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sandrhymes #51

Re:Palm springs hotels

Date Posted:07/22/2011 12:17:21Copy HTML

Having become tired of dealing with the sketchy sunbathing opportunities in the SF Bay area due to foggy and cold conditions, I have been looking for opportunities elsewhere, and have been going to the Palm Springs and Desert Hot Springs in southern California recently.  If you like to sunbathe somewhere with hot temperatures (I do) this is a great area.  Today's temp was 106!

I emailed a few places before leaving and also stopped by some other places while there that I was not staying at to see what they looked like and check on their policies (if any).  As a general rule, the larger hotels might have a problem, but if they are not crowded with a lot of families you will probably be OK.  There is a large number of boutique hotels that bill themselves as adult properties (6-12 rooms) where you should not have any problems with minimal swimwear. 

For the most part, if you are thonging/g-stringing or topless you will be in the minority or alone (male or female).  Do not expect to find large numbers of like minded individuals anywhere.  As long as you are comfortable being one of the few, or the only one, you will have a great time.

Here is a summary of the properties I have stayed at, visited or received responses to from.

The Viceroy - spent several days here wearing a thong at one of the pools.  In the late afternoon, I would go to the spa in the back (where it is more private) and wear a g-string.  Was approached by the manager one day and told that thongs did not fit their image and asked to cover up ( I did for a while).  There were a couple of girls topless and in thongs for awhile also, and a gay couple in the pool on the make for a long time; so I am not quite sure what the image is he was concerned about.  Anyway, would give this place a C rating for minimal swimwear friendly.

Calla Lily Inn - stopped by and asked the manager if I could wear a g-string here?  She said thongs/g-strings/topless were absolutely no problem.  Very beautiful place.  About 10 rooms.  Will stay here next time. 

Korakia Pennisone - they advertise on their website "European Sunbathing".  I have not seen any other place in Palm Springs that advertises this.  Very nice Moroccan themed property.  Two pools.  Stopped by twice, but did not see anyone taking advantage of the European sunbathing opportunity here.  One day on a weekend, the place was packed with the young adult crowd, and I don't think I would have been comfortable with a minimal suit in the middle of the partying crowd anyway. 

Desert Riviera - Stayed here for several days.  Emailed the hotel, to ask about TNT opportunities, and received this response. "As we are an adult property minimal swimwear is acceptable.  We have a lovely very sunny pool area and is very quiet and relaxing and enjoyed daily." Wore a bikini here a couple of days, and a g-string one day.

Desert Star - stopped by and talked with the manager and checked out the hotel.  Beautiful retro property. When I asked if I could wear a g-string, he said no problem, they have a lot of European guests and they try to accommodate them.  You can sunbathe nude on each room's private patio if desired.

Two Bunch Palms (in Desert Hot Springs)  Beautiful resort on 25 acres, famous with the Hollywood set and as Al Capone's hideway.  Asked at the spa when I was changing into my robe if I could wear a g-string.  The lady said a number of women wear them, so she did not see why I couldn't.  If you don't want to wear anything, there are some designated sun bin areas.

The Spring (in Desert Hot Springs) - beautiful place, like a Japanese garden.  Asked the manager if TNT was OK.  He said that, "as long as you wear something, we do not care how small it is.  Your rest and enjoyment is our only concern".  None of the other guests wore anything small, but no one paid any attention to the g-string I was wearing.

Desert Hot Springs Spa Hotel - spent an afternoon here on a day use pass.  Wore a g-string, but eventually had some issues.  Kind of strange, since since their promotional video on the website shows a woman in a thong.  The place is like a Redneck Riviera.  Some others have had enjoyable times here apparently, but I would not recommend it.

Might post a more detailed trip report with some photos later in my blog.

