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The Thong Wearers Message Board The place for people who wear a thong or a g-string at the beach.

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Date Posted:03/12/2019 07:11:28Copy HTML

Have you even used an outright lie in an attempt to wear a thong.  There is a topic already about playing hooky from work or other responsibilities, but have there been times you simply lied in an attempt to get to wear your thong.  I will give an example -- saying you only have thongs with you when you really have other suits.  Saying your SO packed for you and put in only thongs even when you packed your lugage yourself.  Saying you have worn them before in a certain place when you have not.  Saying you have never had any complaints about your thongs before when you have.

The list of  potential lies goes on and on.  Are some of these "little white lies"?   Probably in some peoples book they are -- but no matter what you call them, they still are lies.

NudeNArizona #1

Re:Outright lie to wear thong (including white lie)

Date Posted:03/12/2019 01:35:28Copy HTML

I have in the past looked for hotels with indoor pools, and upon check-in acted like their pool was a surprise to me. So I ask the front desk if they know where a store is close to buy swimwear because it's December and I didn't bring a swimsuit, then I tell them I have clean thongs in my suitcase if that would be ok to wear and have never had a issue
spark2100 #2

Re:Outright lie to wear thong (including white lie)

Date Posted:03/23/2019 10:50:41Copy HTML

I have been using the line," this is what you get when you let your wife pack for you" lately when I am questioned about my choice of swimwear.
wr1944 #3

Re:Outright lie to wear thong (including white lie)

Date Posted:03/23/2019 04:01:59Copy HTML

Why do you need to lie? With this kind of behavior you keep on the negative smell of skimpy underwear or swimwear. It is just a piece of clothing. You are not fumbling with state secrets so just say that it is the type you like because they are comfortable. Period. Maybe at last people will see it no longer as the uniform of perverts.
DavyJ #4

Re:Outright lie to wear thong (including white lie)

Date Posted:05/17/2019 01:08:51Copy HTML

Not a lie, but: Whenever I feel I ought to ask ahead of time whether thonging is permitted or not I always start by asking if women are permitted to bathe topless (even if I am by myself). Regardless of whether they say yes or no, I then follow it immediately by asking about thong swimsuits. Of course this causes whomever to think I am referring to women wearing thongs, so I am sure I am told "yes" much more often than if I asked directly whether I was permitted to wear a thong. Perhaps a bit sneaky, but the entire gender discrimination is BS anyway, so I feel I am doing my part to get break that down.
ithongit #5

Re:Outright lie to wear thong (including white lie)

Date Posted:05/17/2019 02:14:02Copy HTML

Magicians are skilled at diverting the visual attention of an audience. DavyJ obviously has the same abilities with diverting minds away just as well. Sneaky? Not at all. If management hires people who don't listen to questions and make assumptions, then they should not be allowed to redefine their answer. Great Read Davy! A similar thing a man who wants to wear a thong can use is to ask if "Speedos" are permitted. Most people will assume the customer means a Speedo type athletic swimsuit. Most places also have no policies against men wearing this type swimwear. A clever man can ask this question and then wear a genuine Speedo thong. If challenged, he points out the logo and tells the authority that he ask if Speedos are okay and was told they were, and that he is wearing a Speedo. Management types have been known to back down based on the previous conversations, especially if there were others there when the Speedo question first came up. Another thing Randy does sometimes at pay-per-use places like commercial hot springs and private swimming pools is take his thong to where you pay or the management desk or whatever. He folds that suit in a way where the logo is on top and lays it down so the fact it is a thong is not that obvious. As he prepares to pay, he asks something like "is this swimsuit okay?" He has never been ask to open it up to show how much it covers or about what style it is. The people always say "yes". Sometimes he has not even had a chance to make this system work before he is given permission. The attendant sometimes jumps the gun by saying something like "Oh good, I see you brought your own suit." He doesn't lie about it being a thong, he doesn't volunteer that it is a thong, he simply lets the attendant think what they want, and if it they are wrong, it is not Randy's fault.
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