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Thong Kong #51


Date Posted:06/21/2005 05:27:31Copy HTML

Last I checked, Eimeo's 2004 contribution was still up as well. I really liked those photos. I remember a white VW and what looked like Black's Beach in San Diego. Too bad Eimeo moved to Florida, as I'll be in San Diego next month. :p

Yep. it's still there - 2004-2, round 4. It's not Blacks beach, and I dont' recognize the beach. San Onofre maybe?

God I love some of those shots. The first shot in particular. I love the smoothness of the black bikini next to Eimeo's perfect skin, and the smooth blue sky. Well done! And the last shot where she's looking out over the wispy clouds. Perfect.
eimeo #52


Date Posted:06/21/2005 05:49:29Copy HTML

Nope, although I've been to Blacks beach and San Onofre beach (and Pacific beach) several times when I lived in San Diego, I havent been there after I moved to San Jose, these pictures were taken in Santa Cruz, now I am near Daytona beach but we're moving to Fort Lauderdale very soon


Here is the link to the first contribution :

Wicked Weasel - Eimeo 2004 Competition

Travis001 #53


Date Posted:07/08/2005 04:10:21Copy HTML

wow - I just came across this thread!

eimeo - wow!  I've seen your photos on WW before - you look great!

Sarah - do whatever you feel comfortable with regarding your piercing.  It's very sexy and it would be a shame to hide it.  You seem to be a bit of an exhibitionist so you may as well enjoy your piercing and your personality!

sheer1delight #54


Date Posted:08/28/2005 08:38:42Copy HTML

Great to see topics from UK wearers.

I'm not into piercing though some on WW website do look interesting.

I do hope that you will enter some photos on WW website.

We need UK representation there!!

zafranh #55


Date Posted:09/04/2005 01:56:57Copy HTML



I love your WW contribs... you look quite cute in those glasses. You look great with the tattoo...I didnt see the piercings except the belly button ones in the pics. Hope you go on to win.!!


eimeo #56


Date Posted:09/04/2005 02:15:52Copy HTML

the "other" piercing is visible in the other pics too   
zafranh #57


Date Posted:09/04/2005 10:16:31Copy HTML

Thanks Eimeo,

I saw your other post....you look quite sexy in that. I saw the "other" piercings..lol. I love WW, they make women look so sexy.

I live in Toronto.

As I guy I get strange looks soemtimes when I wear thongs to the beach or the public pool. I am not gay but guys react much more than girls. Most girls I have met wearing thongs appreciate me wearing them, I have only got quite a few bad replies.

This summer was the best, I was wearing my thongs to the beach and the public pool almost on a daily basis....the pool I went all the lifeguards there were girls and they loved to see me. Maybe because they never see a guy in a thong or have the guts to wear one. Most of them ended up being friends and we exchanged numbers and emails.

I exclusively wear thongs only...undies and swim....!! I love thongs!

Take care,
b21 #58


Date Posted:07/30/2014 02:27:35Copy HTML

I've not had any piercings at all, but I've always wanted my navel (belly) pierced. Mrs b21 has hers and a VCH, and she agreed that a navel on me would look hot.

Anyway, Last week, I got it done! And it's awesome! And it's hot! I know what you're all going to say, looks gay, looks feminine etc. but to be honest, I'm not offended by either of those statements as I wouldn't be ashamed to be gay if I was and as for feminine - I think it's a sad day when the modern man is expected to behave and look like a cave man just because we're male. Those of you that have seen my pictures will know that I couldn't look like a cave man if I tried!!

Anyway, I was wondering how many other guys on here have got a navel piercing or are thinking about one?

