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Date Posted:02/19/2004 01:32:17Copy HTML

There's a place called "Susie's Hole" upcreekfrom Pequea in Lancaster County. A lot of college students go there. I have seen thongs there.I'm curious if anyone else knows of good swimming holes in PA where thongs are accepted.
microkiniandoil #1


Date Posted:02/19/2004 01:32:18Copy HTML

There's a place called "Susie's Hole" upcreek from Pequea in Lancaster County.  A lot of college students go there.  I have seen thongs there.

I'm curious if anyone else knows of good swimming holes in PA where thongs are accepted.

steelfan3838 #2


Date Posted:12/04/2004 12:00:06Copy HTML

hey everone

i was looking for a place to thong in pennsylvania.  i cant find any around here and i was wondering if you knew if there were any between pittsburgh and erie.  preferbably somewhat near interstate 79 anywhere in western pa

thanks in advance

1Monte #3


Date Posted:12/05/2004 08:56:43Copy HTML

The only place I know to thong in W. PA is on my boat on the Ohio River. Our second choice used to be White Thorn Lodge, which is a nudist park off of PA51. We think the daily park fee has gotten too high , so we quit going there ago 3 years ago. I sure hope you get some responses to this--we've thonged all over the country, but mainly at the Outer Banks, NC and Daytona Beach/New Smyrna FL area. PA is definitely too prudish and backward.

steelfan3838 #4


Date Posted:12/08/2004 05:16:07Copy HTML

has anyone ever thonged at lake erie?? presque isle has lots of beaches and im thinking of going there in the summer. does anyone have anywhere to thong around there?
1Monte #5


Date Posted:12/08/2004 07:14:46Copy HTML

Reply to : steelfan3838

You definitely can not thong at Presque Isle. I've checked with the locals every summer, and they will fine you. Sorry! You'll have to cross over to Ohio to be legal.

wickedweaselgal #6


Date Posted:12/11/2004 11:38:22Copy HTML

Where can you thong in Ohio thats close to Erie?
jordonl_1999 #7


Date Posted:12/12/2004 12:16:42Copy HTML

I'd like to find out, too -- I travel through Ohio now & then.
1Monte #8


Date Posted:12/13/2004 07:47:47Copy HTML

Thongs are legal throughout Ohio. I've worn them at several beaches on Lake Erie without any problems. Many beaches are also topfree, if they are in state parks.

If you're going to be wearing a wicked weasel, then you should make the trip to Pittsburgh--WWs are always welcome on my boat!

big daddy thong #9


Date Posted:05/08/2007 11:58:53Copy HTML

This is the response from the PA DCNR regarding thongs at State Parks beaches in PA. 
I guess I'll have to go to OHIO to wear my thong. 
PA is thonging is illegal in State Parks.
Dear Mr......
Thank you for your interest in PA State Parks.
Thong bathing suits are not permitted in PA State Parks. 
Other prohibited swimwear includes all suits that do not cover the male or female
genitals, pubic area, female breast below the top of the nipple, or buttocks. 
Swimwear must cover those areas with a fully opaque covering.

Brian Flores - Park Manager
Park Operations Training Coordinator
DCNR State Parks
P.O. Box 8551
Harrisburg, PA 17105
(717) 787-3079

-----Original Message-----
To: ra-askdcnr@state.pa.us
Subject: Swimsuit at State parks

My question is regarding what type of swimwear is allowable at state parks in PA.
The reason I'm asking is that thongs bikini swim wear in legal in Ohio State Parks.
Are thong bikini bottoms legal in PA for men and women to wear at State Parks in PA?

ctmonline #10


Date Posted:10/08/2008 10:34:33Copy HTML

Are thongs legal in PA? My wife and I are staying in the Poconos for one night this weekend, the hotel has a indoor pool that we might use, might have to send them an email before we go. It all depends on the scene I guess...thanks for any info.
nicksthong #11


Date Posted:10/08/2008 06:01:59Copy HTML

Ctmonline- its best to give management a call about thongs at their pool.  And be sure to post the response, and your experiences!  I hear the Poconos are great. Good luck

