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Date Posted:08/17/2012 02:01:51Copy HTML

We are all used to seeing minimal swimwear at the beaches, etc., and some of us have posted about other places we wear our swimwear that is out of the ordinary.  I am writing this post to hear about where we have seen other people wear minimal swimwear in places we didn't expect to see them.

Randy and I were at a suburban bowling alley with some friends one afternoon and two young women came in wearing bikinis and proceeded to use some of the vending machines.  One was a normal string-side bikini, but the other was a minimal Rio with barely more than a thong back which kept slipping into her butt crack and a tiny top with "postage stamp" sized cups.  The Rio back girl kept having to tug on her swimsuit bottom to keep it covering what she wanted to cover.  This girl even went to the counter to get some change.  They were there for less than two minutes total, but caused quite a sensation.  After they left our friend ask the attendant about them, and he said they had people come over from the pool at a nearby apartment complex to get stuff from the vending machines.  He said they required men to wear shirts and that thong swimwear was not permitted, but otherwise most anything was okay -- as long as the people were not dripping water and bought stuff they were okay.

We live out in a farming area and they were replacing a bridge on one of the roads I normally drive home on.  Along the detour I had to take, I drove past a house with a large driveway.  Three teen aged boys were shooting hoops in very skimpy men's bikini swimwear.  The swimsuits were skimpier than most men's Speedos and lower cut too and looked like something you might see in Japan or South America.  A few days later I drove by and they were out playing basketball again.

I was driving in town on a day during the recent heat wave and saw some men replacing the roof on a house.  One of the workmen who appeared to be of foreign descent was applying shingles and nailing them down wearing just a Speedo swimsuit.  I have seen workmen in Speedos down on the Outer Banks, but never before in Ohio.

Has anyone else come across people in minimal swimwear at a place you wouldn't expect to see it?


JoeSnyder #1

Re:Places Others Have Worn Minimal Swimwear That Surprised You

Date Posted:08/17/2012 02:55:25Copy HTML

Not minimal but I did a 70KM cycle ride on Tuesday night in a Speedo brief. I've even got a picture taken of me at the top of the big hill at my furthest point.

big daddy thong #2

Re:Places Others Have Worn Minimal Swimwear That Surprised You

Date Posted:08/17/2012 05:29:44Copy HTML

 I have noticed during the summer heat wave we have been experiencing  more and more people wear less clothing in general.  It has been a record breaking summer here in the U.S. with 90 to 100 degrees F all around the country.  I think what you are seeing is people trying to beat the heat the best way that they can.
The Swan #3

Re:Places Others Have Worn Minimal Swimwear That Surprised You

Date Posted:08/22/2012 11:06:02Copy HTML

Truck stops in the southern states. I bet I've seen a half a dozen women come in at various truck stops in the south wearing only a skimpy bikini. Usually it's a gaggle of late teen/early twenty women and one or two are wearing something skimpy.
Something shocked me this summer. There is a gas station/convenience store a block from where I work. I go there occasionally for a cup of coffee or a sandwich. Twice this summer I've seen women come in wearing a lace tank top and nothing on underneath. I'm in this place 5 maybe 10 minutes a week so the odds seem pretty low to see something like this. I've wondered if it happens alot. The lady behind the counter always gives me grief for sneaking a look. I always tell her if she dressed like that I'd give her a look...
NcknameInUse #4

Re:Places Others Have Worn Minimal Swimwear That Surprised You

Date Posted:08/25/2012 02:00:31Copy HTML

 I worked in a carpentry workshop through the 90's. We seemed to have long summers back then and the men I worked with used to sit out at break/lunch times. I always cycled to work then and wore very short shorts and a thong underneath.
They all knew I was a holiday thonger as they'd seen my lack of tan lines a number of times and I'm they'd seen a "whale tail" a few times too.In warm weather we'd take of our shirts too. But me being in skimpy shorts already got more sun than most.
One day we were sat having our morning tea outside and it was scorching hot. So I just had to do it! I announced that I didn't like the tan lines I was getting from the shorts so I stood up and pulled off the shorts and sat back down. It was a Kiniki "Brazil" thong. Very comfortable.  It was my favourite cut back then and so I was very confident in it.The rest of the guys just looked in disbelief and one of my closer workmates was very excited about it. He wanted me to get back up and take a walk round the yard claiming it was a dare but we both knew he wanted a better look. 
Anyway, within minutes the ladies from the office were out to have a look. I decided to keep them wanting more so didn't go for a walk.
I only ever stripped to the thong a couple of times after that. The young colleague who wanted to see more was all man and I'm comfortable with my sexuality so I took it as a great compliment when  he sneaked a couple a quick bun squeezes over the years. :)
ohiothonger #5