Also, pics are to follow when we get a second to take them
mack_back #59


Date Posted:07/30/2014 02:51:18Copy HTML

Looks to be a trend every young skinny woman gets her navel pierced. Can't understand only because their peers done it they have to. So too are tatoos. While i seen in detail what part of the navel they pierce i find it more of pinch of skin which could be done anywhere on the body. Like the belly button Indian jewel locked in while belly dancers did their thing. Getting your skin pierced conveniently around the navel bit excessive. Leaving behind a nice scar if you decide not to wear it ever again. So i'm very careful not to damage my smooth skin leaving unbecoming marks. 

Rather just wear penis gland metal ring gets those young navel pierced woman talking about never seeing anything like that on the nude beach. Lol.... Suppose you can pierce nipples your ears, tongue, nose, lips, not a look i care for. To each his own.

So ya, i considered a naval piercing with a chain connected to my penis strolling along the beach. Seen some jewelery on a navel that looked cool. She had on a zipper piercing seen on one of my pictures profile of the tan woman with me. 

As for looking feminine thats only for the individual eyes of the whom your showing it too. So could be said with long hair, ear piercing,  ankle socks, thongs, running tight crop leggings all which woman had a exclusive domain to fashion etc.. People get over it once they seen you again and again. 
You might have to wear some short cutoff tops to show the navel piercing off. Do what makes you happy regardless what people say about it. 

As for female qualities that your aftaid to be attracted in copying just do it. Many woman notice my female clothes i wear some or most are sickened while others enjoy seeing my body shape. Just recently had on ultra feminine crop hot colored tights and razor back very short obvious fem tank. 

One of the hotest and most intimidating woman i ever seen in my life decided to hit on me. While she was extraordinary well built fitness competitor and very pretty, put my body to shame. Noticed while chatting with her about my favorite topic, me, both our smiles gotten bigger and happier fully aware of her desiring motivation of experiencing part of my body. Yet i knew she felt the same about me as i lusted at her , despite my feminine clothing i was wearing. Maybe she is just a freak of nature like me and sees through the superficial spandex thin layer of clothing covering or maybe helped what's important to see everything underneath it all,  my big bulge, Lol.. Oh ya, she definitely wants it! Or the very least borrow wearing my expensive crop tights and tanks if our relationship gets closer. Knowing we are exactly same size can wear the same clothes being the same height and lower body, hips and legs. It's like looking in mirror of myself from the hips down. While her upper body is tiny and shredded unlike i ever seen. Otherwise we look exactly the same with slight difference with my big bulge protrudes slightly noticably. Seeing that she often wears cheap exercise gear and mine are far to pretty for any man to wear. 
Yet she is more of a voyuer then someone who would enjoy taking her onto me, being she is married or living with some guy. 
glam82 #60


Date Posted:08/02/2014 12:41:17Copy HTML

 I have a guiche piercing and when I tan in my gstring, I just let the string ride in between the 2 balls of the curved barbell.
Male here by the way. 
Jmac6162 #61


Date Posted:11/15/2014 06:52:21Copy HTML

 I have a Prince Albert piercing, which I have had for 8 years now and love it.  I know my wife really loves it!! I am considering a guiche piercing but wanted to know how difficult it is to get that piercing and does it interfer with any activities iace: bike riding.  How long does it take to heal? 
glam82 #62


Date Posted:12/05/2014 01:01:43Copy HTML

 Guiche doesn't hurt at all. No problem with bike riding so far and I ride almost 60km per week.
wallyuk #63


Date Posted:02/03/2015 12:03:21Copy HTML

 To b21.Have had a navel piercing a few years ago, and was very pleased with it (to compliment my nipple and genital metalwork!). Unfortunately after a while it became quite sore due to rubbing against clothing, so I removed it. I'm probably not the right shape.Have seen other males with similar, so no problem there. Have seen your pics on here and Flickr, and all looks great! May try mine again sometime. 
NudeNArizona #64


Date Posted:02/07/2015 10:48:39Copy HTML

 I have a PA and wife has a VCH, and have not worn them with thongs or G-strings as swimwear but we do go nude and they do start quite a few conversations,  It is amazing how NUDISTS who DON'T look seem to notice our piercings...lol
SolarOne #65


