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Date Posted:06/27/2016 06:12:26Copy HTML

hello all I wanted to  start a thread about outdoor public swimming pool experiences .  We live in a town of about 80,000 in western Wisconsin and we have a very nice outdoor public pool which I take my daughter to swim lessons at I've been noticing a lot of women there tend to wear extremely tiny bikinis . Even the lifeguards wear bikinis the gals pretty revealing.  It wasn't a particularly hot day today but when my daughter and I finished our swimming lessons I noticed a couple of girls one of them was putting on suntan lotion I happened to look over and I was like geez I think she's wearing a thong Yep sure enough turned around really nice thong she was wearing . I must say I was super surprised to see any lady where this type of swimsuit at this pool props to her it was interesting nobody seem to bat an eye at all or care .  So I guess we are progressing towards a more excepting view of these things . 
Sharon73 #1

Re:Outdoor public swimming pools

Date Posted:06/28/2016 12:15:18Copy HTML

 Yes, I have found this to be true - it is acceptable for me to wear my thong at the public swimming pool here too. 
Ex_Member #2

Re:Outdoor public swimming pools

Date Posted:06/28/2016 12:35:24Copy HTML

 I certainly liked it its very confident and I'm happy everyone seemed to be accepting.  I wear a thong to my gym pool to swim laps but never even thought about it a out door public I wear boardies for swim lessons more functional . 
thongmom #3

Re:Outdoor public swimming pools

Date Posted:07/12/2016 09:19:57Copy HTML

 My son joined a summer recreational swimming team. I've got time to kill during their practices, so I usually lay out by the pool. I wore a cheeky the first time, but enough of the women were wearing similarly skimpy suits that I switched to a thong thereafter.
Grabeach #4

Re:Outdoor public swimming pools

Date Posted:07/18/2016 11:42:06Copy HTML

I've posted heaps on this subject under the "Australia, but not at the beach" topic in the "Beaches to thong - Overseas" section. What I've found most interesting is the almost universal misconception that sunning in a thong at what we call Olympic Pools is not allowed. This is so prevalent that very few ever even attempt to.

Based on the subsequently proven correct assumption that the worst that could happen is that I would be asked to cover up, four years ago I started sunning in a g-string. I have found this to be acceptable at a majority of pools. In a similar vein, women sunning topless is also almost universally thought to not be allowed, yet on the three occasions it has happened at a pool when I've been there, nobody cared. 

Of course one should be sensible about it all. I wouldn't sun near the kiddies pool (occasional paranoid parent) nor next to the kiosk when there is a quieter area available. Conversely, I make sure that I am not too far out of the way either, as this could suggest I'm doing something I shouldn't be doing. Obviously one shouldn't wear an exposure type suit, though very brief Alphamoda Andros and Skinz M1R2 have been okay.

Last suggestion is always be nice to the lifeguards and pool manager. Generally, if someone complains, they have little choice but to ask you to cover up. However at more than one pool, after apologising for having to do so, the lifeguard then said I would be fine to wear the same g-string on future visits.
NudeNArizona #5

Re:Outdoor public swimming pools

Date Posted:07/19/2016 01:37:57Copy HTML

 When I lived in Hawaii I owned a townhouse in an HOA, and after the neighborhood was established I became the first President of the HOA.  We had a community pool and I remember shortly after the pool had opened the girl who was working for the HOA as a property manager had told people that thongs were not allowed in the community swimming pool, so I asked her on what authority she made this decision?  She then told me that a few of the owner had complained to her about a few of the other residents wearing inappropriate swimwear at the community pool, and I informed her that SHE had no authority to impose rules/regulations that did not exist in the community just because a few people complained to her and that under Hawaii revised statutes that wearing a thong or G-string or even topless was not against the law and that I would not support nor would I present such a by-law to the board and that if someone had an issue with a residents choice of swimwear they needed to bring it up at the next board meeting and that anything within the law was not admissible for a by-laws change because this now infringes of the rights of the property owners.
John Howard #6

Re:Outdoor public swimming pools

Date Posted:07/19/2016 03:21:07Copy HTML

 sweet thongers' revenge.   2 times sweet because it's usually thongers the ones who always lose this type of controversies.   Would love to be in your feet and feel like the coyote defeating the smart ass roadrunner.
NudeNArizona #7

Re:Outdoor public swimming pools

Date Posted:07/19/2016 10:57:44Copy HTML

 John Howard pasted below is the Hawaii Statute

* §707-734 Indecent exposure.

(1) A person commits the offense of indecent exposure if, the person intentionally exposes the person’s genitals to a person to whom the person is not married under circumstances in which the actor’s conduct is likely to cause affront.

