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mack_back #51

Re:Outdoor public swimming pools

Date Posted:08/11/2017 05:53:34Copy HTML

modelnude4u: Brave thank you for sharing and yes the mix of females at the pool was certainly appropriate  to wear the thong.  
I've passed by outdoor local pool with my bike noticed the eight or so lifeguards being only two males while the rest strictly female. Looks to me very good opportunity to thong myself. 

Couple summer's ago the entire staff was guarding the same pool were strictly females. When i noticed that i decided to visit the pool in my aqux swim bikini bottoms. The attention is uncanny how much of a fuss i observed from the lady lifeguards seeing i was only male in skimpy bikini briefs at the pool. The reactions were funny and all to over the top for what i consider bland small black speedo swim briefs, AQUX. 

Now i'm contemplating wearing my conservative camo thong which will no less get a rise out of the immature female lifeguards. Think some of the lifeguards remember me couple years when i visited. While i passed by outside riding my bicycle on path observing through the chain link fence i noticed one female lifeguard take notice towards me in shocked manner. Yet i wasn't wearing anything unusual except loose running short shorts, tank top.  Either she recognized me from few years ago of being that guy. Or what i was wearing on my bike was totally a shock to her seeing a man wear. Either way i feel the pool staff bit prudes feeling same reaction i will receive as you modelnude4u... To me it's not as appealing bordering on depressing. 
Do envy places as Grabeach encounters very pleasant mature mannered lifeguards defending your style of swimwear to the pool. Have encountered similar females giving me encouragement what i wear even nice compliments. Only it never was about a pool or swimwear rather my gym attire. 
Don't know why so many people find wearing tiny swimwear so racy or uncomfortable needing to complain. 

Reznor7 #52

Re:Outdoor public swimming pools

Date Posted:08/12/2017 07:21:17Copy HTML

 My girlfriend and I live in a town home with a central pool in houston texas. I wear thongs and the occasional g string to the pool. My GF wears a string thong that is see through when it's wet. We thong when our neighbors are out and no one has said anything at all. I have an Asian neighbor lady who sees me all the time and waves and smiles. Life is good! I think it helps that we both look like models and are in great shape.
Reznor7 #53

Re:Outdoor public swimming pools

Date Posted:08/12/2017 07:23:19Copy HTML

 We have had a couple of my Gf's friends over that have worn thongs too. Also a girl I work with wore one with us. I am hoping some of the other neighbors step up and wear thongs too. It's a generally young crowd. I suspect the men won't but maybe the women. 
jackk #54

Re:Outdoor public swimming pools

Date Posted:09/14/2017 08:52:25Copy HTML

The outdoor pool near me has sadly closed for the season. I did manage to average 2-3 visits per week while it was open and wore a thong 90% of the time. Most of the time I was the only one wearing a thong, but cheeky bikinis were common and I saw a few female thong wearers. Speedos were more common on the guys than they have been in recent years.

Most memorable was a mom that brought her two kids to the last round of lessons. She wore the same one-piece thong every time.

Classes ended a couple of weeks before the pool closed. I figured things would quiet down in the locker room, but if anything I encountered women more frequently. Earlier in the summer they actually put up a sign on the men's locker room door that said "Family use permitted.".

One afternoon I came into the locker room. I could hear a woman talking on her phone in the locker area. I stopped just outside and listened to her conversation. It went something like this.

"I'm at the pool with Alex. [pause] Yeah, just hanging out in the locker room to see if there's any eye candy today. [pause then she laughs] They don't seem to mind. I think a lot of the guys that come here like to show off."

At this point I heard someone else come in, so I continued into the changing area. She smiled as she saw me and kept talking quietly on her phone. Another guy came in as I undressed. He picked a locker right next to her and started to change. We both got naked and walked to the showers. I dried off and went back to put on my suit.

The woman was looking casually at her phone. The other guy came in less than a minute later. He engaged her in conversation while he stood there nude. I didn't have a lot of time, so I went out for my swim.

I saw the guy on the way out and he told me that he'd let her take pictures of him nude.

