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Date Posted:01/05/2019 09:08:17Copy HTML

I want to plan a trip to go somewhere where thongs are plentiful. I would love to give my wife a great group of thongs in company to make her comfortable. She just doesnt want to stick out.

If there was one place to go above all others in the US, where would it be?

I know this has been asked before but would like some 2019 perspectives.

Thanks and THONG ON!!

lindros #1

Re:Place to visit with Thongs a plenty...

Date Posted:01/05/2019 10:10:10Copy HTML

Miami's South Beach without question.

32189 #2

Re:Place to visit with Thongs a plenty...

Date Posted:01/06/2019 04:19:22Copy HTML

Southern california beaches and ones I can personally vouch for are Newport Beach, Huntington Beach, and Laguna Beach.
bmicro #3

Re:Place to visit with Thongs a plenty...

Date Posted:01/06/2019 05:13:48Copy HTML

South Beach will be plentiful for women, but even here thongs are not in the majority.
75texasthong #4

Re:Place to visit with Thongs a plenty...

Date Posted:01/06/2019 05:58:35Copy HTML

How's south beach in mid March?

sailor250 #5

Re:Place to visit with Thongs a plenty...

Date Posted:01/06/2019 08:17:24Copy HTML

Some of the middle March weeks are college spring break so it will be busy. The weather is usually 70-80'sF. Mar 25-31 is Miami Music Week , Mar 29-31 is Ultra Music Festival so expect hotel rates and airfares to be elevated. Ultra is going to be on Virginia Key now instead of downtown Miami, but parties/meetings are all over South Beach.
orlcpl #6

Re:Place to visit with Thongs a plenty...

Date Posted:01/06/2019 08:17:52Copy HTML

South Beach is jumping all year round, mid march is also spring break so you will have a bigger crowd than normal. Thongs and topless are perfectly normal
m456 #7

Re:Place to visit with Thongs a plenty...

Date Posted:01/10/2019 11:13:57Copy HTML

For Miami/South Beach - Are there more or less thongs during spring break than regular weeks?

32189 - In what order would you rank Newport Beach, Huntington Beach, & Laguna Beach for thongs being most common, & what percentage of females & males wear thongs at each? What months are best for the most thongs?

bmicro #8

Re:Place to visit with Thongs a plenty...

Date Posted:01/10/2019 04:07:40Copy HTML

m456 There will probably be more thongs due to more people but probably not a significantly different proportion.
JSJax #9

Re:Place to visit with Thongs a plenty...

Date Posted:01/10/2019 11:53:44Copy HTML

I've only ever been to South Beach during spring break so I can't speak to the "ratio" vs. other times, but I can advise you not to underestimate the spring break crowds. Certain blocks south of 15th or so will literally be standing room only on the beach by early afternoon, and most of the rest will still be extremely crowded. North of 15th doesn't draw as much, and Haulover appears to be virtually unaffected.
JM_Runs #10

Re:Place to visit with Thongs a plenty...

Date Posted:01/11/2019 02:11:35Copy HTML

Kids who come down for spring break tend to wear whatever swimsuits they already own. These tend to be the styles popular in the towns they come from. So you will see a lot of hot young bodies, but probably dressed more conservatively than some of the locals. I find locals are more likely to wear thongs. During spring break parking near the beach becomes even more of a hassle. Locals are likely to take a bike or scooter to do the last mile. Both Lime and Bird rental electric scooters are all over Fort Lauderdale. I checked there websites and Bird is not in Miami, and Lime appears to be operating in North Miami but not South Beach zone. This changes daily as these fast growing companies expand. JSJax is right about the crowds, but does not mention the associated litter. If you are comfortable thoing on a crowded beach, where some of the young men will be both drunk and boisterous go for it, have fun. Some guys find this a little intimidating. What you are probably not going to find in the main Spring Break sone is some tanned South American women who want to lay out with you because you are the most interesting guy on the beach. However you don't need to go too many blocks north for the beach to be more normal. As a rule, get out EARLY. The girls tend to go to the beach in groups, starting in the morning, to work on their tans. The boys tend to wake up late, and go to the beach in the afternoons, getting rowdy around 3pm. The beach faces East. The sun sets to the West. As the shadows from the hotels start to hit the beach the groups of girls, who have already put in several hours of sunning, will pack-up and head back for food, showers and to start getting ready for the evening. The male to female ratio inverts as groups of young women start to leave the beach. Remember the early bird gets the worm. A lot of locals who hit the beach during the week don't have regular day jobs, they work evenings. Often in bars and restaurants. So they hit the beach for a couple of hours in the late morning, before having to go home, clean up, and report in for evening jobs. Others may have the day off, but bing locals they are probably well trained to hit the beach in the morning, because in the summer we get frequent afternoon thunderstorms.
32189 #11

Re:Place to visit with Thongs a plenty...