So as long as the genitals are not intentionally exposed and cause affront it is not illegal.

This is why I told the girl from the property management office we could not forbid what she considered inappropriate swimwear and just because someone may feel offended it doesn't make what the offender is doing illegal!

What I suggested is putting up proper signage at both entrances of the pool area warning "you may encounter nudity beyond this point" then that way a complaining person could not be affronted because they had been warned and chose to go "beyond the point" they were warned about. 

I discussed this with the HOA's lawyer and was advised against the signage, because that may encourage more than what was wanted in the community pool.  But she also advised against making a judgement call on "appropriate swimwear" because that is subject to interpretation and suggested just having a sign with the "pool hours, no running, no glass, no alcohol, no smoking, etc" and swimwear was not mentioned intentionally.  Because that is too grey of an area to define if someone takes the HOA to court, because what most boys wear today to swim are short and not Proper swimwear.  And if you enforced swimwear, it could open up more problems than needed.

And, yes I wore my G-strings to the pool whenever I felt like swimming, and once the community knew that their complaining to the property manager about something that they didn't like but wasn't illegal they either didn't use the pool  or they learned to live with it. 

But on a side not-- I did have the property manager call the police and have two local guys who were "intimidating and making threatening statements" to guest's at the pool.  After they found out that the community wasn't going to ban what they felt inappropriate, and have them arrested for making threats, they ended up moving and not coming back to the pool and word got out. 
thongmom #8

Re:Outdoor public swimming pools

Date Posted:07/21/2016 08:35:42Copy HTML

Finally had some company! At my son's last practice, there was another mother with two young kids in the play pool. She was wearing an adorable blue thong and matching top.

She took a chair next to mine and we got to talking. Found out she started wearing them at 16, decided to keep thonging through her pregnancy, and never stopped. She's 28 now.

Grabeach's comment got me thinking and I decided to try a little topless tanning. I started on my stomach withe the strings untied. Then I did a few minutes on my back and made the walk to the locker room top free. No one seemed to mind.
Grabeach #9

Re:Outdoor public swimming pools

Date Posted:07/21/2016 11:05:13Copy HTML

Well done thongmum. The saying "Who Dares Wins" comes to mind.

One thing I'd be a bit cautious about, however, is what you wear going to and from the locker room. I’m certain that what I can wear at a pool is almost solely dependent on whether anyone complains, and that this is largely influenced by how much attention I create. In this regard, Ithongit’s Question topic “Are Thongs and Other Minimal Swimwear More Acceptable for Sunbathing?” is worth a read if you haven’t done so already.
matt476 #10

Re:Outdoor public swimming pools

Date Posted:07/23/2016 06:36:47Copy HTML

 I wore my little adjustable bikini to the local pool at Albury recently without a problem ... slid it across for maximum coverage when going for a dip and then resumed the scrunched up position when situated discreetly in the sun (ie not baring my arse crack directly at the group of schoolgirls and their instructress swimming nearby) ... not a problem ... 
Grabeach #11

Re:Outdoor public swimming pools

Date Posted:07/23/2016 10:59:13Copy HTML

Was it the actual Albury centre or was it the Lavington centre which is also in Albury? I notice Lavington may be replaced by an indoor pool.
thongmom #12

Re:Outdoor public swimming pools

Date Posted:07/26/2016 08:48:28Copy HTML

I ran into the Aquatics Director at my son's last practice. We got to chatting and I brought up the subject of going topfree.

He said their policy is that it's fine unless someone complains. Then, at worst, the lifeguard on duty would ask you to put your top back on. If no one says anything, the life guards are instructed to ignore the behavior.

This surprised me. He explained that they generally take a live and let live approach. Basically the only rules are swim diapers for those not potty trained and opaque swim bottoms that cover the genitals for adults. He went on to say they used to have a few members that let their younger kids swim nude. Since no one seemed bothered, they let it go.

I spent the rest of the practice topfree with no complaints. 
Grabeach #13

Re:Outdoor public swimming pools

Date Posted:07/27/2016 12:27:53Copy HTML

thongmum; I’m chuffed that my initial post may have contributed in a small way to your positive experience. Thanks for letting us know.

