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Date Posted:02/20/2005 09:57:32Copy HTML

Hey guys,Seems as though this is now also the piercing and adornment section of the board I just thought I'd let you know that I've recently (Saturday 19th Feb 2005) found the bottle to have my clit pierced and also I had a tattoo just above my clit. Doubt this may interest many people but just thought I'd share my recent bodywork Luv Sarah xxx
Sarah_Thomas #1


Date Posted:02/21/2005 12:06:11Copy HTML

That could be my next question on this board, whether to start a new thread or just keep it in here I don't know.

But could anyone tell me male/female what they do with their piercings when wearing thongs? When mine heals I intend to have a ring through my clit with a little pendant, would this look best kept inside the suit and only seen when sheer or wet etc. or would it look best hanging to the side of the suit to be seen at all times?

What do you think guys?

Luv Sarah xxx

Pete01 #2


Date Posted:02/21/2005 12:59:09Copy HTML

I think all the different ways of wearing jewellery 'down there' are very sexy, and it will depend on the size of the thong as to what you do with it. A visible piercing/pendant under a sheer thong looks great. I think the 'dangling out of the side' look is also great, but it will depend where the piercing is as to whether this is possible. I think someone else on this board recently posted a link to a picture of a girl with pendants attached to piercings on her lips hanging down either side of a WW microminimus - this looked really hot and very daring, but probably only works with the smallest thong or g-string designs. With a pendant hanging from the 'love button', this may only be visible if you wore the 'single string' designs that have been discussed by KathyrnG and others on this board, or if you wore a thong so low that it could pop over the top. Two possible designs for this are the Sublime bikinis indecent or the 'The-bikini' micro-mini, that struggle to cover the basic anatomy, and worn deliberately low could allow the cl*t piercing/pendant to be seen .  These are pretty daring designs, though - too hot for the Cornwall beaches ?? Some ideas for you - let us know how you get on. Will you be brave enough to show off your new adornments on a British beach this year ?? , or will you  save them for more relaxed Mediterranean beaches ??

All the best          

Ex_Member #3


Date Posted:02/21/2005 02:04:01Copy HTML

Personally I prefer ones that are inside the suit and show through the sheer fabric.  I guess I like knowing that it is there, but still have it kind of hidden from general view.
ian-r #4


Date Posted:02/22/2005 11:36:21Copy HTML

Hi all,

Well seeing as I posted the link to the picture Pete01 refers to, I think you know my views, Sarah!!  Sounds really cool, or should that be really hot!!!

I suppose you may just have to let it show through unless it's a longish pendant, although as Black says that can look real sexy too.


Sarah_Thomas #5


Date Posted:02/22/2005 04:22:30Copy HTML

In reply to Pete:

I think generally I will be saving these designs and showing off my piercing for the mediterranean beaches although if I am comfortable there who knows if I will have the bottle or not to do the same here in the summer, although I don't think I will at the moment.

Ex_Member #6


Date Posted:02/24/2005 03:12:44Copy HTML

having a clit piercing hang out the side seems awkward to me. Wouldn't it pull? I think it would look best tucked in. That's my 2 cents. I bet it looks sexy!
flossy_e #7


Date Posted:02/24/2005 08:08:04Copy HTML

Hi Sarah,

The piercing must look great !  Didn't it hurt getting it done though???  As for your question about wearing together with thongs: I think wearing it inside a sheer-when-wet-thong would be the sexiest and the most comfortable for you.  Having the pendent stick out at the side might pull as somebody else suggested ?

Anyway, congratulations on your piercing! 


corona10 #8


Date Posted:03/13/2005 06:13:34Copy HTML

Congrats on your piercing, must look really hot!!!

From my point of view the most sexy is to wear a really low string and then let the pendant hang out over the top of it... Especially if its a bit sparkly... just my little thought

Whatever you do, have fun showing off :-)

Btw, what is the tat like?

eimeo #9


Date Posted:03/17/2005 11:31:27Copy HTML

I also have a clit piercing and I love it, I wear Wicked Weasel bikinis, they are see thru so you can always see it
Sarah_Thomas #10


Date Posted:03/17/2005 05:51:17Copy HTML

Hey Eimeo hows life?

