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The Thong Wearers Message Board The place for people who wear a thong or a g-string at the beach.

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Date Posted:04/19/2013 04:56:05

I am wondering if this has happened to others. While sunbathing nude with my wife. Complete stranger have come up to us and asked Why do you shave all of your pubes off? How does it feel to be with a shaved man? Do you mind if I touch it? Etc. I would never approach another stranger and ask such personal questions, but others have no problem asking them to us.
rickl454 #1

Re:People asking personal questions about shaving

Date Posted:04/20/2013 01:07:18

Thats happened to me.  My response is that most nudists do shave, totally or trim.  Its just a matter of personal preference.  It's like the hair on the top of your head, sometimes a Beetle haircut is in, a few years later everyone is bald.  Requests to touch are another matter.   Something like, "No thanks, I don't think my wife would approve", usually conveys the intended message.  But in all circumstances polite but firm, with respect is usually all that is needed.
kawasaki #2

Re:People asking personal questions about shaving

Date Posted:04/20/2013 04:05:16

I agree rickl454! Everyone his choise of course. In Europe the trend of shaving gone up amazingly. Hopefully it will be for a long time ;-) 
stanpuppy #3

Re:People asking personal questions about shaving

Date Posted:04/23/2013 07:24:04

Other than my wife, my penis is typically seen unencumbererd by clothing in two places 1) the locker room at the gym 2) any clothing optional beach we may happen to be at (which is typically Gunnison Beach at Sandy Hook NJ.    In neither place has anyone ever inquired about my baldness in the pubic region.   At my upscale suburban gym, it is very rare, I think I may have only seen one or maybe two other smoothies in the 10+ years I have been going there.  At Sandy Hook, it is de rigeur.   It is more unusual to see a man WITH hair than without.  
According to my wife, bare down there is far more frequent with women in the suburbs.  Apparently it is about 50/50 with her friends (affluent, upscale, suburban, soccer mom types).   Sandy Hook runs about the same for women as for men.  Everyone is bald!
bmicro #4

Re:People asking personal questions about shaving

Date Posted:05/01/2013 08:37:30

Like stanpuppy, I have never gotten any questions at a clothing optional beach (typically Haulover) as shaving is de rigueur. I find that the questions/comments are more frequent on clothed beaches when my swimwear styles make it obvious that I shave. They include such things as "how does it feel", "when did you start",  "is it a problem to keep smooth", " that looks great" and "I wish that my husband/boyfriend would shave".  
JM_Runs #5

Re:People asking personal questions about shaving

Date Posted:05/03/2013 03:37:56

 I would freak a little if a person approaches me and asks me all these questions and wants to touch my shave, I would probably answer with an uncomfortable tone and won't allow touch.
JM_Runs #6

Re:People asking personal questions about shaving

Date Posted:05/03/2013 09:00:32

Over the years I have answered so many questions. Some stupid, some blunt, and most I have forgotten. If people ask if I shave I will probably say "No, I use clippers", or if it is a more serious conversation I might mention I also use the Philips BodyGroom on the more knobbly parts.

I don't think I have had someone ask if they could touch, but I have had women ask to drop by later, which ended up in a lot of touching. I guess this is similar, but not public.  I have observed shaven women and been asked, "Would I like to touch", but that was completely different.

I have been approached with  "You look good, do you want a blow job?"  I find such unsolicited comments from a man, coming out of nowhere, quite offputting. In retrospect I don't know if he thaught I was gay because I was wearing a thong, or liked the idea of a shaved guy, or if he just tried that pickup line on all the men he thought might possibly be gay.

I have had people ask how I deal with shaving and ingrown hairs, the answer is to trim close with clippers and not shave. The ever so slightly longer hairs don't exhibit the same tendency to grow in and cause bumps. This sort of question is more likely to come from someone I know and socialize with, rather than complete strangers.

mack_back #7

Re:People asking personal questions about shaving

Date Posted:05/03/2013 09:46:44

Most people don't ask me. Its obvious what i wear that shaven body is least concerning to them. Had drunk gay guy asking if i waxed. When i told him no, he said, BS you can't look the way you do, showing his back that he wax's and its okay. Then he looked and couldn't resist rubbing his two fingers on my developed deltoids. I knew then he was gay, yikes.... Gave him odd expression then he realized he offended me and went on..