While I often chat to the lifeguards or supervisor at a number of pools, it is rarely about swimwear brevity. On the few occasions the subject has arisen, the policy has been exactly as you describe. At my favourite pool, out of 108 visits, I have twice been asked to ’cover up’. On both occasions the lifeguards were almost embarrassingly apologetic and made a point of saying that it was only for that visit. On my next visit following the second complaint, another female lifeguard told me that if the same guy complained to her she would tell him to “get stuffed”. I actually had to suggest that she not due this, as it could cause the complaint to end up with the council aldermen who may not be so enlightened. She further said the lifeguards are far more concerned about street clothes that restrict movement, dirty the water and shed cotton that clogs the filters, than someone sunbathing on the grass.
visa0061 #14

Re:Outdoor public swimming pools

Date Posted:12/06/2016 09:58:55Copy HTML

My girlfriend and I were on vacation recently in Florida. We were staying at a condo complex. One morning we decided to use the pool. My GF almost always wears thongs. The first morning at the pool, I checked the rules. Saw nothing about swimwear or lack thereof. She untied her top strings on her stomach to help with tan lines. She rolled over and just kept the top over her nipples. I asked her why she didn't just take it off and i explained I saw nothing in the rules. She shrugged, took off the top, and placed it on the table next to her. She went topless for about half an hour until a mother showed up with her son. Then she put it back on. I agreed with that. The next morning we went she wore a tiny g-string but left the top on. If there isn't anything in the rules, I think it just goes case by case. It's private property so they can make up there own rules. Public pools, that's a different story. That's public property so if you're violating the rules set forth by the township/municipality or even state; there could be consequences. Private they're more inclined to ask you to cover up if anything. 
Grabeach #15

Re:Outdoor public swimming pools

Date Posted:12/07/2016 08:15:28Copy HTML

" Public pools, that's a different story. That's public property so if you're violating the rules set forth by the township / municipality or even state; there could be consequences. Private they're more inclined to ask you to cover up if anything. "

I've been told by lifeguards that a number of public pools have a no g-strings / no topless policy, but in 428 visits to 26 pools I've yet to see it sign posted. All but one of the 26 pools appear to require someone to complain before they will do anything, and I suspect some won't do anything anyway. Even then, all they do is politely ask you to cover up, usually only for that visit. If you were silly enough not to comply, you would be told to leave, and if you refused to do that, only then would there be "consequences". I've yet to meet an Australian lifeguard (pool or beach) who desires to fill out the paperwork that would result from the involvement of a law enforcement officer.
Thongmad #16

Re:Outdoor public swimming pools

Date Posted:12/08/2016 09:19:19Copy HTML

 The signage at my local pool was updated this season, along with many other renovations.
I took particular notice of the Swimwear Policy. It has changed dramatically I feel.
All it says now is "Recognisable swimwear must be worn at all times"
My interpretation is that it excludes street clothes (especially dirty work clothing, which appears to be the main objective of the rule) or anything which may somehow have an adverse effect on other bathers or the water.
The signage says what you wear must be seen as swimwear, but certainly does not prohibit any style. I guess a lycra thong is OK then..?
Grabeach #17

Re:Outdoor public swimming pools

Date Posted:12/08/2016 08:45:20Copy HTML

Thongmad; I've come across 'Recognisable' and reckon your interpretation is spot on. Although it sounds a bit more restrictive, in practice I've found the more common 'Appropriate' actually means the same thing. I doubt brevity is even considered when making the signs. I've even sunned undisturbed in a g-string, admittedly mid-week, a few times at a pool with a sign saying something like, "Swimwear in keeping with community standards of decency". I later found out that even this had nothing to do with how much skin was on display.
RapidBlue #18

Re:Outdoor public swimming pools

Date Posted:12/08/2016 10:09:48Copy HTML

 What I have found in most places is that there are no signage about swimwear. When there is signage the language is particularly vague. Often the signs say appropriate swimwear only. That leaves a lot of room for personal interpretation. In my experience hotels, resorts and private pools are more willing to accept whatever I am wearing. I've seen signs about acceptable standards, but when I have asked what that means no one has ever been able to tell me. Even acceptable swimwear is hardly ever defined by the people I have asked. I continue to wear my minimal swimwear at outdoor pools with no problems.
NudeNArizona #19

Re:Outdoor public swimming pools

Date Posted:12/11/2016 07:34:51Copy HTML

 What I have found is that depending on the hotel and the crowd, if you are staying in a mostly business client hotel they really don't care as long as you aren't bothering other guest's but if you are in a family hotel you need to be more covered
pikeman #20

Re:Outdoor public swimming pools

Date Posted:12/12/2016 06:55:39Copy HTML

 To me this means no cut-offs, trousers, or street clothing. I assume that it a sanitary issue with sweaty and soiled clothing!And it implies no nudity as well.
maozer2003 #21

Re:Outdoor public swimming pools

Date Posted:12/12/2016 10:34:58Copy HTML

 In South London this last summer I wore a very brief bikini-cut suit with a quarter-cover back (made by German company Tendenze) to swim in the open-air lido in Brockwell Park, with no comments or obvious looks (though I wasn't looking) when I swam & then sunbathed on the decking near the pool. I've also worn other brief suits at this lido, but haven't tried a thong as yet. (Nor have I seen anyone else male or female in a thong, but I live in hope)
Grabeach #22

Re:Outdoor public swimming pools

Date Posted:12/13/2016 08:35:57Copy HTML

"(Nor have I seen anyone else male or female in a thong, but I live in hope)"

Every so often I see a female in a thong at a pool, but I've never seen another guy. On the basis that pool staff couldn't care less unless somebody complains, I actually prefer to be the only male thonger. I've concluded a few more guys in thongs would only increase the likelihood of a complaint, forcing pool staff to take action.