Re:Places Others Have Worn Minimal Swimwear That Surprised You

Date Posted:07/31/2013 01:17:30Copy HTML

My boss and I were scouting out a rural two acre or larger lot for a veterinarian who wanted to build his own building.  The realty lady dragged us from one potential site to another.  Some were too hard to find being off major roads, others were oddly configured.  Finally, we came to a corner lot at the intersection of a busy rural road and a somewhat major cross street.  The lot looked perfect, and as we walked the fence lines, we started to hear the screeching car brakes on the county road.  I thought maybe there was a dog or other animal that had wandered out onto the street, but when we got up front we saw the cause of all the commotion.   A young lady, probably still in high school was on a riding mower and mowing the grass on an adjacent property.  She was topless and wearing only a thong or some other minimal bottom (it was a bit hard to figure out exactly what type bottom it was with her sitting, but at most it was a Rio.  As she mowed, people on the road were slamming on their brakes to get a better look, sometimes almost causing accidents in some cases.  She seemed perfectly comfortable in what she was wearing and would wave back at those who passed by and waved to her.  The realtor had a strange comment on her outfit.  She explained that some of the "young people" in the area dress "pretty casually" to do yard work, then assured us that she had brought another potential client to the same lot and when the same thing happened, she called the police, who told her that the young woman's outfit was perfectly legal.  "Of course, you could put up a privacy fence along the lot line so the Vet's customers would not have to see that." she added.

This is the best site we found, and I plan to go by there whenever I am in the area to check out the traffic at different times of the day, take some pictures, and do a hand-drawn survey of the trees, culverts, and other items that might affect the placement and configuration of the office.  I think I will go back next time when the grass is getting a little long again.
Grabeach #6

Re:Places Others Have Worn Minimal Swimwear That Surprised You

Date Posted:03/29/2017 10:01:31Copy HTML

While it's not uncommon to see people wandering around beach side areas in swimwear, people attending suburban pools (ie. fenced off, usually pay to enter, lifeguards) invariably get changed into and out of swimwear at the pool. The exceptions are kids already in swimwear going between the pool and a parent's car and teenage males whose swimwear and street clothes are basically the same thing.

Anyway, about 500m from the pool I was driving to today I spotted a young woman confidently walking towards me along a well used road wearing only a thong and a bikini top. The pool is one of the more liberal, allowing bare bums and breasts, so I assume she was a local heading home after a swim. While on a hot day like today it was the sensible thing to do, in 430 pool visits I can't recall ever seeing a female in any sort of swimwear in this situation, let alone a thong. Hence a very pleasant surprise.
ohiothonger #7

Re:Places Others Have Worn Minimal Swimwear That Surprised You

Date Posted:04/01/2017 04:34:31Copy HTML

 Many years ago, I was driving in what is termed the "best" neighborhood of very expensive houses.  Hidden behind many of the tutor homes are swimming pools.  Walking along the narrow road were two young ladies, one in a minimal Rio, and one in a thong.  Both had skimpy bikini tops, and were carrying bags, so I assumed they were either going to or coming from one of the pools.  This was back in the late 1980's when thongs were accepted on women in most places where swimwear was acceptable.  I stopped and called them over, asking for directions, and they talked for a minute.  I ask if they were going swimming and they said they were going to a friend's house to catch some rays and that the friend (who was a male) had promised them that he would strip off his swimsuit If they did too.

The whole story about catching rays in the buff may have been a bunch of BS, but they certainly were not ashamed to show off most of their bodies to the few cars that passed them on the quiet suburban street.  I imagine most passers by were neighbors.  I have often noticed that people in this neighborhood and similar "rich" areas of town were more at ease in minimal swimwear.  I assume it is because they have more opportunities to travel and go to more places where minimal swimwear is acceptable.  I have also noticed this at hotels.  The expensive hotels tend to be totally thong indifferent or at least very thong tolerant, while the cheap hotels often have "no thong" rules.