Ex_Member #52

Re:Palm springs hotels

Date Posted:07/24/2011 05:03:40Copy HTML

Thanks for the informative post. Looks like things are improving.
OC_Thong_Guy #53

Re:Palm springs hotels

Date Posted:08/02/2011 01:30:48Copy HTML

I just returned from the Marriott Desert Springs Villas in Palm Desert.  This is a timeshare resort that has 7 or 8 pools, some large, some small, some for families, some marked as "quiet".  Around the family oriented pools I wore a rio, and around the "quiet" pool I wore a thong.  No one seemed the least bit concerned or gave me any hassle, in fact the staff was very nice to me regardless of my attire.

Unfortunately I was the only person, male or female, in any sort of minimal swimwear.  Maybe because it's summer and there were mostly families staying there.  I hope to go back in October and see if perhaps there are a few more adventurous types at that time.
abczyxabczyx #54

Re:Palm springs hotels

Date Posted:08/04/2011 09:23:35Copy HTML

I was at the Desert Hot Springs Marriot last weekend and saw a couple of thongs.
OC_Thong_Guy #55

Re:Palm springs hotels

Date Posted:08/15/2011 02:44:32Copy HTML

Why is it I'm always the lone thonger?  I've never been in a thong and seen others thonging at the same time.
ocspeedokid #56

Re:Palm springs hotels

Date Posted:09/16/2011 08:13:15Copy HTML

 heading out to PS this weekend. has anyone had any experiences at the indian wells resort, or caliente tropics?

lvcaveman #57

Re:Palm springs hotels

Date Posted:09/27/2011 03:57:54Copy HTML

Recdently spent a few nights in Palm springs.  Stayed at the Horizon hotel.  It was very nice .  Pool & jacuzzi open 24 hrs .  The hotel is also topless friendly.  Wore my thongs the entire time.  Visited a nude resort in town while I was there as well.
thong_jock #58

Re:Palm springs hotels

Date Posted:01/20/2012 04:30:02Copy HTML

 Going to be in Palm Springs from Jan 27-31. Staying at a friend's house but will be venturing out to all-male hotels like All Worlds to soak up the sun and scenery in my Muscleskins thongs. Any other guys up for some thong adventures in the desert sun? spandexrick@gmail.com
thong_jock #59

Re:Palm springs hotels

Date Posted:01/28/2012 04:55:27Copy HTML

 In Palm Springs now. Went to Al World's male report yesterday and didn't see one other dude in a thong except for this hot German guy who volunteered to rub sun lotion on my back then commented on how hot my suit was, then I said he should be wearing one too. [He was in a modest cut speedo]. He said he would love to try one, so we went to a more private pool and I gave him a black Muscleskins thong to try on. He looked awesome in it and we spent the next hour thonging in the pool together. [I don't need to get into details here!] Hoping today I'll see some other thongers there at All Worlds Resort.
flthongtanlines #60

Re:Palm springs hotels

Date Posted:05/19/2012 05:22:34Copy HTML

We just stayed at the Calla Lily Inn this past week.  Before we made the reservation, we confirmed that thong swimwear was allowed, the manager emailed her reply, "Yes, thong swimwear is fine."  We had no problems with our thong swimwear attire at the pool, although the hot tub never really got "hot", the pool was refreshing in the 106 degree heat.  The boutique hotel is very small, with only 10 rooms.  Our stay, midweek, there were only two other rooms booked, so we always had the pool to ourselves.  I truly believe that if we wanted to go nude or topless here, it wouldn't have been a problem.

Things to do in Palm Springs-- Village Fest is every Thursday night (they block off Palm Drive) and many local venders are out there, eat at LULU's and Sammy Gs Tuscan restaurant for dinner, Ruby's Diner for breakfast.  Definitely do the Aerial Tram on Mt San Jacinto.
sailor250 #61

Re:Palm springs hotels

Date Posted:05/23/2012 03:09:14Copy HTML

yes flathongtanlines you're right about the casual pool at the Ca lla Lily.  Leslie the manager has been known to say topfree is fine.

From experience I've worn some very small suits there but covered up- never tried nude- ah- during the day!  Did wear some suits where the waist straps unhook and I'd drape them around, avoiding tanlines.  She'd breeze by with a cheery Hi or other comments on my tan, stop and talk- no problems.  Other guests seemed as casual too but no other thong wearers while I was there.

