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Date Posted:06/24/2010 09:53:30Copy HTML

Looking for a fellow thonger in Ottawa - either for the pool or the beach.
justathong #1

Re:Ottawa, Ontario, Canada - Contacts

Date Posted:07/06/2010 02:42:47Copy HTML

 I'm also in Ottawa ... no pool or beach to offer but would enjoy either in a thong.
freddys #2

Re:Ottawa, Ontario, Canada - Contacts

Date Posted:07/07/2010 09:41:57Copy HTML

I frequent Brittania Beach. Occasionally see thongs at the east end, somewhat away from the busy section. Life Guards tell me that thongs are legal.
MBareAs #3

Re:Ottawa, Ontario, Canada - Contacts

Date Posted:05/03/2018 07:17:21Copy HTML

North of Ottawa Ontario, Meech Lake, drains through the Carbide Mill Ruin site, a short hike from the lake's southern-most beach (which was still closed for the seasonI had a delightful hike with temperature in the mid 20's Centigrade - about 75 Fahrenheit to the Carbide Mill 'pond'...While there, I had a short dip in the pond above the Mill in a Joe Snyder red BUL02 thong.

Given the lake is still nearly completely covered in ice, you-all can imagine the water temperature downstream today at the mill site...Woo-hoo, a 'BULge' thong was just -way- too optimistic. As George said - its 'shrinkage'...


kiyoothong #4

Re:Ottawa, Ontario, Canada - Contacts

Date Posted:05/03/2018 03:43:19Copy HTML

 Hey so I'll be in Ottawa in June. Is there a beach in Ottawa that is good for thonging? Also one that is close to downtown? 
MBareAs #5

Re:Ottawa, Ontario, Canada - Contacts

Date Posted:05/04/2018 04:34:45Copy HTML

I have thonged at Mooney's Bay, and Britannia Park beaches in Ottawa.The first is closer to downtown, but still a bus ride to the south about four km.

I have never seen anyone else thonging in Ottawa but don't spend a lot of time at either of the beaches above.Thongs are to my knowledge 'legal' in Ontario (and Quebec), but not all public pools seem to be aware of the fact... You may have less of an issue thonging at a hotel pool... which I have also done on occasion.

For most of my thonging, I go north into Gatineau park (Province of Quebec,) to either Meech or Phillip lakes, where its generally easier to find a more private place to do so without as many 'gawkers'. OK, I don't know if they 'gawk' but except in the Caribean I am less confident just flashing my Glutenous Maxi-bum around!
Regrettably one needs to drive to these lakes - as there is no public transportation to them.

Although I am generally self conscious in my own city thonging, I have hiked completely around Lac Phillip in a thong on a nice summer day (about 10km).That was probably the farthest I have ever gone in-season/public - when all the beaches I walked through had visitors.

One thing I have done that is likely more novel then most people's experiences is thonged on an AquaSkipper at Phillip, Meech and Peech Lakes in Gatineau Park... generally off season when fewer people were around and the boat launch dock was not in use.
These video's give you an idea of the activity... noting there were shot by others... and I am not in them.

Yes, it is vigorous exercise... High Intensity Training IMO.One minute on this machine and I doubt I could swim more the about 10 seconds to save my life.A blast to ride in a thong with no life preserver - just don't go too far (before turning around,) as you could be too winded to swim back!

IF I am in town when you are, and you are interested, I could potentially take you to Gatineau park or Mooney's bay for a few hours one afternoon to try out my AquaSkipper...  This goes for -any- thongers in the Ottawa area - at least for this summer, when I am in town.

I have let many people try to ride my machine at Mooney's bay in Ottawa and in Gatineau park, at Lac(lake) Phillip and Meech...Given I am in my fifties, its rather amusing to watch men (and women) try the machine or to pester them to try it - particularly when they are with their significant others. A great way to meet people, and a hoot to ride circles around virtually every other human propelled water craft within reach.

Its not an intuitive activity, and only one out of the hundred who have tried it was successful after a single attempt or even 'session'.Without motivation and access to a machine, most don't have the fortitude to master it.

I had my machine down in Ft Lauderdale a few years ago, but regrettably it lasted only two attempts in the heavy surf, before breaking.Its yet another layer of complexity to launch off a beach without a platform. Prior to those attempts, I had it north of Tampa for a few days on a fresh water spring, where a retaining wall allowed launching.