Just wondering, as you have quite an unusual name, are you the Eimeo from the Wicked Weasel website in the contributors section? If so then you make me so jealous ;-) as I'd give my right arm for a body like yours.

If not then what sort of piercing do you wear under your WW to make it look best?


Luv Sarah, xxx

eimeo #11


Date Posted:03/18/2005 01:56:19Copy HTML

Yes, that is me I love wicked weasel suits ... I just ordered over $500AUD worth of them I wear one that has a blue jewel on it and a ring, its big enough to be seen when see thru, and when its dry you can see the shape of it, and since I got tired of shaving/waxing all the time I had laser treatment done, now I am always smooth all the time and I love it
c-ring #12


Date Posted:03/18/2005 03:06:09Copy HTML

My wife has 1 ring in her clit hood and 2 in each labia - they all look great thru a sheer bottom - she loves the looks from people when they finally figure out what's down there - plus they jingle when she walks - very sexy.

Congrats on your piercing!

corona10 #13


Date Posted:03/18/2005 05:09:06Copy HTML

Agreed, Eimeo has the greatest body!!! I especially like the picture taken from the side where your'e holding the frisbee, we can really enjoy your shapes in that one.

Good luck in the competition

richard12181970 #14


Date Posted:03/20/2005 05:31:16Copy HTML

Cngratulations on your piercing Sarah!  I know you'll enjoy showing it off.  It seems I am voting with the majority and Eimeo's sexy WW photos that the best way to display your new ring is through a sheer suit.

I have a prince albert and nipple rings that I enjoy showing off.  Since I'm a guy, the nipple rings are easy.  The prince albert is a bit more of a challenge, though.  An unlined thing seems to work the best, however, a sheer suit would work fine.  I don't care to wear sheer suits.


elp_gr #15


Date Posted:03/27/2005 04:35:20Copy HTML

Sarah, congratulations on your clit piercing. If I remember well, a woman that had done some modeling work for Wicked Weasel, named Monica (you know, guys, the gorgeous one with the pierced nipples and navel), had a vertical barbell showing on the center seam of one of her WWs. I'm not sure, though, if she had the bikini bottom customized so the barbell would run through the fabric AND her flesh. Another option, if you want the piercing to show, would be to get a seamstress to make a slit in the front in the right spot. Keep in mind that this modification is NOT for "adjustable front width" bikini bottoms.

Single string suits, like those made by Double Take and Sublime Bikinis, or even full exposure suits (see Nixxxe) are also a good idea. I think even a more "modest" design, like WW's Microminimus or Alphamoda's "Halki", "Sikinos" and "Rodos" could do.
cmdwxoutku #16


Date Posted:04/09/2005 10:49:35Copy HTML

Scott here. Very pleased to see you won in the competition Eimeo, you have a cracking body, really curvy. You said your mother would enter some photos in the compatition, does she still plan to?

Sarah very cool you have a clit piercing. What's the tattoo off?

I remember Monica from wicked weael with the piercing. It looks really sexy with a  mesh G string

debbiewalker #17


Date Posted:04/13/2005 08:35:41Copy HTML

Well that has created a lot of interest


I have just had both nipples pieced and have small button holes added to my bikini top for the rings to thread through.  A bit time consuming but a good look.  Mybe you could co something similar for the pendent


Rest Regards Debbie


elp_gr #18


Date Posted:04/14/2005 07:00:32Copy HTML

I'm sure it looks good, Debbie, but isn't it a bit impractical when you want to take your top off?
Navel Nine #19


Date Posted:05/06/2005 09:48:27Copy HTML

I've only just started piercing - with my navel.

Haven't taken my piercing to the beach yet. Have to start somewhere.