Any other recent experiences from anyone in Palm Springs?
sandrhymes #62

Re:Palm springs hotels

Date Posted:07/24/2012 08:36:14Copy HTML

Went back to Palm Springs last week for a few days in the sun.  It was HOT there with the temps one day reaching 111 deg F!  Jumping in the pool at times felt like boiling an egg, and I was the egg.  Spent a couple of days each at several different places.  Since summer is the off season, most places are not very crowded.  On the weekend though, both the Renaissance and the Hilton had quite a few people come in.

The Renaissance Palm Springs has a large Las Vegas style pool; the largest in Palm Springs I think.  Around the pool are padded lounges (not the kind with vinyl strips), sun beds and cabanas.  The pool is gorgeous and the lounges are plentiful.  There is bar and restaurant service out on the pool deck.  Nudity is not allowed, but there is no problem with minimal swimwear.  It is not an adult pool, but the kids spend almost all their time in the pool and since it is obvious that thongs and g-strings are readily accepted by the management, there aren’t any issues with complaints.  I wore a small g-string for 2 days and had a great time. I found that when the cocktail waitress smiles, laughs, talks with you and brings your order back, all while you are only wearing a tiny g-string, that seems to alleviate any questions about the permissibility of minimal swimwear at the pool among the other guests.  Since there were a number of kids around I would wear a pair of shorts when walking around or going in the pool as a courtesy.

The Hilton also has the same swimwear policy.  The pool is not as nice as the Renaissance and the lounges are of the vinyl strip kind.  Bar and restaurant service is available at the pool.  This place was overrun with kids for some reason this time.  With so many of them around the pool, I stayed in the back by the spas, although a lot of the kids would move back and forth from the pool to the spa area.  Again wore a g-string here for 2 days with no issues.

Finally I spent a couple of days at a small boutique hotel; the Villa Royale.  It used to be owned by the Olympic ice skater Sonja Henie.  A beautiful and tranquil place; especially on a warm evening when all the lights are turned on.  There are two pools and a spa.  I spent my time at the North Pool.  Since this is the off season, hardly anyone was there.  Again wore a small g-string for 2 days.  The North Pool is a little isolated, and I don’t think sunbathing topless would be any problem here for those so inclined.  The manager and staff came out to the pool several times and no one cared what I was wearing.  This place also has an awesome restaurant, “Europa”.

I did not see any other men in minimal swimwear while there, but since this is the off season, not many people are there and it would be a rare sighting in the busiest of times in my experience.  Also did not see any women in thongs or g-strings this time, although the ½ back suits or rios were fairly popular among the young girls.  Also posted a few pictures in my ablum.  All-in-all a great time, except it was a little too hot most days to be real comfortable.

Chantelle4both #63

Re:Palm springs hotels

Date Posted:08/20/2012 02:27:00Copy HTML

 Stayed at the Doral Desert Princess last night. Defin. off season & we had the wonderful 25M pool to ourselves, save a few middle-aged ladies. No men/no kiddies - perfect! Lazed in the sun and swam around in my "middle-coverage" La Vie En Rose (for men) navy thong for 2 hours. Got some sun on my buns and a truck load of confidence... toward the end of my thong session, it was feeling wonderful and "normal"
poonster #64

Re:Palm springs hotels

Date Posted:08/21/2012 07:31:25Copy HTML

 Hi Everyone, any intels on the Westins or Le Meridien hotels in the area? Will be visiting in January but I understand it would be a bit cold?
sandrhymes #65

Re:Palm springs hotels

Date Posted:09/30/2012 03:11:29Copy HTML

Went back to Palm Springs for a long weekend several weeks ago.  I was at the Renaissance and on the first day the pool was boring; only 2 people out there including me.  So I decided to drive around a little and see if any of the other hotels had anything going on.  Palm Springs was totally dead, this was on a Wednesday, the first part of September.  I wound up driving to Desert Hot Springs and finally stopped at the Desert Hot Springs Spa Hotel after checking out 3 or 4 other places in DHS.  I previously had a little hiccup here a few years ago regarding wearing minimal swimwear with the management when a guest complained, and had not been back since.  So I asked first at the desk before buying a day pass if I could wear a "g".  The girl at the counter responded to my surprise that since girls wear them there she did not see why it would be a problem for a guy.  I wound up spending a couple of days there and had a great time.  Since this was on a weekday in September, there were not any kids there until the late afternoon after school let out for the day, and even then I did not have any problems.

