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The Thong Wearers Message Board The place for people who wear a thong or a g-string at the beach.

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Date Posted:10/20/2013 09:53:15Copy HTML

Just a heads up for any fellow thong wearers: If you want to Thong it on a Perth beach I suggest you go to North Cottesloe or Swanbourne. If you go north up the beach at Swanbourne it becomes a nudist beach, so if you want you have the option of taking it all off. Does anyone else have any suggestions for good Perth beaches for happily, stress-free thonging?
Ex_Member #1

Re:Perth Western Australia

Date Posted:11/27/2013 09:44:32Copy HTML

 Hey happy
Swanbourne is great. I felt so comfortable there in my thong. Makes for an enjoyable day. You can walk along the beach and do what ever you want. Stay out of the dunes unless you looking for extra curricular activity.
Petersifu #2

Re:Perth Western Australia

Date Posted:01/05/2014 03:00:54Copy HTML

Hi, I have been to Warnbro beach and Swanbourne beach. I am also looking for other beaches in the Perth area.
jacey66 #3

Re:Perth Western Australia

Date Posted:04/24/2014 04:53:00Copy HTML

 was in Perth in Nov 2013, absolutely no problems with my wife wearing a wicked weasels at Scarborough and Trigg
Petersifu #4

Re:Perth Western Australia

Date Posted:10/10/2015 09:11:27Copy HTML

 Anybody going to perth beaches this year?
Happy_Thonger #5

Re:Perth Western Australia

Date Posted:11/14/2015 04:42:58Copy HTML

Hello thong friends :) Just yesterday I took an hour off mid afternoon and had a swim and a bit of sun at Floreat Beach, Perth. It was a hot day and there were quite a few people on the beach. I changed into just a thong in the car park and walked down into the sand, found a spot between a couple and a couple of gal's. The gal's were also in thongs. I then walked up and down the full length of the beach before having a swim. Then put on some more sunscreen. I am too old and stiff so can't reach my back, so walked up and asked the could of gal's of they could help me out. They happily obliged and rubed sunscreen into my back for me. Very helpful. Very friendly. Very unphased. I was the only guy in a thong and yes everyone noticed but all I got was friendly smiles, nods, and help when I asked for it. It's so true what JM_Runs and others say about being relaxed in your own skin. Do what you want to do. Be normal, confident and friendly and you'll find 99% of people will just accept it and roll with it. I'll be back to Floreat Beach soon. They also have great showers and grassed areas there. It's a great spot! :) I've just put up a few pics of this expirience so have a look if you like. I'm trying to load more but can't seem to for some reason. Anyway, you'll get some idea. Cheers! 
Thongmad #6

Re:Perth Western Australia

Date Posted:11/18/2015 01:08:41Copy HTML

 Hope everyone over there is safe from the fires.
djthong #7

Re:Perth Western Australia

Date Posted:03/05/2016 09:04:08Copy HTML

 Hello. Looking for some thongers in perth to join me at the beach preferably in my age group 20-30. Look forward to hearing from you. 
dk31 #8

Re:Perth Western Australia

Date Posted:04/06/2016 07:11:05Copy HTML

 Whenever I'm in Perth always head to Swanbourne Beach ..northern end..nice and quiet and micro thongs welcome. Ironically one can feel "overdressed"...LOL ! It's all good. Hope I run into you guys next time I'm over...A bit over your age group I know...but keep myself in good condition.
AussieExPoser #9

Re:Perth Western Australia

Date Posted:04/07/2016 11:52:05Copy HTML

 We were at Swanbourne last week. Bit windy and the water has a chill but nice white sand.
My partner was a bit wary of what she called the 'creepy' guys there though.
As is often the case she was the only woman there.
Why is it that these places are dominated by older gay males ??
dk31 #10

Re:Perth Western Australia

Date Posted:04/15/2016 10:22:57Copy HTML

 @ AussieEx...I've found the northern end of Swannie is quieter and seems to be more "couple friendly" (clumsy way of putting it I know). So hopefully yr partner will feel more comfortable.... Tis a nude beach so there will always be the "meerkats" - they're harmless...they'll more than likely be checking you out..not yr partner.. If you look good...well just accept and enjoy the attention I say.As you say...not a lot of women down at Swannie, but I've noticed a few regular ladies down there...quite often on their own...and no "hassles" Cant speak for everybody of course, but most of us down there are very polite and friendly...say g'day and dont get in each other's space.Specially when they close beach for live firing at the barracks...we're all pretty close then at the northern end, but I've never noticed any obnoxious behaviour...all pretty chilled.Yes ..older gay males pretty well represented at Swannie...lol. I'm an older bi-male myself..but hopefully all that work I do in the gym means I'm not detracting from the scenery. :)
qwerty52 #11

Re:Perth Western Australia

Date Posted:12/22/2016 02:46:42Copy HTML

 Went to Swanbourne nude beach on Tuesday. The weather was perfect and another fellow male thonger was there. Great day!
qwerty52 #12

Re:Perth Western Australia

Date Posted:12/22/2016 03:27:38Copy HTML

 Planning to go back tomorrow morning (Friday), I hope to see other fellow thongers.
Some of you guys mentioned the northern side of Swanbourne. How do you guys get there? Do you walk from Swanbourne south? Or is it close to city beach?
snc704 #13

Re:Perth Western Australia

Date Posted:01/29/2018 10:50:04Copy HTML


Visited Cottesloe Beach on Saturday, 20 January during a trip to Perth. Thongs were few that morning, but in the afternoon it seems more appeared. Noticed a variation of ages: a couple looked like college age girls, several others in their 30s, and one especially pretty lady who was probably in her 50s with a perfect figure and tan. She was with two others, but they both were wearing standard bikinis with full backs. All together I saw about 10 - 12 that day in  true thongs with many more in Brazilian cut suits.

qwerty52 #14

Re:Perth Western Australia

Date Posted:10/23/2018 09:37:03Copy HTML

Hi fellow Perth thongers. I am planning to thong at Swanbourne nude beach this Friday morning if anyone is interested in joining me.
qwerty52 #15

Re:Perth Western Australia

Date Posted:02/18/2019 10:46:34Copy HTML

I went to south city beach today with my dog (dogs beach). Being Monday, There were only a handful of people there and nobody was bothered with my thong. I have thonged countless times at Swanbourne nude beach and this was the first time that I thonged at a regular beach. I wasn’t even wearing the smallest bikini there! A couple of girls were wearing smaller thongs than mine. I was wearing a regular pouch musleskins 1” sport back (wide back) which is quite conservative.I will definitely do it again there. I have always wanted to thong at south Fremantle beach with my dog but I always chicken out as the beach is very small and always packed. Maybe next time! On a different note, I will be going to Swanbourne tomorrow (Tuesday 19th of Feb) if anyone would like to join me.

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