Date Posted:02/07/2015 04:34:12Copy HTML

 Yes, it's interesting to see what people notice my frenum. It's a short bar, normally with 6mm balls on that stays nicely hidden behind. People catch the shine from the side  LOL
NudeNArizona #66


Date Posted:02/08/2015 01:23:57Copy HTML

 I wear a 4 Gauge CBR with a slave CBR as a doorknocker which I always get the questions "did it hurt going to that large of a gauge?" I tell them no and actually I have never had to strech it has naturally streched
Jmac6162 #67


Date Posted:02/26/2015 09:16:56Copy HTML

 Just got my Guiche piercing today. Start small and will go a little larger later. Did not hurt at all compared to my PA.  So far so good, Love it. Looks great.
Swedethong #68


Date Posted:02/27/2015 09:56:46Copy HTML

Congratulations to your Guiche. I did one a few years ago, but it did not heal. After 6 months, I took it out. But I miss it and would like to try again soon.I discovered that a thong was the best underwear to wear. The thong held the guiche in place and prevented it to move. 
iterx78 #69


Date Posted:03/03/2015 02:08:38Copy HTML

To glam82: I am interested in the guiche piercing and wondered where to get it done here in Singapore if possible?
Swedethong #70


Date Posted:03/03/2015 03:15:14Copy HTML

For those of you who are thinking about getting your first piercing, I would recommend  http://community.tribalectic.comHere you will find very useful information about how to get your piercing to heal quickly. There is also a forum where you can ask questions or learn from others' experiences.
wallygr40 #71


Date Posted:03/03/2015 10:11:46Copy HTML

 Love tribalectic! I am a member there as well.
Jmac6162 #72


Date Posted:03/10/2015 01:19:42Copy HTML

 I just enlarged the piercing to a large gauge and smaller ring.  I think it looks great, I love the piercing . I have post some pictures of the piercing.   
butt_cheek_man #73


Date Posted:03/11/2015 04:37:08Copy HTML

 To b21. I had toyed with the idea of getting my navel pierced for some time. The idea of doing something that most men would not do intrigued me. I got it done 12 years ago and am still glad I did. The funny thing is that my piercing and my wearing a thong attracts less attention than when I wear an ankle bracelet to the beach. The wife puts up with all my little quirks and I have yet to receive a negative comment from anyone. 
b21 #74


Date Posted:03/12/2015 08:55:26Copy HTML

Thanks butt_cheek_man. Yeah, I love mine, got used to it now and I've had no negative comments at all, just all positive, especially from women. I would encourage any guy to go for it if they were thinking about it. 
Sharon73 #75


Date Posted:03/12/2015 02:13:38Copy HTML

 I love to see guys with piercings
NudeNArizona #76


Date Posted:03/13/2015 03:02:15Copy HTML


I love to show my Prince Albert....lol..that is why I got it done
John Howard #77


Date Posted:03/14/2015 11:41:46Copy HTML

 Disregarding of the particular connotations of how these things are perceived, weather they are piercings, tattoos, c*rings, anklets, lulemon pants, thongs, bleaching your hair or shaving it all, waxing....

All these express your individuality , and this seems to be intimidating for some people.

Usually it is ignored once people realise its only that and accept you for who you are.

But we should be prepared for lots of virulent comments and laugh at them; i know sometimes not easy.

The most important thing of being this different is that

You dont do it i.e. to impress the girls cause as some poster said women mostly despise men in thongs.

You do it for yourself.


You do it as YOU please. 

 (The days when you stopped wearing that pink shirt cause Mum disliked it, or stopped buying the harley davidson you really love just because wife doesnt approve it, are gone)

This for me is the biggest kick of looking and being different.

