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The Thong Wearers Message Board The place for people who wear a thong or a g-string at the beach.

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Date Posted:11/29/2016 01:18:15Copy HTML

If any M/F couples over 40 would like an invitation from my wife and me to thong in and around a very warm private secluded swimming pool in Palm Springs, please contact me.
thong_jock #1

Re:Palm Springs - Contacts

Date Posted:10/05/2012 02:06:03Copy HTML

 Going to be thonging in Palm Springs at All Worlds Resort from Oct 07-09.

Will be wearing various Muscleskins 3/8 and Thongbiker Thongs.
ownpool #2

Re:Palm Springs - Contacts

Date Posted:12/13/2014 09:09:02Copy HTML

My wife and I will be at a clothing optional resort in Palm Springs for three days in mid-January.  We will swim nude.  I plan to walk around and sun bathe in thongs and gs.  She hasn't told me her walking around attire yet, but I am guessing it will be a towel with nothing underneath.  I plan to write a report.

If anyone lives in or near Palm Springs or will be there January 12-14, I'd be interested in a personal communication or in a post on this thread.  We are going on to Vegas and Yuma and the same goes for people living in or visiting those locations.
aussiesf86 #3

Re:Palm Springs - Contacts

Date Posted:02/16/2018 08:30:49Copy HTML

 Palm Springs for Presidents’ Day weekend.  Any other fit male thongers want to sunbathe together and hang out or go for a thong hike
Firethong #4

Re:Palm Springs - Contacts

Date Posted:02/18/2018 03:18:10Copy HTML

 i live in San Diego i would love to meet with someone to go thonging
Cloydene #5

Re:Palm Springs - Contacts

Date Posted:10/12/2018 11:18:13Copy HTML

Northeastthongman, this is the perfect question to respond to privately, so it is a bummer that this feature to click on a user name to send a message is gone for now.
To contact someone with a private message you have to: 

Copy user name

Go your "Inbox" on the menu on the main board page 

Click on Big green "New" button 

Paste the user name in the To: field 

wellfed #6

Re:Palm Springs - Contacts

Date Posted:10/28/2018 02:14:33Copy HTML

Where to you guys go thong hiking in Palm Springs? I'd be interested to give it a try...
bryguy #7

Re:Palm Springs - Contacts

Date Posted:12/12/2018 07:43:53Copy HTML

San Diegan here but definitely interested in making a trip out sometime to layout in a speedo or thong. Feel free to contact me if interested in joining!
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