I've got a few other similar encounters to share if people are interested. Just don't want to get too off topic.
Thongmad #55

Re:Outdoor public swimming pools

Date Posted:09/15/2017 09:27:37Copy HTML

 Hey Gra, where's the best place for me to try swimming laps in a thong in the Sydney area?

When I work down that way (several days per week now) I can't do laps at my local pool then drive down, as this makes me too late to get stuff done.

So I was thinking if I drove down (very) early and arrived at a pool at opening time, I can do my laps and still have an early enough start to the day.

I'm thinking about your comment above, about the complaint when swimming laps in a g-string. It may have been prompted because they are so small in the rear that you appeared naked(?). Maybe a strong or brighter colour of thong would leave no doubt you are wearing something (although brief) which might be easier for some to digest, even if they still don't like it?
I think the pool where the female manager stood up for you might work :)

PM me if you like.
Grabeach #56

Re:Outdoor public swimming pools

Date Posted:09/15/2017 08:26:22Copy HTML

Will do Thongmad with a PM after I give it some thought. Might be in a few days as I'm doing fence repairs (a couple of new posts) this weekend as it is the only time the neighbour is available.
mack_back #57

Re:Outdoor public swimming pools

Date Posted:09/16/2017 12:14:20Copy HTML

 Jackk i understand the encounter you had. Some women believe we guys or me in particular love to show off wearing little or nothing on. Yet they are intrigued in seeing me nude or other males. Unlike yourself i haven't had the use of  family use change room. Or have the boldness to strip entirely for female to gawk upon.  Find sometimes women believe we as men are flaunting ourselves for our own pleasure to any women that wants to look.  In reality like yourself we just want to swim and get on with our lives.
Please share other experiences you had. Often times it's amusing from experience i had seeing bunch mom's showering there young sons in men's swim change room.  Sometimes the reactions from the ladies are all too memorable. 
GroundLevel #58

Re:Outdoor public swimming pools

Date Posted:09/16/2017 01:49:25Copy HTML

I can't believe they allow adult men and women to change in the same room, even if they have children! I don't care if anyone sees me nude or in a thong, but it's still hard to believe. 
Grabeach #59

Re:Outdoor public swimming pools

Date Posted:10/26/2017 08:29:53Copy HTML

I’ve had an interesting experience over the last couple of months or so at a seasonal Olympic pool, where I had no choice but to sun in a very exposed location.

The swimming centre is located on very steep land adjacent to the harbour. The pool is at the lowest level, having long ago replaced a netted harbour pool. The pool itself has the typical concete surround 5m wide. Beyond that one side of the pool has a steep covered tiered stand following the slope that is mainly used by water polo and swimming carnival spectators. There is a small toddler’s pool and a few covered tables at one end and nothing down the other end. The remaining side has a 6m wide grass area that is intensively used by sunbathers. I have sunned on the grass here in a g-string for a few years with basically no problems.

At the start of the 16/17 season management provided a few very comfortable adjustable padded lounges on a first come first served basis. They were usually taken by the time I arrived, and being placed on the concrete in front of the grass, were just too ‘in your face’ for my liking anyway. I suspected that the briefer cheeky clad females may have felt the same, choosing to sun on the grass even when a lounge was available.

I arrived early than usual for my first visit this season and noticed that there were now a dozen lounges on the concrete and only a few were occupied. Of greater significance was that the grass had recently been replaced and was still fenced off. As I won't sun in more than a Skinz M1R2 g-string, this was going to be interesting. It is the most exposed I’ve ever been at a public pool, being readily visible by everyone as they enter the centre at the higher level and by about half of those at close range as they pass by within a metre from where I lay. Nobody said a thing.

