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Date Posted:01/27/2010 09:06:54Copy HTML

  Has anyone thonged at any of the Pegon Forge hotels ?
ithongit #1

Re:Pegon Forge, TN

Date Posted:01/29/2010 12:03:44Copy HTML

Don't know about Pigeon Forge, but many of the smaller Gatlanburg motels are thong tollerant if not thong friendly.  They want your business and are more interested in renting you motel rooms than policing what you wear in the swimming pool.

natman #2

Re:Pegon Forge, TN

Date Posted:01/29/2010 08:08:19Copy HTML

thanks traci, I thought about calling the hotel we are staying at, but then again decided just to go for it and see what happens.
Ex_Member #3

Re:Pegon Forge, TN

Date Posted:03/11/2010 03:13:28Copy HTML

I live only a couple of hours drive from there, but Pigeon Forge / Gatlinburg is not really a place where I go voluntarily.  If my kids have some event there, fine, but the traffic and congestion is terrible and it's not a place I just go to hang around.  I love the mountains, though.  It's certainly has a redneck riviera reputation, but also a few tourists and immigrants from far away, so I suppose anything is possible.
ithongit #4

Re:Pegon Forge, TN

Date Posted:03/12/2010 07:13:54Copy HTML

Living in Ohio, Randy and I have a 6 to 8 hour drive to Gatlinburg.  We usually leave after a normal work day, stop for dinner along the way, and arrive late -- something like midnight or even later.  Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge have the worst stop and go traffic Friday and Saturday nights.  Every kid in 100 miles seems to go there to drive around and cruise.  In Gatlinburg, we have walked the length of town during these cruise nights and usually beat those in cars.  Saturday traffic is also bad in both towns.  Weekdays are easier to get around and room rates are also better. 

Ex_Member #5

Re:Pegon Forge, TN

Date Posted:03/12/2010 06:51:54Copy HTML

Traci:  you are right.  The problem there is they just keep building more and more stuff.  I suppose each individual entrepenuer does some sort of analysis based upon what others are doing, and says "I can be profitable in X years".  What they fail to realize is that at some point, the markets become saturated.  As population density increases, cost per square foot of everything increases because you start building parking garages and multi-level buildings, while at the same time, needing wider roads, but having nowhere to expand them.  The excessive sprawl is ruining the area, just like many other places.  I was there last weekend, and it wasn't too bad.  Hotels were inexpensive and not booked near capacity, but still I found times when it took 20 minutes just to travel 4 or 5 miles or so on the main roads.  That's because of all the traffic lights and shopping centers in place. 

Unless one can find a secluded lake or swimming area somewhere in the countryside nearby, it's not the kind of place that comes to my mind when looking for a place for minimal swimwear and/or nude swimming.  I suppose you could wear a thong on those inner tube rides down the rivers, but those are only operational for a few months in the summer.  Those rivers are tiny, so you don't get that large buffer of personal space like you would get at an oceanside beach.  On one of those rides, it's very likely you'll pass within 5 or 10 feet of a group of "good old boys" doing what they do -- sitting beside the river and fattening themselves on bad food.  Nothing good can come of those kind of encounters.  That's why I prefer more open areas where people can see for miles where mutual avoidance strategies can be used by those who do not want to approach each other.
ithongit #6

Re:Pegon Forge, TN

Date Posted:03/15/2010 06:18:23Copy HTML

nospam_TN has hit the nail on the head.  I have never thought about the planning of the shopping areas in places like Pigeon Forge, but I believe that the builders expect unlimited hordes of shoppers to come, based on the hordes of people who visit the store 1 block away which sells the same merchandise.  It seems that there are a dozen "outlet" stores in PF that sell Levi's, another dozen which sell Tommy Hillfiger, etc.  How many of these stores will a person go to before they realize the prices are exactly the same or only a couple percent different. 

Slightly off topic (not Pigeon Forge or Gatlinburg) -- We went to the Outer Banks last summer after several years when we couldn't go.  Several "chain" swimwear or beach stores had taken over some of the local surf shops.  In some cases you could stand in the parking lot in front of one store and see the front of the next identical chain store a few doors down the street.  This occured even in smaller towns such as Avon and Buxton.  Same company.  Same merchandise.  Same sales.  I can not believe that this system will succeed.  While the local stores many have had significant profits, they were on different merchandise and different pricing structures. 

This also led to some stores having thong swimwear when others did not.  You would have to go shop to shop to find out (or at least call) which sold what.  Maybe you would buy a beach coverup at one non thong store, some board shorts for wearing around town at another, or some beach toys or towels at a third store as you went store to store.  Now you go in one store and you have seen what every other store is selling. 

Back to Gatlinburg -- I have always held a special place in my heart for this town and the park around it.  This is because we would go there as kids with my Mom and Dad, and later Nikki and I would go with Randy and Mark.  I got and wore my first thong swimsuit there when I was 15.  I have always been able to wear my thongs around the pools at the motels we have stayed at without problems.  More recently, Randy has turned me onto hiking, and one place we always try to hike to on warm sunny days is Abram Falls, which is cool in the summer and has a pool at the base of the falls not really big enough for swimming, but a nice place to sit and cool off after the hike from the parking lot.  Thonging used to occur at some of the river raft intertube places.  Recently we have not done thongs here because of the country boys who may be fishing, but because of the drivers on adjacent roads who do double and triple takes of the rafters swimwear instead of driving their cars -- something which will certainly result in accidents, if it has not already done so.  Right now, the National Parks does not restrict the use of thong swimwear, but cause enough accidents in Smoky Mountains, and who knows, they may find a way to restrict their use their.  With thongs restricted in the Smokey Mountains, it could become system wide.

