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Date Posted:07/28/2018 12:17:53Copy HTML

Went paddle boarding this morning with our young daugther on the board as well.  I was wearing one of these newer Speedo Endurance briefs and our daughter was wearing a light colored bikini and life jacket.  One of my wife's co-workers, who probably didn't know who I was snapped a cruddy, from behind photo and posted it on facebook.  Turns out my wife found it before I even got home and was a bit upset about, simultaneouly worrying that whe woman and her friends were making fun of me while also trying to convince me to get rid of the speedos (same thing I've worn in front of her on vacation, in our own pool, etc. for the past 15+ years).  Other issue is our daughter had on a very light swimsuit, and thus appeared naked under the life jacket from the distance the photo was taken.  I have no doubt the internet is full of photos of me in swim briefs when I consider all the triathlons I've finished and the open water swim group I've been participing in, etc.

The photo that the woman posted isn't identifiable and my wife only recognized it because she's familar with my paddle board, swimsuits, etc.  Since I purchased my paddle boards back in 2014, I've probably paddled thousands of miles up and down our local rivers wearing seldom more than a basic Speedo brief, but this is the first time that a photo was posted.  My name doesn't appear anywhere in the photo or comments.  I generally keep to myself and never approach people while out paddle boarding, but this one was taken with a cell phone from somewhere in the middle of the river, which tells me the woman was on a boat.  Many boats passed by me, but I did notice one veering close, slowing, and moving erratically.  That was probably the one.

Her actions were a bit obnoxious, but the boat did not circle me or get close enough to create any danger, so nothing illegal was done.  I went ahead and screen capped her post with the photo of me in it and I'm also keeping an eye on her post for a few days.  So far, 10 "likes" (mostly women) and no comments.  I'm not going to respond to her in any way.  If there is a problem, such as it going "viral" with me being identified, anyone who tries to criticize me (as gay, etc.) will only succeed in crucifying themselves in social media.  I say this because my speedo actually covers a bit more than about 1/2 of the bikinis most women wear.  In light of this, any attacks will only backfire to make the attacker appear hypocritical, sexist, or homophobic.  For that reason, my plan is not to respond on social media and just keep on doing exactly as I'm doing.

wackymac #1

Re:Photos showing up on social media

Date Posted:08/11/2018 08:36:03Copy HTML

Nospam_TN1 - Sounds just like my situation.

johny_b #2

Re:Photos showing up on social media

Date Posted:08/24/2018 04:07:36Copy HTML

i thong all the time, in my yard, the beach, fishing etc. im still waiting to see my pics on the web. im pretty sure with all the cameras out there that a snap should have been taken. i myself can't wait to see one show up online somewhere.
32189 #3

Re:Photos showing up on social media

Date Posted:08/26/2018 04:18:27Copy HTML

I have seen pics of me show up a few times. It is a pleasant surprise. I have not seen a new one in years though even though I wear thongs more frequently than I used to. I get the feeling that people just care less about men in thongs than they used to. I could be wrong but it is the impression I get.
kiyoothong #4

Re:Photos showing up on social media

Date Posted:08/27/2018 01:48:44Copy HTML

I was in Toronto in May, and I had a beach day at Woodbine Beach. When the beach wasn't too busy, I took some photos of me and posted on Instagram. My hashtag was #woodbinebeach, and I went through the photos taken that day to see if there were other thongers on the beach. I couldn't find any clear thong photos, but there was one photo with a paronama view of the beach. After closer look at the photo, I could see that there was a man in a light blue thong.  And that man was me -I was wearing a light blue Joe Snyder thong that day. I had goosebumps everywhere. I don't know if the photographer intended to have me in the photo, but it was scary. Luckily, I was far away from the camera, so my face wasn't noticeable.

Grabeach #5

Re:Photos showing up on social media

Date Posted:08/27/2018 10:27:58Copy HTML

I've shown up twice on swimming pool blogs. Both times the photos showed I wasn't wearing a lot, but would have to be magnified a bit to determine I was in a g-string. In neither would anyone else be able to determine it was me. The first time I'm fairly certain they were simply taking overall photos of the pool and I just happened to be there. The second time I wasn't so sure, as both photos had me positioned just within the frame. Perhaps they simply wanted the photo to show someone at the pool (it was a slow day mid-week) and what I was wearing was irrelevent.

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