I spent all of my time at the large pool at the south end of the complex.  On one of the days a woman in the pool splashed water on me and said that she had been dared to do it by her friends.  She wanted to chat, and afterwards a few other girls swam over to talk.  All in all a nice time.

On the weekend the crowds showed up at the Renaissance and I spent my time there in a "g", but I was the only one in a small swimsuit except for a 20 something girl in a Rio with a frilly back that covered most everything.  Her 4 other friends that she was with continually called her "Leatherbutt" (stupid girls).  On my way out of town early Sunday afternoon I decided to stop by Desert Hot Springs again to see what the weekend crowd looked like...  Old sun lizards and more rednecks with kids, some of whom took vocal offense to my wearing a "g".

Bottom line in my opinion.  The Renaissance has a great pool and is an awesome place to wear minimal swimwear in Palm Springs; but don't expect to see anyone else doing the same (that's a bonus).  Desert Hot Springs Spa is a nice, cheap and funky place to layout in a g-string, but I would avoid it during summer vacation and on weekends when the rednecks are around.
OS777 #66

Re:Palm springs hotels

Date Posted:09/30/2012 03:21:06Copy HTML

You were in the wrong city to thong.  You needed to have visited Warm Sands road off of San Ramon in Palm Springs.  There you can find plenty of clothing optional as well as nude resorts that have no issue with a paying visitor wearing as little or nothing in their pools or chill poolside. Also CCBC has a day visitor permit where you can sun, swim, or just enjoy yourself in whatever manner of adornment you would care to wear.
sailor250 #67

Re:Palm springs hotels

Date Posted:10/02/2012 12:47:02Copy HTML

He's mentioned all single sex gay male places.  Anyone know of any other new clothing optional places in Palm Springs- heard of Desert Sun, Terra Cotta and Morningside ( I think).  Been to Living Waters Spa in DHS.  Anyone been to that place a couple of years old- I think its called Areola?
OS777 #68

Re:Palm springs hotels

Date Posted:10/04/2012 03:44:09Copy HTML

Sailor those Palm Springs hotels are open to men visiting PS not exclusive to gays.  The policy of having a day pass is to allow visitors to PS to enjoy a clothing option that may not be experienced if they are staying at a Ma & Pa hotel with screaming brats. Clothing optional means one can wear what one wishes or be nude.  There is no requirement to be gay to pay for a day pass to work on a suntan, a tanline, or swim in a pool away from the general public that is usually fearful of less than textile options!
poonster #69

Re:Palm springs hotels

Date Posted:12/30/2012 03:47:23Copy HTML

 Going to be at the Westin in late Jan. Looking forward to some warmer weather than in Canada!
newlynymphos #70

Re:Palm springs hotels

Date Posted:04/10/2013 11:09:20Copy HTML

my wife and I will by at Terra Cotta next July (2014)
ocspeedokid #71

Re:Palm springs hotels

Date Posted:06/10/2013 09:23:58Copy HTML

The wife and I made it out to the Riviera this weekend. The hotel was great, great staff and since the heat started out the price is right. It was her first time there so we didn't know what to expect. We got a great room and we were close to the pool. They have two pools on-site, one large one small. We arrived at night training at the pool pretty late, but it was already closed at 11 o'clock. The next day we woke up early and made out to the pool and it was already hot well into 90°. The first pool had a bunch of giggling College girls and I didn't strip down. I stayed in my board shorts from the time there. I got a drink from the Poolbar which was horrible then retreated to my room to make a real drink. We made it up the small pool and it was really nice. It was quiet the staff is friendly. The sun was blaring hot and I stripped to a smaller miscleskins classice 1/2 in side bikini back. No one even batted an eye. A European group moved in right next to us and they had smaller suits on then I did . The women were wearing thongs and the men were wearing very small bikini bottoms. The largest suit was a very small square cut that her younger guy was wearing. The Riviera was a great place to stay. The staff and I think the clientele were very accustomed to seeing smaller suits unmanned. I would definitely go back
sandrhymes #72

