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The Thong Wearers Message Board The place for people who wear a thong or a g-string at the beach.

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Date Posted:04/11/2006 09:14:33Copy HTML

Hi guys!I maybe I can take a week in Panam?for my vacations this year. Somebody know about where I can wear a thong? How is the native people about that? I hope that some guy can help me and give me some sugestions.Well Keeping thongs.
Jerry_in_san_jose #1

Re:Panamá, Is friendly to wear men thongs?

Date Posted:04/19/2006 04:16:46Copy HTML

I spent a week at Islas Secas, an island just off of Panama and wore a thong around the bungelow all day without a problem. They also have a remote island where they take you and drop you off. My wife and I went there and I wore a thong all day, of course there is no one around so it didn't really matter. You can always email them and ask about the acceptance of men wearing thongs around the main island beaches. They are usually pretty good about telling you what is acceptable. I read on the main island and didn't really do any time on the beach in a thong so I'm not sure what there policy is.


rlgm007 #2

Re:Panamá, Is friendly to wear men thongs?

Date Posted:09/07/2007 11:42:24Copy HTML

I spent a few days in San Blas (El Porvenir).  I thonged at several tiny island beaches and no one cared.

pkthong #3

Re:Panamá, Is friendly to wear men thongs?

Date Posted:10/30/2012 03:00:38Copy HTML

 Just got back from a trip to Panama City.Got a massage and the female masseuse started to giggle when she saw my thong tanline(from lying out in my backyard all summer).She apologized for doing so, but said that if I wore a thong on a regular beach in the area I would be considered gay.My Spanish is not very sophisticated , so I could not think of a good retort or excuse.
Manu1418 #4

Re:Panamá, Is friendly to wear men thongs?

Date Posted:12/12/2012 06:34:36Copy HTML

 I wore thong just once in Panama, I was only at the pool of Ceasar´s hotel taking a swim and having some sun and no one told me anything, at first I had a small lycra short on because I didn´t know if they were thong friendly but as soon as I went to swim I took the short off and no one seems to bother, there were just a few people around and local service even took good care of me with some drinks wile laying face down butt naked. 
snc704 #5

Re:Panamá, Is friendly to wear men thongs?

Date Posted:01/29/2014 01:37:43Copy HTML

Was in Panama City in Sept, 2013 for the first time.  Stayed at the Conrad Hotel. Did not wear a thong until I saw a lady by the pool wearing one. Went to the room and put mine on. No comments from other guests or employees, so I guess they are accepted. The next day I went to the pool in a thong. About an hour later, this same lady comes out in a different suit, but it is a thong, too. We were the only two, but again no one made an issue out of it.
7423080 #6

Re:Panamá, Is friendly to wear men thongs?

Date Posted:09/26/2017 12:38:03Copy HTML

  Would like any updates on thongs in Panama City, Panama, looking to go this Winter.  Thanks
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