In a similar vein, I've heard that one popular Sydney pool recently stopped women sunning topless when it started to catch on. I suspect the occasional breast didn't attract attention, but once it became more noticeable, someone who worries about such things complained with the inevitable result. It is interesting that I've sunned in my g-string at that pool a couple of times since then without any problems.
thongmom #23

Re:Outdoor public swimming pools

Date Posted:05/28/2017 09:17:13Copy HTML

Now that school is winding down, my son's started his summer swim league again. They had their first practice last week. I was anxious to see how things had changed or not at the pool.

My son headed into the men's lockers while I went into the women's. I ran into my friend from last summer (I told some stories about her family in Thong with friends - experiences?). We haven't seen much of each other since we went camping. Everyone got really busy after that. We both expressed regret about not keeping in touch.

We found a couple of empty lockers, undressed and headed to the showers. We cleaned up and dried off, then went back to our lockers. She pulled out a bikini. I was hoping to see a thong after last summer, but at least it wasn't a one piece. I put on my new stripped Wicked Weasel bottom. I didn't bother with a top. My friend gave me a quizzical look as she followed me outside.

I had a brief moment of apprehension as I walked outside, but quickly realized it was unnecessary. The boys were already in the water swimming laps. We found a couple of empty chairs and sat down.

Most of the women were wearing cheeky bikinis. I saw one other thong and one of the lifeguards had pulled her bikini bottom up so far it may as well have been one too. The boys' coach was walking along the side of the pool in a speedo. Over at the shallow end, I spotted another topless woman by the side breastfeeding. Two other women were sunning face down with their tops untied. There were three kids playing fully nude in the shallow end.

It was wonderful to see everyone so relaxed. I know that swimsuits have been getting smaller, but this was even better than I'd imagined. Can't wait until their next practice.
jn9195 #24

Re:Outdoor public swimming pools

Date Posted:05/28/2017 09:50:20Copy HTML

 Thongmom.....  and what area is this?  
Matt37 #25

Re:Outdoor public swimming pools

Date Posted:05/28/2017 10:15:42Copy HTML

> and what area is this?

thongmom #26

Re:Outdoor public swimming pools

Date Posted:06/01/2017 01:30:16Copy HTML

 Southern California, jn9195.
tback_78 #27

Re:Outdoor public swimming pools

Date Posted:06/01/2017 10:15:00Copy HTML

 I haven't been to So Cal in a while but IIRC Fantasyland is between the Magic Kingdom and Blacks Beach. 
ithongit #28

Re:Outdoor public swimming pools

Date Posted:06/06/2017 09:35:34Copy HTML

 When I first met my husband, Randy, he volunteered at the local YMCA.  This made good use of his lifeguard training, which he eventually raised to the level of lifeguard instructor training (he trained the people who trained lifeguards).  At first the Y permitted thongs on it's patrons only at the outdoor pool in the summer.  I don't know if this was a real rule or just something that was based on tradition.  Randy, Mark, Nikki, and I all wore thongs when using the pool as guests, but Randy and the other lifeguards wore more traditional lifeguard swimwear when they were working or volunteering.  For men, this was shirt swim trunk shorts or a Speedo (which we all called a bikini).  For women, this was a one-piece suit or a very conservative two piece suit of a racing style.

This all changed when Memorial day came (a number of years ago).  There was a big celebration and the outdoor pool was opened for the summer.   The Y had just remodeled the locker rooms, repaired and painted the outdoor pool, installed a grassy area where the parking lot had been for laying out in the sun, etc.  We were all there in our thongs, along with a few other people.  Anyway, Randy got a call on the cell phone from the new female manager of the Y who had started in the Spring.  She said one of the lifeguards was sick and needed to go home, and ask if Randy would come down to the  Y to fill in.  He replied he was already there.  He went into the office area, still in his Red Speedo thong, and they discussed the issue a little more.  He then excused himself to change into an appropriate lifeguard outfit, and the manager told him he didn't have to since he was already in a swimsuit.  He turned around and showed her that it was a thong, and she said there was nothing wrong with him wearing a thong as a lifeguard.  He got his whistle and other things, and went out to the pool for the rest of the day.  Nobody complained, but a few of the women gave him thumbs up.