As a Pittsburgh thong guy, Im afraid to say that thongs in most public places in western PA is not a terribly good idea.  Stay away from the state parks, and good luck at city pools, BUT, hotels and resorts are likely a different matter.  A customer is a customer here in western PA, and if you behave yourself, you will probably be able to do as you please.  Speedos are a different matter though, I have worn bikinis and speedos all over Pittsburgh with nothing more than strange looks and snickers.
Its still best though to wear your thong in private- I wear a thong when we go swimming at my girlfriend's folk's house, any time we are at a hotel, or when we visit my cousyn's apartment complex. 
The best suggestions I have for folks in western PA is to head west to Ohio, any state park with a lake is a perfectly legitamate place to wear your thong in public.  You will likely be the only one, male or female, in a thong, but you are protected by the Ohio State Park's bylaws.  Check Ohio thonging reports on this forum for places where you might not be the only one there in a thong.  Personally, I suggest a beach on lake Erie, its lovely and underrated.
Thanks, good luck and whatnot- Nick R
stanpuppy #12


Date Posted:10/08/2008 11:04:08Copy HTML

Pa is kind of a lame ass state as far as thonging goes.  My wife and i often go out to the back of  a local corporate park on weekends and lay out in thongs (she also goes topless).   The corp park is right next to a golf course with tons of trees, and the parking lot is between us and the main building, so we can lay out and nobody can see us.  It is about as private as you can get in the suburbs of philadelphia.   We do this because our yard is exposed to three neighbors and we would instantly be seen if we thonged in our yard.  As far a thonging in public, I am not aware of any place in southeastern pa where you could do that and expect to be joined by anyone (male or female). 

I have wrtten numerous posts on thonging next door in NJ at gunnison beach (common, completely accepted, no problems, lots of company) and atlantic city (uncommon, no problems when you elect to do so, dont expect alot of company if you are a female, expect none if you are a male)

Sorry the eastern part of our state is so lame.   NJ is better, the NYC area is probably the best, although i have not thonged there since college (a long time ago)
JM_Runs #13


Date Posted:10/09/2008 10:58:10Copy HTML

I lived in southeastern PA for quite a while.  I got really good at finding out of the way places to sunbathe and skinnydip.   That area has plenty of little parks and streams and also check out a map of the state game lands which go unused most of the year.  When I worked in King Of Prussia I used to sneak out for some nude sunbathing at Valley Forge on my lunch hour and never had a problem. 
BaltoBob #14


Date Posted:08/03/2009 12:49:29Copy HTML

While I understand that Darlington,MD isn't in Pa, it's pretty close.
MARNA is having an event at www.ramblewood.com  on August 15,2009 from 11 AM to 4 PM. $30 per person includes a BBQ type lunch. This is a very large resort. There is no sign up required. The web site will give you directions and detail the resort. Unlike other places MARNA has rented Ramblewood seems to be fine hosting Clothing Optional events. You are welcome to wear a thong, G or not.  There aren't many places near Philly, Willington, DL. They had about 100 people at the Skinny-dip including a few children. This place can handle several hundred folks, no problem(over 200 acres). Hope to see some of you there. 
BaltoBob #15


Date Posted:08/11/2009 10:32:55Copy HTML

Just a reminder about the event just south of the PA line in Darlington, MD Sat Aug 15 11AM-4PM www.ramblewood.com  I haven't been able to get a link but MARNA is on www.facebook.com for those are interested. By this time next week I should be on a real computer. My msnTV box won't load most of the sites I want anymore, including facebook.
stanpuppy #16


Date Posted:02/24/2010 03:02:36Copy HTML

As an example of how lame PA is for thonging, below is a letter to a noted poconos resort inquiring about thongs in their community pool area.  Needless to say...we will not be staying there

Dear Mark:

Thank you for your inquiry.

We do not allow thong bathing suits at the resorts, we do prefer more
conservative bathing suits.

You will enjoy the experience of a lifetime with us.  We want your stay
here to be relaxing and worry-free. We ask that you please let us know
if you have any questions.  You may either email us, or call one of our
Romantic Vacation Planning Specialists, any day between 8:00 am and
12:00 midnight, EST at 1-888-963-3047, and we will be happy to assist


Frieda Maher
Reservations Agent - Cove Haven
Caesars Pocono Resorts
P 1-800-233-4141 ext 1989 F 570-226-6982 W CPResorts.com
ithongit #17


Date Posted:02/24/2010 08:16:35Copy HTML

Quite a few motels and hotels are thong tollerent if not thong friendly in PA, just like everywhere else.  Just be sure to use good tastes (not to small of a thong), not to thong in an outdoor pool in sight of the road, and don't break other pool rules (no glass or whatever.)  Randy and I have thonged in motels and hotels around Washington PA, Pittsburg, and Phily.  We also visited a small mom and pop motel near Valley Forge that let us thong, but told us to bring more traditional swimwear on our next visit, but told us we could continue wearing thongs the visit we were on.

lindros #18


Date Posted:02/25/2010 03:43:41Copy HTML

I've also had good success wearing thongs at hotels in PA. One was at a Holiday Inn express in Lewisburg which had an indoor pool and hot tub. Another was at a Holiday Inn in Lancaster PA which had an outdoor pool and an indoor pool. In the evening there happened to be a bus load of French Tourists visiting so I got lucky and was in good company. At the outdoor pool one teen girl went topless, while another one stripped nude out of her street clothes only to put on a full 1-piece swimsuit. The next morning the indoor pool was empty so I was able to swim nude with no issues.