Re:Palm springs hotels

Date Posted:07/15/2013 07:34:55Copy HTML

 I recently had a couple of weeks vacation and went to Palm Springs again first, and then on to Las Vegas for a few days.  Since I was by myself, I decided to move around quite a bit and stay at a number of different places to get a better experience of what is available.  I first went back to the Viceroy.  I really love this place.  It has two adult pools, and a family pool on the north end of the property.  I had a little trouble before here wearing a thong, but not this time.  I was able to wear a Skinz M1R2 here (and for the entire 2 weeks). The first day I started in back by the spa area which has day beds and is a little more private.  One of the spa workers commented that she really liked my tan.  When I asked if my suit was OK, she replied that it would not be a problem on the property, so I spent the next few days by the pool and had a great time.  I really like the Estrella Spa there and had a massage.  One other girl in a thong while I was there, and a few really small bikinis.

Next, wanted to go back to the Renaissance for a day.  They have what I think is the largest pool in Palm Springs.  No one else in anything small at the pool, but I did not have any problems with my Skinz.  Poolside drink service is very good.

The Hilton underwent a remodel last winter and I wanted to see how it turned out.  I spent a couple of days here.  The pool area has been really upgraded and is very nice.  It was 120F!!  Not a lot of people the days I was there.  Only one other thong.  The pool bar is much nicer, and the bar tenders were really awesome.

I also spent a couple of days at the Riveria.  First time there.  Saw the most thongs of anyplace in Palm Springs here.  A few at the main pool.  At the back pool one day there were 6-8 others in thongs.

I also went to the Desert Hot Springs Spa Hotel one day for old times sake.  I had no problems wearing a g here.  Quite a few people were there, but no one else in anything small.

All-in-all, I had a great time in Palm Springs, and had no problems wearing a g anywhere I went.  The temps were 110+ everyday, so if you like the heat this is a great place to go and thong.  When the 4th of July came, the place was inundated with family''s with kids, so I decided to go to Las Vegas for maybe somewhat cooler temps and fewer kids.
Chantelle4both #73

Re:Palm springs hotels

Date Posted:08/15/2013 03:07:39Copy HTML

 The upper tanning deck at the Hyatt is cool with thongs too.
DesertThong #74

Re:Palm springs hotels

Date Posted:11/06/2013 09:13:48Copy HTML

Anybody have any experience thonging at the outdoor pools at the other spas (Marriott, Las Palmas, Hyatt in Indian Wells, others) in the Coachella Valley? 
Has anyone tried the new Hard Rock Hotel in Palm Springs - I would hope they were more open to minimal swimwear?
poonster #75

Re:Palm springs hotels

Date Posted:01/20/2014 04:43:14Copy HTML

 I had a nice time thonging at the Parker Le Meridien this past week at their adults pool - no comments even with their pool staff making the rounds every once in a while asking if everyone was doing okay and if we needed drinks.
Also thonged a little at the Westin Mission Hill Hotel (not the Villa) at one of their side pools.
sandrhymes #76