He never wore more than a thong while teaching swimming, diving, or acting as a lifeguard after getting approval from the manager.  Several of the other lifeguards, including one of the women, wore thongs now and then, but Randy did so more than anyone else.  When the indoor pool re-opened for the Fall, he kept wearing thongs, and the manager accepted that people could wear thongs there too.  Randy got an award for putting in 5000 hours of volunteer work, and they gave it to him at the end of one of his swim classes.  While most TV reports on the news that showed people in thongs, the station didn't use those funny blurry boxes but instead just showed his bare buns as if it was the most normal thing in the world.  He also assisted as a civilian at the state park when three men swam out too far and could not get back.  The TV trucks, arrived, this time from a different station, and they again showed Randy's buns in pixilated.  Other reports within a week or so about people trying to get an anti-thong law set up, hid the thonger's buns.

Unfortunately, the right to wear thongs was not extended to other public swimming pools.  Randy got flack at about 80% of the places we went for wearing a thong, and more often than not, was ask to cover up or leave.  He sometimes would wear his thongs when he did a big life-guard certification class, where 20-30 lifeguards would come for training.  This was usually something he did on the second day, when the place had to much already invested to challenge him and potentially have to suspend the training.

My dad, who claims to be one of the original thongers (and still wears a thong) says that up until the late 1970's or early 1980's, men and women could wear thongs most anyplace where swimwear was needed without anyone complaining.  While men wore all types of swimwear, from long baggy grandpa suits to cutoff jeans of every imaginable length to short swimshorts, the most common style of men' swimwear were men's bikinis, some of which were pretty reveling.  He thinks the acceptance of men's thongs was because of these almost micro-Speedo swimsuits some men were wearing, and that thongs were only a natural progression from that point.  As men's swimwear became less reviling, thong styles were more and more out of the mainstream, as were the skimpier Speedos many men had worn.                                      
jackk #29

Re:Outdoor public swimming pools

Date Posted:06/07/2017 02:45:24Copy HTML

The outdoor pool near where I live just opened this week and the weather couldn't have been better. They send out a flyer every year, and I did notice that the "no thongs" rule had quietly disappeared.

I went the second day they were opened. I went to the locker room to change. A couple of kids were screwing around while I undressed and went to the showers. I heard their mom calling from the entrance on the pool side. I didn't pay much attention as I walked back to the lockers. She'd come all the way into the locker room and was standing there telling them to hurry up.

I froze, standing there dripping wet and completely naked. She apologized and said that her boys had told her they were the only ones in the locker room. I wasn't sure what to do, so I just brushed it off as nothing. She stayed to help them change as I dried off and pulled on my thong.

I definitely had the smallest suit at the pool, but no one seemed to mind. Ended up sitting next to the mom from the locker room and having a nice conversation.
Martylouie #30

Re:Outdoor public swimming pools

Date Posted:06/07/2017 02:49:38Copy HTML

 Jackk,The double standard is alive and well.  If you had been a father and gone in to help your daughters and a woman came out of the showers, you can be sure a SWAT team would have been called in to carry off your ass to jail!  Of course she apologized, she was in the wrong, and if she had complained, she would have no leg to stand on.   The big question is, did she check you out? :) 
Grabeach #31

Re:Outdoor public swimming pools

Date Posted:06/08/2017 09:46:52Copy HTML

Many years ago at a first visit to a pool, I once walked into the wrong change-room. I clearly recall the only woman there calmly saying , "I think one of us is in the wrong place", while continuing to remove her one-piece suit. I replied something like, "Yea, it's probably me. Sorry", and walked out. As I did she said, "No worries". I later mentioned to the manager that the 'Women' sign was poorly placed. Next time I was there I noticed the sign had been re-positioned. It is interesting to compare that woman's reaction with modern day, where you regularly see guys changing under towels in the men's change-room.
modelnude4u #32

Re:Outdoor public swimming pools

Date Posted:06/08/2017 09:55:40Copy HTML

 I asked at one of the public pools in town today, if a thong would be any issue for the adult swim, which is 2 hours with no kids.  The girl said she didn't see any problem, but that the open swim might be an issue.  Today it was 90% ladies at the adult swim, but I didn't have anything with me today.  Next Thursday though, I gotta go do that, at least once!
jackk #33

Re:Outdoor public swimming pools

Date Posted:06/09/2017 02:05:52Copy HTML

Martylouie, I always a little surprised by it when I start going back to public pools in the summer. The indoor pool where I swim has family locker rooms, so there's not much excuse for women coming into the men's lockers.