Hey, I'd love to come down for the Thong Weekend in Florida this year - with my AquaSkipper to let others try it, but no one has offered to pay for my trip!!! (I can dream - can't I?) 

kiyoothong #6

Re:Ottawa, Ontario, Canada - Contacts

Date Posted:05/04/2018 01:10:50Copy HTML

 Hey man, can I hit you up when I am in Ottawa?
MBareAs #7

Re:Ottawa, Ontario, Canada - Contacts

Date Posted:05/11/2018 10:33:53Copy HTML

I expect to be back and forth between Ottawa and Bracebridge Ontario this summer. I (finally) have a property on a lake, where I shall thong at my leisure for most of the summer... Heck, I've thonged in the snow in late winter while cross country skiing - too!

Anyone else coming to Ottawa (Canada's National capital!) this summer?Yeah, I know most of you 'mericans have likely heard of 'Ottawa' before.

The last time Canada and the US were at war, we came to your capital (with the help of Brits) and torched the white house:  https://www.smithsonianmag.com/smart-news/today-we-celebrate-the-time-canada-burned-down-the-white-house-127844144/

About a hundred years later in 1916 Canada's own parliament buildings were torched - by accident - they say.I think it was more likely some irate Aerican thongers who were just trying to warm with their buns in February!
kiyoothong #8

Re:Ottawa, Ontario, Canada - Contacts

Date Posted:05/13/2018 02:18:47Copy HTML

 Hey I will be in Ottawa next weekend (18th-20th). Are the beaches open? I want to try out Mooney's Bay and Britannia beach.
jclark #9

Re:Ottawa, Ontario, Canada - Contacts

Date Posted:05/13/2018 06:55:28Copy HTML

 any one have good sugestions for stores that sell thongs in Ottawa. Ive bought some at stroked ego before.
MBareAs #10

Re:Ottawa, Ontario, Canada - Contacts

Date Posted:05/14/2018 03:17:07Copy HTML

The local Ottawa beaches are likely accessible, but doubt many actually go into the water... Too cold for all but the brave!BeachesPut your toes in the sand or get involved in some water fun at one of the City’s public beaches.East Ottawa: Petrie Island Beach, 727 Trim Road, 613-824-5704 West Ottawa: Britannia Beach, 805 Carling Avenue, 613-820-1211South Ottawa: Mooney’s Bay Beach, 2926 Riverside Drive, 613-248-0863Central Ottawa: Westboro Beach, 745 Sir John A. MacDonald Parkway, 613-792-3875Lifeguards are on duty from June 16 to August 26, 2018, every day from noon to 7 pm. 
kiyoothong #11

Re:Ottawa, Ontario, Canada - Contacts

Date Posted:05/14/2018 02:09:39Copy HTML

 So, I am going to be in Ottawa from the 17th to the 19th. Anyone free on those dates?
kiyoothong #12

Re:Ottawa, Ontario, Canada - Contacts

Date Posted:05/17/2018 12:42:05Copy HTML

 So I'm going to be at Mooney's Bay this afternoon. If you're free today, let's thong!
kiyoothong #13

Re:Ottawa, Ontario, Canada - Contacts

Date Posted:05/18/2018 07:22:17Copy HTML

 Another day at Mooney's Bay and I'm the only thonger
MBareAs #14

Re:Ottawa, Ontario, Canada - Contacts

Date Posted:05/18/2018 08:41:12Copy HTML

Good 4u!

I have out of town guests this weekend myself, and we are going to be visiting the tulip festival at Dow's Lake in an hour.I'd dare you to thong through there, with the thousands of international tourists, but that would be asking - too, thonging much!

Highly recommended by the way (to see the tulips). Its an excellent display for the festival this year.For the last half dozen years, the weather warmed up too soon, and the beds were past peak during the festival.

The beds at Dowes lake are free by the way, and stretch for about 2km (i.e. more then a mile, for metric challenged, archaic units folk).

Across Dowe's lake is the Dominion Arboretum with several nice stands of Magnolia trees (if you know where to look).You could probably find a semi private place to recline and thong there, if you were so inclined... and don't decline!

Regrettably its going to be cool and rainy in Ottawa tomorrow, else I'd offer to take you to Gatineau park for some AquaSkipper-ing... (and more thonging!).
MBareAs #15

Re:Ottawa, Ontario, Canada - Contacts

Date Posted:05/18/2018 08:52:01Copy HTML

 Its going to be a cool 15 degrees Centigrade, cloudy and showers tomorrow in Ottawa. That's 59 Farenheit for the leaders of the free world.Lake (and river) water is going to be much cooler (most would say 'cold') for another month...Of course 'real' Canadian thongers would just 'butt' the ice flows to one side.Cheeky!
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