Re:Palm springs hotels

Date Posted:06/24/2014 04:06:54Copy HTML

Just returned from spending the last 9 days in Palm Springs.  The weather was a little windy a couple of days and temps the first part were 90-95F and then moved upward into the 103-107F range.  My face got a little fried and is peeling some now, otherwise came back with a great tan.  My new favorite suit is a Skinz M1R2U (orange/black) Heatstroke Lightening.  I usually favor darker solid colors, but I thought this one went well with my tan.  I stayed at the Viceroy and the Renaissance, but was able to spend some time at 5-6 other pools in the area as well, including a day trip over to Desert Hot Springs Spa Hotel.  One of the things that I really enjoy about Palm Springs is that if you want to go to a different pool for an afternoon or even a few hours there are many choices within 5-10 minutes of driving.  I usually go to those that have bar/food service so I can get a few drinks and maybe something to eat as well.  That way I don't feel like I am free-loading, and can have an enjoyable afternoon.  I have spent enough time in Palm Springs now that i feel like I know the place very well in terms of where to thong.  Of all the places I went, I was the only guy in something small, there a couple of girls in thongs and a few more girls in those cheeky bottom bikinis.  I decided to try and make the drive home a little easier by going to Glen Ivy Spa on the way home for a few hours before the long drive back to SF Bay Area (haven't been there in a few years).  I wish I hadn't bothered now.  Cost $64 to get in on a weekend, about $10 for drinks, and the place was packed.  I wore my g, and I saw one girl in a thong who never took off her transparent wrap.  
amethyst2513 #77

Re:Palm springs hotels

Date Posted:12/15/2014 02:07:11Copy HTML

What's the name of the resort?  I've been looking for something similar to what I found in Cancun, but here stateside.
underwater #78

Re:Palm springs hotels

Date Posted:12/15/2014 06:25:13Copy HTML

I think you're referring to Terra Cotta, and if so we've been there. It's a small motel type resort in a residential area of Palm Springs. They have a continental breakfast every morning and wine and cheese in the afternoon. The pool takes up the majority of the space in the center with the hot tub off to the side in a garden area.Due to it's location you won't be able to walk around the area in a thong or G but inside the enclosed pool you'll be overdressed but otherwise fine. When we were there my wife wore a one piece bathing suit and I was nude. Any attire will be fine.
goodyrthonger #79

Re:Palm springs hotels

Date Posted:12/16/2014 11:52:48Copy HTML

There is also Desert Sun Resort, may be able to walk around in a G but the pool is strickly nude.  The atmosphere is nude, may be overdressed in a g but a very nice place.  From their website
Our private nude resort offers more amenities than any other in Palm Springs, including a lit tennis court, restaurant, bar, three heated year-round pools and two hot tubs. We also offer a wonderful spa to complete your blissful relaxation that a clothing optional vacation provides.Please note that our nudist resort is now for Adults Only. Day Passes and Annual Memberships are now Couples Only.
DesertThong #80

Re:Palm springs hotels

Date Posted:07/29/2015 03:32:58Copy HTML

The Hard Rock Hotel in Palm Springs is thong friendly. The pool will have children. Walk-ins are allowed, but there is a cost on weekends. Obviously the music is good.
sandrhymes #81

Re:Palm springs hotels

Date Posted:08/21/2015 02:22:53Copy HTML

I am spending a couple of weeks in Palm Springs and the Desert Hot Springs area.  It was friggin hot down here the first couple of days about 112-115F I think.  Now it has cooled down to the low 100's and is kind nice.  Have been to The Spring in DHS and also Two Bunch Palms in DHS.  Spent a day at the Hilton in Palm Springs and several days at The Avalon in Palm Springs (formerly The Viceroy).  Thronging and the weather has bee awesome, but have not had very much thonging company among the other guests.  I will be posting some reports with pics on my blog of the places I visit as time permits during my stay.
ECman #82

Re:Palm springs hotels

Date Posted:11/05/2015 04:43:22Copy HTML

 Just spent a couple of days at Calla Lily Inn. Weather was sunny and warm, The pool was like warm bath water, the hot tub was hot! We were there mid week, and happened to be the only guests at the time. I understand the place was going to be full the day after we left. Good timing on our part as we needed to have a quiet trip to unwind. Thongs and g-strings are definitely still ok. The only time I wore more than that was when we went out for dinner. You need to leave the Inn for food, but the restaurant district is within close walking distance with everything from high priced dinners at one end of the scale, to Burger King if that is your preference. We had a great stay. I asked about the best weather seasons in Palm Springs. Apparently mid summer is miserable hot. The rest of the year is very good.... just fyi.