Often when seen with shorts, some females will give me a confused odd look noticing my legs being tanned and smooth. On the nude beach i hear couples discussing me being shaven... Aspecially when they see no pubic hair some stare laughing others can't stop looking very intrigued on the smoothness without any bumps or ingrown hairs.. Who knows this summer i maybe not the only completely shaven man nude on the beach.. Usually when people notice me they will have topic of conversation and the attention i draw maybe something others will want to copy.. Paving the road for timid others to follow my lead for the attention from females who may find it nice..
In most cases people assume i wax and don't ask. Guess it's a compliment on how i look to them. Some women believe that i'm not that hairy naturally. Or some approach the topic about themselves getting laser hair removal. Sometimes recommending a place they frequent, or torn in deciding on a bikini area treatment.. Usually i shut my mouth at that point when a female talks about it.. When females see me in very low cut swimwear it's obvious i couldn't possibly have any pubic hair, looking so flawlessly smooth..
T_for_2 #8

Re:People asking personal questions about shaving

Date Posted:05/05/2013 12:26:08

I am very surprised that, when on a nude beach, people have talked about your shaving. On virtually all nude beaches that I have visited, the clear majority of men and women are fully or at least partially shaved. Body shaving is a very common practice for nudists and I can not understand why other people on a nude beach would single you out.
brian9731 #9

Re:People asking personal questions about shaving

Date Posted:09/23/2013 09:44:35

 I have been waxing my whole body for several years now. Even in the summer when I wear shorts a lot and my waxed legs are on show, I have never been qustioned by strangers, friends or family. I wouldn't mind being asked, in fact I'd be pleased to discuss the topic but it has just never happened.
Dr S #10

Re:People asking personal questions about shaving

Date Posted:09/28/2013 02:22:04

 My experience is similar. I am waxed smooth and have been for many years. In that time I have only been asked about it a handful of times, although I know it gets noticed... I coach rugby and am a keen runner and member of a local running club, so often have my smooth legs and arms on display. Most of the rest of me is exposed when I'm on holiday, so it's quite obvious. 
One of the female committee members at the rugby club has complemented me on my legs particularly, but otherwise no remarks. A year or so ago, however, I 'liked' the Facebook page of the waxing salon I visit which provoked quite a bit of friendly banter and speculation about how much I have depilated amongst the running club members who also use Facebook. It seems people have less reticence about asking questions online than face-to-face!
Beachlover492000 #11

Re:People asking personal questions about shaving

Date Posted:01/06/2014 01:03:20

I have been shaving my body completely for nine years, and I have heard only few comments. Mostly the comments have been at the beach when I was wearing my g-string, and it was most obvious that I was shaved. The comments have almost all been positive. They have ranged from how good it looks to how brave I must be as a guy to "impose" that upon my body. The most negative comment was that I had gone too far and should not have shaved below the knee. "How can you wear shorts when you are shaved like that?" another man asked.  
J_R_365 #12

Re:People asking personal questions about shaving

Date Posted:09/14/2014 04:38:49

 I was staying at a c/o campground, and another guy asked, "How do you get so smooth down there? Do you use a blade?" I replied that I use a trimmer. He was curious because he had trouble with bumps.
NudeNArizona #13

Re:People asking personal questions about shaving

Date Posted:01/29/2015 12:37:05

 My wife and I are nudist and frequently visit nude resorts in the summer and last summer a guy staying next to us mentioned how nice it must be to be as smooth as we were and asked how we got so smooth.  I told him I had naturally light hair and shaved every few days, and that my wife had laser hair removal
pikeman #14

Re:People asking personal questions about shaving

Date Posted:01/30/2015 06:57:31

 It hasn't ever been the first thing someone asks, and I have not been fondled either. I'd find that very rude. Other guys have asked if I am waxed or use a blade. There is much misunderstanding about the potential hazard to the scrotum from a blade! And there is always a laugh when I explain that it's not any more dangerous there than on my face. But waxing, no - I don't want to do that. Even though the wife gets a "Brazilian", and her "bits" are just as sensitive, I'll leave that experience to her.They're always intrigued when I tell them how nice it feels when there is nothing between yourself and the person touching you.
NudeNArizona #15

Re:People asking personal questions about shaving

Date Posted:02/07/2015 11:00:12

 I can't wait until the weather warms up here in a few weeks, because my wife and I are both getting laser hair removal and that should be a fun topic when we see our friends at the nude resort.  All of our friends have seen us nude and shaved but when they notice we no longer EVER have stubble I am sure they will ask what the laser hair removal experience is like
Sharon73 #16