Ex_Member #20


Date Posted:05/16/2005 10:18:00Copy HTML

I have my navel and ears pierced.  I'm going to get my nipples pierced soon, but will not adorn my private parts.  I think it's sexy, but I'm just to afraid of the pain.
eimeo #21


Date Posted:05/16/2005 10:36:26Copy HTML

a friend of mine did both her clit and her nipples and she said her nipples hurt terribly for a few days !

I have done the clit hood and it hurt for a maximum of 5 seconds .... but the pleasure just lasts and lasts and lasts !

Thong Kong #22


Date Posted:05/16/2005 10:56:10Copy HTML

(off topic flattery)

I just want to say that I'm a huge fan of you, Eimeo, and I think you're the hottest WW contributor ever. Honestly. I love your figure, and your skin is fantastic. I definitely hope to see more of you in the future, and good luck with the WW 2005 finals!
eimeo #23


Date Posted:05/16/2005 12:35:40Copy HTML

 well thanks
Sarah_Thomas #24


Date Posted:06/02/2005 05:37:27Copy HTML


(sorry to change the subject guys)

But when are you going to be putting some new posts to the WW site hun?

eimeo #25


Date Posted:06/02/2005 07:51:35Copy HTML

well, as soon as the typical Florida weather changes (its been thunderstorms for the past 10 days or so) I will take some more pictures, I think we're going to South Beach again soon so ....
eimeo #26


Date Posted:06/02/2005 07:55:04Copy HTML

Because I have to show all my new WW I got
Sarah_Thomas #27


Date Posted:06/05/2005 08:42:31Copy HTML

Thanks for that hun, hurry up and post some, nice to see and meet people who have the confidence to post their pics for all to see.
Thong Kong #28


Date Posted:06/05/2005 09:34:48Copy HTML

Just curious, Sarah, have you ever made a submission to WW?
Invisible T #29


Date Posted:06/06/2005 04:41:58Copy HTML

Eimeo, you mentioned you had the laser hair removal. How is that working out? How many treatments did you have. Does it really work? Do you recomend it? Are they able to get all the hair down there?

eimeo #30


Date Posted:06/06/2005 09:11:16Copy HTML

you have to do several sessions because of the way hair grows, and a few of my sessions were done with a laser that wasn't as good because the good laser wasn't working, so the hair regrew partly but they have extended my treatment for a year for free so I don't care, yes they can get every single one of these hairs ... its so much better being totally smooth, no bumps, just like before they ever started growing, I think it looks much better !!!
eimeo #31


Date Posted:06/06/2005 09:12:23Copy HTML

Sarah ... do you have any pictures of you to submit to WW ? I wish you lived here we could do a shoot together
Sarah_Thomas #32


Date Posted:06/08/2005 04:23:23Copy HTML

Hi, In reply to a couple of posts on this thread, I haven't submitted any pictures to WW as I don't think I would feel 100% comfortable having myself on show on the internet for all to see, but on the other hand I still have a desire to do it but the part of me saying no is winning at the moment.

Eimeo's idea of doing a shoot together would be good as you rarely see posts on WW where there's 2 girls in the photos and it would make me feel that little more comfortable too.

Luv Sarah xxx

Ex_Member #33


Date Posted:06/09/2005 03:02:18Copy HTML

Oh please please do a dual shoot if possible. That would prove that god loves me and wants me to be happy!!

By the way your tat and piercing sound great!
ian-r #34


Date Posted:06/09/2005 05:02:42Copy HTML


Without being too personal or off subject - as you started this thread lets start with you.  How many piercings do you have now then?  Hope you're not covered in them but hey that's just a personal thing - a 'few' are incredibly sexy.  A lot can (I think that's a fair word) can look tasteless.  I suppose I like those which complement a bikini, thong or g-string - in oher words those which aren't normally seen and therefore are only seen when wearing skimpy swimwear - such as the nips, cl*toris and l*bia etc

So 'too many' ear piercings, nasal or lip piercings don't do anything for me as these are on general display (I'll make an exception for tongues - lol - perhaps because these too are generally hidden from view even though they don't relate to thongs.  Well - thongs/ tongues - sounds similar lol)

Ok navel piercings are very visible nowadays so it doesn't fit my analysis although I'll count these as sexy too and great with a thong. 