Thats why i hope thongs never become mainstream on men, and why tattoos for example have completely lost their initial appeal,  nowadays it's more uncommon to see a person completely non inked (personally i never liked tattoos though)

mack_back #78


Date Posted:03/15/2015 01:11:06Copy HTML

John Howard agree with you about the post and comments.
As for impressing the ladies thats eye of the beholder. Some woman balk initially about what we wear that push conventional, traditional male appearance.
Usually i'm just a guy who makes woman fiercely angry, about my gland ring i wear or clothes. That  they are so intrigued or shocked looking as though they never seen or heard about a male ever wearing it. In some cases they turn to love it and find me appealing after all.

Find these reactions very cute and enjoyable almost worthwhile just to wear it for them. While your right we wear what we like and don't try to impress others only satisfy our desires first. If we try to suppress our desires, following mainstream trends or appearances, it will make us unhappy.  Fuelling a larger capacity of desire to wear what we want even when prohibited by public conventions or when not appropriate.

Yes, it's a big kick looking like we do at least for me. So what if some young woman giggles or smiles seeing me in unconventional clothes or shoes. Use to bother me, but if you live a interesting life you got no time to being bothered of some strangers negative immature expressions. Often i think to myself when people seem less receptive you would only dream being in my shoes (literally and physically Lol.. By many jealous woman considering their cheap clothing and shoes). Usually it's their loss missing out on someone fantastic which some ladies have experienced and expressed.
 If some woman want a normal mundane lifestyle, who am i to criticize. Yet they mock me in some ways without realizing it or so i think so. Without a doubt i leave with same attitude as i came in with, regardless what is expressed towards my way. 

Bottom line i've stopped caring what others think of me or say. Haters will be always that and not worth knowing, i'm better off being opposite of their perceptions and ideals.
Think society has shown a polite politically correct behaviour to act a certain way regardless how someone may appear. Behind closed doors that is entirely different social outlook but publicly none will say squat towards my appearance or yours for the most part.  So what if i'm excluded from a strangers backyard barbecue party only because they perceive me as a freak. What am i truly missing here? Not a lot in my opinion.  Can't imagine what it would do to my heels standing on some soggy wet grassy turf backyard watching guys drinking beer after beer over the grill with their bellies getting bigger. If i stayed in the air conditioned house with all the woman, talking about fashion, body composition, training exercises, foods, diet regimes, hairstyles, shopping, spas, vacations it may make the guys jealous being the lone intriguing straight dude chatting with their ladies. Who knows where it may lead.. Lol bedroom perhaps, while the men hover turning on the new lawnmower the host just bought...  reminds my what Norm McDonald of SNL said that he went over his best friends home. While he mowed the lawn Norm had sex with his wife in the bedroom.

rock_pile #79


Date Posted:03/17/2015 08:55:41Copy HTML

 The older I get the less I care what others MAY think.  I'm usually very polite and considerate, but still....
NudeNArizona #80


Date Posted:05/29/2016 03:37:03Copy HTML

 I will also like to ask, that those of you who have piercings, are you more or less willing to go nude and show it off? or are you more discreet and try to hide your piercing from others who are not pierced.

I know when I was getting my piercing my wife and I were talking to the piercer while he was setting things up. During the conversation he asked what made us come into get pierced? and we said we had been talking about it for a while and after seeing more people pierced it was less of an issue? Then he asked where we were that we saw peoples piercing? and we told him the nudist resorts that we go to.  Then he said I know LOTS of nudist who have gotten pierced to show a little bling naked by the pool.
rock_pile #81


Date Posted:06/29/2016 04:17:02Copy HTML

 More nudists have gotten pierced in the last few years.  I'm a member of a resort that used to ban piercings "due to children being present."  The owners finally relented.  And guess  who has been pierced?  The owner!
The kiddies who accompany their parents have seen piercings at home.  
glam82 #82


Date Posted:11/01/2016 12:24:54Copy HTML

It was done at Rise Above Tattoo and Piercing.
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