Last summer I had some free time in the afternoons, so I went to the outdoor pool to swim laps. It happened to overlap with the schedule for some of the swim classes. Even though a lot of the kids were young enough that they could've taken them into the women's lockers, a surprising number of moms came into the men's lockers before and after class.

I mentioned this to the pool director once. She just said, "They clear out once classes are finished if you need a little more privacy."

My available time seemed to line up with the class schedule, so I just learned to accept it. Some definitely lingered longer than necessary. I came into the locker room once last summer and three moms were helping their kids change. When I came back from showering, the kids were gone but they were still there chatting.
modelnude4u #34

Re:Outdoor public swimming pools

Date Posted:06/09/2017 02:16:18Copy HTML

 If the ladies want to hang out in the men's lockers, I'm all good with it!  I'm a big CFNM fan/exhibitionist, so that would be a great setup, as long as you keep the kids out of the way!
SlimSuit #35

Re:Outdoor public swimming pools

Date Posted:06/09/2017 02:05:01Copy HTML

 Martylouie: Agreed! If a man were to spend any time whatsoever in the ladies locker room, even if it were for a legitimate reason like helping his young  toddler daughter, you can bet there would be some complaint made and probably be called a perv. How a hypocritical time we live in where women demand respect, privacy, and courtesy--which is fine, I have no problem with that--but don't feel the least obliged to do the same for men--which I *do* have a problem with.
modelnude4u #36

Re:Outdoor public swimming pools

Date Posted:06/09/2017 07:32:17Copy HTML

 That's the same basic double standard that we all see everyday with clothing.  Women can dress sexy/nearly naked, and it's pretty well accepted.  If a man dares to bare a bit more skin, he's some kind of pervert!
OS777 #37

Re:Outdoor public swimming pools

Date Posted:06/10/2017 06:03:02Copy HTML

Arrived late at Barton Springs swimming pool, a huge public swimming place in Zilker Park in Austin, Texas. Late afternoon so I missed the direct sunlight and heat.Wore my Dore black and white Skull and Crossbones 3D thong with 1/2 inch sides.I'm well defined with musculature and lean mid section.  I laid out my towel walked down from the south side of the lawn and dove in.  I heard quite a few gasps from young women but ignored all.  I was the most in shape male there as well as the most exposed.Great place to hang out.
OS777 #38

Re:Outdoor public swimming pools

Date Posted:06/10/2017 06:08:30Copy HTML

Arrived late at Barton Springs swimming pool, a huge public swimming place in Zilker Park in Austin, Texas. Late afternoon so I missed the direct sunlight and heat.Wore my Dore black and white Skull and Crossbones 3D thong with 1/2 inch sides.I'm well defined with musculature and lean mid section.  I laid out my towel walked down from the south side of the lawn and dove in.  I heard quite a few gasps from young women but ignored all.  I was the most in shape male there as well as the most exposed.Great place to hang out.
NWGirl #39

Re:Outdoor public swimming pools

Date Posted:06/12/2017 09:48:17Copy HTML

I've remember one particular instance where the double standard didn't take affect. One of the girls in my scout troop had a single dad, and he'd come to all of the events. Privacy was often limited and it became difficult for him. Rather than push him out of the group, the moms decided to make him more welcome. The first morning he came to the showers with us, there were lots of giggles, but it soon became commonplace.
jackk #40

Re:Outdoor public swimming pools

Date Posted:06/29/2017 09:48:35Copy HTML

Hit the pool this afternoon to swim some laps. Sure enough, I heard women's voices as soon as I stepped into the locker room. Two women were standing by the lockers chatting while another helped her kid into his suit.

When they saw me, one apologized for being all spread out and put some things that were on the bench into her bag. I dropped my bag on the bench and started to undress. I noticed they would occasionally glace over as the talked. The woman helping her son got him dressed and lead him out to the pool. The other women remained as I shed my underwear and walked to the showers naked.

I took my shower, dried off, and tossed my towel in the bin. I walked back to the lockers nude. They were still standing there and looked over as I turned the corner. I was curious how long they'd linger, so I struck up a conversation asking if their kids were taking swim lessons. They confirmed that they were. We chatted for a few minutes. Neither of them seemed phased by my state of undress, but they weren't very discreet about looking down occasionally as we talked.

Finally I pulled my thong out of my bag and put it on. One commented that she'd never seen a guy wear a suit like that. I said I'd been wearing them for a long time. The other said it looked "cute" with a big grin on her face. I said goodbye and went out to the pool to swim.