When I used to live in central PA there was one secret place I used to skinny dip all the time. That place is the Laurel Creek Resevoir located off Rt 322 about 15 minutes southeast of Centre Hall, and it is used a source of drinking water for the area. There are a couple of access points where you take a trail down a small hill that will take to you the lake shore. It's a rather huge lake and there are usually no more than 1 or 2 people there at one time, so privacy is not an issue. Most of the time it's empty especially on weekdays. If someone visits the area they are most likely to be fishermen or campers, but I have seen others skinny dip there on occasion.
big daddy thong #19


Date Posted:07/28/2010 06:39:57Copy HTML

  I recently went thonging on the Allegheny river at Emlenton, PA on Interstate 80.  There is a bike access path along the river.  But to get to the spot takes a lot of trouble.  You have to go thru the town at the main intersection, take Hill St up the road and out of town, Hill St. runs into Kerr Ave, follow for about less than a mile, look for a church on the left and then turn left on Dotter Rd.  follow this road for about 2-3 miles.  It turns into a dirt road that runs lateral to the river.  Once you are on the road look for a one lane bridge, turn left at the bridge into another dirt road that runs into a parking lot for bike access.  From the parking lot just go down to the river bank.  There is a small stone beach and run-off pond that runs into the Allegheny river.  When I was there last week, there was just a few people there.  A young hippie couple and a group of folks that were in their canoes that stopped for a rest.  No one minded that I was in my thong.
ondaspot #20


Date Posted:11/09/2012 06:37:14Copy HTML

 i was at the south hampton spa which is out side of philadelphia  on a monday. There were guys wearing board shorts and speeods. I wore my black fire boy slim thong. Majority of the people are russian decent. The spa has a swiming pool two jacuzzis a cold pool and sevral  hot rooms where the tempeature was 170 degrees. No one said anything to me or even gave me a look. 
lindros #21


Date Posted:11/09/2012 08:12:08Copy HTML

When I lived in PA I used to skinny dip in a place called Laurel Creek reservoir, which is about 15 minutes south of Boalsburg on Rt 322 near a town called Milroy. The water is clean as it's used as the source of drinking water for the local towns. If you're heading north turn right onto an unnamed road just past the reservoir and park. Then take a 5 minute hike down the hill through the forest. There are actually some paths already there, just need to find where they are. If you're heading south on 322 go past the reservoir and make a U-turn to head north and then follow the directions above. Usually there's nobody there, but I have seen others go skinny dipping there as well but it's not well known. Sometimes there'll be a couple fishermen there, but it's easy to find a place to your own.
stanpuppy #22


Date Posted:11/10/2012 09:59:30Copy HTML

ondaspot....I live about 20 minutes from South Hampton spas.  I have seen them a million times, but never even thought to go in.  What was your overall opinion of the place?
whitebull #23


Date Posted:11/13/2012 12:02:13Copy HTML

 The South Hampton Spa used to be nice place, I have not been inside in  4 years.  I always though it was run by Russians.  I never tried to be nude or thong there never seen anyone else thong or nude there either.  Would recommend it
ondaspot #24


Date Posted:11/13/2012 05:16:37Copy HTML

 stanpuppy my overall opnion about south hamton spa is that its a good place to wear a thong and enjoy the staem rooms. dont go on the weekends alot famlies are there and tuesday is another crowded day. when i went it was on a monday and mondays arent that crowded at all. there were sevral guys with bikinis on but i was the only guy in a thong. if you go let me know how you make out
sunnfun #25


Date Posted:03/10/2013 08:25:36Copy HTML

big daddy thong #26


Date Posted:03/10/2013 09:20:33Copy HTML

Raystown Lake is a federal government controlled lake to the best of my knowledge.  any kind of Bikini's would be no problem.  Any thing less than a rio would draw seroius unwanted attention.  Thongs would be a scandal in the middle of PA's conservative right wing culture.  I have been there once and I wore trunks over my speedo, mostly all the other guys there had on board shorts.  I would not recommend a thong unless you were on a private boat.
Akshun #27


Date Posted:05/09/2014 01:17:29Copy HTML

I've searched the Pennsylvania threw but haven't gotten a real sense where I can thong. I usually go to the nudist area...sunny rest and pshs but those place cost $50/day. Just seeing if there are other places to visit that are a little easier and cheaper to visit for my thronging pleasure. Thoughts?
ondaspot #28


Date Posted:05/09/2014 01:38:13Copy HTML

 You can thong at the south Hampton spa. 
thongalactic #29


Date Posted:08/21/2015 05:07:35Copy HTML

Legality of thonging in Pennsylvania: 

State law: LEGAL. 