Re:People asking personal questions about shaving

Date Posted:11/01/2015 11:54:57

 I do receive a lot of questions and comments from other females, primarily while in the locker room at the gym or at my yoga place where I shower and change clothes before leaving.  There are many other females that do trim but a smaller number of them are completely smooth as I am.  They typically want to know if it hurts to be waxed there and what does it cost and how often am I waxed, etc
Thongzo #17

Re:People asking personal questions about shaving

Date Posted:11/02/2015 02:37:55

In the shower at the gym locker room, I have received many quiet glances but no outright comments. I've had comments from girl in the bedroom, once it's out and they see it for the first time. I had, "You shave!" and "I can't believe you shave all that off!" ....I even had one who said "Thank you for taking care of this" and ran her hand along the smooth base. I even had one who asked if she could shave it to which I stupidly said no, because I didn't want anyone using a blade down there. One of my great regrets. Would have been fun to have her do it! for the beach. Yeah, nude beaches are crowded with shaved people so it's not like I stand out there. 
SmoothStud #18

Re:People asking personal questions about shaving

Date Posted:03/30/2016 06:39:46

I have not had people ask about it very often; but, I have noticed more of those I knew and people they knew gradually doing the same. I worked at a family-owned convenience store that ran a small taxi service; between the grill, the drive-through window, and the door, it stayed hot inside during the summer.  I was in good enough shape that I wore tank tops almost year-round, except on the very coldest of days; I somewhat gradually pushed and was soon wearing deep-side-cut string tanks and short shorts--the best way there was to stay halfway comfortable during the warmest 5 months of the year. But, this also obviously allowed me to show off my very fit, smoothshaved body and full-body tan. So, when I flexed my leg muscles, an evening supervisor could hardly believe his eyes. Co-workers occasionally asked how much I shaved, and I told them "everything." One former co-worker from a few years before, who I didn't know had noticed because we had uniforms, asked if I still shaved my chest; since it had been hot there, too, I had unbuttoned my shirt as much as possible to avoid soaking it with sweat, so that must've been how he had noticed. But, I also would run or walk shirtless to work and not put on a shirt until I was in the parking lot. In more "personal" situations, I have always had 100% approval. Where I used to sunbathe in mostly G-string, but occasionally thong, swimsuits, I got a few how-to questions, a few comments (none negative), and one request to feel it (no-one else nearby in the park and in mid-afternoon, so I let him), but mostly implied acceptance.  I'm willing anytime to answer any questions they have, provided they're not inappropriate, that will help them start or improve their own shaving.  Besides, that's the only way to look great in jeans or shorts with only a 6 1/2-inch to 7 1/2-inch front rise!
NudeNArizona #19

Re:People asking personal questions about shaving

Date Posted:07/04/2017 10:18:53

 Last week I went in for my annual physical and since this year was the big 50 it was a full physical which required me to undress and don a robe, but I was told that I could keep my underwear on. So I disrobed and put on the gown with the opening to the back as instructed and since I was wearing a G-string my cheeks were visible when the robe opened. When the doc came in for the exam it was the normal routine, then when she asked me to drop my underwear for the exam to perform a prostate exam she commented that it was nice to see that I had made her job less difficult
Millr #20

Re:People asking personal questions about shaving

Date Posted:07/06/2017 01:13:09

 I've only been asked why I shave a few times and mostly by men.  In response I tell them, "My lady-friend finds pubic hair distasteful."  A few females, a doctor, dermatologist, masseuse, gave a bit of a gasp but didn't comment.  Invariably, they touched me there at some point. 
At parties with my girlfriend, we have both been complimented a lot.  At times, I wear a ring as well.  More comments & questions have been triggered by it then the shaving. 
Mineralguy #21

Re:People asking personal questions about shaving

Date Posted:07/06/2017 11:02:38

 Never had anyone come up and ask me and I have been shaving for about 14 years
NudeNArizona #22

Re:People asking personal questions about shaving

Date Posted:07/06/2017 11:18:45

Mineralguy, this is probably more common for nudist but I have had Many questions while wearing my G-strings. Since I am a nude first kinda guy when I do have to cover up it is usually minimal and most likely sheer or fishnet that shows I'm completely shaved 
Thongmad #23

