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Date Posted:02/12/2019 04:06:29Copy HTML

I am always interested in relationships and friendships and how they get started.  I guess that is the thing women think about and like to share stories off.  My question is where did you meet your  favorite thonging buddy?  It can be either sex, someone related to you or not, etc.  It really doesn't even matter if they were into thongs when you first met.  They simply have to be another human and now have the same love of thongs that you do.  Sorry, but if you don't have a close thonging buddy, you  probably should not answer this question.

I currently have three, all men.  Brad is the first.  He took a part-time job to help my family with getting the harvest in.  He worked at the refinery as a welder.  He loved to wear minimal shorts, and when he came back from the grain elevator with receipts for the grain, he gave them to me.  I usually was in a thong and topfree, and he liked seeing that.  After a few days he ask if he could strip down to his thong when on our property (not when he drove the truck in public) and Dad said he could wear as much or as little as he wanted.  His choice was for as little as possible.  He almost never wore more than a thong, and often hung around in the nude.  He even encouraged me to be more liberal and to go topfree or totally nude more often.  After a hot day, he often went down to the river (actually a creek) with me or over to the pond when the snapping turtles are not bad.  Brad stayed in a guest room in my parent's house and soon was a regular fixture around the farm.  He especially liked all the animals and they loved him.

Scott was second.  Brad and I met him over at the lake and he was all ready into thongs.  We had him work for us during harvest and Dad liked all the help since he wanted to sort-of retire.  Brad and Scott got along great and put an apartment in the attic to live in together.  This was a little to close to me and gave me access to either (or both) of them whenever I wanted.  He worked as a dock worker.  This is the man I married, even though I thought I would marry Brad.

Frank was the third.  Brad and I met him on the Amtrak train from Seatle to Chicago.  He was so cute and I was so pleased when the dinning room attendant sat him at our table.  It turned out that he was involved in the oil business and had jobs with the fracking enterprises in Montana and North Dakota.  He didn't like the work there, had crummy housing, and benefits, had to move around a lot and didn't like some of the effects that fracking had on the environment.  He did make good money, but he also got laid off sometimes for weeks on end, can could not get much in the way of unemployment.  At these times, he either traveled or just sat around his mobile home apartment and did little but watch TV.  So when Brad mentioned that they were looking for more people at the refinery, and Frank got a job there.  Frank had been a thonger before, but was a bit too shy to wear them in ND where they were pretty rarely seen on men.  He was so surprised that in Ohio he could wear his thongs at the parks and not only be legal, but he almost never got any negative comments either.  He and Brad work the same shift at the refinery and share a ride there.

All three men get along well and built a house for me at the far side of the property, where we all live together.


ioannis #1

Re:Place you met your best thonging buddy (male or female)

Date Posted:02/13/2019 10:16:44Copy HTML

well, for me it was a little different.... i met my best thonger friend , through this site, thats why i really love the thongboard!! He was asking for informations because he was planning to visit the greek island of Crete. I lived in Crete for about 2 years and for about 4 months during my army duty, so i know the island very good.So i replied to him and we started sending messages to each other.Very soon we discovered that we have a lot more common's except from thonging. This was the start of a very nice frienship which last for about 3 years now. And the funny thing is that everything started by one mistake....my friend made a mistake about the island...he didnt want to visit Crete, but another island .He confused the names...its very cute and funny but at the end of the day , i met my best thonger -and not only -friend by mistake....... as for my wife..well its another story... i visited some friends of mine who lived in a small town , right next to the sea, not very far from Athens... summer afternoon and we were drinking a cold cup of cofee at a coffee shop next to the beach...suddendly i saw a women entering into the coffee shop with a large beach umbrella wide open, destroying everything on her route.... when one man asked her what is the purpose of having the beach umbrella wide open in the shop, she replied that there is the possibility to rain......hehehe... i thought that this is the woman i really want for my wife !! And she is my wife...she is total unconventional, out of the ordinary,unsual in everything absolutely " crazy" but we really have a great time together. We make jokes,pranks and in our house almost everything has a unique fuction far away from its normal use...Her creativity has no limits.... so...these are my stories!!
ohiothonger #2

Re:Place you met your best thonging buddy (male or female)

Date Posted:02/16/2019 10:10:24Copy HTML

I was already married when thongs took off in the 1980's. I was into short shorts and my wife had no issues with them, so I started hanging with her when she went shopping. At the time, you could get thongs at Macy's, Fredrick's of Hollywood, even Victoria's Secrets had men's swimwear. You could also get them at beach stores. I simply found out what stores normally sold them, then suggested we stop at the men's section saying I needed some new swimwear. After about the fourth where they had them (and I always picked a pair out to show her) I took a pair to the checkout, and she had no issues with them when I later took in the lake with her or went to the pool for a few laps.
32189 #3

Re:Place you met your best thonging buddy (male or female)

Date Posted:02/17/2019 04:57:03Copy HTML

My best thonger friend was actually an old roommate of mine. Sadly, she has since moved onto other things and we do not really talk anymore.
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