Date Posted:01/13/2019 03:33:22Copy HTML

M456, I would say for most common thong sightings I would rate it as: Newport, Huntington, and then Laguna. At Newport a lot of girls wear thongs. Guessing 10% on a good summer day even up to 20% sometimes. In Huntington it is maybe 10%, Laguna about 5%. These are just rough guesses. For males, it is so low at any given beach at any given time. Expect to be one of the only guy wearing a thong at any given time although I have seen guys in thongs at all 3 beaches. Most I have seen at one time including me was 3. The best months are probably July through September although you can layout in SoCal all year really. Although the best months I think are July through September, you will still get a good turnout starting in April and that can easily extend into November. Hope this helps!!
ithongit #12

Re:Place to visit with Thongs a plenty...

Date Posted:01/13/2019 05:35:11Copy HTML

I think Ohio is a good candidate -- especially at the more friendly thonging state parks. Be advised that at private places, outside the parks, thonging can be hit or miss, especially on men. Weather wise, Ohio has about as unpredictable weather as any place. It is not like Southern Florida, where rain happens most afternoons. In Ohio, you can have weeks of wonderful sunny days, mid to upper 70's or cloudy days that run on for days on end. Temperatures are generally in the 70's and 80's in the summer, but we have cold or cool summers when even a day in the 80's is unusual, or warm summers when temperatures stay in the 90's or even over 100's. We also have stretches with high humidity, and also stretches when the air is very dry. One of the local jokes about Ohio is "If you don't like the weather, don't worry. It will be different tomorrow." "Pop Up" thunder storms are common on warm humid days -- usually in the mid to late afternoon until after dark. These storms can be locally quite violent and often include lightning, which is something that should be avoided on the beach or in the water. While not scientifically true, a trip to Hawaii, Southern California, or even Florida can be done with more assurance the weather will be agreeable. While the weather is unpredictable, thong acceptance at the State Parks has become pretty uniform. At the parks which are considered thong friendly, you will usually see other men in thongs. Many times in past years it was not uncommon to see more men in thongs than women. Now that cheeky swimwear is here, there is a good showing by women as well as men. Ohio is a place where a man can wear a baggy right into the marinas, camp stores, and other consession facilities, and while not as popular as thongs, women can go topfree these same places. State park campgrounds are just as thong/topfree friendly. The rangers if ask will tell people as long as their goodies are covered, they are okay. We actually like the smaller parks with smaller beaches. They often have shade trees and picnic tables very close to the water, but are just as thong tollerant as the big name thonging beaches. If anything, being small, there is less of an audience to complain if we choose to wear our skimpiest swimwear or even when we skinny dip, and rangers will not generally do anything about swimwear issues unless they get a complaint from someone else. So Ohio has it's good and bad points. I don't know if I would take a special trip to Ohio just to go thonging. We do have the almost ocean-like beaches on Lake Erie, but also dozens of other State Parks you can go to. If you have something else to do in the Ohio area (or an adjacent state), you might want to stay in the area a day or two extra, then make your final plans based on weather on which beaches or parks you want to visit. There are some cool cities like Cleveland and especially Cincinnati as well as attractions that could cater to many people like the Rock and Roll hall of fame, Air Force Museum, and other places like caves, huge "castle" estates, etc. We know a couple who come here and schedule their trips around major league Baseball games. The come to see other teams play and/or their favorite teams in action at Ohio stadiums. The other time to visit an Ohio park is if you are driving through the state. There are parks all over the place and many are within a few minutes or a half hours drive of the interstates. Ohio is about 200 mile wide and 200 miles tall, so many people will spend three or more hours on the interstate here. A break in the middle of a trip, or staying at a motel near a beach can make your trip more enjoyable. (Sorry if I sound like a commercial for Ohio, but even though I live here, I still am amazed at how easy it is to thong here and Randy and I have gotten away with swimwear which probably is even past minimal coverage standards or even at times total nudity. Traci
JM_Runs #13

Re:Place to visit with Thongs a plenty...

Date Posted:01/13/2019 08:51:23Copy HTML

To a large extent this is going to depend on WHEN you want to take a vacation.  

In the USA the South East coast of Florida has many locations where thongs are common. Beaches range from thongs are not uncommon, to thongs are rather common, to nudity and thongs are common (North Haulover Beach).

There are more people during the winter tourist season, and locals are less likely to be out when it is too cool or cloudy. When there are more people it seems the percent of thongs is less, even though the number of thongs may be the same.

There are also "events" where thongs are more likely to be seen, at least on women and girls: Examples are Boca Bash boat party in the spring, Columbus Day Regatta in October, and of course Fantasy Fest in Key West. For each of these you need advanced planning. Boca Bash requires the least, a boat, canoe or paddle board. Fantasy Fest in Key West an expensive hotel room booked well in advance.