Four visits later, they’ve now removed the fence around the grass, but I’ve decided to keep using the more comfortable lounges. It now just feels business as usual, though I do occasionally wonder if eventually someone will complain. Just have to deal with that if and when it happens.
LoveMyThongs #60

Re:Outdoor public swimming pools

Date Posted:07/29/2018 05:40:06Copy HTML

At the gym I go bikini style speedo but at public pools and so on we both wear thongs. I’m the only guy but my wife’s friends wear cheeky and thong suits. Our friends don’t really mind but when teenagers are around it is quirky. I ran into our baby sitter who oddly had the same style suit I did. What was interesting was it didn’t really phase her. We talked swimsuits and that was that
string_theory #61

Re:Outdoor public swimming pools

Date Posted:08/04/2018 10:58:33Copy HTML

Here's an update about the community pool in my neighborhood. Just like last year half of adults and kids wear T-shirts and baggy shorts to swim. Fewer people are using the pool this year. When there's a crowd I wear my cheeky bikini that slides into a thong. I noticed that on the days I arrive first when the pool opens, I often have the place to myself for an hour, so I began wearing my g-string on those days. The lifeguards don’t care. Other people who come ignore me no matter what I'm wearing. But one afternoon for the first time ever there was a woman with a cheeky bikini. So at least there's an expanding range for swimwear.

Comfythong1 #62

Re:Outdoor public swimming pools

Date Posted:08/06/2018 03:42:57Copy HTML

I think so much of acceptance or lack there of depends on where you’re located. I’m in US, so there’s a huge variability if open mindedness. As I’ve mentioned in a couple of previous posts, I swim laps at Lifetime Fitness, usually in a thong. Although not public, they have a wonderful outside pool, with swimming lanes, water slides, and wading pool. I’ve spent the entire summer with my family at the outside pool wearing thongs. I was probably one of the first ones to wear a thong there this summer, although I can’t be sure. Anyways, I act the same way I would as if I wore board shorts. And i started noticing more people wearing briefer swimwear. Guys wearing square suits and speedos. No thongs though. Some women And girls wear thongs, but more cheeky styles though.
Cyberluc #63

Re:Outdoor public swimming pools

Date Posted:08/07/2018 01:44:46Copy HTML

Which lifetime fitness? I was thinking about joining one in Northern Va, and even asked them over email if things were okay at their pool and they gave me the whole “no, this is a family gyn” thing.
Comfythong1 #64

Re:Outdoor public swimming pools

Date Posted:08/07/2018 05:22:06Copy HTML

I’m in Illinois, I’ve been to more than one without issues. I think if you ask, people might be scared because it’s not something they’re used to. But if you wear one, they usually don’t have an issue from my experience at least. However my thongs are pretty tame and conservative compared to what many on this board are wearing. I usually wear my Rufskin thong or Desmiit thong with drawstring. Sometimes JOR sport thong. One of the trainers even commented that I look good in them. She told me to keep wearing them when I said I hope no one complained. She said no, and if they did, she’d tell them I have every right to wear what I want.
MBthong #65

Re:Outdoor public swimming pools

Date Posted:08/10/2018 05:22:17Copy HTML

These are all USA. Any recommendations for the UK?
jackk #66

Re:Outdoor public swimming pools

Date Posted:09/04/2018 09:29:39Copy HTML

Since it opened for the season, I've been swimming a few time a week at my local public outdoor pool. I've seen quite a few more thongs this year. It seems like there's always at least one other than myself. Also new this year are two male swim instructors that seem to exclusively wear speedos.
hkim1983 #67

Re:Outdoor public swimming pools

Date Posted:10/11/2018 08:56:32Copy HTML

There is a public lap pool where i live in la mirada, ca. i asked several staff members if thongs were okay to swim in. They all said okay, but one of the supervisors came up to me during the middle of my swim and asked me to cover up. He said I was misinformed and I never went back there again. I called the facility few times over the phone and the staff still says thongs are okay and dont see why that should be a problem. I also took my complaint to the city hall and they said they were having a meeting about this issue because of me LOL!
LoveMyThongs #68

Re:Outdoor public swimming pools

Date Posted:10/19/2018 06:44:01Copy HTML

I was more nervous about a pool than the beach but it was fine. My only issue in Hawaii was there were teenage girls in thongs and it felt awkward. 

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