PabloThongs #83

Re:Palm springs hotels

Date Posted:01/04/2017 08:49:16Copy HTML

 Does anyone know of a pool that offers day use for non-guests in Palm Springs area?
RapidBlue #84

Re:Palm springs hotels

Date Posted:01/04/2017 10:15:33Copy HTML

 The Hard Rock Hotel in Palm Springs sold day passes for their pool when I was there a year ago.
sailor250 #85

Re:Palm springs hotels

Date Posted:01/04/2017 10:58:06Copy HTML

 If you wouldn't mind being nude then Living Waters Spa in Desert Hot Springs just north of Palm Springs is clothing optional and will admit you for a day pass for something like $30-35 including towels.  They have a warm pool and hot tub spa.  I've gone there a couple of times a few years ago.  In the winter it's better than Palm Springs city because it's not in the shadow of the mountain and the sun sets at like 5-5:30 instead of eclipsing behind the mountain at about 3:30pm.  Check them out on the web, I think I called ahead the morning I was coming so they'd assure me a spot, some days several day pass people show up and they'll only admit maybe 5 if they have a lot of guests staying there.  It's one of the few non gay clothing optional places now, two other small inns have closed that option.I think you can go to the Ace Hotel and Swim Club, drink at the bar and have no problem.   Also see above for other ideas
PabloThongs #86

Re:Palm springs hotels

Date Posted:01/06/2017 04:52:23Copy HTML

Thanks for the recommendations. We may try Ace Hotel! My wife thought it looked classier than Living Waters, though the latter does get excellent reviews. Thanks again!
goodyrthonger #87

Re:Palm springs hotels

Date Posted:01/09/2017 12:47:53Copy HTML

 the only other hotels that I know of are gay,  There are many at warm sands area, and in Catheral city, it is CBCC,  Many of the gay resorts offer clothing optional day passes.  
steveeagle #88

Re:Palm springs hotels

Date Posted:03/05/2017 10:36:31Copy HTML

 Visiting PS shortly.  Is it okay to thong in appropriate public places other than hotel pools?
goodyrthonger #89

Re:Palm springs hotels

Date Posted:03/05/2017 11:50:04Copy HTML

 the only places I am aware of are the men's resorts many are on Warm Springs road.  These are gay resorts and offer day pass, plus in Catheral City is is CCBC  Catheral City Boys Club..  Living waters 13340 Mountain View Rd, Desert Hot Springs, CA 92240, Sea mountain nude resort, I believe most resorts allow thongs, speedos or skimpy bikinis for men. Desert sun is mostly nude and I believe caters to couples.  Enjoy Palm Springs, a couple of restaurants I like,  Jakes, Aldente, John Henrys.  Try Ricks or Elmers for breakfast
steveeagle #90

Re:Palm springs hotels

Date Posted:03/05/2017 02:15:54Copy HTML

 Many thanks, goodyrthonger
aussiesf86 #91

Re:Palm springs hotels

Date Posted:02/16/2018 08:29:31Copy HTML

 In Palm Springs for the three days of Presidents’ Day weekend.  Probably go nude at the resorts for a couple days    But might thong at the pool of the townhome where I’m staying.   Any other fit male thongers want to get together to tan by the pool one afternoon or go for a hike in thongs?
sandrhymes #92