So as not to be too personal a number will do if you don't want to list them all....

Sarah_Thomas #35


Date Posted:06/15/2005 05:22:30Copy HTML

hey Ian, personal is ok hun as I'm a pretty open minded girl, the piercings I have are as follows:

ears - 1 hole in each ear


belly button, &


Thong Kong #36


Date Posted:06/15/2005 05:57:21Copy HTML

For me, Ears - 1/4" "grommet" in left lobe, small steel hoop/ball just above. Used to have a corresponding hoop/ball in the right ear but I've allowed it to close.
eimeo #37


Date Posted:06/16/2005 12:09:35Copy HTML

I have 1 hole in right ear (normal location) 2 holes in left ear (normal place and top cartilage) navel pierced and clitoral hood pierced
eimeo #38


Date Posted:06/16/2005 12:10:52Copy HTML

oh and 2 tattoos, one on my right shoulder, a Dolphin in Tahitian designs and one on my left buttock, a Marquisian design (round)
ian-r #39


Date Posted:06/16/2005 09:31:43Copy HTML

Hi folks

Well so far Sarah and Eimeo bear out my theory that normally 'hidden' piercings are best and quite popular and in my book nips, belly button and clit etc really enhance a thong or g-string.   And of course so can a discrete tattoo or two....

Well done girls and thanks for the openness. 

(Apologies to Thong Kong who doesn't fit my theory and I'm not sure he's a he or she's a she!)

PS  Eimeo, what's  Marquisian?  Is that something to do with the Marquesas Islands?  So what's the pattern like then?


magnus67t #40


Date Posted:06/19/2005 02:36:26Copy HTML

  Each of the Island Nations of Polynesia has there own style of tattooing.  The Tattoo on my left bicep is Marquesan.  The center design is a Tiki for good luck and on each side of the Tiki is the symbol of the sun or fire.  I have a small book "Polynesian Tattoos, past and present"  authored by "Gotz".   I purchased the book in Moorea.
eimeo #41


Date Posted:06/19/2005 02:59:18Copy HTML

I will try and take pictures of my tattoos to post, but yeah it was real easy for me to get these tattoos since I was born and raised in Tahiti !
eimeo #42


Date Posted:06/19/2005 03:06:00Copy HTML

well, here are two picures that show both tattoos

Picture 1

Picture 2

eimeo #43


Date Posted:06/19/2005 03:10:10Copy HTML

Warning : They are big pics :p
Ex_Member #44


Date Posted:06/19/2005 07:10:46Copy HTML

Big pics but great pics wonderful tats and a great wicked weasel bikini
Thong Kong #45


Date Posted:06/19/2005 09:17:33Copy HTML

magnus67t #46


Date Posted:06/19/2005 01:08:57Copy HTML

  I spent 10 of the best days in my life in Moorea.  I fell in love with Moorea and everything there.  I had my tattoo placed on my left bicep because my heart belongs to Moorea.  The Tahitian and the French women that reside in Tahiti are some of the most beautiful women in the world.  At least two thirds of the women only wear thong bottoms.  I thought I died and went to heaven.
underwater #47


Date Posted:06/21/2005 07:35:33Copy HTML

First picture was outstanding but second was very blurry. Is it me or is picture #2 that way?



eimeo #48


Date Posted:06/21/2005 10:15:45Copy HTML

they are both a little blurry, make sure you load the whole picture, the upper left corner of pic #2 is the far background and is very blurry
yogabutt #49


Date Posted:06/21/2005 12:20:38Copy HTML


Beautiful tattoos and body to match.


eimeo #50


Date Posted:06/21/2005 02:58:53Copy HTML


Here is a link to my Wicked Weasel page for people that haven't seen it yet

Wicked Weasel - Eimeo Competition 2005

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