreas Cahling). Sure there were a few giggles from the girls but also heard a few approving "woooo's" from them along with their picture taking. So it was the perfect day and the second time in a row I wore a thong with no issues at the park.

Tuesday started out much the same way but didn't end the same. There were a couple South American tour groups, not as many as the day before, but there were still easily a couple dozen girls/women who wore thong/rio style suits that showed 80-100% of the butt crack, and many more cheeky suits of lesser exposure. Like Monday I tanned both sides for a couple hours in the same thong suit and then hit the wave pool. After the wave pool I sat down in a chair and about 15 minutes later I see a couple of the CM's and a security guard talking to a woman about 50 yards away. Then a few minutes later I was approached by the park manager who asked me to cover because of complaints. He offered to give me a pair of swim trunks if I didn't have any. I asked him what the park policy was, he said "string-backs are not allowed, buttocks must be covered" [note: I was wearing a thong not a g-string]. I then asked if that policy is only enforced if someone complains and he said no that's their policy whether someone complains or not. I then asked him if he was also going to ask the South American girls who were in the park exposing their buttocks to cover. His reply was "we're working on it". So I covered up.

Two hours later all the South American girls were still in their thong/rios showing off their butts walking all around the park even in the food courts, so I had a chat with the park manager before leaving. I politely asked him why he only asked me to cover when it was obvious to anyone that there were a couple dozen women/girls in the park exposing their butts.

Unfortunately, the Typhoon Lagoon park manager wasn't as easy to talk to as the Blizzard Beach. At first he evaded my question and responded with "do you know the reason why we asked you to cover?" I said given the policy you mentioned earlier then yes. He then said that's all I needed to worry about. Of course that didn't answer my question so I pressed further politely why were the girls told not to cover when it's clear many of them are exposing their buttocks. His response was that I was the only guy in the park wearing a string-back [note: I corrected him that I was wearing a thong not a g-string]. Finally the truth comes out.

Then I asked, well what difference does it make if it's a guy's butt or a girl's butt ... a butt is a butt and policy is policy regardless of whether someone complains like he said earlier. He clearly didn't like that logic. The manager said it makes a lot of difference, girls are different than guys, they're built different, he also takes into account the person's size [note: I'm well tanned and definitely not fat or hairy so looks are not the issue here]. He then said that it's his park, he writes and interprets the rules and if I'm going to come to the park and police it by pointing out who's wearing a thong then he's going to kick me out of HIS park! Wow!! That was the tough-guy attitude in him coming out that I didn't really appreciate. He further said they don't go actively looking for thong wearers but when they are made aware of them through a complaint they act. [Note: this obviously contradicts what he said earlier about acting only on complaints; the staff would have to be blind not to notice the other thong wearers today but I didn't press that issue; fact of the matter is that the tour groups bring big money so they're never going to ask them to cover]. He said if I blended in with others and nobody complained then they probably wouldn't have noticed. He also acknowledged that my swim suit complies with state laws and that if it was up to him he would allow them, but Disney corporate wants to uphold a family image as corporate headquarters get a lot of complaints about thong wearers at the water parks by a 10 to 1 ratio. At that point I got all the answers I needed and didn't want to risk pissing him off by asking more pointed questions, so we just chatted general stuff for about 5 more minutes and ended on a cordial note.

So bottom line, if you're a girl wearing your thong is OK but if you're a guy be prepared to be asked to cover even if there are girls in the park wearing them. Even though I have clear evidence of discrimination I'm not going to write any letters or file any lawsuits, but damn I'm sure pissed as hell and don't know what, if anything, to do. I would appreciate any emotional support and guidance. Thanks! [Edit ... after sleeping on it overnight I'm still f'ing pissed over the blatant discrimination].
AlanMartin #295

Re:Orlando's waterparks ( Wet-n-Wild, Disney's Typhoon Lagoon, etc.)

Date Posted:02/13/2013 05:41:40Copy HTML

 Oh dear, sorry :(
Maybe you should go to Wet 'n; Wild, read FAQ 15 http://www.wetnwildorlando.com/info.php
lindros #296

Re:Orlando's waterparks ( Wet-n-Wild, Disney's Typhoon Lagoon, etc.)

Date Posted:02/13/2013 06:08:53Copy HTML

There were reports earlier in this thread of guys wearing thongs at Wet-n-Wild and being asked to cover within minutes by security. But it is worth a shot I guess.
cg10331 #297

Re:Orlando's waterparks ( Wet-n-Wild, Disney's Typhoon Lagoon, etc.)

Date Posted:02/20/2013 03:35:02Copy HTML

 I'm in OK and willing to make the drive to FL if others will join us in a show of thongs for them at both parks. Who is in for this?
lindros #298

Re:Orlando's waterparks ( Wet-n-Wild, Disney's Typhoon Lagoon, etc.)

Date Posted:02/21/2013 05:14:50Copy HTML

Not me. Twice I've been told to cover (once at BB and once at TL). So they win, it's obvious male thongers aren't wanted there thus my next visit will be in a speedo and I'll just watch the girls wear the thongs.
stanpuppy #299

Re:Orlando's waterparks ( Wet-n-Wild, Disney's Typhoon Lagoon, etc.)

Date Posted:02/21/2013 03:52:09Copy HTML

Guys...I'm just telling you.  The policies reflect the general populations perception  Women in thongs ................Good.  Men in thongs.............Bad.  I dont invent human nature, I just observe it
thonglife #300

Re:Orlando's waterparks ( Wet-n-Wild, Disney's Typhoon Lagoon, etc.)

Date Posted:02/21/2013 04:15:27Copy HTML

Have to agree with stanpuppy here. Give it up.
Please cutback on starting new threads and try to post messages as a reply to existing threads.
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