State parks: PROHIBITED.

Municipal codes: VARIES. Many municipalities reference the buttocks only in the context of bars, massage parlors, strip clubs, and model studios. So, in municipalities with ordinances like that, thonging is presumably legal. Unfortunately, there's no comprehensive list available. The "Are Thongs Legal?" website is only a starting point.

BaltoBob #30


Date Posted:08/23/2015 01:27:39Copy HTML

 The Philly Naked Bike Ride is next Sat (Aug 29,2015). Ride starts at 3 PM. You can wear a thong, g-string or nothing, if you wish. Bikes are not required. Folks have used skateboards, skates, and a few have jogged.     https://philadelphianakedbikeride.wordpress.com/ 
big daddy thong #31


Date Posted:09/26/2017 12:33:57Copy HTML

I spent this past weekend at a friends cabin on the Allegheny river at Emlenton, PA on Interstate 80  great weather 85 degrees F, sunny clear blue sky, no clouds. 
String_guy #32


Date Posted:09/26/2017 06:32:18Copy HTML

 Gonna need pics Big DaddyThong.... lol
bubblebuttt #33


Date Posted:10/09/2017 01:00:28Copy HTML

 thinking about going to South Hampton Spa PA this week. anyone would like to join me?
bubblebuttt #34


Date Posted:01/03/2018 02:20:13Copy HTML

 going to SouthHampton Spa today. Anyone care to join me?
mbannon #35


Date Posted:07/04/2018 03:25:37Copy HTML

 Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (PA) is in the middle of Allegheny County. The County operates four public pools, three of which are wave pools. These are Boyce in Monroeville, South Park in the South Hills, and Settler's Cabin in Robinson Township. These are very family friendly, cost $6 for adults, and are open 11:30 - 7:30 every day for three months in the summer. I'm very familiar with Boyce and Settler's Cabin wave pools. This past Sunday 7-1-18, I went to Settler's at 11:30 AM during 90 degree heat.
There was a line 60 feet long just to pay to get in. That basically never diminished the two hours I was there. Waiting in line with her friends about eight people in front of me was a pretty young lady wearing a white one piece cheeky suit. About half of each side of her butt was exposed. This fazed no one. Once I got inside, I chickened out and put on my lined Nike 2" inseam side split running shorts, which I mostly use as swimwear. Mine was to be the smallest swimwear seen on any guy in the whole place...of 300+ people. Boring dork shorts rule the day at Settler's. Not an inch of Spandex or Lycra on any guy. On the ladies, it was far more diverse. Most middle aged women, all of the older women, and some little girls wore conservative one piece suits. About 75% of the remaining girls and ladies wore two piece suits. Cheeky suits of various coverage were worn by 4% of the ladies, thongs by 1%. That amounted to about 15 ladies overall in cheeky or thongs. It was great eye candy, and no one gave any of them a hard time, or seemingly, a second glance. THAT, in a mostly conservative place like Pittsburgh, brightened my hopes of seeing more thongs in the future! I had called the park maybe last year and they'd told me thongs weren't allowed. Apparently that has changed.
I enjoyed people watching, body surfing, and swimming for two hours, but was tired and starting to get a sunburn, so I left. It was also getting ridiculously crowded. People were still coming into the pool when I left. Maybe next time I'll at least wear my midcut. I used to wear a 2" Speedo bikini or a squarecut there 20 years ago.