In the summer you are also more likely to see more women in thongs early on weekdays, before the clouds of the afternoon thunderstorms start gathering. The exception may be Saturday afternoons, if it is still sunny, when people who have to work weekdays come to the beach to party.

Spring break brings a lot of young people with good bodies, but none of the guys are brave enough to wear thongs.  The young women are braver, but coming from Northern Universities tend towards cheeky rather than thongs. As groups of women go, you are more likely to find thongs in a group of women down for a bacholert party, than a group of collage age girls down for Spring Break. 

Like life, if you get up and walk, run or move along the beach you will see more thongs than if you just sit in one place and only observe the people within 200 feet. 

While spring break my bring groups of young women, it also brings bands of young men.  For most thongers it is less inportant to see a lot of thongs, or a high ratio of thongs, than be somewhere you can thong yourself without feeling uncomfortable.  Somewhere where nobody really cares what you wear, and/or with enough space that if you end up next to someone obnoxious you can just move down the beach a bit.  

ithongit #14

Re:Place to visit with Thongs a plenty...

Date Posted:01/14/2019 06:12:17Copy HTML

JM makes some good sense about when thongs are more likely to be worn. Around Ohio, you will find a core group of regulars who come each Saturday, each Tuesday and Thursday or whatever. These people will also usually come about the same time. There are more regulars at the beaches which have a thong/topfree reputation. But, there are also regulars at smaller more local beaches. Timid people are hard to figure out. Most do not want a lot of other people around when they thong, but at the same time, some find reinforcement at times when other thongers are present. For this reason, both Randy and I will agree to let other thongers hang out near us. Some state parks have more hidden places. Ceaser's Creek has the infamous "hill" which now is sometimes rarely mowed. There are places along walkways that are mowed and these attract some thongers. For some unknown reason, there are also common parts of the beach where thonging is more common. These areas sometimes shift as time goes on. Many thongers stay on the grassy area while others like to lay out on the sand. In the last few years, I see more and more people set up for thonging in and very close to the parking lot. They are not inconspicuous, although they will often lay our in the lesser used parts. There was a guy at Ceaser's creek a year ago who would park his car in a semi-shaded area (near a tree) in the parking lot, and then spend hours waxing and detailing it. Both his car and his thong-clad body looked very good. There are places you can go to as a vacation -- like the Outer Banks that are at least thong tollerant if not thong friendly. Nobody will complain, there will be little or no negative reactions, kid's won't say "gross", etc. However, some times we have been in a very small minority, and other times it has been like a thonger's convention. The weather, temperature, water conditions, week of summer (off prime housing is usually much cheeper) etc, do not seem to have any logical connection to a busy thong beach and a slow beach for thongers. If you are lucky enough to live someplace where you can thong on a regular basis, be it daily, weekly, or whatever, JM's advice to wander the beach and look around can be a good way to see other thongers. More than once, I have been on a regular schedule (like after work) and others who see me walk by day after day and who are not beach thongers will start wearing their thongs apparently because they see me doing it and not getting any flack. Even if you don't convert anyone to thonging, you can often make casual friends with more clothed beach goers, who sometime become close enough that they will openly greet you warmly when they see you coming. I guess the only absolute thing I can observer is that there are no absolutes. Places and/or times that are often thong tollerant are probably more likely to have thongers on any given day. But exporing local beach and parks over a period of time might surprise you when you find other thongers who simply come on a different schedule than you do. Traci
Martylouie #15

Re:Place to visit with Thongs a plenty...

Date Posted:01/15/2019 02:53:16Copy HTML

If you are looking for a time and place with a lot of thongers might I suggest July 26-28 2019 at the Cheston House in Ft Lauderdale? That is the Sunsplash weekend.

DavyJ #16

Re:Place to visit with Thongs a plenty...

Date Posted:05/13/2019 04:35:26Copy HTML

Traci said: "I guess the only absolute thing I can observer is that there are no absolutes." I agree completely. Any place that you go regularly and have no problems for 10 visits can suddenly be a problem on #11. Caesar Creek is one of my favorites, and I have rarely had any trouble, but it has occurred. And for no apparent reason, either. You just have to take your chances and hope the positive experiences outnumber the negative ones (which they will, and for me, by a huge majority).
MNluvthongs #17

Re:Place to visit with Thongs a plenty...

Date Posted:05/16/2019 12:22:31Copy HTML

Try Minneapolis during June, July and the first part of August. That is pretty much summer here. Lake Calhoun in Minneapolis has thongs becoming common. It may be a lame city lake but it is large but thongs have taken hold around it. There is also a chain of lakes connected to it too, that give the impression of being in a small town. Women love thongs here. I have seen women walk across busy city streets in their thongs with no one saying anything.
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