Re:People asking personal questions about shaving

Date Posted:08/04/2017 06:59:52

 I have had people ask, while standing there looking at my totally bald body, "Do you shave everything?" Duh.Some have asked if I really do when it's been discussed, so I 'be proven it. At that point they also discover I wear a thong all of the time ;)I have had the same questions as most of you, and find the only people who bother to ask or discuss it are in favour and like the look, most doing it themselves.
JM_Runs #24

Re:People asking personal questions about shaving

Date Posted:09/05/2017 06:06:21

 I am fully shaved, but I use clippers to the shortest length to avoid ingrown hairs.  
I have been asked by other men at the gym. Usually, my answer is, "my wife doesn't like to get pubic hairs stuck in her teeth."  That's always a well accepted answer.I have been asked by women at the beach or at the pool when wearing a thong or g-string.  Something like, "I don't see much hair down there...are you fully shaved?" I will usually answer very directly.  "I like the smooth skin feeling, and so does my wife."I have been asked on the nude beach if someone could touch, both by a male and a female.  I have answered, "if I need help with sunscreen, I'll let you know, but I think I've got it covered for now."
ozarkG #25

Re:People asking personal questions about shaving

Date Posted:04/26/2018 09:31:55

     Ive had a few people ask what all i shave and why. Usually new coworkers when they see me in shorts for the first time and that my legs are shaved. Im honest bout it, they asked. Im usually fully shaved from the neck down, for two reasons. I prefer the look and feel, and because of my two combined heritages, Mexican and Native American, my body hair is patchy so i shave it all.    And personally, i dont like the look of a really hairy body.
NudeNArizona #26

Re:People asking personal questions about shaving

Date Posted:04/27/2018 03:24:14

 While sitting on a nude beach my wife had a woman walk up to her and ask her “if she was aware that everyone walking down the beach were commenting on her shaved pussy” the lady also ask her “if she had no shame” to which my wife replied “NO” why should I? Then the woman explained that by her being shaved and sitting cross legged everything between her legs was exposed for all to see, then my wife commented “no different than a mans penis being exposed” Then the woman said “what would your husband think if he say you sitting here showing your shaved pussy to the whole world?” Just then I walked out of the water when my wife said “why don’t you ask him”?
ozarkG #27

Re:People asking personal questions about shaving

Date Posted:05/21/2018 10:53:22

 NudeNAZ, was this on a clothing optional beach ir something? What business was it of this lady to be there, approach you, and try to speak for other people? I hate when people assume they are speaking for everyone when they try to shove their opinions down your throat.
rock_pile #28

Re:People asking personal questions about shaving

Date Posted:05/22/2018 06:02:20

 NudeNAZ, she sounds like a busy body trying to stir something up.  Your wife had a great comeback.  You were on a nude beach.  No one cares who is shaved and who isn't.  Except for "tourists" (non regulars) and such.
NudeNArizona #29

Re:People asking personal questions about shaving

Date Posted:05/22/2018 06:38:10

 OzarkG we were on a clothing optional beach where more were clothed with a few topless a few other men were nude but she was the only woman completely nude during this time of day. Later in the afternoon more people showed up and were nude. I think the woman was a little jealous because her husband and a friend made it obvious they were looking at her as they “searched for shells” nearby. So when the wife showed up and say him staring at her he walked over to her and a few minute later while I was in the water the lady came over to confront my wife thinking she was alone “trying to pick up guys on th beach” by showing herself off. I passed her as she walked back to her towel and she smiled at me as she was noticibly staring and said “nice tan” as I walked by a stopped and turned around and watched me walk to my towel.
NudeNArizona #30

Re:People asking personal questions about shaving

Date Posted:05/23/2018 02:50:06

 Rock, I can agree with part of your statement but some women especially are very insecure when they see their man checking out a naked chick on the beach when they are to selfconcious to go nude and especially if she has a shaved pussy and the wife has a 70s megabush and he’s asked her to shave and she refused. Actually we love seeing the tourists because most don’t say anything but their eyes say it all which we get a good laugh from because the midwestern type really are shocked. It is funny when she will be laying out face up towards the ocean and they walk by and look and see her legs spread and their mouths drop when she smiles and says hello without moving her legs and some will come closer to talk and can’t finish a sentence because they are surprised she is not ashamed of her pussy being stared at. Yes we have both had this type of experience but hers are usually more interesting to watch.
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