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<BIG>The Thong Wearers Message Board </BIG> is the place for people who wear a thong or a g-string at the beach.
The Thong Wearers Message Board The place for people who wear a thong or a g-string at the beach.

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Date Posted:06/02/2018 01:03:26Copy HTML

Has anyone else had a picnic (probably at a beach area) while wearing a thong?  Me and my guys (Scott, Brad, and Frank) have done it a few times last summer and were surprisingly accepted.  We had lots of food, brought a grill and cooked hot dogs and hamburgers and had chips and drinks and potato salad and all the other picnic stuff.  Whenever someone made some comment about how good it smelt or something like that, we would invite them to join us, has a beer or other drink, eat a burger, and pile up the fixings.  Everyone became very friendly with this gesture of friendship.  One girl and her boyfriend stopped by and had drinks with us and like others ask a lot of questions about me going topfree and everyone in thongs.  The next week, we were back on Saturday (just to swim and lay out) and this young lady and her boyfriend were having a picnic and like us inviting others to join them.  She was in one of these new thongs -- sort of a undersized cheeky swimsuit, but he wore his board pants.  Still, she ask us to join them and we did and again others came around and the talk always seemed to wind up on the minimal swimwear five of us were wearing.  Some of our guests spent some time at first a little uncomfortable, but like most people, after about 15 minutes at most, they stopped either staring or trying not to stare, and relaxed, and I would assume that once that happened, if they were not at least tolerant of thongers, they probably were after eating lunch with us.

Perhaps a few of these unofficial events could be arranged at other places, and they might further promote a positive image of thongers (they are real people, and nice too).  It also would be a chance to let people know the legalities about thong wearing and topfreedom.  It might even encourage a few people to try something a little skimpier on the beach.  Just make sure to follow all the rules and clean up so nobody could make a legitimate complaint.  In Ohio for example, you can not legal have an open bottle (or can) of beer, but if you "brown bag it" or in other words, cover it up so the labels do not show, you will not get hassled by the rangers or cops.  You can do this by putting bottles in brown bags to cover them up, and putting cans in those foam can covers.  Be good park patrons and the Rangers will actually appreciate your visit.

modelnude4u #1

Re:Picnic in a thong

Date Posted:06/02/2018 03:00:12Copy HTML

 I love it!  Being seen, and being seen as otherwise normal while thonging is a good thing.  Being a positive ambassador for the cause can only help.  This is where it helps to have at least 2 folks to start with, because each is seen as a confirmation that the other is ok.  The more people join in, the more acceptable the whole situation seems to anyone looking. 
JM_Runs #2

Re:Picnic in a thong

Date Posted:06/02/2018 04:56:11Copy HTML

At this years Sunsplash, when it is traditional to go out to Fort Lauderdale beach on Saturday morning, I am thinking about doing a full brunch for all comers who turn up in a thong or something close. We are not allowed to cook on that section of beach, but in the middle of summer chilled tropical fruit and juice is more welcome.

As to alcohol, brown bags are rather obvious. There are now a number of alcoholic products that look like energy drinks or coconut water, often in fruit flavors. If you don't read the label carefully are hard to tell apart from the non-alcoholic look alikes.  Then there is the old beach brunch standby, mimosas in clear plastic which look just like OJ. 
32189 #3

Re:Picnic in a thong

Date Posted:06/03/2018 03:41:30Copy HTML

I never have but I like the idea.  I do not think my family would be onboard for such a thing.  But it sounds terrific to me!
teeback269 #4

Re:Picnic in a thong

Date Posted:06/04/2018 08:24:28Copy HTML

 We did it quite often with my late lady friend. Cold chicken and salad plus champagne, or real barbecue, at the local beaches. All with I in my g-string and she in a string bikini. It was fantastic! Still looking for a lady to do it again with, but women where are live are so very modest!
ithongit #5

Re:Picnic in a thong

Date Posted:06/04/2018 01:22:45Copy HTML

 JM -- Think about what message you want to share.  Do you want to say "thong wearers are cool and nice people too" or do you want to say "Are you brave enough to wear a thong? or "We want all thongers to celebrate together."  Of course, on a very busy beach, there may be an issue with how much you can afford to provide.  Maybe a "free ice water while it lasts" day would be appropriate of anyone interested.  You can get those flats of 1/2 L water bottles pretty cheep most places, and just ask the thongers who can to bring along the largest coolers they have.  Maybe you can get ice from the motel where the majority of fellow thongers are staying for free.  In this situation, I would suggest maybe making signs about thonging and top freedom to put up where people who come by for water can see them.  You can also ask people if they have any questions about thonging or topfree beach use when you hand out drinks.  Randy and I do another thing -- hand out thongs we don't like.  We also have bought some super cheap online (a few dollars each).  These are not particularly good thongs (made cheep in China) but will last a few times at least.  Our thonging buddies also collect thongs for us.  When we get someone who is really interested in thonging (and there are no stores that have them any where nearby) we ask the person if they would wear a thong if they had one.  If the person answers "yes" we open up the box of thongs and offer them one.  Only about half the people who say they would wear a thong actually take one, and perhaps half of those actually put them on, but it accounts for perhaps a half dozen people (usually men) each season.  We don't do a formal follow up, but several of these men we have come across later in the year, and some are actually still wearing thongs, although most have purchased something else.  These people go out of their way to thank us for getting them into thonging.  I don't know if this would be necessary if thongs are available in close-by beach stores.

A "Ice Water Day" could be in reality just a few hours long, and staffed by various people over the course of that time.   I don't know if you would have any local license issues since you are not charging for stuff, but perhaps beach rules down there are different than up here in Ohio.
JM_Runs #6

Re:Picnic in a thong

Date Posted:06/04/2018 02:51:13Copy HTML

The section of beach they want to use for this years SunSplash is across from Bonnet House, five blocks North of the SunSplash hotel.  Not very far, about five blocks. Five minutes walk. However at that point there is no hotels behind the beach and so the crowd is a lot less. No clutter of beach chairs. Not many people at all. Even on a popular Saturday morning we will only have a few other people scattered around.

We hope to get SunSplash participants out to the beach, and invite local thongers as well. I don't intend to invite the entire city, but if people wander over to ask questions we will be welcoming. I don't think there is any chance we will be overrun. 
ithongit #7

Re:Picnic in a thong

Date Posted:06/19/2018 05:05:01Copy HTML

 Randy and I have been wearing thongs for picnics for years.  At first we did this a picnic areas immediately adjacent to swim areas.  Many parks in Ohio have picnic tables almost on the beach, and wearing swimwear there is perfectly normal.  Then we started wearing our thongs at other picnic areas in the same parks -- further from the beach area.  Recently we have been experimenting with thong picnics in places that have no swimming, pool, or beach areas.   We even wore just thongs at a Interstate rest area in Ohio.  We got a lot of gawking and a few pictures taken, but no real issues, except the guy who sits in the restroom and is supposed to keep them clean told us that there was a dress code in the restrooms.  This may be true since I have sen other rest areas where signs on the restroom doors state something like "You must be wearing shirts and shoes to use this rest room".  I have never seen a sign that specifically says what you need to wear on the bottom half of your body.
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