Gatlinburg has been changing since we were kids, and mostly in the last 5-10 years.  The motels which used to pride themselves on being spotlessly clean now are only average.  Many have changed hands from the family which have run them for generations to new owners who cut corners to save a dime here and a nickel there. The park it's self is also changed due to government cut-backs.  Less money is being spent for maintenance, rangers, and everything else.

jn9195 #7

Re:Pegon Forge, TN

Date Posted:04/06/2010 01:41:04Copy HTML

We have been to this area a couple of times, but it is just too crowded to enjoy any part of it. 
Pagan-Egyptian #8

Re:Pegon Forge, TN

Date Posted:06/30/2010 05:32:10Copy HTML

 How was your experience? I live only 20 minutes away from Pigeon Forge. If you come back, IM me and I will give you my Phone #.  I can help you a bit.  I know the Cades Cove area is fine with thongs, as I wore mine at Abrams falls just 3 weeks ago. I also wore it to the common Tubing spot in Townsend. 
If anyone else would like support while there, I can help. My days off are always Mon. and Tues. and I will be in Fort Lauderdale from June 9-14th. If somebody is up on a weekend, I can at least be there the morning and early part of the afternoons.
There have been many women, and a few men in thongs, or near thongs in the mountains, as it draws largely from out of state tourist. Its all good.
Ex_Member #9

Re:Pegon Forge, TN

Date Posted:07/01/2010 03:08:20Copy HTML

Do you mean at Abrams Falls, which is actually several miles hike into the woods, or at some other location?  The roads at Cades Cove can get packed badly with traffic, especially on weekends.  As for the river that runs through Townsend, is that where people are wearing thongs?  Are they riding the tubes without being harrassed by locals, police, etc., or just laying in secluded locations?  Either way, that is surprising. 
Pagan-Egyptian #10

Re:Pegon Forge, TN

Date Posted:07/01/2010 03:37:31Copy HTML

 I was at Abrams Falls, yes. But I did go on a Tuesday, so traffic wasn't that bad. And yes, they were riding tubes at the bend, were there is a small parking lot and porta potties at. They did not get any harassment, neither did I, but it was a slow day. I usually take a quick look and gauge the crowd before I go strip down. I have had no issues yet. 
Ex_Member #11

Re:Pegon Forge, TN

Date Posted:07/12/2010 02:47:59Copy HTML

There might be some suitable places in Walland or Townsend along the river.  There is a dam near the Millhouse restaurant and that porn store along the main road that is TVA property.  I noticed a few people there the other day, but no one wearing thongs.  I didn't attempt it myself because I had a blood sugar monitor taped to my ass that pretty much required a tight brief to in order to stay securely in place.  That was basicly a one week long event for me, so I might consider going back there wearing a thong at some point as long as I'm one of the early arrivers.  There are a lot of tourists in this area, but there are rednecks too.  This river is a bit low on flow lately due to low rainfall.  Also, I have noticed that only the River Rat tubing company is still in business in Townsend and there is one in Walland that rents them out for $8/day, but there if you rent one now, it's going to be slow going.  I saw a lot of people walking their tubes over the slow river this past weekend.  Townsend has definitely been hit by the poor economy.
Ex_Member #12

Re:Pegon Forge, TN

Date Posted:08/27/2010 04:28:17Copy HTML

I went tubing in Townsend a couple of weeks ago with my daughters.  I was wearing a regular speedo, double-layered as most swimmers do, not a thong.  I was hoping there'd be more tourists from Europe and such there, but appears to have only been the local rednecks.  I even heard one young redneckish girl about 20 or so, blabbering on about my speedo right in my face.  One of my daughters had lost her tube and was crying, so I had them both just to stand and wait while I hurried down a couple of hundred feet to retrieve her lost tube.  Then, I walked back up to get my daughters moving again.  Apparently, that caught the attention of the loudmouth girl.  I just ignored her, thinking to myself that if she were drowning, and I pulled her out, I would hate myself for doing so.  Bottom line:  too many loud-mouth, junk food-eating, morbidly obese, pathologically stupid rednecks for me to be comfortable there.  My back yard is free of them.  Otherwise, I'll spend my money somewhere else.
Pagan-Egyptian #13

Re:Pegon Forge, TN

Date Posted:08/27/2010 05:05:23Copy HTML

 hmm, thats so odd, I never had a problem.   I wonder if it is the same spot, where the tubing begins at that sharp bend in the road. I don't go to River Rat and tube. I have gone to the damn, near the Cross Eyed Cricket campgrounds.  Melton Hill. Now it is slow with school out, myself and maybe a couple others might go there and lay out and stuff by the swimming area, or just off to the side.
Ex_Member #14

Re:Pegon Forge, TN

Date Posted:08/29/2010 04:52:56Copy HTML

I actually live within 20 miles of Melton hill dam, but I haven't been there a lot lately.  You mean you actually lay out in a thong near the Melton Hill Dam swim area?  The rangers don't give you troubles for that?  For me, that's a no-no because it's too close to where I live and work.  Even if the rangers leave me alone, somebody I know from work, etc. is going to see me, so that's a no-go area, except in the spring and fall when I swim there sometimes in a wetsuit because the water is cold.
Pagan-Egyptian #15

Re:Pegon Forge, TN

Date Posted:08/30/2010 04:28:55Copy HTML

 I lay out if there are few people there, if it is busy, I go to the old boat launch. I go through the week, so there is no problems. Now school is out, I normally dont have to worry at all.
Thonglover377 #16

Re:Pegon Forge, TN

Date Posted:01/01/2019 10:59:40Copy HTML

Hey there everybody, anyone have any updates on recent thong experiences?
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