ithongit #8

Re:Places Others Have Worn Minimal Swimwear That Surprised You

Date Posted:04/04/2017 08:31:26Copy HTML

 Last fall, my brother in law was hurt in a home accident, and had to have physical therapy.  After a period of time on crutches and going to a physical therapist, they suggested that he start going to a physical therapy pool not too far away.  None of us had ever been there before, but Nikki and I went with Mark for his orientation.  They showed us the facilities, a lap pool with wheelchair ramp, a second pool with chairs and exercise equipment half or fully submerged in the water, some hot tubs and whirlpools, and even tiny whirlpools for arms and feet.  They said someone would have to come along to help him change and assist Mark from one place to the other, but they assumed he could do his exercises mostly without further assistance.  They showed us where the change rooms were, and pointed out that who ever took Mark could help him get ready in the small private change rooms.  They had towels for rent, and said that both Mark and whoever came to help him could even rent swimsuits if we wanted.  I ask if Mark could wear a Speedo, and they said something like "as long as it's a real swimsuit it is okay" they said Mark could also wear a t-shirt if he wanted but added that "women must have 'some type' of a real swimsuit top too -- not just a t-shirt.

Mark was shown some exercises and given some hand-outs on how they were done, and we all went home for the day.  Nikki took Mark to the pool for a couple of days and said he was accepted in a Speedo and she was also accepted the first day in a Rio and then in a cheeky almost thong.  The next day, Nikki had other things to do, so I took Mark.  Nikki and Mark both insisted that I wear a thong, and when we stopped at the counter to sign in, he had me show it to the lady at the desk.  She looked at it and said it was okay since it was a real swimsuit and had a top, and then said something about it being small enough that it wouldn't take too long to dry.  Mark put his Speedo  on the counter when he signed in, and the lady said "Too bad you don't have a swimsuit like your helper."  Mark smiled at me and told me to go out to the car and get him one.  (We always keep a few thongs in the car, "just in case".  Anyway, we showed Mark's thong to the lady and she said it would be nice to see a guy dressed so nicely, and that was the last word we heard about thongs.  Mark progressed to a G-string, and Nikki and I did likewise, finding the suits we had that had postage stamp sized cups or for me suspender styled straps.  We are still doing the physical therapy, and Mark is getting quite a following form the regular crowd of mostly older people and young athletes who need sports medicine treatments.  Many of the older people come around and say they wish they could have worn swimwear as skimpy when they were younger, and the young people come around and ask us about wearing thongs and other places where they are acceptable.  We even had a male physical trainers who upgrades Mark's workout, say he liked being able to see Mark's muscles flex from his hips to his ankles.  He said most physical therapy would be enhanced if it was done in the nude, and with the type of leg injury Mark had, a thong was about as close as they could get.

NudeNArizona #9

Re:Places Others Have Worn Minimal Swimwear That Surprised You

Date Posted:04/05/2017 07:02:22Copy HTML

 A few years ago I had to go see an orthopedic surgeon because of a shoulder injury so I didn't really give it much thought but after initial conversation he wanted to get some X-rays and an MRI, which I expected would be a future appointment then he told me he could get me in and could see the X-rays that day and review the MRI within the next few days deciding if I needed surgery.  He gave me directions to the X-ray and MRI lab which was at the end of the hall and told me I needed to strip down to my underwear and put on a gown. So not expecting the immediate X-ray and MRI I had not prepared and had on a fishnet micro G-string, So when I got on the table for the MRI which had the operators booth at the foot end of the MRI unit there was no hiding the fact what I had on
visa0061 #10

Re:Places Others Have Worn Minimal Swimwear That Surprised You

Date Posted:04/06/2017 03:00:48Copy HTML

I have a limited experience but most of it has been on beaches. Where I live in the NE, thongs haven't been even remotely common until recently. 
Back around 2003 I remember being in Wildwood NJ with my ex gf at the time. We were on the beach and down comes strolling a couple and the girl was in a bright orange thong bikini. I remember my ex at the time commenting "What does she think she's doing?!?! This is a family beach!"
A few years later, maybe 2007, I was on Belmar beach in NJ. That day there were at least a couple girls in thongs and one in a g-string. I remember being surprised by that. 
Now, my current GF, wears thongs almost exclusively on the beach. So she is likely "the surprise." She wears normal thongs around the pool and has worn some normal thongs at the beaches at home. This year I am thinking she will probably go more extreme with g-strings and micros. 
To this day I have not seen a male thonger. I myself only wear swim shorts and short trunks. 
gocal #11

Re:Places Others Have Worn Minimal Swimwear That Surprised You

Date Posted:04/07/2017 04:25:37Copy HTML

 I was staying at the Biltmore Hotel in Santa Barbara and saw a young man in a thong.  If you know the hotel, you know it has a very old conservative vibe to it and I would not have thought that anyone (male or female) would wear a thong, even though the beach is public.
Mary0826 #12