1Monte #36


Date Posted:07/05/2018 02:10:52Copy HTML

Thanks for the detailed report. That is really good news!  Even in the 80s and 90s there were NO thongs at Settlers Cabin. I remember wearing Speedos back then and felt eyes watching me, and I had a decent body back then ha ha ha.  For me, I just continue thonging on my boat on the Ohio River and save the beach thonging for Florida twice a year.
mbannon #37


Date Posted:07/05/2018 04:35:46Copy HTML

During the summers of '98 and '99, I lived close to Boyce, but worked near Settler's. I would often go to Settler's after work from 5 PM until closing. It was a great way to unwind after work. I wore mostly a midcut, a squarecut, and a Speedo 2" bikini. I was 5-11, 150 pounds then, 170 now. I got a few stares, and the occasional muted chuckle, but I disregarded that. I also was body surfing one time near four 14 year old girls, one of whom said to her friend, "he has a nice a**", a comment I still get every now and then. Generally, it was only me, one male lifeguard, and this guy in a silver chrome bikini that wore men's bikinis. I never saw a thong on anyone there ever, and only on two guys (no ladies either) at the Boyce Wave Pool. Big Daddy Thong reported similarly to me on this website last year about South Park Wave Pool during that time as well. Even so, the Wave Pools are well run, and I've ALWAYS enjoyed going there. I've also been the best body surfer there for 20 years. "Can't touch dis", dork shorts dudes!
big daddy thong #38


Date Posted:07/08/2018 08:31:10Copy HTML

 Just wondering,I men can wear thongs at county wave pools?  I been to Settlers and South Park in the past.  Settlers seems more chill to guys in thongs, but for some reason South Park is more uptight.  I had an incident about ten or more years back at South Park when I was basic chased out of the wave pool by a county policeman for wearing a thong. Someone complained about a naked black man and said this was a family pool. There must be a FAQ or phone number to call about what is legal swimwear at Allegheny County wave pools.
mbannon #39


Date Posted:07/14/2018 04:16:53Copy HTML

This is NOT the definitive answer to the Pittsburgh Allegheny County Wave Pool "are thongs allowed" question, but it is AN answer. Today I called the Settler's Cabin Wave Pool and asked if thong swimwear was allowed on men and women. The young man who answered said they "were not reprimanding people who wore thongs" at the pool. He seemed to imply that they were letting thonging happen, but were keeping track of complaints. When I asked exactly how many complaints they've had this year, he said only one. (See my previous report of seeing 15 cheeky and 3 thongs out of 300 people, all on the ladies at Settler's this year.) Their only written rule specifically addressing swimwear style/material is "no cut off shorts allowed". Hopefully, the thonging will grow and continue to be at least tolerated by everyone. As far as I could tell, when I was there, no one had a problem with it.
mbannon #40


Date Posted:07/21/2018 01:04:16Copy HTML

I went to Settler's Cabin Wave Pool Friday 7-20-18 from 4:15-7:30. It was cooling off and getting more overcast as I arrived, and the potential rain never happened. The crowd seemed to taper off noticeably after 6PM. There seemed to be only a handful of cheeky suits on the ladies, including one lifeguard, but no thongs. On the guys, one older man in a black bikini, a late 20's man in 4" inseam shorts, and me in a 2" Speedo bikini. Otherwise, dork shorts abound! I was glad I didn't wear less. I got a few chuckles, a few wary looks, and the rest didn't care.

I watched people dive at the diving tank, swam a little, but mostly body surfed the waves, where I usually make "surfing friends" for the day, as usual. As the crowd thins, the surfing gets better, because there's fewer clueless people in your way that you might hit. By the end of the day, two other guys and I had established ourselves as the best surfers there at our part of the pool. The age range of the surfers was from 11 to my 53 years. I should have them call me "Papa Surf" LOL! We all managed to give each other room and get out of the way of incoming surfers. By the end of the day, I was viewed as just another guy at the pool. All in all, a terrific day yet again at the wave pool. The rest of this year, I'll probably wear nothing more than the Speedo bikini.

This maybe should be another thread, but here goes anyway: I would like to have a "midcut or less" event at the Wave Pool, where everyone (males and females) is required to wear minimal swimwear. I know of two swim/underwear stores in Pittsburgh that could probably sell swimwear onsite to the guys. I'll bet if this were held at another time, outside of regular pool hours, we could fill the place, even if only a few times per year. I'm thinking maybe in the morning before 11 AM. I did talk to someone last year about renting the wave pool, and they said they've never been asked that before, and couldn't give me a number as to what it would cost.
mbannon #41


Date Posted:08/14/2018 12:47:41Copy HTML

Went to Settler's Cabin Wave Pool on Sunday 8-12-18 from 4:30-7:30. Sort of crowded at first, but it thins out as the day wears on. No actual thongs, but probably six cheeky suits, including one life guard. One other guy my age (50's) in a racing suit like my Speedo. We talked briefly, pun intended, about "this hung up younger generation of guys who don't have the balls to wear a Speedo". I did get two snide comments, a few long stares, but most people didn't care. I had a great day, as usual, but wonder where all the thongs went that I saw about a month ago.
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