I swam for about half an hour. The swim classes ended and people were arriving for the next session when I finished. I happened to see the aquatics director, so I walked over and said hello. She remembered me from last year and asked how I'd been. We made small talk and I mentioned that there seemed to be a lot of women in the men's lockers lately.

She laughed and said, "Yeah, it can get pretty crowded in there during swim lessons." I must've raised and inquisitive eyebrow, because she continued. "Since we don't have a separate family changing area, we let them use the locker area during class times. It's totally fine for you to change while they're there. It's understand that there may be naked men in the men's locker room. Plus, I'm guessing you're not the shy type." Her eyes went down to my suit as she finished. I said that I'd figured that was the case and added that I didn't really mind. She excused herself and I went to the locker room.

There was another lone mom helping two boys into their suits. I rinsed off my suit and put it in my locker before going to the showers. She'd cleared out by the time I got back.

Seems like it's going to be an interesting summer at this pool.
ohiothonger #41

Re:Outdoor public swimming pools

Date Posted:06/30/2017 12:02:48Copy HTML

 It seems that a year does not pass when I have not had women walk in on my when I have been in a locker room.  These usually occurred when I left the pool or lake, and I assumed that it was that women, for whatever reason, figured that a guy who wears a thong would not mind being seen in the all together.  Recently, I have had women come in when I first get there (and they have no knowledge of my swimwear habits) or are already there when I get there.  I don't make a big deal about it -- I just do whatever I was going to do as if they were not there.  I do not promote small talk, but the women also start the talk, often not even saying "I'm sorry I and in here" or "I came in here because" or whatever.  They often ask about the weather, temperature of the water, are the lifeguards friendly, etc.  Some chit-chat is bordering on the ridiculous, like "is swimming permitted at this beach?" when obviously people are swimming and lifeguards are present.

I also used to think these encounters were some sort of dares, but that does not seem to be the case either.  I think most women want to see men nude and when necessary use extremely lame excuses to explain why they are in the locker room looking.  Now, I don't get many explanations at all.  Women act like it is their right to spy on men in the locker room.  Fortunately, this does not intimidate me or make me diverge from my planned actions. 

My most recent encounter had two teen-aged women, smoking weed, and when I started to strip, they complained that they would call the cops on me and tell about how I stripped in front of them!  I told them I was the one who should complain, and they shut up but did not bother to leave.  Perhaps under the influences of what they were smoking, they actually thought they were in the women's restroom?  After all, there were signs on the door and a huge six foot high MEN immediately adjacent to the door that even people who are legally blind would be able to see.

With regards to "looking down".  The women I have had this happen with don't seem the least bit shy about not simply looking down, but actually staring at my equipment.  I am not the best endowed man, and I am sure they could find someone with a better body or nicer package to sit in on, but they don't seem to mind.  They don't make any comments about "things down there" just stare.  Women seem to be getting bolder in their interest in the male body, and perhaps because of the years or maybe decades of not being able to see scantily clad or naked men, they need this for educational purposes.  The women seem to be getting younger and younger -- but then all women seem to be getting younger and younger as I age.
modelnude4u #42

Re:Outdoor public swimming pools

Date Posted:07/06/2017 09:52:21Copy HTML

 I was ready to go to one of our public pools today for the adult/lap swim, which is a couple hours without kids.  I had already checked with the pool, and they said a thong was not a problem, especially for the adult session.  I got everything ready, rode the motorcycle down there, showing some whale tail along the way.  When I got to the pool, I walked up on the side to see what the crowd was like.  About a dozen  folks, all female but one, and average age maybe 60?  Two lifeguards, one male, one female.  I don't really swim, so I was really just coming to get wet and then lay out, just to have an audience.  Anyway, when the time came, I couldn't talk myself into it, and ended up NOT going in!  Who's to say whether the ladies would have appreciated my suit or not, but since I had clear permission to wear it, it really shouldn't matter anyway.  I'm normally not shy about showing off, but something about that crowd, I guess, that didn't feel right.  I may hit the beach again tomorrow instead, I know I can handle that one!
mack_back #43

Re:Outdoor public swimming pools

Date Posted:07/07/2017 07:25:50Copy HTML

 What was it about all the females in the pool made you not go thonging? Sometimes I have those feelings, yet know the audience what type of reactions I may get. If you felt uncomfortable with there attitudes of swimwear a male has to wear, otherwise your into a lot of criticism even none will say a word to you directly. What audience or crowd would make you feel better attending a pool to thong?