Re:Places Others Have Worn Minimal Swimwear That Surprised You

Date Posted:01/30/2019 04:44:11Copy HTML

gocal -- This place is probably one of the high-priced places where thonging is actually more accepted. "Rich" people go to Europe and on Cruises that permit thonging and topfree pool and sunning opportunities. A Disney cruise or Motel 6 probably is not in the same league. Seeing others in minimal swimwear at these more snobish places may make the others who can afford to go to such places more at ease with thonging. Also, these rich are more likely to have their own pools, have upper-class kids who thong or skinny dip, etc. I was at a suites motel last season for a few days. A couple of the young women wore minimal swimwear at the pool every time I saw them. I mean their thongs were about as tiny as the smallest G-strings I have ever seen. One day I went down the hallway and heard someone beating on the door to the parking lot. I went over and it was these girls. They were wearing their tiny G-strings and were trying to get in the door. I opened it, and one explained that they were going from their room to the pool, and one wanted to get a book from the car. She didn't realize the door auto-locked to people outside the motel. They said they had only been there a minute or so, which was good since the temperatures were about 25 F (-3 C). The second appologized for not dressing better in the hallway, but I said it was okay. Later we ran into them at the pool, still wearing their tiny suits. Seeing people at a motel pool in a thong is not surprising. Even seeing people in the halls is not that unusual if they are going between the pool and their rooms. I was surprised to see girls in G-strings in the parking lot, and even more surprised that they would even think of going outside in cold winter weather. I think they were actually relieved to see another thonger at the pool, and Brad was quite a hit too when he stripped down to an almost exposure swimsuit.
NudeNArizona #13

Re:Places Others Have Worn Minimal Swimwear That Surprised You

Date Posted:03/06/2019 07:33:50Copy HTML

When I lived in Key West between 1997 and 2000 I worked part time at a small hotel bar and restaurant, and one of the girls who bar tended there would wear her G-string bikini while bar tending which earned her lots of $$$
ithongit #14

Re:Places Others Have Worn Minimal Swimwear That Surprised You

Date Posted:03/10/2019 08:26:28Copy HTML

While this is not a place I have wore minimal swimwear, I have heard about it from several people. My dad used to work as an engineer before he retired. He used to need to entertain customers, or let others entertain him. This might be a titty bar or a fine restaurant. A trip on a boat, or a round of golf. There was a course he played that had a drink and snack service run by a local sorority and from well stocked golf carts. The women, all college age, would drive out to the course and serve the groups of mostly men. Any tips they got they could keep for themselves. It did not take long for the girls to learn that men loved seeing women in minimal swimwear. They never went topfree, but some of their outfits were pretty close, and a few wore very minimal suspender thongs. A girl in short cut-offs often made more tips than one in jeans. Add a thin t-shirt with no bra, and the tips went up again. Wearing any two piece swimsuit helped a little more, and a thong type swimsuit resulted in most girls who dressed this way getting the highest tips. Some made up to $5.00 per person they severed. Dad said it was not unusual for the women to come back with about $50 per hour -- much more than most of the men made in their careers. Like many waitresses, they sometimes made these huge tips on food and drink purchases of only a few dollars. This was during the hey day of thongs and somehow the sorority girls got away with swimsuits even when the club rules only permitted swimwear in the pool area. What was surprising was that both men and women could wear thongs at the club pool at the time, and several guys got away with some extremely skimpy jean shorts on the course and at the pool too.
ohiothonger #15

Re:Places Others Have Worn Minimal Swimwear That Surprised You

Date Posted:03/24/2019 09:55:18Copy HTML

I went to the dog park and a young oriental woman I had seen there before was unloading stuff from her trunk. Her Husky was in the back seat. As I got my dog out of the car, the lady started taking off her cloths! It was only about 50 degrees out, but she proceeded to strip down to a thong swimsuit with matching top, then put a tshirt, some jeans, and a well worn jacket on. Later in the park, we were all watching the dogs play, and she came over and explained that because it was muddy, she wanted to change since dogs sometimes jump on people. She made it quite clear that she was wearing swimwear and not underwear when I saw her earlier in the parking lot. She ask if it bothered me when she changed in the parking lot. I said I didn't mind at all. I don't know if she could have gotten away with this many places, but the dog park is between a university campus and one of the best parts of town where those with a lot of money live. In the summer I have seen the young women in this part of town walking around on the streets in just swimwear as they apparently were on their way to or from a friend's house. I even saw a pair walking along and one of the local police cars driving along at their speed apparently to talk to them, but the police man apparently did not see anything wrong with these two young women, walking on the street in thong bottom swimwear.
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