Re:Palm springs hotels

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Just got back from a 3 week vacation and spent about 10-12 days in Palm Springs, Desert Hot Springs and Las Vegas.  It has been several years since I have been to Palm Springs and I was looking forward to some warm weather (it was a little early for the hot 100 deg plus days).  I stayed at the Avalon and wore a Skinz M1R2.  Also spent a day buying drinks and laying out by the pool at both Sparrow Lodge and the Hilton.  There are quite a number of new places to stay (since the last time I was there) and spend time at the pool in town.  I spent a couple of hours at Arrive Palm Springs but just read in the shade and buy some drinks.  I think this might be a good place to thong.  Sadly, Villa Royale which I really liked staying and and thonging is closed.  I was only able to get a couple of days to work on a tan before leaving on my trip, and after a few days I needed to be careful and not get too much sun too quickly.
The restaurants were awesome as usual.  It was not too crowded, I guess it is not high season now, and the weather was in the 80's to mid 90's. Saw a fair number of cheeky suits on the girls, but no true thongs or g's.  Great time all-in-all.
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sandrymes you said you stayed at the Hilton I think there is more than one Hilton in the area which one did you stay at. 
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There's only one that I know of.  It's on Tahquitz Canyon across the street from the Casino
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 Wondering if there is a current options for Hotels or spas that have a day pass type setup in the Palm Springs area.  I live about 1.5 hrs away so I don't really need a room to stay in.
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While I usually go to Glen Ivy I decided to try going to Palms Springs instead.  I went to the MIRAMONTE INDIAN WELLS RESORT & SPA  and I noticed on there website they were offering a 99.00 specials on a 50 min massage, which included day use of spa/pool area.  While not as nice as Glen Ivy, a Friday at Glen Ivy would cost me 70 dollars, without a massage.  

The spa opened at 9am. I arrived at 10am and made a reservation for an 11:00am massage.  I was shown around the spa area and pool area. The resort provided a nice robe and slippers. 

I ended up starting off wearing a Skinz Red Sunseeker M57U.  The spa area has a small pool separate from the main pool, where I took out my book read for a while.  I went for my massage at 11. Done very nicely but nothing extraordinary.

After the massage I ordered some lunch and went out to the main pool in my Sunseeker. There were 8 to 10 people at the pool, but no thongs or even a cheeky bottoms on any of the ladies. The men were all in board shorts style.  

I enjoyed a nice lunch a glass of wine by the main pool, and read my book, both buns down and up, moving my suit into a thong style. The staff was nice enough to move an umbrella to give a little shade as the temps still reached a 100 degrees in this late September day.

Later I changed into my Skinz M55u G-string. I went swimming in the main pool a few times in both suits.  The spa had a nice changing area with lockers for your valuables. I put a credit card on file but used cash for my bill. The spa also offers use of pool and spa for 30 dollars, if you did not use any spa services like a massage.  

Would I go back? Yes, as thing get colder this may be a nice option.

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I will be spending three nights in Palm Springs, CA at the end of this month. I am staying at the Holiday House Hotel with a friend that will be busy all day, which means I will be sunning and swimming solo in my thong. I wanted to ask if anyone has experience with the Holiday House, and whether a man wearing a thong there will be well-tolerated. I am very open to going to some other hotel pools for the day and either getting lunch and drinks or buying a day pass if offered - so I don't absolutely need to thong at my hotel. Since most of the info on this thread is a few years old, I would love some pointers from anyone with recent experience. I am ok with going to a "men's resort" to lay out in my thong, so I appreciate hearing about your favorites... but I am not looking for any "play" whatsoever, so if there are some of these hotels that have a "less-cruisy" reputation, that is what I really want to find. Thanks in advance and happy thong-ing!
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Update: the friend that I am traveling with has changed the reservation and we are now staying at the Parker Palm Springs. Any insights into the acceptability of guys in thongs there? Thanks!

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To northeast guy:  Ifyou are not able to to thong at your hotel and are comfortable at one of the men's resorts, I suggest Inndulge or Canyon Club. They offer day passes.  There will be plenty of guys skinny-dipping and sunbathing nude but it surprises me the number that also wear brief style and thongs. They aren't cruisy.  But your female companion wouldn't be admitted  I Idon't think.    I would not recommend CCBC or Allworlds but even at those I don't think you would be be too uncomfortable.  Just don't go exploring the grounds beyond the fences at those two.  And congrats on being open minded, what a nice post. It is nice to thong when you can.

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Two other hotels with day passes that allow thongs/g-strings are Miramonte Hilton hotel in Indian Wells and Saguaro hotel Palm Springs.
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