modelnude4u #44

Re:Outdoor public swimming pools

Date Posted:07/07/2017 09:37:00Copy HTML

 The female /male ratio was in the sweet spot for sure.  ALL female except me is the ultimate fantasy mix I guess, but I don't need that all the time!  I think it was the average age more than anything.  If they were all college girls, I would likely have gone right in.  I went back to the beach today, pretty early so only a few folks around, but wore my thong for some tanning with no issues.
Grabeach #45

Re:Outdoor public swimming pools

Date Posted:07/07/2017 10:11:30Copy HTML

The age thing is interesting. Mid-week I've come across all older female groups at pools. No problems with that at all and I've usually found them to be quite social. On the other hand, while I occasionally have conversations with a single (in number, not marriage status) young college age girl, I'd probably be reluctant to 'crash' a group of them. It's likely that we're just more comfortable with people our own age. I'm 60. From his photos, I suspect modelnude4u is much younger..
modelnude4u #46

Re:Outdoor public swimming pools

Date Posted:07/08/2017 01:21:16Copy HTML

 Thank you for the vote of confidence, but I'm 54, so close behind you!  I actually picture the older ladies being at least fine, and maybe even appreciative of a thong, but somehow it still just wasn't feeling right.  I would be not at all shy, even if they would be less accepting, of crashing that college girl party though!
string_theory #47

Re:Outdoor public swimming pools

Date Posted:07/08/2017 05:23:39Copy HTML

I have been using the community pool this summer. Over 90% of use is by children.  I swim through a debris field of water toys.  There is a no thongs policy.  I compromise by wearing a small bikini with slide front and back.  I've got a new one from buffedbod and an older one from nu-parr in good condition even after 20 years.  When in the water I slide it into a thong.  Out of the water I make it like a cheeky bikini and everyone is OK with it.  The kids ignore me.  What's the norm?  Half the kids and most of the adults wear a T-shirt as well as knee length shorts.  I've seen only two women with standard bikinis all summer.
Reznor7 #48

Re:Outdoor public swimming pools

Date Posted:07/15/2017 06:25:05Copy HTML

 There is a pool at my town home community in Houston TX. I wear my thong to the pool all the time. Usually there will be a couple or a female neighbor out. One younger girl was wearing a thong once. My GF wears thongs with me too. We both have amazing bodies and can wear these bathing suits. Neighbors have not commented. They usually just stare quite a bit 
modelnude4u #49

Re:Outdoor public swimming pools

Date Posted:08/10/2017 07:28:05Copy HTML

 Finally took the plunge today, and wore a thong to one of the public pools here.  I had already determined that it was legal, AND asked the girl at the desk on a different day, and she said a thong was fine, at least for the adult/lap swim session.  I had chickened out previously, but it's getting near the end of summer, so this was do or die time!

Anyway, I wore a fairly conservative thong, with my soffees over the top on the way out.  About 8 women, 1 man, 2 female lifeguards.   Nearly a perfect mix for me!  I picked a chair not on top of anyone, and laid out my stuff.  Slid off the shorts and laid down face up for the first half hour or so.  Certainly the smallest swimsuit there, even if they couldn't tell it was a thong yet.  There were gradually getting to be more people, although still overwhelmingly female, so I figured if I was going to roll over, I better get to it!  I flipped around and laid down, head to the side, so I could see the one lifeguard.  the next time she looked over my way, you could clearly see the reaction.  Her hand went to her mouth, then to the side of her eye like she was shielding herself from the view.  That didn't last long as she kept sneaking looks and giggling, covering her mouth, etc.  She got the attention of the other guard, and I loved the shared looks and giggles.

Beyond that, very laid back, no comments, no issues.  The pool manager, also female, did a walk through at one point, and looked me over as she went by, but nothing more.

When I left, I didn't bother with the shorts, and just picked up my stuff and headed out in only the thong.
Such a wonderful day, it's too bad I wasted so damn much of summer before I finally did it! 
Grabeach #50

Re:Outdoor public swimming pools

Date Posted:08/10/2017 11:10:25Copy HTML

Not uncommon reaction, though in my part of the world the female lifeguards yawn rather than giggle. I've found virtually all pool staff are tolerant of my wearing a g-string up to the point that there are complaints, at which point policy invariably requires them to say something. While male staff usually apologise for having to tell you to cover up and leave it at that, I've found some female staff to be very innovative in support of my wearing what I do.

Some examples of their responses to a complaint:-
1. Advising me that the complainer wasn't there that often, so I should usually be okay.
2. Suggesting to the complainer that they may be more comfortable at another pool.
3. With a big smile telling me that the complaint was only about swimming laps in a g-string, so it was fine to sun on the grass directly adjacent to the pool.
4. One rather feisty lifeguard saying that if they complained to her, she would "tell them to get stuffed". I actually suggested she not do this as it may cause problems for both of us in the long term.
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